Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 238

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 238 Excited Fan

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A/N: Okay, for all of those that are having a hard time understanding the power system I have set up, I will now show you the 'set up' I have along with their current rank.

Essence (Qi): True Profound Realm

Qi type: Primal Chaos Qi

Body: Elementary Profound Realm

Body type: Dao of Yang Body

Soul: Saint World Defying Soul - (Not maxed as I have been corrected.)

Ki: 1.2 Trillion

Ki Type: Origin Ki

Mind: Continuous growth (Max Limit is turning spiritual energy Physical).

Bloodlines: Maxed Rank (Primordial)

Myriad Intent: Intent

Spirit: None

Martial Prowess: Saint

Physique(s): Void Imperfection Physique

I see most are still confused about certain stuff.

Sora has always kept his DB power by the way, so he never lost strength at all. He just never used it since he just loved enjoying his time doing many different things. He's a very overpowered person with just his Ki itself. Sadly it's sealed in the 'upper' realms like Cultivation novels, but I have found a way to use that Ki and make Sora even stronger.

His soul, from Emperor rank, shot straight up to Saint World Defying Soul, so he never lost power, nor did he turn weak or lose his cultivation. I didn't want to take the chance of Mad Snail adding more ranks to his soul cultivation system so I took the ranking form a completed series (World Defying Dan God).

His Essence and Body have all gone from Profound Ascension Realm up to Elementary Profound Realm, only becoming stronger as well. If you want to know the way I set this up, go over to the Auxiliary Chapters and check the cultivating chapter.

If you have any more questions and concerns, feel free to ask me in the paragraph comments so that others may also see if a similar question was asked so that I don't have to respond to multiple people.


After the girl finally stopped crying, Sora let her stand up by herself in front of him.

"So, once again what's your name?" asked Sora with a light smile.

"I'm Jasmine," she quietly muttered whilst thinking in tears. 'I'll replay this humiliation someday!'

"Nice to meet you Jasmine, I'm Sora," said smiling Sora as he removed his bamboo hat and extended his hand. 'You can't repay anything unless she comes under my wing and does something really bad. Won't matter, I will just discipline her once more.'

Jamine looked at Sora's face with a small blush before looking at his outstretched hand in curiosity. Clearly she had never received a handshake in her life if she looked at his hand like that.

Giving a wry smile, Sora said, "Just grab my hand and lightly shake it."

Listening to what Sora said, Jasmine held Sora's hand and lightly shook it according to his wishes.

"Good, that's called a handshake," said Sora with a light smile.

"Handshake" said Jasmine before looking at her hand for a bit before turning to look at Sora with a light smile. "Anything more interesting?"

'I will learn everything from this man and use it against him when I'm stronger! He made me cry in his arms and he he! He touched my behind!'

"More interesting? Haha, there's MANY interesting things," chuckled Sora after hearing Jasmine's question.

"Good," smiled Jasmine.

Sora chuckled a bit more before turning serious, catching Jasmine off guard. He looked at her for a second before saying, "What were you doing that got you poisoned by the Absolute God Slaying Poison?"


Jasmine unconsciously took a step back whilst looking slightly on guard, "I I got the Evil God's Legacy and it met a powerful foe who chased after me for the Evil God Legacy. I was inflicted with the poison and came here to continue the Evil God Legacy."

"Evil God's Legacy" muttered Sora before turning to look at Jasmine seriously.

Freezing up, Jasmine looked at Sora with her guard up before biting her lip.

"If you want it then I can give it to you..." she said with hesitation.

"No need. I don't need anything like that," said Sora with the lift of his hand. 'I have the Gate of Babylon afterall.'

"Does it not appeal to you Senior?" said Jasmine with a quiet voice.

Sora shook his head, "On the contrary. I'm interested in this Legacy like any other. But I'm not just interested in this legacy, I'm interested in the other Legacies out in this realm."

"Then why Senior?" asked Jasmine.

Anyone would kill to get the legacy of the Evil God!

Jasmine just couldn't understand as to why Sora doesn't want the Evil God Legacy. It made her curious and it made her want to know the background of such a man. To reject the temptations of the Evil God Legacy, just how mysterious is he?

Especially when he was only in the True Profound Realm yet he can wave her superior realm's aura away easily.

His strength easily surpassed her realm as well, it greatly surprised her and even made her fear Sora a bit about his unknown strength.

'These legacies all sound very interesting. I should check if I have them in the Gate of Babylon'

"What are you planning to do now Jasmine?" Sora looked at Jasmine with a passive look.

"I need to regain my strength and recover," said Jasmine.

"Hm indeed. I will let you stay in here until you recover," said Sora.

"Thank you," said Jasmine.

"No problem. It's the least I could do," said Sora with a light smile.

After finishing up some small talk with Jasmine, Sora continued walking around with a light smile.

"Oh, she's back!"

Sora turned to the right and calmly walked over to the area where he sensed Chu Yueli's aura.

He walked past everything and ignored everything before appearing before a multitude of people surrounding the future sc.u.m man and a beautiful young girl.

