Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 247

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 247 Lemon Of Infinity

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Sora watched Feng Qianhui leave, his eyes rested on her lower back with her butt being noticeable from her robe.

'Nice,' thought Sora as he headed back to his house.

He entered his house and passed the main room where Jasmine was studying in and headed straight for his room.

Sitting in a lotus position, Sora accessed his Gate of Babylon and looked for all the legacies in the entirety of Against the Gods world. Sora saw the Phoenix Legacy, Evil God Legacy, Ice Phoenix Azure Dragon Golden Crow Pangu Sun Wukong Black Tortoise White Tiger Vermillion Bird Dragon King Jade Emperor Chang'e and many more mythical creatures.

Even a Unicorn Legacy was included, surprisingly.

It surprised Sora how there was stuff related to the Jade Emperor, Chang'e, Sun Wukong, and the other gods from DxD here in Against the Gods. Although in the end it hardly surprises him since they are almost universal existences that were allowed to live in other worlds in one way or another. They were legends and mythical beings they should be existing in almost any plane of reality.

It wouldn't surprise him if there were even more in other worlds he would visit in the future.

Sora smiled and raised his hand before pulling someone out of his Heavenly World.

"Hm?" Ophis turned to look at Sora with a confused look as to why she was brought over to him.

"Hey Ophis, I want you to have something that is very beneficial to you," said Sora before bringing out the Azure Dragon's bloodline and marrow. "This will serve as a catalyst to make you evolve into an even higher being and allow you to grow stronger."

"..." Ophis looked at Sora with a blank face. Her eyes darted from him to the items in his hands and back to him many times.

Sora wryly smiled and said, "It will help you gain more quietness in the future should someone bother you."


Ophis remained unmoved, her eyes stared at Sora. Her eyes seemingly wanting to suck Sora into the infinite abyss.

"It will allow you to stay next to me more often," said Sora with a soft smile as he noticed what Ophis was thinking.

Ophis smiled and ate the bloodline and marrow in Sora's hands without a second thought. Shortly after eating the Azure Dragon's Legacy, she looked at Sora with a blushing face.

Her petite body squirmed right before him as she looked at Sora with a heated gaze.

"Damn.. don't tell me that for you to evolutionize, you had to choose a permanent gender and it kicked you into a mating season right away..." Sora looked at Ophis weirdly.

She slowly crawled over to Sora, her stoic face remained the same besides the red blush on it. The tape over her fell and her clothes disappeared as she made her way closer to Sora.

'I should have seen this coming,' thought Sora as his lips were take by Ophis' thirsty gaze.

"If you keep going I won't be able to hold back..." said Sora in between Ophis' kisses.

Ophis stopped kissing Sora after hearing what he said. However, instead of completely stopping, she instead invited him over by laying on her back, spreading her legs and opening her arms for an embrace.

"Come," she said quietly as her glossy eyes rested on Sora's face.

"How could I say no to you," sighed Sora as he removed his clothes and got on top of Ophis' petite body.

Her legs wrapped around his n.a.k.e.d waist and her arms around his neck as their lips interlocked with each other.

Sora gazed at Ophis warmly as their bodies rubbed against each other. His hands rubbed her back gently and he squeezed her butt as much as he could.

Her small b.r.e.a.s.ts were rubbing against Sora's chest and it made him feel nice as he continued to kiss Ophis passionately. Their tongues intertwined with each other and they traded their juices with their lips smooshed together.

Sora smiled as he finally gets to take Ophis' v.i.r.g.i.nity, especially now that she will forever remain a female. He caressed her cheek and gave her a soft kiss as he laid her in front of him.

"Sweet Ophis this won't hurt you at all," said Sora with a smile knowing that Ophis wouldn't feel pain from something like having her h.y.m.e.n torn apart by his c.o.c.k entering deep within her.

"Instead, you will feel immense pleasure," said Sora with full confidence as he tried sliding his c.o.c.k inside Ophis' small and tight hole that was filled with her juice.

Slowly, Sora's c.o.c.k began to slide into Ophis' tight hole that wrapped itself nicely around his c.o.c.k.

Sora winced as he himself felt pleasure unlike the millions of times before. He felt like Ophis' insides were massaging and stroking his rod as he slid it deep within Ophis. A pleasure he had never experienced, it even made him happy at the new experience he is having with Ophis.

"My, you're filled with surprises," muttered Sora as he went up to Ophis and kissed her before plunging himself deep within her.

"Ngh.." m.o.a.ned Ophis with a muffled noise.

"Oh? You're not going to let out your m.o.a.ns?" asked Sora as he slid out and pistoned his way back deep within Ophis once more.

"Ngh!" m.o.a.ned once more Ophis.

"I see you're trying to stay quiet..." muttered Sora with the determination to make Ophis m.o.a.n out loudly in pleasure.

Sora slowly pulled himself out of Ophis and had his hand over her small b.r.e.a.s.ts. He inched himself out and once he was almost out of Ophis, he stopped and looked at her with a small smile before once more pushing himself deep within her.

His hand gripped her b.r.e.a.s.t as he pistoned himself in and out of Ophis at a quick and steady pace. He buried himself deep within her before pulling out and then putting himself deep within her once more.

"NghH! Ngh! NgH!"

Ophis continued m.o.a.ning as Sora made his way in and out of her at a rapid pace. His hand gripped over her b.r.e.a.s.t, causing her to feel more pleasure as time went on. His other hand held onto waist and held her in place as he slammed himself in and out of petite Ophis.

"Ngh! Ngh!"

