Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 250

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 250 Petite Chest

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"Time to get this started!" yelled Sora as he appeared within his Wooden Palace which is now the size of a small state.

With how many wives, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren he has, Sora needed a huge place to accommodate them all.

90% of females in his family are either married to him, or are waiting to be married to him.

The other 10% are the wives of his children, grandchildren, etc.

Although it kind of makes him sad how he doesn't even let off his own daughters and granddaughters in his harem, he's happy to know that they do it willingly and they are extremely happy about it.

'Hais the life of a l.u.s.tful man is filled with twisted morals,' thought Sora as he carried one of his babies who is his daughter yet also his granddaughter.

"I'm sorry you have joined my twisted family, little one," said Sora as he looked at the baby in his arms.

"Gagaha-hii," laughed the baby without a care in the world as it held on to Sora's finger.

Sora chuckled as he held the baby and continued walking around the Wooden Palace.

"Ichijo! Koji!" said Sora as he walked to the main hall.


"What is it dad?"

Ichijo and Koji appeared right beside Sora, both carrying their respective weapons on their backs. They looked at their dad with smiles and straightened backs.

"You both are heading with me outside. To grow more experienced with your weapons, you will be heading out into the real world and fight with the beings of that world," said Sora as he took good care of the baby in his arms.

"Al---right!" said Ichijo as he high fived Koji. "We're heading out!"

"Let's make the most of it," said Koji.

"What level are you guys at?" asked Sora as he took them along with him.

"I'm at the 6th rank of the Spirit Profound Realm," said Ichijo.

"I'm in the 8th rank!" said Koji with a smirk as he nudjed his brother.

Sora smiled and looked at Koji, "Take it slow or you will end up like Frisk, losing all your hair."

"What?! That's how Uncle Frisk lost his hair!! Oh no!"

Laughing, Sora walked around a bit more before finding Kusu.

"Hey, how's my adorable angel," said Sora as he patted Kusu's head.

"Hi. What are you doing around here," asked Kusu with a small blush as she held Sora's hand.

"I came looking for you, the Sect Master of Calamity Fairy Sect," said Sora. "I made a sect in the new world and I need you to be one of it's Grand Elders."

"Sounds like a fine idea, but what will I do with my sect?" asked Kusu.

"Hand it over to one of your children, they need to learn some responsibility. Especially when they come from a line of angels that trained God of Destructions," said Sora with a smirk. "Have some of your elders looking over them, to make sure they aren't playing around."

"Hehe, sounds like a plan," smilingly said Kusu as she made her staff appear and disappeared.

Where off to now dad?" asked Ichijo.

"To look for Yoruichi, Troubling Trio, and Mirai," said Sora. "Maybe also Yamamoto and Frisk if everything goes well with Yoruichi."

"You were going to look for me?" asked Yoruichi from behind Sora.

She put her hands on his shoulders before sliding them down his chest and hugging him tight. She put her head on his neck and lightly licked him before biting.

"Why do you like biting me so much?" asked Sora with a shake of his head.

"Because biting you is just so addictive," said Yoruichi with a small smile.

"She's right," said Elmenhilde as she appeared in front of Sora.

"Am I that delicious?" wryly smiled Sora.

"I can vouch for that," said Elmenhilde as she shot a look at Sora's package with a thirsty look.

"I'll be back in the night," said Sora with a light smile. "Try not to get so heated right now. I have an interesting artifact I have been making these past few days, and it should be ready in 2 days."

"I'm looking forward to this artifact," said Elmenhilde with a smile before taking the baby from Sora's hands and leaving.

"She and the others will be happy about this artifact," said Sora with a smile.

"You better hope we're happy, or we will skin you alive," joked Yoruichi.

Sora shook his head and said, "I want you to join me in the new world with your Shadow Calamity Sect."

"Okay," said Yoruichi after licking Sora's neck.

"I'll see you outside in a couple of minutes. Make sure to take your whole sect with you since I need to gather information from that world," mentioned Sora as he walked away. 'Relying on Emily's knowledge won't help me much in the future if everything ends up changing.'

"I will wait for you there," said Yoruichi before she turned into her cat form and disappeared.

After walking around for a couple of seconds, Sora stopped and smiled before turning around. He looked at the three women with smiles before opening his arms in a welcoming gesture.


Yelled the women at the same time as they jumped on Sora and wrapped their legs and arms around him.

"I'm glad I found you girls so quickly," said Sora as he caressed all the women on him.

"Why were you looking for us?" asked Kano.

"Did something bad happen?" worriedly asked Yana as she hugged Sora tighter.

"Did you finally find a way to make my b.r.e.a.s.ts bigger?!" yelled Kunou with a happy look on her face.



"Yes daddy?"

"How many times have I told you that I love the way you are, and that you look way better with a petite chest," sighed Sora as he placed his hand on Kunou's chest and rubbed it.

"Don't do that here daddy mgh..." m.o.a.ned Kunou as she looked at Sora with glossy eyes.

"Hehe, then stop saying stuff about your chest," said Sora before kissing her on the cheek.

"Awhh maybe I should complain about my butt," mumbled Yana as she twisted her butt side to side.

"Maybe I should complain about my lower lips," said Kano with a blush.

