Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 241

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 241 Dragon God 3 Trial Of Lemons

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When Sora walked through the gate, he found himself at his old house.

The house he had been living in with his wives back when he was just a simple man and his desires were small.

By this time, Emily wasn't born yet and he only had his two wives and the nice girl from a nearby college that visited them.

The college student was an acquaintance of one of his wives. They went to school together and they enjoyed doing many things together, one of those things being Sora.

"It's really nice being back" said Sora lightly as he walked around his house. He ran his hands along the wall, reminiscing about his past and the amount of stuff he had done here.

'Even if this is all fake, it's a nice refresher"

"Honey? What are you doing?" lightly giggled a woman from behind him.

"Anna?" Sora asked as he turned to look at his wife.

Anna was a woman with average looks, but she had managed to pull on Sora's heart strings with her beautiful smile and her gentle nature. Sora loved her dearly and she loved him back.

"He's acting weird again?" asked another voice in a teasing tone from the side.


Sora turned his head and noticed another woman to his left.

Cleo was his second wife. A beautiful woman with caramel like skin. Her slender waist and her long and beautiful legs attracted Sora when they had first met.

"It's great I see you both today at this time!" said Sora with a wide smile. "I have found new tricks to try on you both."

"New tricks?" asked Anna with a terrified look. "Quickly run Cleo!"

Cleo didn't wait for Anna to say anything, she had already left when she heard Sora say great.

Anna was about to turn and make a run for it before finding herself held by the shoulder. With pink tinge on her face, she turned to face Sora.

"Can we do it another day? I'm having pains in my umm throat?"

She grabbed her throat in pain as she tried to lie her way out of Sora's grasp.

Sora smirked and cuffed Anna's hands together behind her back. He began whispering in her ears as he fondled her b.r.e.a.s.ts, "You won't be using your throat today, so don't worry"

Sora placed a collar on Anna and dragged her to his room where he tossed her to the bed. He walked up to Anna and smiled evilly.

"You won't be escaping from me today Anna" said Sora as he removed her clothes and left her completely n.a.k.e.d.

"Your body it's as beautiful as always"

Sora slightly smiled before running his fingers along her thighs up her waist and then her b.r.e.a.s.ts. He moved his finger over her n.i.p.p.l.e and moved it, "Your pink are truly beautiful Anna. This seductive body of yours makes me wild.

Your every curve, your soft skin, your beautiful long limbs, this slender neck of yours"

Sora ran his hands over her neck and gripped lightly. While still holding Anna in a chokehold, he brought her to his face and kissed her softly before letting go of his chokehold.

"Your mine Anna" whispered Sora as he kissed the panting woman who had her juices oozing out of her hole.

"You're being rough today it's nice," lightly said Anna as she tried sitting up.

Sora lightly smiled and brought Anna into his embrace. Since Anna was still handcuffed, Sora took the initiative this time around.

He laid Anna on the bed and raised her legs in the air before spreading them.

He lowered his head slowly down to her groin area as his tongue slowly slid down from her knees along her inner thigh and to her juicy p.u.s.s.y.


Anna bit her lips as she stopped herself from m.o.a.ning out loud. She looked at Sora with a shocked look whilst his tongue moved inside her, "Mm!! So amazing! How did you get better at AH! THIS!!"

Anna yelled out in pleasure as she orgasmed and released her juices.

Sora didn't say anything, however. He only smiled and licked up her juices.

Of course his skills in foreplay would rise.

If his skills didn't rise through his s.e.x.u.a.l adventures in 4,000 years, then there's a problem with him.

Even his other skills were raised through the long years of traveling from world to world.

Especially his s.e.x.u.a.l skills.

"Are you ready?" Sora asked.

"Huh? Ready for what??" asked Anna with a weird look.

"For your meal," said Sora with a chuckle as he removed his clothes, revealing his big member.

"You really are ready today" commented Anna.

She was flipped and her ass was raised in the air. Sora grabbed her handcuffed hands and pulled on them.

Sora positioned his member at her wet entrance and slowly rubbed over her area.

"Mm stop teasing me," m.o.a.ned Anna as she wiggled her butt.

"Hm hm"

Sora smirked and plunged his c.o.c.k deep within Anna. He didn't last a send in her before pulling out and plunging in even deeper than before.

"Ah! Ah! AH! Honey!! That's!"

Anna m.o.a.ned loudly as a big red blush formed on her face. Her back arched under the pleasure Sora was endowing her with.

"That's the wrong hole!" she yelled in pleasure.

Sora spanked her ass and said, "It doesn't matter that it's the wrong hole if your asshole is gripping on to me so hard Anna."

"Mh! N-no! You're lying!" said Anna with a face filled with pleasure.

"Your body's reactions and your face betray your words Anna," said Sora with a chuckle while lowering his hand and fingering her dripping wet p.u.s.s.y.


Anna orgasmed for the second time already and dropped onto the bed with light spasms. Her body, drenched with sweat, shook lightly.

Sora came over Anna's satisfied face before leaving her on the bed with the handcuffs still on her.

"Hahaha," laughed Sora as he walked out of the room, ready to head into the bathroom and shower.


'Locked,' thought Sora as he let go of the handle to the door and backed up a bit.

Knocking on the door, Sora asked, "Anyone in the bathroom?"

"Yu-yes!" said a voice startled from the other side of the door.

'Giselle?' thought Sora as he heard the voice from the bathroom.

Giselle was the college student who was friends with Anna.

She was a beautiful woman, slender, round butt, and moderate b.r.e.a.s.ts. Her looks were unique and beautiful.