'Seems like I got here faster than her,' lightly chuckled Sora as he listened to the multitude of people pointing fingers at the young man.

Sora looked at both of them before feeling a mysterious aura to his right.

With a mysterious aura surrounding a young woman, Sora furrowed his eyebrows with a weird look on his face. With his maxed soul cultivation, he could sense many things within a person's soul.

Inside the young woman's body, resided the consciousness of a powerful being. What interested Sora more about the consciousness, was the fact that it was a female and it pulled on his Void/Nothingness Law.

"Chu Yueli is finally here," muttered Sora as he looked up at the sky and noticed Chu Yueli slowly descending onto the ground.

"The Xiao Sect has gotten bold..." she slowly began as she approached the girl now identified as Xia Qingyue.

'That must be the rumored beauty...' thought Sora as he sent Xia Qingyue a small look before focusing back on Chu Yueli who was looking at him with a bit of shock. Sora only smiled and waved at her before leaving the area.

Following his departure, Xia Qingyue noticed her master's shocked look as she stared at a certain man far away from them.

'Who is he?' thought Xia Qingyue as she wondered about the man's relationship with her master.

Appearing outside of Floating Cloud City, Sora walked onto a randomly chosen path.

He hummed lowly and followed the rhythm of the song he loved back in his first life. One song, millions of memories.

Sora walked on forward with a happy look on his face, "On my journey to explore this world with Jasmine and"

"Me!" yelled Emily as she came out of the Heavenly World and latched herself on to Sora's arm. With a bright smile, Emily ran her hands over her father's chest before being abruptly stopped by him.

Emily frowned and turned sad at "Why'd you stop-"

smirked Sora as he sent his thoughts to his daughter.

Emily's eyes widened for a second before returning to normal and only revealing a playful smile.

"Which world are we in this time dad? I didn't like my adventure in Tales of Demons and Gods like I had hoped to" Emily said with a sigh.

said Sora as he maintained his left hand on his daughter's waist.

Emily froze after hearing Sora mention that they are in Against the Gods. She smiled happily and hugged her father's waist, "This is the perfect world for me to grow stronger!"

"Haha, indeed. But let me give you this cultivation technique first and this gold spiritual stone essence. It will help you to quickly break through the lower realms to allow you to enter into the Elementary Profound Realm, maybe even Nascent Profound Realm."

Bringing up to fingers to his daughters forehead, Sora sent a flawless technique that fits his daughter completely. It even had a fast cultivation rate that she could make use of to quickly rise through the ranks.

"Wow" said Emily amazed as she reviewed the cultivation technique.

"I will teach you a few skills in a couple of days," said Sora as he rubbed Emily's head softly.

The cultivation technique Sora had given Emily slowly changed her meridians and profound veins to allow them to passively absorb Qi and spiritual energy. It was powerful on its own, although not on the same level as Sora's technique which increases his strength by a couple realms.

"You think we can take a shot at the Legacies?" whispered Emily as she got real close to Sora.

Sora looked at his daughter with raised eyebrows before lightly chuckling, "Hehe, I was planning on taking you to those places either way. I wanted to see how I fare in them as well, it would be a great passing time for me."


Emily smiled happily as she thought about the rewards she could get from the legacies.

'I should probably not tell her I can give her legacy rewards if I can find them in the Gate of Babylon,' thought Sora as he looked at his excited daughter with a wry look. 'In the end it won't matter. One gets more satisfaction for getting something they got with their own ability and work compared to something like getting it from a cheat.'

Smiling Sora was about to pat Emily's head but decided not to as he pulled an unwilling Jasmine from his space and kept her in his arms as he patted her head instead.

"Hmhm your head is perfect for patting Jasmine," muttered Sora as he softly caressed the loli's head. 'I should probably bring out Ophis or even Hiyori next time. Probably Ophis, maybe she can get something from the Azure Dragon Legacy.'


Jasmine couldn't say anything besides remaining within Sora's arms and just have a calm exterior whilst getting mad and embarrassed from the inside.

Emily, who was jumping around in happiness from being given the chance to explore one of her favorite worlds, Against the Gods, finally calmed down. She stopped jumping and turned to look at her dad to get her gold spiritual stone essence until she noticed the red headed girl in his arms.

With wide eyes filled with shock, Emily looked at her dad for a second before approaching Jasmine.

"Hi! My name's Emily," she said while crouching down to get face to face with her. Emily smiled and asked, "What's your name?"

Jasmine, who was in Sora's arms, turned to look at Sora with a curious look. And as if her thoughts were transmitted to Sora, he nodded as he let her speak with Emily.

'Why is she turning to look at me?' thought Sora with a wry smile.

"Jasmine," she said with an arrogant tone.

"Be careful with what you say Jasmine. You wouldn't want another spanking, would you?" asked Sora as he looked at Jasmine in the eyes with a smirk on his face.

Jasmine froze and turned to look at Sora's hands with a very small smile and big blush on her face.