"Okay, you girls can stop now," said Sora with a smile. "I came looking for you girls because you have all been trained by me to fight and now I want you all to become elders of a sect I am running in the new world."

"It sounds great daddy!"


"Sounds fun! Let's do this!"

The three girls let go of Sora and jumped around together happily.

"You will also have to teach the children how to fight and teach them some techniques," said Sora.

"That's easy to do," said Yana.

"Good to hear that," said Sora with a smile.

"Okay, we will wait for you outside then!" said Kano as she disappeared alongside Yana and Kunou.

"Haha, such cute little daughters of mine that includes you too Mirai," said Sora before stretching out his hand and bringing out a young woman from the void.

"Why are you looking for me father?" asked Mirai with a tilt of her head.

"Did your mother tell you again that I love being called father?" asked Sora with a light smile.

"Mmhm," nodded Mirai as she straightened out her long black hair and cleaned her shihakusho.

"Haha, your mother really does love messing with me," said Sora before pulling in Mirai for a hug and kissing her. "You really do look a lot like you mother."

Sora looked at Mirai with a tender look before caressing her cheek and kissing her one more time.

"Do you want me to look like mom?" asked Mirai as she gave Sora a dreamy look.

Sora shook his head and said, "I want you to look how you wish to look. Not how your mother or I wish you to look."

"Mhmmhmm," giggled lightly Mirai with a blush.

"Come on, follow me and your younger brothers to meet Yamamoto and Frisk," said Sora as he pointed over to Ichijo and Koji who were not far from them.

"Okay. I'm pretty sure Grandpa Yamamoto is outside in the garden again," said Mirai. She walked over to Ichijo and Koji before stopping and giving Sora a short look. "And Uncle Frisk is over by the pond near the garden complaining once again about being bald."

"Haha, thanks Mirai," said Sora before heading off to the garden inside his Wooden Palace.

"Why am i bald! With no fur or my sharp teeth, I will never find a cute bear this way!" complained Frisk as he hit the surface of the pond with a sad look.

"I see you are still trying to find a partner who is a bear, even after you decided to become a human," said Sora with a light chuckle.

"Sora! I know you have a way to fix this! Make me have hair once more!" pleaded Frisk after hearing Sora.

"Haha, I'll see what I can do," chuckled Sora.

"Grrrr-eat!" happily said Frisk, totally not copying some tiger.

"Alright, I will need you to head over to Dragon Ball and bring over Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo. Bring them up to speed, give them the necessary knowledge about cultivation, and then I will give them cultivation techniques."

"That's easy! Anything else," asked Frisk with a smile as he rubbed his chin.

"Yeah, try not to provoke fights. I know how troublesome it is to deal with you when you get mad over the simplest of things. Since you became human, Goku might not recognize you, so make sure to go look for Vegeta or Piccolo first," said Sora as he looked at Frisk's bald head.


Frisk looked at Sora for a second before turning and leaving.

"No goodbye?!" yelled Sora with a smirk.

Frisk didn't say anything as he continued to walk away. The only thing he did was raise his hand and give Sora the middle finger.

"Damn," chuckled Sora as he watched Frisk head on off.

Sora shook his head with a smile and headed off to the garden area where he could see a middle aged man meditating.

"I see you are strengthening your connection to your Zanpakuto Spirit old man," said Sora as he watched small flames surround Yamamoto.

Yamamoto remained quiet for some time before opening his eyes slowly. As he did so, the little flames dancing around him disappeared. He looked over to Sora and said, "It's one of my only ways to grow stronger."

"It truly is. I hold daily conversations with my Zanpakuto Spirit as well. If I don't, he won't stop nagging me," chuckled Sora. 'Isn't that right, Sonzai?'

said Sonzai, Sora's Zanpakuto Spirit, a skeleton in an old fashioned samurai armor that was covered with blood and had no helmet.

"Care for a spar," said Yamamoto as he looked at Sora with a serious look.

He raised his Zanpakuto in the air before pointing it at Sora.

"I see that by becoming younger, you also became more battle hungry," said Sora with a smirk as he felt his blood boil a little.

"I was always battle hungry," commented Yamamoto. "The only reason why it was never noticed was because of all the stupid paperwork I had to deal with."

"Haha. Paperwork is always a hassle," said Sora with a shrug of his shoulders.

"We haven't had a cup of tea together in a long time," said Sora as he rubbed his chin. "Come join me for one in the new world after you find me two people and their family for me."

"Hm.." frowned Yamamoto as he sheathed his Zanpakuto. "Treating me like one of your lap dogs will end up horrible for you."

"If you really do not wish to go back and visit, then I guess I will have to tell Chojiro that you were too busy to visit the man who always followed you with admiration," said Sora as he chuckled.

"If you keep on insisting like that, I will find it hard to reject you." Yamamoto looked at Sora with a serious look before turning around. "I hope you have that tea ready for me and the people I will bring."

"I will have more than enough tea for you all," said Sora with a smile. "It's something that is definitely needed when having a large group of friends join you."

"Good," said Yamamoto with a smile.

"I will also bring your favorite candy and desserts," chuckled Sora as he turned to leave with Mirai, Ichijo, and Koji.

Yamamoto continued to walk away before turning back to look at Sora with a small smile, "You've grown."