Sora smiled and left.

He entered the room next to the bathroom with a smile and locked the door behind him.

Sora walked over to the wall between the bathroom and the room he was in.

Sora moved a big painting from there, revealing a hole.

'Time for some fun,' thought Sora before sticking his member through the hole.


Giselle, who was calmly sitting down on the toilet felt something touch her cheek.

It was oddly warm and it was also wet.

She moved her gaze over to the thing touching her cheek with a curious look. Once her gaze landed on the thing that touched her cheek, her eyes widened and a shocked look appeared on her face.

Slowly, that shocked face warped into one of longing as she slipped over her small mouth over the d.i.c.k sticking out of the wall.

Her tongue moved around the head of Sora's member smoothly. Her tongue licked up all the juice on Sora's member before she swallowed it all up.

"Mmh so tasty like always," mumbled Giselle as she licked her lips. Her fingers wrapped themselves over Sora's member. She stroked his c.o.c.k as her tongue licked the underside of the head.

'Give me more!'

Giselle m.o.a.ned lightly as she licked up the juice that leaked out from her favorite c.o.c.k. She rubbed herself happily as she removed her clothes.

'This damn nymphomaniac' groaned Sora with a smile before blowing his load into Giselle's mouth.

"Ahhaha! Amazing!!" Giselle yelled happily as she greedily sucked on Sora c.o.c.k to get more of the juice she swallowed.


Giselle stopped sucking on Sora's c.o.c.k before standing up and revealing her n.a.k.e.d body.

She groped her b.r.e.a.s.ts a bit before turning around and bending over.

"Mhmhmhm' giggled Giselle as she took in Sora deep into her soaking p.u.s.s.y. "You're the one and only man who can satisfy me!"

Giselle moved and bounced her body on the wall, making Sora's c.o.c.k in and out of her.


Giselle's p.u.s.s.y contracted in orgasm, gripping Sora's c.o.c.k hard, making him blow his load once more within her, filling up her p.u.s.s.y with white juice.

"Mmh so nice" m.o.a.ned Giselle as she removed the c.o.c.k from her insides. She got down on her knees before sucking Sora d.i.c.k clean of any juice.

"You're done big boy" m.o.a.ned Giselle as she gave Sora's c.o.c.k a little kiss.

'Hmph what a nice nymphomaniac,' thought Sora with a smirk before putting away his 'weapon'.

'Cleo is the only person left,' chuckled Sora.

Looking around the room he's in, Sora smiled before gathering a couple of stuff lying around the room.

'These will do just fine'

Leaving the room, Sora took the stuff with him as he searched around the house for Cleo.


Quickly, Sora moved from the place where he was with a rather shocked look.

"Cleo how nice of you to come to me," he said with a low voice as he eyed the knife in her hands.

Sora smirked and brought out the first item he got, a rope.

"This will lead to a good time," said Sora with cold eyes.


Sora dodged the knife once more before quickly moving and wrapping the rope around Cleo.

"Mgh!" Cleo struggled as she tried to remove the rope.

'Looks like the only way to exit is with one of us dying,' said Sora with a frown.

"I'm sorry about what I'm about to do Cleo" Sora took two more things out.

He put a black mask on Cleo's face and another mask over her mouth. Taking out the last 'tool', Sora shoved it deep inside Cleo's throat.

"GUUUG!" Cleo gagged on Sora's c.o.c.k.

Cleo had a ring in her mouth that prevented her from closing her mouth and biting down. Taking full advantage of this, Sora shoved his c.o.c.k deep inside Cleo's mouth and having her choke on his c.o.c.k as her tongue unconsciously licked his balls by how deep he was in her mouth.

'GUG!' gagged Cleo once more.

"Ah the contraction of your throat feels nice Cleo. It's what I missed most from you," said Sora with a small smile and sad eyes.

Pulling out his c.o.c.k from her mouth, Sora removed the ring and pushed her down onto the ground.

"You're so pushy today," teased Cleo with a smile.

'Seems she's back to normal' thought Sora as he smiled.

"I need to be, you ignored me all day," shot back Sora before ripping Cleo's pants and underwear off. "Look at you, all wet."

"Hmph how can I not be when I hear Anna's and Giselle's m.o.a.ns out loud in the house!"

"Why didn't you join?"

Sora placed his c.o.c.k in Cleo's p.u.s.s.y abruptly and smiled, "We could've had fun."

"I want to enjoy you alone," said Cleo, biting her lips.

"So greedy," teased Sora before plunging his c.o.c.k deep within her.


"Time to floor you!"

Sora plunged his c.o.c.k deeper within her p.u.s.s.y, pushing her body down to the floor.

"Mmmh! How are you so good!!!" yelled happily Cleo as she took in Sora.

Sora moved his h.i.p.s quickly, putting his c.o.c.k in and out of her.

Cleo orgasmed and dropped her legs down onto Sora's shoulders.

"I'll miss all of you," mumbled Sora as he caressed Cleo's cheek lovingly.

He stood up and moved over to the knife Cleo dropped to the side and picked it up. With a small smile, Sora went to the kitchen and made some food.

He made many dishes and put them on the table. He walked around the house, with nostalgia.

Visiting the areas where his family will grow up, where he had much fun, and where he was proposed to by Giselle.

Sora went to Anna and removed the handcuffs before kissing her goodnight. He went over to the sleeping Giselle and kissed her goodnight as well.

He told each one of them something before leaving their rooms with a happy smile.

With a sad smile, Sora went up to Cleo and gave her a kiss goodnight before untying her.