Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 237

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 237 Redred

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Watching from afar, Sora looked at a young man approach on a mule with a face full of arrogance as he faced forward ignoring the yells of the people around him.

'Who's he trying to fool with that fake arrogance?' thought Sora as he looked at the young man with a weird look.

All of a sudden, Sora felt his senses ring on that man and Sora turned to look at him with a careful and murderous gaze.

'So he's the one who's a sc.u.m to women,' thought Sora as he took a careful look of the young man. 'Looks like he had two artifacts I will let him keep them until I deem otherwise.'

Sora looked away from the young man and made his way over to a place to look for some food to eat. He didn't have much interest in wanting to see the beauty Xia Qingyue, if his senses are correct, he will eventually meet her in the upcoming days.

"It's never interesting to meet beauties right away," said Sora with a light smile. "And from the way I see it, she won't let him do anything to her."

Sora headed over to the outskirts of the city and entered a place named Heavenly Fragrant House.

As soon as Sora entered the building, he felt all the eyes in the room be drawn to him, yet under the bamboo hat, none could see his handsome face.

He walked over calmly to a table and sat down, waiting for his order to be taken. Whilst Sora waited, he noticed a girl timidly walk over to him.

"What is it that sir wants to drink?" she asked with a shaky voice.

"Get me the strongest drink you got," said Sora. The last time he had been drunk was his past life, and he wished to get drunk once more before he builds a total immunity to being drunk.

"Right away sir," said the girl with a quick bow.

Yan Guling was a young man at the 3rd rank of the Nascent Profound Realm who was just left by his partner. With great unrest, he made his way to Heavenly Fragrant House like always and was going to sit at his usual spot until he spotted someone there.

Usually, Yan Guling would have ignored this and sat at another table, but after suffering a heartbreak and seeing as how the man before him was at the first rank of the Elementary Profound Rank, he couldn't help but approach the man with anger.

"Hey! I need you to get off my table," muttered angrily Yan Guling as he stood right next to Sora.

Sora ignored the man and calmly waited for his drink to arrive with a bored look.

Yan Guling's face flushed red as he was ignored by a man in the first rank Elementary Profound Realm.


With a slam on the table, Yan Guling fiercely stared at Sora with a hateful look.

"Get off my table, now."

Sora looked at the man's hand on the table with a calm look before looking up into the man's eyes with a cold look.

"You dare look down on me?" muttered Sora as he slowly let out his aura on the man.

Yan Guling slowly felt Sora becoming bigger and bigger as he himself got smaller and smaller. His eyes looked at Sora with fear as he was slowly becoming the one who was being looked down upon.

His body shook in fear and his face paled, before he knew it, he was out cold.

"Hmph," scoffed Sora as he ignored the fallen man right next to him.

"That was interesting," muttered a cold voice from right by his side.

"It wouldn't matter much to a cold beauty like you who believes everything is below her, right?"

Sora calmly remained in his seat and waited for his drink which was taking a long time for some reason. He turned to look at the cold beauty next to him with a small smirk as he noticed the slight arrogant look in the woman's eyes.

"..." the woman kept quiet as she gave Sora a silent stare.

"So? DO you believe everything is lower than you?" asked Sora with a sly smile as he looked at the woman.


After saying that, the woman maintained her quiet attitude right up until Sora received his drink.

"Sorry for the wait."

"Finally," said Sora as he got his drink and drank a bit out of it. "Could be better with a Blood Crazed Tulip."

Sora smiled and placed the drink back on the table while pulling out a little vial under the watchful gaze of the woman next to him. The little vial had a red liquid inside it and Sora gave the drink a single drop of what was inside the little vial. He put away the vial and grabbed the drink before taking a little wiff.

"Ah yeah. That's the stuff," said Sora with a satisfied smile. With the drink in his hands, Sora faced the cold beauty and showed her the drink.

"Want a sip?"

"No thanks," she said.

"Suit yourself," said Sora with a smile before drinking.

Once he finished his drink, Sora placed the glass on the table and faced the woman with a relaxed look. "So, who are you?"

"That is of little importance," said the woman quietly.

Sora smiled and shook his head, "I doubt a woman's name would be of little importance, especially for a beauty like you. So what's your name?"

"..." The woman gave a very small smile before saying, "Chu Yueli, from Frozen Cloud Asgard."

"Say, aren't you afraid of lecherous people trying to lay their hands on a beauty like you?" Sora smirked as he looked at the beautiful woman.

"They wouldn't dare, they know of my strength level," said Chu Yueli with a serious look.

"You can't always remain on guard against those ranking in the same realm or those in the higher realms," said Sora as he shifted his gaze from the beauty Chu Yueli. "You have to give your all when fighting against those in a lower realm as well."

