Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 236

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 236 Against The Gods

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Out in the mountains, where the closest place being Floating Cloud City, which stood many kilometers away. A figure appeared deep in the woods with a golden silky robe and his handsome features.

He had long hair that slowly waved with the wind that blew on it gently. His handsome face, his cosmic-like eyes, and the red mark on his forehead which only enhanced his beauty by many factors.

This man stood in the mountains blankly for a small amount of time before smiling.

Sora slowly floated in the air before he got into a lotus position.

He focused his mind on two things. The One Thought Creating Myriad Physiques Technique and the Physique Merit Law of the one he wants to cultivate, Void Imperfection Physique.

With this Physique, Sora would become totally immune to anything that isn't related to Physical attacks, anything related to stuff like elements, and aging. Other than those three types of attacks, Sora would be immune to anything else.

It was a very strong physique and Sora wished to cultivate it.

For his current self, he didn't need to hurry and cultivate any other Physique. With the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he will quickly rise in level in just a couple of years, if not months.

If he could get to the Grand Completion stage, he would have completed the physique and he would be free to choose the next strong physique.

'For now, I need to let go of my other temptations and cultivate this physique.'

Sora quickly used the One Thought Creating Myriad Physiques and using his blood and strength, and Inner Physique appeared in his chest.

As soon as that Inner Physique appeared, Sora began cultivating the Merit Law for the Void Imperfection Physique.

Whilst Sora cultivated, he was oblivious to the little girl that appeared before him all hurt. She lay beside a tree with a look of pain.

Before passing out from the pain the poison coursing through her body gave her, she looked at Sora who was floating. Her eyes revealed a hint of interest and shock before she fell over unconscious.

Finally, after two hours of cultivating the Void Imperfection Physique, Sora already felt like his body was starting to gain some immunity over some things.

With a satisfied face, Sora stopped cultivating.

He stood back on the ground and noticed a girl lying down on the ground.

'Hmm looks like she was poisoned by the Absolute God Slaying Poison,' thought Sora as he looked at her.

He knew what such poison was due to his Alchemy knowledge and his knowledge over medicine and poison as well. Even if he didn't know that, just his knowledge as a physician would tell him that the girl before him has been poisoned.

Sora looked at the girl with a weird look.

It's not your daily occurrence to meet with someone who is being harmed by a very lethal type of poison. There weren't many ways to save this type of poisoning most which Sora can perform to dispel the poison.

Sora sighed as he said sorry in advance to the girl before him as he is starting to think of a way to cure her without using his own methods.

He brought out his Pagoda of Sins and instantly entered the second floor.

As he entered the second floor, Sora noticed that the inside of the second floor had a huge door that stood there.

Sora walked up to the door and opened it before walking in and scanning everything within Babylon.

His eyes scanned all the stuff that appeared as soon as he entered the world. His eyes darted through many things that existed within the space.

"There it is," said Sora as he found the thing he was looking for.

Sora grabbed the green jade-like pearl spinning in space, and once he grabbed a hold of it, Sora refined it at once and absorbed it into his body.

[Sky Poison Pearl]

[The Sky Poison Pearl is one of the Seven Heavenly Profound Treasures with its rank being fifth. The Sky Poison Pearl's capabilities are centered around poison, medicine, purification, and its infinite inner space.]

Sora looked at the Sky Poison Pearl for a second before smiling.

'I will connect this space to the second floor of the Pagoda...' thought Sora as he brought his pagoda to his hands and connected the space to the space of the pagoda. 'It will be a problem if this girl takes notice of the Gate of Babylon.'

Sora quickly put a veil of arrays over the Gate of Babylon, making it only visible for himself and making it non-existent for any other person. No matter which way they may try to look for the Gate of Babylon, they will never find it.

If Sora were to enter the second floor once more, he would come to realize that the floor had just become an infinite space that can hold countless things. The only three things that were finite were the Gate of Babylon, and the two stairways, one the lead to the third floor and one that came from the first floor.

With a small nod, Sora turned to look at the young girl lying on the floor.

He walked up to her and slowly caressed her head with a caring look.

'She reminds me so much of my Mirai when she was just a small girl,' thought Sora caringly.

The poison the young girl had slowly transferred over to Sora through the physical touch, but as soon as it made contact with his skin, it slowly died away. However there remained a small portion that remained and even slowly entered his body.

'This Void Imperfection Physique is really strong.'

Sora chuckled and calmly used the curing ability of the Sky Poison Pearl.

The red haired girl's eyes slowly opened after Sora used the curing ability.

When she opened her eyes and moved up, Sora was able to see the young girl's features very clearly. Sora's heart slightly shook as he looked at the immense beauty that she carried around.

Her pitch black eyes that looked like a demon's ruthless eyes grabbed Sora's attention as he lightly frowned. Her

'This girl what has she gone through.'

She took a look at Sora for a few seconds before she quickly jumped up and moved over to Sora.

