Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 240

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 240 Dragon God 2

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With the Stone Dragon General being slapped to death, Sora watched as an open gate appeared.

Along with the appearance of the gate, Sora heard the voice of the Azure Dragon.

"Very amazing!

Young human, you have allowed me to see a very shocking result.

In these ten thousand years that I've stayed on this continent, you are the first person to pass this stage of the trial. During these ten thousand years of wait, I have regretted multiple times about leaving a trace of my soul and strength on this piece of land, because the level of strength within this continent is just too low; it made me gradually realize that the trial I had left behind was something that humans on this continent could never pass Fortunately, I met you.

A young man with terrifying strength that greatly surpasses every one of my expectations.

You have already passed the first stage of the trial with amazing results. The second stage's trial ground gate has already opened. After making sufficient preparations, go in the opened stone gate and you will enter the second stage's trial ground. I wish you good fortune."

"Wait!" called out Sora as he stood before the entrance of the second stage's gate.

"What is it?" asked the Azure Dragon.

"Can you notify me when my partner passes through the first stage?" asked Sora.

"Very well, I shall tell you once the other human passes the first stage."

With a light smile, Sora stepped through the gate and appeared within the next stage.

Before him was an endless plain filled with trees, running water, and soft cries from birds and animals.

Sora looked at the surroundings with amazement before hearing the voice of the Azure Dragon once more.

"Young human, welcome. This place is the Dragon God Trial's second trial ground. This trial ground has no limit, and also has no exit. You can only leave this place after you have successfully completed the trial. Or perhaps you would be buried here before completing the trial.

There are an innumerable amount of profound beasts here in this endless plain. The level of the profound beasts here have all been adjusted with your strength as the benchmark. Also, every single profound beast here is not lower than the Sky Profound Realm. As for some of the more powerful profound beasts, their strength far surpasses the Stone Dragon General that you had killed.

To these profound beasts, this place is an endless paradise. But to you, this place is extremely dangerous; it is an abyss filled with countless shadows of death. This is because once the profound beasts here sense your aura, they would all immediately unleash an endless barrage of attacks. At the same time, under my soul's guidance, profound beasts near you would all be led in your direction. You would be hunted at all times by profound beasts and would never be able to sleep soundly or eat in peace."


Sora was very calm about this whole thing, he was only slightly worried about his daughter. Although he gave her two powerful artifacts, one being an armor and the other being a weapon, he feels that she may incur some sort of damage.

"And your objective in clearing this second stage of the trial is also very easy. It is to kill ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine profound beasts, within one year!"

'Pretty easy,' thought Sora as he summoned once more his Faceless Sky Devil and sat in a lotus position.

As soon as the Azure Dragon's voice disappeared and Sora sat down in a lotus position, the cries of Profound Beasts grew loud as they ran straight to Sora's location. Yet Sora remained unperturbed.

'I need to increase my bodily strength and my bodily defense as well, maybe even my vitality while I am at it. I have a couple techniques that are pretty good for that...' Sora smiled and quickly picked out a couple of great techniques with a big smile.

Great Way of the Buddha!

Ruism's Vajrapani Body!

True Primal Chaos Formula!

Firmament Body Tempering Art!

Demonic Immortal Body!

Fiend Transformation Art!

And last, but not least, the bone tempering art Sora had created in the past, True Dragon Ape God Bone Art!

With all these body cultivation techniques, Sora meshed them all into one with the Great Way of the Buddha as the base.

Soon, Sora got his new cultivation technique that was truly heaven defying.

Buddha's Dao of Asura!

Sora's new cultivation technique had an overbearing name that seemed to contain some form of Dao.

'Truly spectacular,' thought Sora as he looked at the newly created technique inside his Sea of Consciousness.

With a touch of his will, Sora instantly knew what he had to do to practice it. Since he had used the Great Way of the Buddha as the basis, he could use his understanding to further his cultivation of the technique, even actually revolving his energy to keep cultivating.

Buddha's Dao of Asura had two separate parts.

One was the actual cultivation, and the other was the comprehension part.

In the cultivation section, one could continue cultivating indefinitely until one reaches the epitome of Body Cultivation. The comprehension part had a total of 12 stages, alike the original Great Way of the Buddha.

'I finally have a way to make use of my Origin Ki which is inside my body!'

Sora circulated Buddha's Dao of Asura and felt his body greedily absorb his Origin Ki into his bones, flesh, skin, meridians, veins, marrow, organs, soul, Profound Veins, and even his Dantians.

As he cultivated Buddha's Dao of Asura, Sora felt his comprehension increase. Along with that increase, a silver pagoda appeared before Sora's forehead. It was going to shoot itself into his Sea of Consciousness before being absorbed by his Pagoda of Sins, giving it a silver look and glow.

Many days passed as Sora's body cultivation raised through the roof and his comprehension of Buddha's Dao of Asura deepened.

