Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 248

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 248 A Fairy's Pure Love

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"Is this the Wasteland of Death?" asked a man with a scholarly and refined aura as he got off his luxurious carriage.

He took a deep look at the land that was filled with an abundance of life force. Each dead tree and dead grass had revived in just one night and were all already green and filled with life.

What was once a Wasteland of Death was now a Garden of Eden with the abundance of life in the agriculture and the animals that roamed the area.

"Amazing," muttered the man as he looked at the animals.

"Yes sect master this is the wasteland of death which had received a huge change in just 3 days," said a middle aged man off to the side.

"Let us move on honey," said a woman from inside the carriage with a soft and dignified voice.

"Yes, let us move on," said the man with a smile.

Behind his carriage was another which carried the man's three sons. He had brought them all along with him to visit the mysterious land that had flourished in just 3 days back from the dead.

Plated onto their carriages and the emblems of their clothing were the marks of one of the Four Major Sects, Heavenly Sword Villa.

"Go on. Let us enter and find the reason behind the appearance of the mountains and the floating island," said the man with squinted eyes.

"Yes Sect Master!"

The man got back on his carriage and continued his way forward.

Not far behind that man's two carriages were other carriages from other sects.

Xiao Sect

Burning Heaven Clan

Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress

Sora was currently focusing on Jasmine who was training right before.

The small smile on his face showed that he knew something as he gazed at Jasmine with a teasing look.

Jasmine on the other hand was executing the skill Sora had given her with a blush on her face as she remembered what she saw Sora do.

"Your face is starting to match your hair," teased Sora as he looked at Jasmine train.

"Tomato," said Ophis with a light smile.

After Ophis' time with Sora, she experienced an unwanted change with her body getting bigger to match that of an average 16 year old girl.

Her features turned radiant and her moves were filled with the dignified air of a dragon. Instead of the previous air of aloofness she had around herself before.

"Haha," chuckled Sora. "How goes your training Cang Yue?"

Sora turned to look at the other woman in the room with a smile.

Cang Yue gave Sora a gentle smile as she bowed to him in respect before saying, "I am progressing fast master!"

"That's good. Today you will be going out with your senior disciple to recruit for the sect," said Sora.

"Yes master!"

Sora nodded and watched Cang Yue leave with Emily to recruit disciples for his sect. He turned his head once more and looked at the three women in the room.

"I appreciate you all for coming to visit my sect, even if it was not intentional," said Sora with a light smile as he brought out three small pouches and passed them to the three women.

"Storage bags?"

Feng Qianhui, Chu Yueli, and Chu Yuechan all took a bag and looked inside with curiosity. Once they laid their eyes on the items inside, they looked up at Sora with shock.

"It's just some useless stuff to me. I hope you all take these items out of my hands," said Sora.

"Thank you Senior!"

"Thank you Heavenly Crystal Palace Sect Master!"

"Such a mouthful. Just call me Sora," chuckled Sora after hearing Chu Yuechan and Chu Yueli say his name.


"Would you all like a cup of tea before leaving?" asked Sora as he made a table and chairs appear before him.

He took a seat and poured the tea into the cups he had spread on the table.

Grabbing a cup of tea, Sora sipped it calmly and smiled.

"Ah so nice," Sora sighed Sora with content.

"It will be a pleasure," said Feng Qianhui before joining Sora with Chu Yuechan and Chu Yueli.

"This tea is simply astounding!" said Chu Yueli with a shocked tone.

"I feel like my energy is growing and my cultivation is increasing as I drink it! I also feel like I can understand something I couldn't before about my profound skills I'm training in," said Chu Yuechan with shock.

All three women from Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace looked at Sora with shocked and happy looks as they held onto their cups of tea.

"What is this magical tea?!" asked Feng Qianhui with shock.

"It's called 'A Fairy's Pure Love'," said Sora with a small smile as he continued to drink his tea.

"This may be improper of me, but can I have some of this to take with me?" asked Chu Yuechan as she looked at Sora with a hopeful look, her cold self completely gone.

"I as well, Senior!" said Feng Qianhui, holding the cup of tea in her hands with a tight grip.

"I would also like some of this tea," joined Chu Yueli.

Sora smiled seeing how his tea was loved by the three women before him. He chuckled lightly and said, "How about we make a deal. I make you three, and for others you wish to give at your sect, in exchange for 1,000 of your disciples yearly."

Feng Qianhui looked at Sora with wide eyes before putting on a look of disappointment, "I'm afraid I can't agree to this deal Sora."

"You didn't let me finish," said Sora with a smile. "I won't be keeping these students of yours. I will help you train each batch of 1,000 temporary disciples for three years before returning them to you. All I ask in return, is to help spread the name of my Heavenly Crystal Palace to many girls and women so that I can have a steady rise of disciples here.

I will personally see that each disciple that returns to your Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace returns stronger than when they got here. As well as more beautiful."


Feng Qianhui looked at Sora for a couple of seconds before beaming a happy face, "It's a deal I will have to accept very happily then, Sora."

Sora talked with the beautiful women calmly with a smile.

With Jasmine training in the distance, Ophis by his side, and the three beauties before him. Nothing could rob Sora of the happiness he gains from moments like these that he spends with the women.

It's such a sad thing that a man with the nack for Dao of L.u.s.t wouldn't be satisfied with just that.

But it's enough to make him content.

"Hm?" Sora turned to the left in alert as he felt many people approach.

"What is it?" asked Feng Qianhui as she turned to where Sora was looking with vigilance.

"Oh nothing. It's just visitors," Sora said with a small smile and closed eyes as he stood up and walked to the people approaching with hands behind his back.