M.o.a.ned Ophis as her slender legs tried to wrap themselves around Sora's waist but were too short to do that.

"Looks like you're about to c.u.m, my little dragon girl," said Sora with a smirk.

He crouched down and kissed her before lightly biting her lower lip.


FInally, Ophis lightly m.o.a.ned without muffling her noise.

"Such a cute voice you have Ophis. It's a shame that you love to remain quiet," said Sora as he didn't stop his movements despite Ophis having an orgasm.

"Faster ngh..." m.o.a.ned Ophis as she looked at Sora in the eyes with affection.

"Gladly, my little dragon," said Sora as he went even faster.

The noises of their liquids and skin slapping against each other resounded within the room with a loud and crisp noise. Droplets of sweat fell to the floor and Ophis' liquid dyed the floor below her and Sora.

"The Dragon God of Infinity lives up to her name," said Sora with a smirk as he felt Ophis' stamina being very high. "That's good..."

Sora plucked out his c.o.c.k from within Ophis' hole and positioned it over her other hole.

"Let us give you another new experience," said Sora as he slowly slid in his c.o.c.k into Ophis' butt.


M.o.a.ned out Ophis in shock as she felt Sora's c.o.c.k invade another area she never had anything in. In over her entire existence, never had she ever expected to have something stuck within her two holes. It was a new experience she would have never thought of having in the past.

And she like it.

Ophis gave a light smile as Sora continued going in and out of her.

Her legs locked on either side of Sora and her hands were on Sora's face. She pulled him in close and gave him a deep kiss before pushing Sora onto his back and standing over him.

"Stay," said Ophis as she stood over Sora's face and sat on him.


Unexpectedly, Ophis had sat on Sora's face, forcing him to pleasure her with his mouth. She slowly moved her h.i.p.s, wanting to pull out as much pleasure as she can from Sora's tongue and lips as they touched every nook and cranny of her wet hole.

She twisted her h.i.p.s in delight whenever Sora hit her g-spot and Sora would hit that spot for a couple more times before moving on and licking the rest of her wet hole.

When Ophis twisted her hip once more, her eyes fell upon a towering rod. A towering rod which had just entered two of her holes, and soon another one was going to claim. She bent down towards Sora's d.i.c.k as if she was enchanted by it.

Once she was face to face with the towering thing, Ophis' small hands wrapped themselves around her target with great curiosity.


She m.o.a.ned as she slowly stroked the c.o.c.k up and down with wide and curious eyes.

Her face inched closer as the liquid from the rod slowly oozed out and covered her hand. She sped up the movement of her hands and she moved her mouth over the rod. Her tongue slowly licked the pink tip of the thing and then


With a shocked look, Ophis' face and mouth were instantly covered in Sora's white liquid. Ophis' shocked look slowly turned into one of amus.e.m.e.nt. With a small smile, Ophis inched closer to the rod once more and licked it clean of any liquid Sora let out.

To her delight, it all tasted sweet and delicious, much to her liking.

Ophis is a lover of sweets, so it was bound to happen that she would fall in love with Sora's c.u.m that covered her face.

With a hungry look, Ophis slipped her mouth over Sora's c.o.c.k once more and greedily sucked in with eagerness.

"More!" she said with a desperate look as she sent a look over to Sora.

With a light chuckle, Sora sat up with his legs crossed before grabbing Ophis and sitting her on him. Her body was facing him and her legs were to the side of his body. His c.o.c.k was before the entrance of her hole that was dripping down with her juices.

"I'll tell you a secret Ophis..." said Sora as he placed Ophis on him. "Many of my wives had said that the juice is even better when it fills them up here."

Sora placed a finger on Ophis' abdomen and gave a light smile to her.

Ophis looked at Sora with a serious look before nodding and deciding to let Sora slide his c.o.c.k with her.

"Great, if it doesn't work, I'll get you as much candy as you want," said Sora as he slid his c.o.c.k inside Ophis.

"Mhh! Ah..." m.o.a.ned Ophis as she felt Sora's c.o.c.k once more invade her insides.

Sora began off slowly before gradually increasing his speed and having his c.o.c.k be plunged deep within Ophis. HIs c.o.c.k slightly grew as her f.u.c.k.i.e.d Ophis and she felt that instantly as she began m.o.a.ning.

He also began hitting all her g-spots, making her feel immense pleasure while Sora went in and out of her quickly and hard.

"Ah ah ah..." she m.o.a.ned in short bursts, still wishing to keep quiet.

"Mm ugh!" groaned Sora as he let out his juice deep within Ophis who had an orgasm at the same time he did.

As Sora's juices filled up Ophis and made her feel like she had butterflies in her stomach, Ophis' cheeks reddened.


Ophis stood up and Sora's juices began dripping out of her tight hole. She crouched down and laid down in front of Sora with her stomach on the floor. Her hand wrapped around Sora's c.o.c.k and her mouth slipped over the tip as she began sucking on it like if it was a straw.

"Looks like you'd rather just drink that," sighed Sora as he let her do that.

'What have I just seen Master do?!' thought Jasmine as she looked at Ophis greedily suck on Sora's c.o.c.k from the doorway.

She rubbed her legs against each other. Her crotch feeling wet and itchy as she began to feel pleasure from her legs rubbing against each other.

'Is that good?' thought Jasmine as she placed a hand over her b.r.e.a.s.t and groped it slightly.

'No! What am I doing!' thought Jasmine as she stood up and patted her clothes.

She turned away and walked from the door before giving one last look at the door to Sora's room with a blush on her cheeks.