The pagoda that formed from Buddha's Dao of Asura worked like the pagoda formed by the Great Way of the Buddha. It passively absorbed the energy of Heaven and Earth for cultivation, it allowed for easier comprehension of any form of Dao, gain more strength, passively cultivate, except it's slower than actively revolving a cultivation technique.

Slowly, but surely, Sora steamrolled through all the stages of comprehension within just a couple of days.

The pagoda had turned into a pure gold color with a gold glow surrounding it. His blood had turned even more golden, his marrows and bones turned golden, his hair turned exceedingly long, and every single inch of his body was filled with unbridled power.

Along with his max comprehension of Buddha's Dao of Asura, the red mark on his forehead had turned golden and he gained more 'bodies' like his Dao of Yang.

These new bodies of his were called; Body of Buddha, Body of Asura, Firmament Body, and Body of Nothingness.

All these new bodies granted Sora the original physiques of the origin of Buddhas, Asuras, the Firmament itself, and the void.

Sora had accidentally deepened his understanding of the void whilst comprehending Buddha's Dao of Asura. Which probably explains why he had gained the Body of Nothingness.

During the past couple of days that Sora had been cultivating, many Sky Profound beasts and Emperor Profound beasts. With the death of all these profound beasts and the nature of his cultivation techniques, Sora's cultivation base quickly raised.

He was also told that Emily had safely entered into the 2nd stage.

In just a matter of seconds, he broke through to the Emperor Profound Realm in both his body and essence cultivation bases. His soul cultivation even moved up a rank into World Defying Divine Soul.

'Good,' thought Sora as he stood up and looked at the Faceless Sky Devil still killing many profound beasts running at them with ease. So far, the Faceless Sky devil had only killed 22,000 of the 99,999 profound beasts he needed to kill.

Sora stood up and he himself joined the Faceless Sky Devil in killing profound beasts.

As Sora fought side by side with the Faceless Sky Devil with excitement as he killed every profound beast within his line of sight, he failed to notice his Myriad Intent gaining a Domain.

In the Domain stage of Intent, the Intent becomes stronger and more dense and one also gains a domain where they reign absolute control in with their intent. It only has a 5 meter radius, increasing only through entering the next stages.

Sora unconsciously made use of this domain of his as many profound beasts abruptly end up being squashed to death with Myriad Blunt Intent, diced into many miniature pieces with Myriad Blade Intent, or even poked, slapped, puched, or stomped to death with the Myriad Physique Intent.

Sora continued on like this in excitement before his Myriad Intent broke through into the Qi stage. In the Qi stage, Sora's Domain grew to a larger size and his Intent grew stronger.

His Myriad Intent even began to form it's own Qi and it resided within his Dantians and Profound Veins alongside his Primal Chaos Qi and Profound Energy.

It passively grew as Sora made use of his Myriad Intent and Domain.

In just a couple more days, Sora had mastered the use of his Domain and Myriad Intent. If he so wished, he could use one of the auras of his bloodlines on the Domain and strengthen them.

Sora finally stopped killing profound beasts and left the Faceless Sky Devil to continue by itself.

'How many profound beasts have been eliminated 50,320? Hmm...' Sora looked at the Faceless Sky Devil before scratching the back of his head in wonder.

After a moment of thought, Sora smiled and said, "I will speed up this process of eliminating profound beasts!"

While the Faceless Sky Devil was doing its job, Sora went ahead and collected blood from the corpses of the profound beasts. After collecting some blood, Sora made an array using the blood he gathered.

Meteor Death Array!

The array Sora had created allowed him to kill anything he wanted in the area 30 kilometers squared. It was also heavily dependent on the energy it feeds off from.

After the array was complete, Sora lifted up index and middle finger and pointed to the sky before saying, "Death to all of my enemies!"

WIth a wide smile, Sora watched on with amazement as meteors fell from the sky with astonishing speed and force, killing any profound beast it hits.

After just a couple of seconds, all the profound beasts had died under the assault of the meteor shower Sora had caused.

Once the final profound beast died at the hands of the Meteor Death Array, Sora removed the array and watched as another stone gate appeared slowly opening.

"Job well done human!

This was a very fantastic thing you had down. It caught me off guard when your cultivation rank rose at a rapid pace whilst your avatar technique eliminated every single profound beast near it.

You have done an absolutely shocking thing I have never witnessed before.

This Dragon God has been impressed by your intelligence and talent in arrays and intents. Your strength is absolutely terrifying...

The third trial is a trial of the heart. It does not involve fighting, but instead involves the choices within your heart. If you are firm enough towards the pursuit for power, then even if you possess weak profound power, there is a chance you can easily pass. On the other hand, if you do not possess enough determination, then passing your life in the mundane world can also be an option. After all, power is not everything in life.

I hope you pass the third trial and let me see the amount of amazing things you will accomplish in the future, human. I wish you luck."

Sora nodded along to the voice of the Azure Dragon with a small and calm smile before walking through the stone door and-