Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 242

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 242 The Emperor

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As soon as Sora said his goodbye, the whole world turned black as he was summoned back with the Azure Dragon.

The Azure Dragon's eyes gazed at Sora with a weird look.

Never had the Azure Dragon seen anyone like Sora. He was rather shocked at the way things planned out with him and his trial of the heart.

He and his original form, Primordial Azure Dragon, would have ever thought that a human would pass the Trial of the Heart by f.u.c.k.i.n.g his loved ones. It was almost inconceivable.

Who would have thought that you could incapacitate your most loved one and prevent them from killing you and you killing them.


Sora just stood there and blankly looked at the Azure Dragon.

"So..." started Sora, waiting for the Azure Dragon to say something.

"That was. Something I uh never seen anything like it..." Azure Dragon just had no idea what to say at all about what had happened.

"Did you know what the trial of the heart was about prior to this?" asked the Azure Dragon hesitatingly.

"Not at all. I didn't know until I saw my first wife there. She was the same as always, but I felt some killing intent on her, so I knew it had to do with killing. Even if everything was fake, I felt something within me telling me that THEY are real. I couldn't force myself to kill them, nor leave them lonely. So I did at what I am best, filling them up," said Sora with a smile.


Azure Dragon closed his eyes for a second before opening them and saying, "Well, congratulations on passing the Dragon God's trial. You will now be awarded with 10 drops of the Azure Dragon's Bloodline, Soul, Marrow, and Origin Energy.

I will give you 7 days to refine everything you have received before letting you out of here. Till then young human."

Sora was left all alone in the empty dark space all alone. With the drops of bloodline, the marrow, soul, and the Azure Dragon Origin Energy floating before him, Sora put them away in his space.

Instead, he focused on the space inside the first floor of the Pagoda of Sins.

"The Azure Dragon's trial grounds really opened my eyes. I can now visualize what I want for the first floor." said Sora as he summoned the Pagoda of Sins inside his sea of consciousness.

The next two days, Sora spent his time making an addition to the first floor of his pagoda. He added many powerful formations and many enchantments. On the floor, Sora left many inscriptions to make everything works together and bring everything to its utmost harmony.


A loud noise resounded within the floor after Sora added the final touches to the floor.

Smiling, Sora headed on over to the middle of the room and sat down in a lotus position.

As soon as he sat down, Sora opened his consciousness before feeling the first floor trying to establish a connection with him.


Sora instantly felt the connection slap into place and quickly felt his surroundings shift once more.

His body remained in the dark space the Azure Dragon left him in. His consciousness was only pulled into what was reminiscent of a dream like state.

'I can still feel pain in this world, but it helps me greatly for what I wish to do here"


"Right on time!!" yelled Sora happily as a horde of different types of beasts, people, armed people, and even humanoid beasts ran at him.

That's right.

Sora's thought as the first floor was having a training ground where he can continuously hone his martial prowess and become familiar with Immortal Arts and Martial Techniques.

If he were to die in the dream like scape, he would just respawn and continue honing his skills and experience.

The dream-like scape worked at a 1:100 time ratio. 1 day outside is worth 100 days of intense fighting against many beasts and humanoid creatures. His experience against people and those with weapons would even rise at an astonishing rate.

All the people he would fight would have the highest of attainment in the training of their weapons. Even beasts were highly skilled with their bodies, skills, and abilities.

"Perfect for me to feel the thrill of fighting once more!!" said Sora with a wide smile as his sclera turned black and a hollow mask appeared over his face. A golden crown followed the appearance of the mask, showing his authority over all souls.

As he finally began to use his full strength, the golden mark on his forehead slowly began dying itself a crimson color permanently, leaving only the golden glow behind.

His teeth turned sharp, his hair and eyes glowed with power, and his body released all his held back power and auras.

With the release of his power, a mass of energy exploded from his body, covering him. His eyes and mouth had a white glow.

Squinted eyes filled with killing intent and a maniacal smile giving the impression as if the world is a joke and below him.

Horns formed from the energy, large bird-like wings formed, and a long tail came to be.

The ground below him cracked and the sky rumbled as a wild and beastly aura was unleashed onto the world. Like the day of judgement had come upon Heaven and Earth, to be ravaged by a primordial beast... stronger than anything capable of devouring anything overcomes anything by any means.

The day will come when everything falls into the hands of this Primordial beast.

The one and only


"Ahahaha!" laughed Sora as he slapped the shit out of the first beast that appeared in front of him before being overrun by the horde.

