Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 244

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 244 Heavenly Crystal Sect

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Cang Yue stood before the Wasteland of Death with a shocked look. Her eyes gazed at the huge mountains in the Wasteland of Death with wide eyes.

She looked up a bit more and gazed upon the floating island in the sky, with its own endless waterfall.

"Are you certain this has appeared recently?" asked Cang Yue a look of disbelief.

"Yes, your highness," said Qin Wuyou with an equally shocked look.


They both stared at the mountains with shock for a long time.

"Let us enter Palace Chief Qin" muttered Cang Yue with longer shock.

"Y-yes!" said Qin Wuyou.

They both began walking together on foot towards the mountains.

Previously, the Wasteland of Death was filled with dead grass, dilapidated trees, and many powerful profound beasts.

Now, the Wasteland of Death was more of a Land blessed by Nature.

The closer they got to the mountains, the greener the grass would get, the healthier the trees would become, rivers became apparent and all extremely clean. The air was richer in energy and everything was filled with boundless life.

"If this was all really done by an expert, then he's a miracle worker" muttered Cang Yue shocked by the things she was witnessing.

So far, both haven't ran into any profound beasts at all. Instead, they ran into many ordinary animals that grazed the lands peacefully and made their homes.

'Amazing' remarked both Qin Wuyou and Cang Yue in their minds.



Cang Yue jumped in shock before bringing out a sword from her storage ring with gripping it tightly. Qin Wuyou ran in front of Cang Yue with a look of worry as he protected her from the unprecedented danger.

"Who are you puny humans! How dare you trespass upon my Emperor's land!" growled the male flood dragon as he stood up on top of a small hill. He bared his fangs as he stared at the two with a cold look.

"Enough Yang. The way you are now, you'll never end up finding a fair partner. It will also impede me from making any connections," said Sora with a shake of his head as walked towards Cang Yue and Qin Wuyou from where Yang, the male flood dragon, was.

Qin Wuyou and Cang Yue kept their guards up but they lowered their weapons slightly after seeing Sora appear. Thanks to his Buddha's Dao of Asura, Sora appeared more devilishly handsome than before. His wives found it even amazing that he could become even more handsome than before

His passive aura was even more calm due to the Buddha aspect, and it even grabbed the attention of the women due to his Asura aspect. He slowly acc.u.mulated his own life energy as well.

The life aura was so powerful that it leaked, it's what had caused the surrounding area around the mountains to grow more abundant in life force.

"Hello. I am Sora, an up and coming sect master of Heavenly Crystal Sect," said Sora with a smile as he walked over to Cang Yue and Qin Wuyou.

It was then that Qin Wuyou and Cang Yue finally let down their guard and lowered their weapons.

"Now explain to me why you both have come to my land?" asked Sora as his eyes seemingly peered through Cang Yue.

"We came in hope of finding the expert that had created the mountains and the floating island," said Cang Yue without wasting a single second.

"Oh? For what reason could you possibly be looking for him," asked Sora with a smirk.

"To become allies," said Cang Yue.

"Hm. Well come along. You are both the first to ever come meet this esteemed one," said Sora as he turned around and walked forward.

Seeing Cang Yue follow behind Sora without a shred of hesitation, amazed Qin Wuyou. Slowly, he walked behind her too.

'Strange I can't seem to find his potential can he help me?'

Cang Yue furrowed her pretty little eyebrows as she looked at Sora walk in front of her.

'He seems to be 18 at most not that old'

"How old are you Senior?" asked Cang Yue.

"Me? Age doesn't matter, does it? It's not like it decides anything," said Sora as he maintained a calm look. 'Besides who lies in my bed.'

"No it does not," muttered Cang Yue as she looked at Sora's face for long periods of time.

"Now we have arrived at the entrance of my Heavenly Crystal Palace," said Sora as he tapped the ground and a formation formed below their feet. "Don't get scared."

Once those words left Sora's mouth, the formation lifted itself off the ground with Sora, Cang Yue, and Qin Wuyou still on them.

Slowly, they were brought up to the floating island in the sky.

"Now," began Sora as he took a seat within the land of his floating island. "What do I owe the pleasure of the princess of the Blue Wind Empire visiting me?"

"So you knew," said Cang Yue as she gave a small smile.

"Indeed. I received this news from a very reliable source," said Sora with a small as he thought of Emily who was currently training.


Cang Yue gently smiled and lowered her head a little, "Senior, I know it would be presumptuous of me, but would you become allies of the Blue Wind Empire?"

"Hmm it isn't a very appealing idea to me," said Sora slowly.

"What would be an appealing idea for you Senior?" asked Cang Yue with a low voice.

"Being the Emperor of the Blue Wind Empire would be nice," said Sora with a teasing smile as he looked at Cang Yue.

"That would be impossible," butted in Qin Wuyou.

"Hm? Howcome," asked Sora as he turned to look at Qin Wuyou.

"Because our Blue Wind Empire will only accept an Emperor that is of blood to the emperor's family, or those married into the family," said Qin Wuyou with a calm look.

"Then all I have to do is marry this little princess then," said Sora as he sent a teasing glance to Cang Yue who maintained her gentle smile.

