Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 252

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 252 Lemon Head

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"You have to do better than that, my cute chef," said Sora as he held Kirio's head tight.

She was kneeling on the floor with her back against the carriage/ food stall. Her head was forced to bob up and down on Sora's c.o.c.k, coating it in her saliva.

Sora looked down on Kirio whose eyes were locked with Sora as she continued to have her mouth wrapped around Sora's c.o.c.k. He tongue skillfully slithered around his c.o.c.k's head, slowly caressing it and teasing it.

"You have gotten more skilled," said Sora as he gently held onto Rikio's hair.

"Mgh! Anything for master," said Rikio before swallowing Sora's c.o.c.k whole.

"A very good slave," said Sora with a smirk. He forced his c.o.c.k down Rikio's mouth and down her tight throat that gripped onto him nicely.

Fiercely moving his h.i.p.s back and forth as fast as Rikio could handle, Sora f.u.c.k.i.e.d the hell out of Rikio's throat.

"Ng! Ng! Gug!"

Rikio groaned in pleasure as she felt Sora's c.o.c.k make its way in and out her mouth. Her eyes were rolled back and her tongue hung out of her mouth, licking the underside of Sora's veiny rod.

"Ugh!" groaned Sora as he shot his load down Rikio's throat and in her mouth.

Rikio's mouth was full of c.u.m, her lips sealed shut as she feared letting a single drop out.

"Don't swallow and do what you were taught," said Sora as he gave Kirio a kiss on the neck.

"Mm," nodded Kirio.

She stood up and walked away with Sora following right behind her.

Ignoring everyone nearby, Kirio marched her way over to the adorable Nemu and kissed her.

White liquid dripped out from between their lips as Rikio shoved all of Sora's c.u.m into Nemu's mouth, making Nemu swallow everything.

Nemu's eyes were wide in shock as she looked at Kirio and Sora. Slowly, her eyes turned into happy and pleased eyes as she turned her eyes to Sora.

Sora smirked and stood back as he watched Nemu happily gulp down on Sora's 'essence'.

"So I need you both to join me in this new world," said Sora as he had Kirio site on his left leg and Nemu on his right leg.

"You have a job for me?" asked Kirio with a happy smile.

"Indeed, I need you both in the new world with me," said Sora as he looked at Nemu with a happy smile.

"Okay," muttered Memu with a warm smile.

"Good, I hope to see you both soon over there," said Sora happily. "You will have to teach others some of your skills so that your job goes faster. So I hope you come prepared."

Sora kissed them both on the cheeks before letting them stand up and he walks away with a happy smile.

'And then there was one.'

Sora walked around for a couple of seconds after leaving Kirio and Nemu and teleporting to the Wooden Palace. He looked around for a couple of hours, talking and having some small chats with his many wives, telling them about a fun artifact he is making soon.

He told all of them to look forward to it and to spread the word.

Soon, after another couple of hours, Sora found the woman he was getting for the last position of his sect.

"Unohana," said Sora.

"Sora," muttered Unohana as she brought out her sword. "Lets fight!"

She dashed over to Sora and slashed to Sora with a happy look on her face. Sora smiled as well as he brought out his Zanpakuto and blocked the attack before sending one himself and stopping right before her neck.

"You still need to train a bit more," said Sora as he made his Zanpakuto return to his Sea of Consciousness.

Unohana humphed and sheathed her zanpakuto with a smile before sliding her hands around Sora's waist and hugging him.

"I came here so that you can become my sects physician," said Sora as he hugged back Unohana.

"Sure, but I need daily visits from you deep within me with your 'sword'," said Unohana as she gave Sora a killer look.

"I will be there all the time," said Sora. "I will brief you over in the new world Unohana."

Sora gave Unohana a kiss before leaving his Heavenly World and doing some stuff at the Heavenly Crystal Palace.

A day passed and Sora had already briefed Unohana, Senjumaru, Kirio, Nemu, Athena, and Bulma about what they would be doing at the sect.

Unohana would focus on teaching disciples about healing and being a physician. She got two mountains.

Kirio would teach and prepare food for the entire sect and Sora. Both Kirio and Nemu receive three mountains since they will be working together to serve all disciples of an enormous sect.

Nemu would teach how to be reserved and serve others, and would also be helping Kirio hand out food to those who enter their mountains.

Athena will make armors and weapons with her knowledge and will teach disciples how to do blacksmithing. Gets three mountains since many disciples will need weapons to be made, rebuilt, remade, upgraded, destroyed etc.

Bulma will enhance those weapons and armors with her enchanting and technological skills. She will also be teaching the disciples how to enchant and how to use technology. Gets 2 mountains for reasons similar to Athena's mountains.

Senjumaru would be in charge of making clothes and teaching disciples to make clothes for the entire sect. Got two mountains.

Sora made sure his wives had enough space for everything they were doing since everything they did was truly revolutionary to any world. He shared small portions of his knowledge with his wives to give them a glimpse as to what they could possibly accomplish with their skills and intelligence.