Sora's laughter rang loudly in the air before slowly dying off under the growls and yells of the beasts and people attacking him.



"Huff. huff only 12,000 more"

Emily had defeated many profound beasts in just 12 days. She had used many AOE attacks her father had taught her, all which hardly drained her energy and had a powerful outcome.

She carried a huge hammer behind her back as she ran away from the profound beasts to recover her stamina.

'Daddy must have finished already,' she thought as she jumped up high on top of a tree to regain a bit of her lost stamina.

She held on tight to the warhammer's handle before lifting it up high above her head.

Heaven's Hammer of Justice!

Profound strength covered the war hammer, giving it a soft glow as it sped down to the ground before smashing into the skull of a profound beast.

The warhammer continued falling down, its descent not at all slowed by the death of the profound beast. Once the warhammer smashed right into the ground, a powerful shockwave was emitted, pushing back all the nearby profound beasts.

Most profound beasts died under the powerful shockwave that assaulted their weak bodies. The other profound beasts were given internal damage, making them weaker.

'Great! That's 30 dead and 103 wounded!'

Emily quickly ran away as soon as she regained some lost stamina.

'This armor is really great! It helps me regain my strength and lost energy in just seconds.'

With a small smile, Emily continued demolishing beasts left and right.

Blood that was not hers eventually covered her whole body. Her hair was drenched in the blood of the profound beasts with a small murderous aura being nurtured around her.

The days passed and Sora was finally let out of the empty space to wait for Emily. However, before completely leaving, Sora was stopped by the Azure Dragon with one final, optional, task.

"Save my daughter. Free her from the sword she is trapped in and you will have my eternal gratitude. Return here or to one of the other many Dragon God trials and I shall grant you one wish.


Go to the Realm of the Gods and save my daughter. That is my request."

The Azure Dragon's eyes looked at Sora with a pleading look.

Sora paused in his steps, right before the exit of the cave. A serious look came onto his face, "I will do you the favor and let you reunite with your daughter."

'... but when that time comes, I will take her.'

The two flood dragons that had been left guarding the entrance by Sora were looking at each other nervously.

"What will we do?" asked the male flood dragon.

The female flood dragon looked at the male for a second before looking away, "The best we can do is stay here. I can only assume that the man who passed by us a few days ago is another Dragon God."

"But that's ridiculous, he looks like a human!"

"Don't you remember the rumors and stories our parents told us before they left us to grow by ourselves? That dragons have the ability to turn themselves human?" The female flood dragon looked at the male flood dragon with a stern look before shaking her dragon head and sighing. "He may be a dragon and a powerful one too. We can't afford to offend this human even if he really isn't a dragon."

The male dragon looked to the entrance of the cave, where the Dragon God's legacy is in. "It will work well but will we follow his every order?"

The female lowered herself on the floor and said with a low growl, "In the meantime, yes. He will become our king and we will serve him faithfully."

"That's right."

Sora stepped out of the cave and looked at the two flood dragons with a smile. He walked over in front of them and laid down his Dragon aura on both the flood dragons.

"I came bearing gifts for the both of you," said Sora with a small smile.

"Guh thank you my lord," grunted the female flood dragon under the pressure of Sora's dragon aura.

Sora turned to look at the male flood dragon and noticed the flood dragon was still opposing him. Without sparing the male flood dragon another glance, Sora lifted up his aura and looked at the female flood dragon with a light smile and closed eyes.

"As a reward of your subservience, I will give you ten drops of the Azure Dragon's bloodline, his marrow, soul, and Origin Energy," said Sora as he brought out the stuff he received from the Azure Dragon and passed them over to the female flood dragon.

asked Jasmine in disbelief.

said Sora back as he thought about Emily and his HUGE family.

doubtfully asked Jasmine as she looked at the female flood dragon taking in the stuff Sora gave it.

Jasmine, knowing Sora for only a couple of months, didn't know what Sora's ultimate goal was. She didn't even know where he was from nor what his background is.

She knows for sure that Sora is truly at a low rank compared to her level, but it baffles her how he could overcome her even with a low cultivation base.

'Who is he and where does he come from? What do I need to do to know...' she thought as she stared deeply at Sora's face. 'What is it that he likes? I couldn't see inside the trial of the heart because of some interference, so what is it.'

The male flood dragon looked on with envy and greed as he watched the female flood dragon take in the gifts Sora's had given it. It pains him to see that gift be gone, If only he had just lowered his head to the damnable human, he may have received some benefits as well.

Truly a regrettable thing that will be haunting him for the rest of his life.