"Senior is such a tease," said Cang Yue as she covered her smile with a hand.

"Anyways, if that's the case, then I can't be your allies," said Sora as he shook his head with a smile.

"Is there really no other way Senior?"

Cang Yue refused to back down, so she chose to remain and continue to speak with Sora and get her to be his ally.

"There's only one way left..." said Sora before pausing and giving Cang Yue a long look.

"What is it Senior?"

"That you join my Heavenly Crystal Palace," said Sora as he rubbed his chin with a gentle look.

Cang Yue looked at Sora with a shocked look after making sure she heard what he said was correct. She looked at him with wide eyes for a few seconds before smiling and bowing.

"Disciple greets Sect Master!"

"Good! Good!" said Sora with a wide smile.

Qin Wuyou looked at Cang Yue with shock before turning to look at Sora who had accepted Cang Yue so quickly into his sect.

Before sighing and relaxing about what happened, Qin Wuyou looked down at the many mountains and asked with a hint of worry, "How many disciples do you have?"

"With Cang Yue, I now have 2 disciples," said Sora with a smile.


Qin Wuyou looked at Sora for a moment before turning to look at Cang Yue with a look of worry.

'Quickly ask to be let go!' urged Qin Wuyou in his heart.

"This disciple is proud to be part of Heavenly Crystal Palace!"

Cang Yue cupped her fists and bowed to Sora.

"Good! Take this and get to training in this," said Sora as he passed over a scroll to Cang Yue.

"Thank you Sect Master!" said Cang Yue after receiving the scroll.

"You don't need to worry about the princess of the Blue Wind Empire. This sect will only be accepting females," said Sora before placing his hands behind his back.

"That is a great thing to hear," said Cang Yue with a soft smile.

"Good. Now that you have joined my sect, along with my daughter, you will both head out and look for new disciples to join the sect. I will stay here and look for disciples near here. Don't discriminate between talents and the number of profound entrances opened. Especially you Cang Yue," said Sora as he closed his eyes and faced her.

Cang Yue froze and stood still as she realized that Sora knew all along that she had looked at him with her Monarch Heart Secret Art.

"You think I wouldn't notice that little trick being used on me," said Sora with a smirk as he stood before Cang Yue with a smirk.

He lowered his head and looked deep within Cang Yue's eyes before standing up.

"Well, it matters not. You both will head out together soon. I hope you both bring me lots of recruits. Don't be afraid of doing some stuff either, your Senior disciple is in the first rank of Sky Profound Realm," said Sora. "I'm in the Emperor Profound Realm."

Sora said before slowly standing up straight and releasing his domain.

Usually, domains are separated into different types. Yet Sora could use it as any type. Such as attacking, defense, and even for intimidation.

Both Qin Wuyou and Cang Yue gasped for air at the same time as they felt Sora's intimidation domain take effect.

Giving a small smile, Sora reeled in his domain and said, "You both wouldn't have to worry about anything. If you still feel any worry, you can take this protection talisman."

Sora passed over a yellow piece of paper with marks on it to Cang Yue, who received it with curiosity.

"This protection talisman will protect you for a total of 20 times for life threatening attacks. If you are close to death, it will save you and heal you back up to full health," said Sora.


Both Qin Wuyou and Cang Yue had their hairs stand up in shock after hearing Sora's words.

'A Heaven Defying item!!!'

Sora knew what they were thinking, but only smiled as he looked at the two before him act like little children.

'This low level protection talisman is really powerful in this lower level,' thought Sora with an amused look. 'Either way, I will use everything in my possession to help this sect of mine to grow stronger. I will also impart cultivation techniques to this world if needed'

Sora rubbed his chin and said, "Now, about your Blue Wind Profound Palace, I will openly protect it. I will also protect your previous sect and give it some resources to allow it to grow."

"Thank you!" said Qin Wuyou with a look of gratitude.

"This disciple thanks Sect Master for his benevolence!" Cang Yue smiled and happily thanked Sora with cupped hands.

"No need. I will not ignore the fact that I have stolen you from the previous sect you were in. I will protect both the empire and the sect you come from," said Sora as he made eye contact with Cang Yue.

"Now then, you may head off to your own place in this sect. This wooden slip will take you to your place whenever you're inside the sect or a kilometer in the surrounding of the sect. All as long as you put your profound energy into it," said Sora as he passed over a slip made from dark wood tied to a red string.

"Un," nodded Cang Yue as her slender fingers wrapped around the wooden slip gently.

As soon as she took the wooden slip, she disappeared from where she was.

"I will now see you off, Palace Chief Qin," said Sora with a small smile.

"Ah! Yes! Thank you, but how did you know I was a Palace Chief?" asked Qin Wuyou.

"Hmhm. I have already said that I have a reliable source of information," said Sora with a light chuckle as he and Qin Wuyou headed down the way they got to the floating island.

"Fascinating! Is there any way we can remain in contact," asked Qin Wuyou.

"If you wish to remain in contact, you are free to visit here whenever you wish to. I have many things to attend to, so I won't be here often."