The women turned to look at each other with confused looks. Ophis looked at everything with an uninterested look as she ate sweets, yet they did not satisfy her as much as Sora did.

"More.." she muttered.

Sora looked at Jasmine after noticing her stop training and wanting to help him, yet he only lifted his hand and stopped her before doing anything more. He told her to resume her training before continuing on forward to the approaching 'guests'.

"Move you bastard!" yelled the carriage driver angrily at Sora. "We're from Heavenly Sword Villa! If you have any shred of intelligence, you will know who we are! Now hurry up and move out the way!"

Sora remained where he was with a calm look. He squinted his eyes at the man with killing intent flashing through his eyes..

"!!!" The man quickly stopped the carriage and looked at Sora with wide eyes filled with fear. He fell off the carriage and shook with cold sweat.

The two carriages stopped before Sora from the actions of the carriage driver.

"Why are we stopping?" asked a man from within the carriage.

"There's a man stopping me from going forward master," said the man with a nervous look.

"Did you tell him who we are?" he asked.

"Y-yes master!" said the carriage driver.

There was silence for a couple of seconds and then, a man stepped out of the carriage with elegant steps. His movements were elegant and weren't touched at all by not one bit of arrogance.

Sora frowned as his eyes fell upon the man whose face was revealed upon turning to him. He maintained his gaze on the man for a couple of seconds before smirking a bit.

'This man'

"I ask that you move aside, young man," said Ling Yuefeng as he looked at Sora with a calm smile.

Sora shook his head with a smile, "I can't move."

"I must ask once more, move aside young man," said the man without a change in temperament.

"You are entering my Heavenly Crystal Palace without my permission, which I cannot allow you to do," calmly said Sora.

"Heavenly Crystal Palace?" Ling Yuefeng lightly laughed as he gave Sora an amused look.

"Indeed. This one here wouldn't lie about a small matter like this," said Sora as he gazed at the man.

"This must be a joke. Is it not?" asked Ling Yuefeng with a smile.

"Not at all. All that you see here is property of my Heavenly Crystal Palace," smilingly said Sora.

"Honey? What's taking so long!" yelled out a soft yet dignified voice from inside the carriage.

"Meeting a man from what was it? Evenly Toe Palace?" smirked Ling Yuefeng.

Every time Ling Yuefeng said something, his aura would remain refined and scholarly. Sora, however, saw his soul which was filled with arrogance and hardly any scholar feeling within him.

"Heavenly Crystal Palace," said Sora as he squinted his eyes in a cold fashion.

"Yes, that," said Ling Yuefeng with a smile.

The source of the soft and dignified voice walked off the carriage and joined Ling Yuefeng by his side. A beautiful woman with pale skin and beautiful figure, although her beauty was far apart from any of Sora's wives and the women he just met, she was candy to the eyes nonetheless.

Xuanyuan Yufeng, Ling Yuefeng's spouse, stood beside him with a shocked look.

Xuanyuan Yufeng was shocked at Sora's shockingly handsome features. His skin was pale and soft like white creamy Jade. Sharp eyes and thick perfect eyebrows, a red mark in the middle of his forehead, which only served to enhance his beauty.

His eyes pulled her into a deep abyss which was filled with that man's warmth. His tall and slim figure which was filled with an aura of might and a scholarly feel. No one could tell what the man could possibly be thinking from any of his features or gestures, he was a beautiful mystery waiting to be unraveled.

His features were all perfect and they were something which she felt even the heavens must be envious of. Seemingly to be loved by destiny and fate with his grand and majestic air surrounding him.

'He's so handsome and perfect!' thought Xuanyuan Yufeng with a blush.

"Wife?" asked Ling Yuefeng as he turned to look at Xuanyuan Yufeng.

"Yes?" asked Ling Yuefeng, her eyes never leaving Sora's face.

"What are you staring at," asked Ling Yuefeng with his eyes shifting between his wife and Sora.

"No-nothing," muttered Xuanyuan Yufeng as she turned her head to the side in embarrassment.

Ling Yuefeng was about to turn to yell at Sora in anger until he caught a glimpse of Chu Yuechan.


He looked at Chu Yuechan for a couple of seconds before turning to look at Sora with a 'respectful' gaze.

"I hope Heavenly Crystal Palace's Sect Master could forgive me for my transgressions against you and your Heavenly Crystal Palace," Ling Yuefeng said as he bowed slightly to Sora with a cold look in his eyes.

Sora frowned after witnessing Ling Yuefeng's actions, however he smiled and said, "It's alright, it happens. Stand up and let us get over this with a cup of tea."

Turning around, Sora led the way over to the table where he was drinking tea with Feng Qianhui, Chu Yueli, Chu Yuechan, and Ophis.

He sat down on his chair and served Ling Yuefeng and Xuanyuan Yufeng a cup of tea with a smile. The women joined Sora back for some more tea as Jasmine continued her training whilst keeping an eye on them.

Ling Yuefeng looked at the tea but didn't dare touch it, he turned to look at Chu Yuechan and the others instead. He was shocked when he found the Grand Palace Mistress of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace right in the same table with him and a man. He had heard many stories about how Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace didn't establish relationsh.i.p.s with men, so he was shocked to find her on a table with an unknown man.

He was about to begin speaking with Feng Qianhui, the Grand Palace Mistress, until he heard a loud and excited voice from beside him.

"This tea is amazing! What is it called?" asked Xuanyuan Yufeng with an excited voice as she drank the rest of the contents in the cup.

"A Fairy's Pure Love."