Without saying a word more, Sora stood up and walked away after paying for his drink.

Chu Yueli remained in her spot with a slight smile on her face as she looked at Sora leave. It pained her to say, but the man who she had spoken just a couple of sentences with had melted her frozen heart.

With her cultivation in Frozen Cloud Arts, she can't have her heart shaken by a man.

Her eyes unconsciously looked to the spot where Sora sat while trying to remember the feeling he gave her. Even if she couldn't see his face fully well with the bamboo hat on, she couldn feel his handsomeness emanate from the features she could see. His actions were gentle and refined and he did every move with a purpose in mind.

Taking notice of a red vial left where Sora was sitting, Chu Yueli froze and looked around before standing up and leaving with the red vial. So that it may be a nice memory of her's when she returns to Frozen Could Asgard. Recalling every day the time she had an entertaining chat with an interesting man at a place in Floating Cloud City..

Although her chat with Sora was only for a brief moment, she had already found herself attracted to him.

'I hope I don't see him in the future...'

'I need to better understand this world,' thought Sora as he left the fine establishment.

He walked around Floating Cloud City for a bit while he sent his consciousness into the Pagoda of Sins and entered the Gate of Babylon.

Inside that gate, Sora collected all forms of books, scrolls, Profound Arts, and anything similar. He took everything into his Memory Palace as he quickly understood most of the world and how it currently was.

He also got new Profound Arts and even a couple of 'cultivation' techniques.

Sora slightly smiled and put them in the back of his head, deciding to come back to them later.

With a full understanding of the world he was in, Sora walked around with his hands behind his back like a mysterious cultivator.

'I need to bring up my cultivation realm,' thought Sora as he walked with a smile. 'I also need to make my body cultivation technique even better and flawless.'

"Brother Yulong, what shall we do? The plan failed and he's already marrying the beauty Xia Qingyue."

With his exceptional hearing, Sora was able to hear someone speak from many kilometers away very clearly. It was the first time he had heard something so interesting however.

Lifting the corners of his mouth with closed eyes, Sora went to where he heard the man speak.

"Although I don't know how that trash survived from consuming the Murdering Heart Poison, I still have another plan in the bag," said Xiao Yulong as he smirked evilly.

"You mean the Xiao Sect's messenger that's coming tomorrow?" asked Xiao Yang.

"Hmph. We have to deal with that trash somehow. After I take his bride, Xia Qingyue, away from him, he will be crying to the heavens day and night," chuckled Xiao Yulong with a dark look.

'So that kid has already died that must mean he activated the Heavenly Profound Treasure, twice to be exact.

It must also explain why he has another Heavenly Profound Treasure as well.'

Sora rubbed his chin as he listened on to what the two idiots below him were talking about.

'Now I'm not too sure how old he might be now, counting 'both' of his lives now. But I can safely assume it hasn't passed the hundred year threshold, thought Sora with a light smile. 'He also seems a bit immature.'

'There's nothing else for me to listen on to anymore,' said Sora as he walked away.

Two days passed since Sora had arrived in Against the Gods.

He spent the last two days cultivating in and outside of his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, letting his cultivation realm rise all the way to the 6th rank of True Profound Realm.

His body cultivation rank remained on the same level as it did before, on the first rank of Elementary Profound Realm. He had yet to make the body cultivation technique since he had spent the last two days just cultivating.

Even the red haired girl had finally woke up as well.

"So who are you," asked Sora as he looked at the girl in the Sky Poison Pearl space.

The girl frowned slightly as she listened to how Sora spoke to her. With an arrogant look, she haughtily proclaimed, "This Princess has no reason as to give you-"

Sora didn't allow the girl to continue as he hit her head lightly. "Cut the crap. Who are you?"

He could easily see through anyone's character, so it was incredibly easy for Sora himself to see through the girl's farce she was putting up.

"Ow! Dare to hit this-!"

The girl slowly started to let out her aura before all of a sudden having it dispelled by a wave of Sora's hand. The next thing she knew, she was bent over and on Sora's laps.


The crisp sound of an ass being slapped resounded within the infinite space of the 2nd floor as the girl received a hit to her behind.

"You need to watch your attitude," said Sora with a stern look.


Sora's hands once again landed on the behind of the red haired girl.

Her eyes teared up and she started crying after being slapped on her behind twice by Sora. With the stern look still on his face, Sora sat up the little girl on his lap before he caressed her head lightly.

"Good, let it all out," muttered Sora as he took great care of the girl. "Let out all those pent up emotions. I know you've been through a lot."

"Uuuu! Uuu!!" cried the girl as she held on tight to Sora's robe.

"Good good..."