Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 243

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 243 A Sect

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After having the female Flood Dragon take in the Azure Dragon's legacy, she broke out into a roar before flying up into the sky and disappearing.

Sora remained where he was with a calm smile as he turned to look at the male flood dragon.

"Follow me," said Sora, turning around and walking a couple feet away.

Alongside the flood dragon, Sora walked into the forest with a finger in the air. He occasionally took turns and weird routes before arriving at an empty area 3 kilometers away from the Azure Dragon's Legacy.

"A spot with perfect feng shui and an area that naturally draws in Qi and energy. It's a perfect spot for a sect"

Sora looked around the area a bit and turned to look at the male flood dragon.

"Take care of the nearby profound beasts."

"Yes Lord" The male flood dragon took up flight and quickly went around killing and pushing out profound beasts nearby.

Sora remained where he was and stretched out his limbs.

'It's been a while since I've done this' he thought before flying high up into the sky.

He looked down at the surrounding area before giving a calm look and extending his hands before looking up into the sky for dramatic effect.


Sora's eyes quickly turned to look like his Emperor eyes and the Void/Nothingness Law energy passed right through his eyes. In that brief moment, the world stood still as mountains as huge as Mount Everest started appearing around Sora.

'I could have just used Creation of all Things Jutsu, but Izanagi is easier to use,' thought Sora with a smile as he floated down to the biggest mountain's peak that had the best feng shui.

Every single mountain was created with grass, plants, vegetation, trees, rivers, lakes, rocks, even some minerals. All the necessities of a mountain, only enhanced for ultimate beauty and to attract profound beasts and have them all under his rule.

Sora even went ahead to create his own floating island for himself. Water naturally cascaded from the side of the floating island. A small building was there already, simple yet elegant.

The stairs were all made as well on the mountains, all leading up to the beautiful and organized buildings where the outer, inner, core disciples, elders, grand elders, and many other places necessary for sects resided.

All the other mountains were well equipped and Sora even prepared the peaks of the mountains for genius and talented disciples.

Jasmine, who was calmly sitting inside the infinite space, shouted out in shock as she looked at the 21 mountains and a floating huge piece of rock Sora had created with ease.

Not even anyone in the Realm of the Gods could do something like that so easily!

'He's from the lower realm! Just how?!'

Jasmine placed a hand over her mouth with a shocked look.

She had no idea what to believe in anymore. After witnessing someone with an insignificant cultivation base compared to her's, she was just at a loss.

"This will be a perfect place for my sect. If all goes well, I should aim to take over this continent before expanding," said Sora with a small smile.

His ambitions were big, but his desire to meet countless beauties around the entire Against the Gods world really got his gears going.

'What will I name my sect' thought Sora as he gave a careful look to his surroundings. 'Should I embody my true self? A l.u.s.tful man

How would Heavenly L.u.s.t Sect sound?

Or what about Eternal L.u.s.t Sect

Both sound fine' (A/N: CHOOSE!)

Sora paused in his steps to think about what to name his sect that he failed to notice the shocked and overwhelmed people outside of the Wasteland of Death.

"Either way, I will first take over all of this Wasteland of Death for my sect," said Sora with a small smile before looking far away with hands behind his back.


In New Moon Profound Palace, located in New Moon City, a middle aged man was seen quickly moving through the sect with a rapid pace and an anxious expression on his face.

"You Highness!" he yelled as soon as he entered a young woman's room. He took a knee on the floor and bowed his head as he remained before her.

The young woman looked at the middle aged man with a shocked look before calming down.

"What is it, Palace Chief Qin?" asked the woman.

Qin Wuyou lifted his head up before saying, "People have reported of huge mountains appearing out of nowhere in the Wasteland of Death, as well as a floating island above all the mountains.

What's your response to this Your Highness?"


Cang Yue stood up and looked at Qin Wuyou for a second before biting her pretty little lips and saying, "We we need to go and see this ourselves.

Prepare for our departure."

"You can't go, Your Highness!" refuted Qin Wuyou.

"I need to go. This may be an unprecedented threat and I need to know what it may be. We can't let father worry about this," said Cang Yue as she walked out of her room with gentle steps before stopping. "Quickly get ready for departure. This one has other things to worry about if this isn't a danger."

"Yes," answered Qin Wuyou before standing up and leaving in a hurry.

'What could it be that caused such commotion Is there an expert residing within the Wasteland of Death?'

Cang Yue's pretty little mouth gave off a faint smile, 'If it turns out to be an expert, I will see if I can bring him over to my side somehow and if I got the message however, I should expect to see other sects there too.'

Cang Yue sighed and gave a gentle smile as she relieved herself of such worries before heading out with Qin Wuyou to the Wasteland of Death.

"What do you think we will find, your highness?"

"I'm not sure. We will have to wait and see" Cang Yue said as she pat the head of her profound bird beast.


"Are you sure about the information you had just brought in?"

At Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, a woman was sitting in her room with a calm aura around herself. She looked down at the woman who brought her news with a thoughtful look.

