Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 246

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 246 Heavenly Universe?

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With Sora bringing up his Heavenly World up to its 12th Ancient Sun and his World Tree to full maturity, many Elves of different types are born weekly. All taking care of different roots of the World Tree, taking care of many leaves that are the size of a whole continent, branches thicker than Jupiter, and the tree itself which is just enormous.

Luckily the Heavenly World is enormous due to the many energies that nourished it and the Sacred Scripture Sora was using to grow the Heavenly World. Thanks to stuff like that, Sora's Heavenly World's size was rivaling 100 galaxies that have been placed together.

The amount of years it would take him to travel around the world would last him almost an eternity. Even more so when he moved the Primal Chaos Bead's ability to grow along his cultivation into his Heavenly World. Since his cultivation is based on three different types, Essence, Body, and Soul, his Heavenly World expanded even more than just 100 galaxies in just seconds.

With the huge size of the Heavenly World, Sora was just shocked by the sheer size of the thing. If he could ever reach a point where he can travel the entire world in less than a month, he would be happy with the amount of strength he has.

If the world continues growing at its current pace, he may need to break off parts of the Heavenly World and make it smaller. Make it so that future growths will only cause the growth and creation of stars, planets, galaxies, and his inner world becoming a universe. It would no longer be called Heavenly World by then, but Heavenly Universe.

He can't even think of a time where even that might not be possible after that, for now all he could think of the chance of soon having a whole universe within him.

'This Heavenly World of mine is no longer simple. Even my Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal is becoming the size of the moon,' thought Sora with a wry smile.

'I should stop thinking about this and just get on with cultivating my physique before heading over to Feng Qianhui.'

Sora sighed and sat outside his house on Heavenly Isle with a calm look.

He had cultivated his Void Imperfection Physique for a long time and was already nearing the Minor Completion stage, and according to the Physique scripture, if he makes it to the Minor Completion stage, he will be visited by the Physique Devil, also known as the Physique Tribulation.

He had everything prepared and ready to go should the Physique Devil appear as he cultivates the Physique to reach Minor Completion.

Sora sat down in a lotus position and quickly focused on his physique, quickly cultivating in it.

Slowly, the air churned and the clouds converged.

The clouds turned dark and lightning cackled as they snapped together, growing stronger with time.

'Seems like the Physique Devil doesn't exist in Against the Gods. This must be a strong tribulation then'

Sora opened one of his eyes and looked up at the tribulation clouds that were forming. They slowly became stronger over time, painting the clouds darker and darker.

'I should have done this far away,' thought Sora as he looked at Feng Qianhui, Chu Yueli, Chu Yuechan, Emily, and Jasmine all looking at him.

'Is this the Divine Heavenly Tribulation Lightning? I might need to take care of everyone in the entire vicinity if it is the Divine Heavenly Tribulation Lightning...'

Sora didn't stop cultivating his Physique. He only outstretched his hand and opened his fist, revealing a round disc that was thick and made of Mythril.

Once the Mythril disc was revealed, it quickly expanded and turned translucent, covering every being under and a kilometer outside the area of the Divine Heavenly Tribulation Lightning.

According to the knowledge he has received from Emily, a Divine Heavenly Tribulation Lightning's cloud will only be as big as a cultivator's talent for cultivation. If it's true and he takes in his immeasurable talent, he may need to take precaution and cover 200 kilometers wide.

Sora was also told about another thing regarding the Divine Heavenly Tribulation Lightning.

The strength of each lightning strike was related to how good his innate talent is.

Sora wasn't worried much about the tribulation thanks to his strong body. He didn't even have to worry about the people since his Mythril Disc Array will work perfectly as well.

All he had to focus on was using the tribulation lightning to refine his Void Imperfection Physique even more and make it perfect so that he can complete the Half Completion in just one go and directly go for the Major Completion.

After shrouding everyone in the Mythril Disc Array, Sora focused on cultivating his Physique and absorbing the lightning.

"Is he protecting us?" asked Chu Yuechan with a low voice after she saw Sora take out a blue disc and have it expand to large proportions before it slowly turned see through. After it turned see through, she felt like she was being protected by something.

"No," muttered Feng Qianhui with shocked eyes. She looked at the huge looming dark clouds before looking over to Sora. "He's protecting everyone."

Chu Yueli looked at Sora with a bit of worry as she clutched the Yang Pill in her hand. She glanced at Feng Qianhui and at her sister before looking up at the dark clouds. What was going through her mind, no one knew except her and Sora.

Emily and Jasmine on the other hand were looking at Sora with shock and almost no worry.

Emily had confidence that her dad would walk out of the tribulation with ease and would even pull as many benefits as he could. She was shocked at the fact that her father had pulled in the tribulation so early when he wasn't even in the Divine Profound Realms yet.

And Jasmine was shocked for that very reason.

