Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 245

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 245 A Nice Daddy

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'Good, I finally got rid of that old man,' thought Sora with a small smile as he looked at Qin Wuyou leave.

yelled Jasmine abruptly.

asked Sora with slightly opened eyes.

said Jasmine with a low voice.

asked Sora as he stood before Jasmine inside his infinite space.

said Jasmine with furrowed eyebrows filled with sadness.

'Poor girl. She really must have been through something bad. How could anyone do such a thing to this poor young girl,' said Sora as he walked over to Jasmine and pat her head.

said Sora with a smile and squinted eyes as he gazed at her.

'I won't teach you everything, since it will just prove too much for you,' thought Sora with a shake of his head as he gestured for her to stand up.

Sora told Jasmine as he looked at a group of women walking towards him, one whom he is familiar with.

"Are you here to join me for a glass of wine?" jokingly asked Sora as he looked at Chu Yueli standing right before him with a shocked look.

"Do you know this man, sister?" asked Chu Yuechan with a cold gaze with her eyes directed at Chu Yueli.


Chu Yueli remained silent and the woman next to the sisters spoke up with a calm voice and a respectful tone.

"Greetings young man. This one is Feng Qianhu, Grand Palace Mistress of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace," said the woman with a slight bow in respect.

'Oh? The sect filled with countless beauties? This'll be interesting...'

"May I have the honor of knowing the whereabouts of the senior who made those mountains and floating island?"

"Of course, let me go get him," said Sora with a smile before looking away for a second and turning to look at the woman with a teasing look. "What do you need with this senior of yours, beautiful woman?"

"You're the creator of the mountains? Such jokes will get you killed," coldly said Chu Yuechan as she bared her fangs at Sora.

"I would never lie, especially when a beauty is the one who asked me the question. If you so wish to confirm this truth, then so be it," said Sora.

He looked at Chu Yuechan while making a small hill appear right beside him easily, his gaze never leaving Chu Yuechan's cold and stunning face.

'This woman has amazing looks. She lives up to her #1 beauty ranking,' thought Sora with a smirk.


Not only Chu Yuechan, but even Chu Yueli and Feng Qianhui were shocked at the small hill Sora had created in just a second. Now they believed that Sora really created the mountains that are extraordinarily huge. Not many knew of ways to grow things like that, much less create many mountains that are extremely big.

'Amazing...' thought Chu Yueli as she looked at the small hill then right at Sora.

"Is there a method to do that?" asked Feng Qianhui, not able to repress her curiosity.

"Of course, but the method isn't up for taking," said Sora as he gave a small smile towards Feng Qianhui.

"Such a pity," lamented Feng Qianhui as she dropped her smile slightly.

"Although there is one way you can get it," said Sora with a smirk. 'It will be a weaker version too. I can't have people creating humongous mountains like this too all over the world.

It will create chaos.'

"What may that be?"

Feng Qianhui looked at Sora calmly as she thought about what Sora could possibly want for the powerful technique he has.

"Become a branch sect for my sect," said Sora smiling.

"W-what?" Feng Qianhui's calm exterior was broken by Sora's wish of having her Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace become his sect's branch sect.

However, after a few moments, Feng Qianhui didn't say anything and instead frowned as she looked at Sora.

Sora maintained a smile as he shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. "If you don't want to, then let us become allies."

Feng Qianhui's expression livened up after hearing Sora's words and she gave a small nod.

"Very well then, that should work," nodded Feng Qianhui.

"Good. I am Sora, founder and sect master of Heavenly Crystal Sect," said Sora as he cupped his hands in front of himself and gave a small late greeting.

After a couple more minutes of small talk and pleasantries, Sora guided his guests, and new allies, to rooms for their temporary stay.

"Chu Yueli," said Sora as he watched the three women walk away.

Chu Yueli froze as she was leaving with her sister and the Grand Palace Mistress. She turned slowly and looked at Sora with a small smile.

"That smile suits your beautiful face so well," said Sora as he walked over to Chu Yueli.

"Don't forget the sect rules, sister," said Chu Yuechan as she left. She gave a deep look at Sora with cold eyes before leaving swiftly with Feng Qianhui.


"Why so quiet?" asked Sora as he walked up to Chu Yueli with a smirk.

"My sect prohibits being with another man," said Chu Yueli as she gazed at Sora getting closer to him.

"A man? What about a beast?"

Sora's smile showed his sharp teeth as he continued approaching Chu Yueli.


Chu Yueli looked at Sora with a shocked look, her steps gradually still retreating.

"It wasn't specified" she said as she took a couple more steps back.

