Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 239

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 239 Dragon God

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"Can you umm cover Jasmine's ears?" asked Emily with a small smile.

Sora looked at Emily for a second before nodding. He had Jasmine sitting right next to him as they traveled on a carriage randomly to another area in the area, away from Floating Cloud City.

After covering Jasmine's ears, Sora looked at Emily with a curious look.

Emily smiled seeing Jasmine's ears being covered up, "There are many beauties in this world daddy and I want more moms. Do you think you can go and you know 'catch them'?"

Frowning at what Emily said, Sora shook his head and slowly spoke, "Emily, love isn't something that can just be forced. For stuff like love to happen you need to give it time, sometimes it's love at first sight, other times it's love at the millionth sight.

Plus, there has to be a connection between me and them in order for me to fall in love with them. I can't just take them by force, okay Emily Unless it's an evil woman who I need to discipline..."

Sora smirked at the last sentence he spoke as he turned to look to the sky.

"Okay." said Emily with a sad expression.

"I will take that list however," said Sora with a quick smile as he stopped covering Jasmine's ears and patted Emily.



4 months later.

Sora continued on his journey forward as headed on forwards through dry lands. Many powerful profound beasts traveled around the dry lands. Many even attempted to attack Sora's entourage before being chopped down into food.

Emily looked at the surroundings with a happy expression as she realized where they were.

Wasteland of Death!

"This is where the Azure Dragon Legacy is!" said Emily with a wide and happy smile.

"Oho, this will be fun then," said Sora as he looked forward to going through the trials. He wasn't interested at all in the rewards, he was more interested in the experience and pleasure of going through the trial.

"Azure Dragon Legacy?" asked Jasmine curiously. "What? Primordial Azure Dragon? Head of the various Divine Beasts in the Primordial Era, the Dragon God Primordial Azure Dragon!?"

"Indeed," said Sora with a smirk.

"Why?!" asked Jasmine alarmed as she turned to look at Sora with wide eyes.

"It has left behind a legacy here in this world so that the mortals of this plane may be given the chance to grow stronger and go to other worlds. The Phoenix, the Golden Crow, and other Divine beasts also did this," Sora said with a light smile as he patted Jasmine's head. "In other words--

The Era of the Gods had long since ended, and True Gods had also completely vanished. But they were not willing to completely disappear from the world, and would attempt to use various sorts of methods to leave behind a vestige of their strength to pass onto those of the future generation they had an affinity with, who would then pass on what used to be their strength to their future generation for an eternity"

"This..." At a complete loss for words, Jasmine could only look on as Sora continued taking her and Emily deeper into the Wasteland of Death.

Sora had spread out his senses to search for the Azure Dragon Legacy and eventually found it, alongside two Flood Dragons at the entrance of the trial grounds.

Shaking his head, Sora appeared with Emily and Jasmine by his sides as he looked up at the two flood dragons with a cold look.


"Hm?" One of the Flood Dragons turned to look at Sora with a surprised look. 'I couldn't sense them at all!'

"Who do you think you are?!" asked the Female Flood Dragon as she tried to instill fear into Sora. "We are-"

Sora gave them no chance to speak before slowly letting his Dragon aura and murderous intent leak out and make it's way to the two Flood Dragons.


The bodies of the Flood Dragons unconsciously dropped themselves and prostrated before Sora as they felt the majestic and noble air coming right out his entire being. His Dragon Aura came at full force on them, knocking their bodies down to the ground.

'What's kuh happening?' Both Flood Dragons were shocked that their bodies wouldn't listen to them, it was as if they had become puppets. Their minds and consciousness were there, but they couldn't do anything about their body.

They continued to struggle within their mind before not long realizing that the human before them is a person of the Dragon Bloodline, an extremely pure and powerful one at that.

Once they had realized that, both Flood Dragons stopped struggling and instead looked at the human before them with reverence.

"Good, now stay down until we return," said Sora as he stared into the eyes of the two Flood Dragons.

He grabbed Emily and Jasmine before walking over both Flood Dragons and walked into the trial grounds after reeling in his dragon aura.

As they walked into the Trial Grounds, Sora and the rest heard an ancient voice from the depths of the cave they had just entered.

"Welcome to the trial grounds of the Primordial Azure Dragon! I will give you three trials. Should I deem you worthy, you will receive the Primordial Azure Dragon's Legacy."

Sora maintained a calm smile, Emily was brimming with joy as she listened to the voice speak. The only one that was completely shocked was Jasmine.

In the depth of the darkness of the cave, two huge eyes opened, staring at the three people who had entered.

"We will take the trials separately!" said Sora as he took a step forward and brought Jasmine into the space, leaving Emily and him alone.

"Very well. I am grateful to see two humans with extraordinary bodies. The woman with this level of body can accept three drops of Azure Dragon Bloodline.

On the other hand, you young man can receive many more, perhaps even the complete bloodline of the Dragon God. However rules are rules, I can only give you 10 drops at most," said the voice with an astonished tone.