Cang Yue didn't know what was going on at all. All houses in Heavenly Crystal Palace have sound proofing, preventing noises from entering and escaping.

Minutes passed as powerful lightning bolts strong enough to destroy an entire mountain struck Sora with such volatility and force. The Chu sisters and Feng Qianhui were all expecting Sora to be killed by the lightning bolts. Their faces paled and Chu Yueli softly sobbed as she watched Sora remain in his spot as the lightning bolt went right for him.


Chu Yueli was afraid to look over to where Sora was, but Chu Yuechan and Feng Qianhui weren't.

"He's alive!"

Cried out Feng Qianhui with a happy voice.

Chu Yueli lifted her head and looked at Sora, who was alive and well with a happy smile. There lay Sora, he remained unmoved with not a single scratch on himself from the powerful lightning bolt strike.

Sora gave a small smirk as more lightning fell upon him as he only took it in easily and cultivated even further his Void Imperfection Physique.

Minutes passed, hours passed and finally, Sora safely broke into the Half Completion realm.

Sora slowly opened his eyes and retracted his Mythril Disc Array. He frowned and looked at his hand for a second.

'Damn. If it will be taking this long every time I cultivate a physique, I will have to cultivate all the other 11 physiques as well,' thought Sora as he thought of creating a technique for that.

Standing up, Sora ignored his guests, Emily, and Jasmine, as he jumped into his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

He pricked his finger with a gold essence needle and brought out 11 drops of his blood before himself.

As soon as the blood was outside of his body, Sora brought out some of his Primal Chaos Qi and simulated the Life and Nature Qi. He refined the blood with that Qi, and in just a couple of days, the 11 drops of blood had become avatars that he can control separately whenever he can and wants to.

He would have just made jutsu clones, but they wouldn't have helped with creating new physiques since his clones weren't connected to his body, they were just made from energy.

Sora had the avatars all cultivate a single physique.

And just like that, Sora was cultivating all the physiques.

With a smile, Sora left the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and went straight to the group of three women.

"How are you all?" asked Sora as he walked up to Feng Qianhui, Chu Yuechan, and Chu Yueli.

"Safe and sound, thanks to you Senior," said Feng Qianhui with respect. She had heard of many people cultivating and practicing profound arts, but never one that can provoke the wrath of the heavens by just cultivating.

It could only tell her how Heaven defying the existence of the man before her is. Now she's glad to be allies of such a terrifying man.

If she were given the chance once again to be a branch sect, she would take it without another thought. The amount of benefits she could obtain from something like that is extraordinary.

Although she had her principles as well. She wouldn't take anything without doing something back in return.

"Haha, this was all my fault. I should have known it was going to be such a big thing and traveled far from here. I'm sorry for pulling you into my affairs," said Sora with an apologetic face as he looked right at Feng Qianhui.

"We're fine Senior! You protected us," said Feng Qianhui with a smile as she looked at Sora with bright eyes.

"Yes. Thank you Senior."

Both Chu Yueli and Chu Yuechan bowed to Sora in respect and gratitude.

"Haha, such nice and gentle women," said Sora as he gazed at Chu Yueli and Chu Yuechan.

After talking with Feng Qianhui for a while and the Chu sisters leaving, Sora got serious and said, "Now let us get serious.

As I have discussed with Chu Yueli, your profound arts are flawed and incomplete. Their original version being far more powerful and needing a strong affinity and resistance to ice and water."

"Is there a way to fix this problem?" asked Feng Qianhui with a serious look.

Originally, Feng Qianhui would have said something in respect to the Frozen Cloud Arts being passed down by the founder of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. Maybe the man before her knew that something was wrong with the technique that even the founder failed to notice.

"Yes. Multiple, in fact," said Sora as he scratched his chin a bit. 'My habit of stroking my beard is still not gone after having it disappear for more than almost 10 million years.'

"Can I know a way to fix it?" she asked.

"Have intercourse with a man," said Sora seriously.

"What?" Feng Qianhui frowned and looked at Sora with slight disgust. She was hoping for Sora to be actually trying to help her and not lead her and her sect to do such acts.

"Yes, intercourse with another man while you practice the technique. However, the man needs to have a yang body and to have affinity to Yang or Fire. It will also work if he is practicing a fire profound art," said Sora as he gave a smile as if nothing was wrong.


Feng Qianhui's disgust waned away and instead looked at Sora with a bit more reproachful look as she decided to believe what he was saying.

"How do I find a man like this?" asked Feng Qianhui.

"That, even I do not know," lied Sora. "You need to remember, however, that the man must have a profound art on the level of the Frozen Cloud Arts or else you both will end up crippled."

Sora smiled and continued to say, "But don't worry, there are still many other ways that we can figure out together. I already mentioned one way to Chu Yueli, try talking to her about it."

"I thank Senior for his guidance," said Feng Qianhui as she cupped her hands before leaving.