"Very well, then it means we can" Sora said slowly.

"I" Chu Yueli's face slowly turned red as Sora's face got even closer to her's.

"TALK!" Sora said with a large smile as he took a step back.


Chu Yueli looked at Sora with a shocked look after not feeling him trying to touch her or kiss her. She placed her hand on her lips whilst her eyes followed every movement of Sora's.

"Yes, a perfect time to talk. Did you think I was going to try something on you?" asked Sora with a teasing smile directed at Chu Yueli.

'If I didn't have two spectators, you would be laying on the floor by now with me deep within you,' thought Sora as he glanced behind him, where Chu Yuechan, Chu Yueli's sister, was looking at them from afar. Even Jasmine was looking at Sora attentively from his storage.

"... What is it that you wanted to talk about," asked Chu Yueli with an embarrassed look.

"Why are you all practicing a flawed technique?

That technique will in time, turn you all into sculptures of ice if you try to go beyond the eighth stage. You also need the yang to further purify your yin and make the ice parts of your profound arts even stronger. Only relying on yin will only weaken, maybe in some lucky cases, you can only increase its power by a small portion," said Sora as he walked around Chu Yueli with an observing eye.

"Do you have a way to help me get stronger?" asked Chu Yueli, intrigued by Sora's words.

"Indeed. I happen to have a Yang Pill on me which is harvested from the yang of multiple plants. It's easily made, which has to be made alongside Yin Pills or else it will result in failure. These are also weak enough for you to fully take them in with no danger. They will boost your strength and your ice abilities by almost 2 folds," said Sora with a smirk as he took out a reddish yellow pill.

Chu Yueli took the Yang Pill with wide eyes before receiving the pill with a small smile.

"I will refine it completely and absorb it," said Chu Yueli with her eyes never leaving the Yang Pill in her hands.

"Good. I will discuss with your Grand Palace Mistress in a bit, you can go ahead and leave now," said Sora with a small smile as he left the area and went back to his floating island, Heavenly Isle.

'I should give Emily something to practice while I go talk with the Feng Qianhui,' thought Sora.

said Sora as he materialized a manual on his hand.

Jasmine also appeared before him with a happy look as she stood straight with her eyes lingering on the book in Sora's hands.

"Read it well and train in it. This may be more difficult than any of those profound skills and arts you are training in," Sora said with smirk as he passed over the profound skill.

"Yes master!" said Jasmine as she took the book from Sora with a wide smile.

"Now go on and train."

Jasmine walked away and went into Sora's house on the Heavenly Isle to study the profound skill book he gave her.

"Wow, that's nice of you daddy."

"I'm the nicest man in the world," said Sora with a smirk as he turned to look at Emily.

"You're also a funny man," giggled Emily.

"What are you doing here honey?" asked Sora as he hugged his daughter.

Emily hugged Sora back and rested her head on his chest, "I want to have fun daddy."

"Haha. You will be going off into the world to recruit disciples with Cang Yue, your junior disciple," laughed Sora. He rubbed Emily's head tenderly with one of his hands sliding down to her wonderful round butt.

"I don't mean that daddy..." muttered Emily with a blush.

"I know, hahaha. I will have fun with you when you come back honey. I want you to enjoy yourself out there first before you can come back and join me in bed." Sora grabbed a handful of Emily's butt with a happy smile as she rubbed her b.r.e.a.s.ts on him.

"You better, daddy. I don't like people who lie to me," pouted Emily.

"Now go and train. Cang Yue is training right now in a new profound skill I have given her."

"Bye daddy," said Emily before giving Sora a kiss on the cheek. Her hands also said goodbye to Sora's little buddy with her hands cupping it for a couple seconds.

"I'll make sure to thoroughly punish you," said Sora with a smile as he eyes his daughter's wonderful behind.

'I should quickly help expand the number of people in the sect but who should I bring into the sect...'

Sora slowly thought about many women he could bring over into his sect, his wives were one of his options. However, in the end he didn't invite them in.

He could just pass them the techniques they would need to practice, no need for them to join his sect just for that. He would easily teach them everything to do with the basics of cultivation.

There are the people he could bring in from the other worlds, Dragon Ball, Bleach, DxD, and even Tales of Demons and Gods. He would even have to go and pick up the two artifacts he made and bring them over to his sect to enhance the experience of his disciples and even enhance their cultivation.

He could bring in women from every other world to join his sect. An even better idea would be to recruit the elf women and the beautiful humanoid women his World Tree is producing.

If they all joined, and he passed out high grade cultivation techniques that made them stronger and even enhanced their beauty, he would be the happiest man alive.