"No need for that great one," said Sora with respect in his voice.

Sora had always loved the divine beasts since he was just a child back in his past life. The tiger, dragon, phoenix, the turtle, and the other divine beasts. Even in old age, he still loved their existence.

Even when having a bloodline stronger and of a superior grade compared to the Azure Dragon he once loved, he still respected it.

"Hm. Very well then," said the voice.

All of a sudden, a blue formation formed on the rock before him and Emily.

"This formation will send you straight to the Dragon God's trial. Assuming you all know about the reason behind this trial and the existence of other trials out in the world."

Sora nodded to the two big eyes in the darkness and turned to look at Emily before saying, "Be careful out there honey. Make full use of the martial arts and techniques I taught you these past few days."

"You too daddy. I will make sure to finish everything with the best score," said Emily before stepping through the formation and disappearing into the First Trial.

Sora smiled and followed behind his daughter and appeared in another place.

'An illusion?? A separate space?' Sora thought as he appeared in the first trial.

"Welcome to the Dragon Gods trial grounds, young human. In this trial, there will be a total of three stages. The place you are in is the first stage. Here, you will have to defeat all the Stone Dragon Warriors. The entrance to the next stage will naturally open after defeating all Stone Dragon Warriors. I wish you best of luck human."

As quickly as the Azure Dragoon's disappeared, two yellow balls of energy appeared before Sora.

With a look of seriousness, Sora focused on the two balls of dirt before getting into a quick stance.

Soon, the two balls of energy scattered and two figures made of stone appeared before him.

Without wasting a single moment, Sora punched out with his full strength and along with the use of the 4th level of Wave Essence.


Mass of energy exploded out from Sora's fist as the two Stone Dragon Warriors were disintegrated from the sheer force of Sora's punch. Every single peak and land where the Stone Dragon Warriors stood and behind them had been disintegrated into nothingness.


'Hm seems like I didn't need to go all out,' thought Sora as he stared into the empty space where the mountains and land were.

Four yellow energy balls appeared behind Sora after the defeating the first two Stone Dragon Warriors.

Without wasting much time, Sora extended a finger and pointed at the four Stone Dragon Warriors that had just appeared.

Nirvana Finger!

A ray of light that seemed to pull on space, Heaven and Earth, had appeared from Sora's fingers as the four Stone Dragon Warriors were defeated with them disappearing from the face of the world.

'Still too strong, maybe I should use Faceless Sky Devil and let him fight for me,' thought Sora as a Devil with three heads and six arms manifested itself floating behind him.

Compared the first time the Faceless Sky Devil had appeared, this time around, due to the influences of the other mental techniques, the Faceless Sky Devil no longer had a malevolent face.

With the cultivation of Buddha's True Eyes, the malevolent face had turned into a benevolent one. The Faceless Sky Devil even had a three of its hands occupying a gesture of praying with beads wrapped around the hands and the other hand in an outward palm gesture.

It even had all of its eyes closed as if it had been praying all this time.

Sora looked at the Faceless Sky Devil and watched on as 8 Stone Dragon Warriors appeared.

"Defeat them," commanded Sora, sending the Faceless Sky Devil to attack the Stone Dragon Warriors.

The Faceless Sky Devil remained unmoved as the eight Stone Dragon Warriors approached.

Sora wondered why it didn't move, but he wasn't worried much. The Faceless Sky Devil follows his orders, it was most likely just waiting for the Stone Dragon Warriors to either approach or it was finishing up it's 'praying'.

The Stone Dragon Warriors continued approaching Sora at a rapid paced with their swords and spears ready to cleave right through him.

They all contained the strength of a Sky Profound Realm practitioner, which was Sora's current cultivation level from his two months of cultivation.

Emily was at the Earth Profound Realm, only one realm below him.


As soon as one of the Stone Dragon Warriors stepped within 2 meters of Sora, the Faceless Sky Devil opened a pair of eyes.

Once that pair of eyes opened, light burst from their eyes as the arm that held the palm gestured moved and swung at empty air.


Three Stone Dragon Warriors were quickly flattened down to the ground with a huge palm imprint over the three of them.

The Faceless Sky Devil moved once more by swing its arm flattening the rest of the Stone Dragon Warriors onto the ground.

Soon after their defeat, the Stone Dragon Warriors disappeared with 16 more taking their space.

Sora didn't pay attention to them and instead focused on the Faceless Sky Devil.

'It only has a pair of eyes opened Are they connected to how much strength it will use, the strength of danger it feels or the danger it imposes on others? It will be interesting how this Faceless Sky Devil will grow as I practice other Mind/Mental techniques in the future,' thought Sora with a light smile as he turned back to the fight.

72 Stone Dragon Warriors now stood before him.

Finally, the Faceless Sky Devil took the initiative to move and got rid of all the 72 Stone Dragon Warriors with a single move.

Not long after, Sora passed the stage after many more waves of Stone Dragon Warriors.