"Yes. I am sure this information is accurate. I received a live sound transmission from a disciple that was on a mission over there," said the woman.


The woman looked at the one kneeing as she placed her finger on her soft lips. She thought for a moment before speaking up with a smile, "We shall go to the Wasteland of Death. If there is an expert there, the powerful profound beasts should have been eradicated or placed under his control.

Chu Yueli go get your sister, we will be heading over to the Wasteland of Death."

"But Grand Mistress..." hurriedly said Chu Yueli as she looked at Feng Qianhui with a face full of alertness.

Knowing what Chu Yueli was going to say, Feng Qianhui stopped her with a lift of her hand before giving a calm smile, "You will need me there if that place is still infested with powerful profound beasts. If I'm not wrong, other sects will be heading over there as well, so we need to be careful."

"Yes Grand Mistress Feng," said Chu Yueli with a nod of her head before standing up and heading out.

"About the newly recruited disciple, Xia Qingyue, make sure she gets what she needs before we head out to the Wasteland of Death," said Feng Qianhui as she gazed at Chu Yueli's fleeting figure.

"Yes, Grand Mistress."

Feng Qianhui sat down and calmly thought about what could have truly happened at the Wasteland of Death before shaking her head.

'No use in thinking about it now. I will soon know what we will be facing there. If there is truly an expert there, do I have the ability to get that expert's help or attention?'


A day passed and Emily finally made it out of the Dragon God's Legacy with the complete legacy within her body.

"Not bad," remarked Sora as he looked at Emily with a proud look. "It seems like you also gained a new understanding over that warhammer in your hands."

"Eh? How did you know daddy?" asked Emily with a surprised look.

"You haven't noticed the three red rings around the warhammer's handle?" asked Sora as he pointed at the three red rings right on the handle underneath the head of the warhammer.


Emily took a look, and sure enough, there were three rings there.

"What do they mean daddy?" asked Emily with a curious look as she swung the warhammer around.

Sora smiled and grabbed the warhammer.

As soon as the warhammer fell in his hands, the three rings turned golden and there were 4 more rings appearing upon the handle to show his mastery and understanding over the weapon.

He was now a Sage in armed and unarmed combat, movement techniques, his martial understanding and prowess, and every single weapon.

After being stuck at Saint for over 2,000 years from lack of experience in fighting due to overwhelming strength, Sora was finally able to break through that bottleneck in the first floor of his Pagoda.

The warhammer didn't stop at just gaining new rings and its new color, the warhammer slowly changed in appearance as it grew deadlier and weightless to the user.


Sora smiled and handed back the warhammer to Emily slowly since it became weightless to him but the warhammers weight to everyone else had increased to the point where a tree can easily be cut clean through by the weight of the warhammer.

"What do the rings mean daddy?" asked Emily with an awed look as she took back the warhammer with an excited expression.

"Your skill and attainment with the weapon," said Sora with a light chuckled as he ruffled Emily's hair.

"Don't do that I'm not little anymore!" pouted Emily as she placed her hands on top of her head with a blush. "What do three rings mean?"

"It means you are an expert with the warhammer," Sora said with a light smile.

"Wow what's the next level called?" asked Emily.


"Wow! So you're better than a master!! Will I ever become as strong as you daddy?" asked Emily.

"Nope," said Sora with a light chuckle. "But! You can freely come to me with your own efforts my dear daughter."

Sora looked at Emily with a tender look as he softly pat her head before walking away.

asked Jasmine with a blush within the infinite space.

said Sora with a teasing tone.

"You Hmph Who would want to be touched by you! This one won't let a single hair be touched by you," said Jasmine with a red face.

"Oh? Many would love to be touched by this king," said Sora with narrowed eyes as he appeared within the infinite space in front of Jasmine.

"... No one will believe your lies. You won't fool me!" yelled Jasmine with a red face as she looked away from Sora.

"Hmm I wouldn't want to fool you," said Sora with a gentle tone.

He walked up to her before bringing her into an embrace.

Sora slowly pat her head.

"Let me go!" said Jasmine as she placed her small little hands on Sora's chest, trying to push him away.

"Aww don't be lame," said Sora as he brought her closer and smiled. As he had her in his embrace, Sora only treated her even kinder as he pat her hair and hugged her happily.

"I I will let this go just this once," mumbled Jasmine as she kept her head low and snuggled in more to Sora.

"That's better," smiled Sora.

"Don't get me wrong, I'm only doing this because I feel sorry for you..." said Jasmine as she felt her face heat up. 'I will make him give me a profound skill or art while he's here with me.

It's been. a while since I. *sniff*.'

Jasmine slowly felt Sora's warmth seep deep into her as she slowly remembered her past. Her mother, her brother, and the good times she had with them. Tears slowly formed in her eyes before she fell asleep within Sora's embrace calling out for her mother and brother.

'Am I a mom and a brother now?' thought Sora jokingly as he smiled gently at the girls lonely and sad look within his embrace.

Jasmine held on tight with Sora as she felt his endless warmth that soothed her crying and pained heart from all worries.

'So nice.'