Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 251

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 251 Business

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Sora appeared back in Against the Gods on top of one of the mountains, where Yoruichi, Kusu, Mirai, Ichijo, Koji, Yana, Kano, and Kunou were waiting for him.

"Great! Now that you are all here, we can get down to business," said Sora with a smile.

"What will we be doing first?" asked Yoruichi.

"First, I will get you all settled down. Ichijo Koji you both will be heading out into this dog eat dog world. You both cannot be arrogant or hold disdain against anyone at all."

Sora walked up to Koji and Ichijo and took their weapons from them. After taking the weapons, Sora broke them and got rid of them with his Void/Nothingness Law energy.


"Dad! How could you do that!"

"You both need to head out into the world with normal weapons," said Sora with a smile as he brought out a normal reinforced axe and a normal reinforced bow. He handed them over to Ichijo and Koji and nodded. "Be glad I didn't take away your arrows as well, Koji."

Sora glanced at Koji and Ichijo a bit before turning around.

"I know you both can survive well out there. I have full trust that you both can come back stronger than you are leaving today. You can take the weapons of your enemies if you wish," said Sora. "Once you both reach Master level on your weapons and you can create your intent, then you will be allowed to return."

Sora turned back to face his two sons before hugging them and taking them outside of the Wasteland of Death.

"Be safe," said Sora as he waved goodbye to his twins.

Ichijo and Koji both left with happy looks as they held on tight to their weapons. Both continued walking, never noticing the two talismans Sora placed on their heads that slowly disappeared.

'That talisman will keep them away from death,' said Sora as he watched his children leave.

Sora went back to the women and looked at them seriously before smiling.

"I want you all to meet my personal disciple," said Sora as he gave a wide grin.

"Personal disciple?"

"Indeed! Jasmine! Come on out here, my dear disciple," yelled Sora.

Not long later, Jasmine appeared walking slowly over to them. Once she appeared in front of everyone, she bowed gracefully with her hands cupped and said, "Greetings Elders, my name is Jasmine."

She stood up straight and walked over to a spot next to Sora.

"Isn't she adorable?" asked Sora as he placed a hand on Jasmine's adorable little red head.

"YEAH!" yelled Yana and Kano at the same time.

"Master" mumbled Jasmine with an embarrassed tone.

"Haha, go back to training," said Sora with a light smile as he patted her small back.

Sora looked back at the women and nodded before saying, "Yoruichi, you will take over two mountains. You will do what you are best at; stealth, assassinations, and information gathering.

Kusu, you will take over two mountains as well. The mountains you choose will be the mountains where disciples can train, study, and get profound skills and arts to train in."

"That's easy. I will head on back to the Heavenly World and get Soi Fon. She will be of great help to me," said Yoruichi as she got ready to leave.

"Bring all your female disciples as well," said Sora before Yoruichi left.

"Huhu I will go grab my adorable little sisters, Vados and Marcarita," said Kusu before leaving as well. "I will bring along my little female disciples as well."

"Haha, good luck," said Sora with a light chuckle.

He turned back to look at his daughters for a few seconds before looking to the mountains for a few seconds. He turned back to look at the Troubling Trio; Yana, Kano, and Kunou and said, "You three will each get their own mountain. Since you three studied three different things, you will teach your area of expertise.

Yana you studied unarmed combat and movement techniques. You will teach the disciples under you that stuff.

Kano you studied long ranged attacks. Be it spells, bows, cannons you will teach them those stuff.

Kunou you studied something more complex, arrays and talismans. Since those things require fine use and precise control of your energy to be able to move and bend it to one's will, as well as merge it with the ink for talismans or medium for the array, they will be taught to the ones who take things slow, are intelligent, and calm."

"Yes daddy!" yelled his three daughters in unison with wide smiles before happily skipping to their own mountains.

Mirai looked at her little sisters with a smile before turning to look at Sora with an expectant look. "What about me daddy?"

"You, Mirai, will be teaching pill making and be part of the Medicine hall.

The Medicine Hall will be used to create many pills needed and required for the sect and the disciples. It will also be used to create low grade pills and ointments for normal people. You can go ahead and choose three mountains.

You will need a lot of space to grow herbs and for your future members of the Medicine Hall to create the pills and ointments. Take it nice and easy," said Sora as he placed his hand on Mirai's shoulders.

'Oh god daddy is so hot today...'

Mirai looked at Sora in the eyes and couldn't help but kiss him on the lips before nodding her head with a happy and innocent smile.

"Good," said Sora before licking his lips with a gentle look. "If you have any trouble with the Medicine Hall, go to Yang Xin. She should be able to help you."

"Okay daddy..." said Mirai with a low voice as she gave Sora a seductive look before walking away with a sway of her h.i.p.s.

'So hot and adorable like her mother Unohana,' thought Sora.


Sora turned to look at the 12 remaining mountains. He crossed off alchemy, training, assassination, training grounds, skill library, arrays, and talismans off the list.

His eyes fell and he looked at the stuff remaining on the paper; weapon making cuisines armor clothes physicians... (A/N: Pretty sure I am missing something here...)