"Sky Poison Pearl..." she muttered as she grabbed ahold of Sora's hand and bit into his finger and sucked his blood.

Normally, nothing would be able to damage his flesh in any way, shape, or form. However, he made an exception seeing as how the girl knew what she was doing. He allowed her to bite and suck his blood, which he filtered to give her the lower quality in fear of possibly damaging the girl from his pure and heaven grade blood.

As she sucked the blood, Sora lightly caressed her pretty little head.

In just a second, the girl disappeared and went into the Sky Poison Pearl.

'These next few days will become more interesting now,' thought Sora as he looked up at the sky with a light smile.

Sora abruptly turned his head to the right and his eyes squinted as he felt his senses ringing for some reason. Yet he seemed to understand the ringing senses of his.

'Someone will cause trouble in the future for countless women I can't let this person live happily...'

With a look of seriousness, Sora took on an old master look as he put his hands behind his back and walked down the mountain to the nearest place, Floating Cloud City.

Maybe it was him finally coming closer to his Dao of L.u.s.t, or maybe it was just him striving for the goal to please all his wives that he has a feeling that someone out there is harming many beauties.

That, or it's just Heaven's Will.

'It's weird how worlds like these work,' thought Sora as he thought about his simple life back on Earth. 'Maybe one day I should go and visit Earth, or at least another version of Earth...'

Sora smiled at the thought and simply continued walking to the Floating Cloud City.

In the Floating Cloud City, a young man lying on the bed woke up spontaneously with beads of sweat rolling down his face.

"What was that?! Phantom pain?" Xiao Che woke up with a pale face.

'Something bad will happen to me in the future I just know it Who have I offended? I just experienced rebirth yesterday but I have already received so much Karma!'

Xiao Che got off the bed with a terrible look as he wiped the sweat off himself.

He rubbed his eyes a little and wore the red robe that was prepared by his grandfather yesterday.

'I'll deal with the 'phantom pain' in the future, for now, I will focus on marrying the beauty for my good beginning,' laughed the young man, trying to ease his worry.

Suddenly, the door opened and hastily came in a beautiful young woman.

"Aunt, is grandfather back?" asked the young man curiously.

"Oh, Che'er, you have finally woken up?" asked a gentle voice from the entrance of his room.


Xiao Che smiled happily as he turned to look at Xiao Lie with a happy look.

"Hm, it's good that you're up and energetic but let Dr. Seto check on you," said Xiao Lie as he gestured for the man behind him to walk over Xiao Che. "Dr. Seto, please, go ahead."

Dr. Seto walked up to Xiao Che and set aside his medicine chest before grabbing ahold of Xiao Che's write and feeling his pulse.

With a light furrow of his brows, Dr. Seto sighed.

"What is it Dr. Seto? Is Xiao Che alright?!" Xiao Lie looked worried seeing Dr. Seto's actions.

"His condition is fine, but he seems to be worried about something. His pulse is rapid and he seems to be slightly afraid of something," said Dr. Seto with a light frown before chuckling a bit. "He's probably worried about the marriage. Ha ha, I would be too if I was marrying a beauty like Xia Qingyue."

"That's worrisome," muttered Xiao Lie as he looked at Xiao Che with a worried look. "Dr. Seto, it must have been hard on you to be pulled so early in the morning. Hong, escort Dr. Seto a room where he can rest."

"No need, I am fine. I will see you another day Elder Xiao," said Dr. Seto as he left the room with his medicine chest.

Xiao Lie waited for Dr. Seto to leave the room before facing Xiao Che, "What's troubling you Che'er?"

"I'm fine grandfather," muttered Xiao Che with an honest smile.

'Is this where the person who I felt earlier lives?'

Sora appeared before Floating Cloud City and looked at all the busybodies nearby.

With a look of curiosity, Sora went up to the nearest man and asked, "What is happening in this city?"

"You don't know?" asked the man as he looked at the amount of people clearing a pathway. "The useless trash of the Xiao Clan is marrying the beautiful Xia Qingyue of the Xia Clan. It's the biggest topic of the city! It pains every person to see the beauty marry that useless cripple."

"I see, thank you for the information," said Sora as he walked away. Only then did the man turn to look at Sora and noticed Sora's handsome looks. With a face full of shock, the man watched Sora leave with a wide mouth.

"I wonder who this beauty is," said Sora as he made a bamboo hat appear on his head and made his way into the public mysteriously.

With nothing to do whilst in this new world, Sora decided to watch the marriage take place before leaving and doing what he has to do. It's not much for him to just watch a marriage take place before heading on with his own life and reaching the peak of this world.

Now that the system is gone, Sora is now traveling to different worlds just for pleasure. After all, he found it fun to constantly rise in power and defeat strong foes whilst also doing mundane and random stuff along the way.

It was also a great way to expand his family.

In the end, he has yet to find anyone who can match him in the bed.