He had full faith in their abilities, and THAT is what allowed all of them to grow tremendously. It allowed them to become better at what they were already doing.

"They were all truly gifted," said Sora as he watched all his women get to work as he looked at them from up on his floating island.

"As are you," said Ophis after she reverted to her smaller self and sat on Sora's shoulder.

"Yes master, you're amazing," said Jasmine, who was still trying to complete one set of the skills Sora gave her.

"..." Sora kept quiet as he thought about his past. The only thing he was gifted with, was his talent and affinity to learn anything very quickly, and he was truly happy about that.

"Disciples," muttered Ophis.


Sora turned to look at Ophis and stared at her for a second before smiling.

"I know where to get disciples," said Sora.

"It's time to meet the Elf Queen."

"Elf Queen!"

Sora entered the inside of the World Tree and went into a palace located within the World Tree. Once he made it inside, Sora's eyes fell upon a beautiful woman with white hair, white porcelain-like skin, silver eyes, a black and golden dress, and a golden crown made from the essence of the World Tree.

"Elf Queen, I have come to seek your help," said Sora with a smile.

"Seek my help?" asked the Elf Queen, amused by Sora's choice of words. "The man who is seen as a god in this universe, wants the help of this lowly queen?"

Sora chuckled a little as he looked at the Elf Queen smile and laugh.

"Yes, I want to take some elves from you to increase their strength," said Sora as he walked closer to the Elf Queen.

The Elf Queen laughed a bit more and looked at Sora with an amused look, "Very well then, but I shall go with you. I need to see what you will be doing with all my dear elves. Even when we get more and more elves from our Mother (World Tree), they aren't enough. Especially when our Mother is going to stop giving birth to more elves."

Sora listened to the Elf Queen and inwardly smiled, "Hmm.. a difficult spot you were placed in."

"Yes. Our Mother is going to focus on increasing the amount of water the Fountain of Youth gives. Mother wishes to give the water and the Fountain of Youth itself to you," said the Elf Queen with a serious look as she got off the throne and slowly walked her way over to Sora.

"Oh? The water that can give immortality to whoever drinks it?" asked Sora as he looked at the Elf Queen with interest.

The Elf Queen nodded and continued, "Indeed. She even made it so that the Fountain of Youth grants immortality to the soul as well. Alongside the Fountain of Youth, the Fountain of Elders was created for those that wish to give up their immortality."

Sora nodded and said, "That's very thoughtful of the World Tree."

The Elf Queen looked at Sora for a few seconds before saying, "Mother also wishes to be called Reno, the Mother of all spirits, elves and beings. She would be really happy to be called Reno by you."

"Hm? Very nice of Reno," said Sora.

As soon as Sora said the name of the World Tree, the whole World Tree itself shook in happiness, making the entire Heavenly World shake for a couple of seconds.

"Haha, no need to get so excited Reno," said Sora as he chuckled a bit. Sora turned to the Elf Queen and asked, "What about you, what's your name?"

"Elf Queen IS my name. Its been my name since birth," said the Elf Queen.

"Very well then. You will stay as Elf Queen then. It suits you very well," said Sora as he turned away and walked out.

"Where are you going?" asked the Elf Queen with a small blush.

"WE are going to another 'Universe', where I need you and the elves I asked for," said Sora.


"Yeah. Go ahead and call the elves. I only need 100,000 elves for now," said Sora as he walked forward with the Elf Queen right behind him.

"Okay," sighed the Elf Queen as she mentally called 100,000 elves over to them with the crown.

Soon, all the elves appeared rather quickly.

Sora quickly explained to them why they had appeared and why he wanted to take them to ATG. After explaining everything, he took the Elf Queen and the 100,000 elves into the Heavenly Crystal Palace.

He had all of them randomly choose a mountain before giving them a small wooden slip for their rooms.

"Is this the universe you were talking about?" asked the Elf Queen with furrowed eyebrows.

"Indeed," said Sora with a small smile.

"It looks ugly. Our universe looks more refined and beautiful compared to this universe. Even the energy in this universe feels impure and weak compared to the dense and pure energy in our universe," muttered the Elf Queen as she looked around.

"Haha. Indeed, but there are still many wonderful things and sights you usually can't see in my universe," said Sora with a light chuckle.

"Hmm..." hummed the Elf Queen in silent disapproval.

"Well, since there isn't much for you to be entertained with here,, I can send you back to your palace," said Sora with a light smile.

"No, it's alright. I shall remain by your side and see these wonderful sights you see," said the Elf Queen with a light blush.

"You better not regret it," said Sora as he smirked at the Elf Queen.


"You will now be the Vice Sect Master of the Heavenly Crystal Palace," said Sora with a light smile as he walked away.

"Huh? But I don't even know what I am supposed to be doing?!"

The Elf Queen followed Sora from behind with graceful, yet hurried, steps. She had a flurried expression on her face as she sought answers from Sora as to what she is supposed to be doing.

"Don't worry about anything. I will train you personally with my cute disciple."