He needed the people to do those jobs, and luckily he does.

Sora smiled and jumped back into his Heavenly World and into his Wooden Palace with a wide smile.

"Now, where the hell is my most fashionable wife hiding? My tall, slender, and beautifully pale wife," said Sora as he walked around with a wide smile.

"Looking for me darling~?" said a soft and l.u.s.tful voice from behind Sora.

"Where have you been hiding, my fashionable lover," asked Sora as he turned to look at his beautiful wife.

"You know where I've been," said Senjumaru Shutara, a wife from Bleach, as she placed her hand on Sora's chest and kept her hand on the finely maid silk robe on Sora. "This robe of yours still fascinates me darling."

"I'll give it to you if you want," said Sora. He wrapped his arms around Senjumaru and kissed her neck.

Senjumaru smiled and said, "You know I won't accept your clothes until I make something close to the grade of something like this."

"You're already very near," said Sora as he gave Senjumaru a small kiss on the cheek.

"I'm glad to hear that..." whispered Senjumaru with a smile.

"Good," said Sora. He gave Senjumaru a kiss on the mouth before saying, "Join me. Your skills will be greatly needed."

Senjumaru gave Sora a small look before saying, "Can I do what I wish over there?"

"If you wish my 'darling'," Sora said as he gave Senjumaru a kiss on the neck once more before lightly biting her.

"I will go then..." said Senjumaru with a blush on her face.

Sora watched as Senjumaru left with small steps. He smiled knowing that Senjumaru just had a small orgasm as they talked.

'Hmhm such an adorable woman,' chuckled Sora in amus.e.m.e.nt.

"Now to look for my next target."

After walking around for a couple of minutes, Sora found his next target.


"Hey! Smithing again?" asked Sora as he went up to Athena who was beside the forge.

"My spear broke again, how could I not be next to the forge," said Athena with a small smile.

"I see your point," said Sora as he walked up to Athena. "I want you to join me in this new world. You too Bulma, I know you're there."

Sora looked behind the forge and found Bulma there tweaking with some armor Athena had made before he had arrived.

"Your skills will also be needed."

"You can call me whenever you wish Sora. I will be by your side whenever," said Bulma. She placed her hand on Sora's cheek and gave him a warm look.

Athena looked at what was going on before nodding, "I will go wherever my 'God' wishes me to go."

Sora looked at both women before sighing and shaking his head with a small smile. He hugged them and said, "I hope you both won't regret this after teaching 1.000+ disciples your skills and knowledge to help speeden the creation of the weapons and armors."

"We can do it as long as you give us double of our daily love," said Bulma as she placed her hands on Sora's package with boldness and a blushing face.

Sora looked at Athena and Bulma, "You're all addicted and I love that."

"Of course we are."

"We fell in love with a man who's Libido is limitless."

'Now just two more places to visit,' thought Sora as he looked into the many cities surrounding the World Tree.

"Now where are they right now..." thought out loud Sora as he spread out his senses and looked all over the small part of his Heavenly World.

After a couple of seconds of searching, Sora found what he was looking for. He smiled and Instant Transmission'd to the people he was looking for.

"It's nice to see your food cart getting a lot of attraction," said Sora out loud as he approached a food cart that was built into a carriage that is being pulled by two big and powerful unicorns. "AND it's a very fancy mode of transport."

Sora looked at the unicorns with an amazed look as he looked at their big stature and the horns on their heads with a slightly amazed look.

Kirio and Nemu started working together by selling Kirio's food all over the many cities that have flourished. Kirio does all the cooking whilst Nemu looked for all the ingredients, made the spices, and served as a waitress whenever they sold food.

"Are you coming as a customer? Or as my husband?" asked Kirio as she looked at Sora with a thirsty look. Nemu looked over to Sora with the same look before focusin back on giving everyone their meal.

"Are you looking at me like a meal? Or as a husband?" shot back Sora as he gave Kirio a teasing glance.


Kirio stepped away from the food stall and walked over to Sora with a seductive gaze. Swaying her h.i.p.s with the intent to charm Sora Her lips curled up to reveal a sly grin as she moved a hand onto his chest and resting it there as the other hand slowly fell down to his lower half.

"You..." Sora paused as he looked at Kirio's pleading look in her eyes.

Sora looked into her eyes and didn't give it a single thought more as he caressed her cheek and moved themselves over to a blind spot behind the food stall where no one could see them.

"I can't hold back anymore..." hotly whispered Kirio as she pressed her b.r.e.a.s.ts on Sora's chest. Her hand slid into his robe and held on tightly to Sora's rod. She kissed Sora forcefully, she stuck her tongue into his mouth and lost the battle against his tongue as he shot back into her mouth.


Kirio began to slowly stroke Sora's hot rod with a hot gaze as she locked lips with him.

"Allow me to help my favorite chef," said Sora with a small smirk as he moved Kirio and pushed her against the wall of the carriage/food stall with her back against it.

"Now let us get down to business."

Hearing those words, Kirio gave a wide smile with a heavy blush forming on her face.

"Yes Master!"