Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 253

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 253 Training A Lemon

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"Yes. I will train you personally," said Sora with a smile as he led the Elf Queen up to his floating island.

"What will I train in?" Elf Queen asked nervously.

"You will train in various fields," said Sora.

His back was turned to Elf Queen as a mysterious smile surfaced on his face.

"First, you will meet my disciple before I take you in to train," Sora said.

He turned to give the beautiful white Elf Queen with a smile. The Elf Queen was truly beautiful with her white skin, white hair, and silver eyes. It was like she was a blank Elf compared to the True Elves, Wood Elves, Nature Elves, Dark Elves, and all the other Elves.

Her snow white skin her smooth and silky white hair and her silver eyes that glowed beautiful like a pair of moons together.

Sora gazed at her for a few seconds before turning back forward.

'I will train her well,' thought Sora.

After arriving at the floating island, Sora walked into the house and called for Jasmine.

"O' cute disciple of mine!" yelled Sora with a smile.


Not long after Sora yelled, Jasmine came running to stand before Sora with a red dress that brought out the color of her hair and really brought out her beauty.

"You look beautiful," said Sora with a small smile. Sora looked at the red dress with a careful look as his small smile turned into a big one, 'Senjumaru...'

"Disciple thanks Master," thanked Jasmine with a blush. "Welcome back Master."

Sora nodded at Jasmine and stepped off to the side before revealing the Elf Queen who was standing behind him.

"This, Jasmine, is your junior and the Vice Sect Master of Heavenly Crystal Palace," Sora introduced the Elf Queen with a smile. "Snow!"

'Snow?!' Elf Queen turned to look at Sora with a confused look, and before she could say anything about it, she heard Sora's voice inside her head.

said Sora with a stern and 'cautious' look.

'Hmph. Very well then. I will go along with this charade of yours,' said Elf Queen/ Snow with a dissatisfied face.

'You won't be dissatisfied for long,' thought Sora with a smirk.

"Greetings Vice Sect Master, Snow!" said Jasmine with a bow. Jasmine would have called Snow 'Junior' if it wasn't for Sora telling her that Snow is the Vice Sect Master.

"Hm. Nice to meet you fellow disciple Jasmine," said Snow with an unimpressed look.

"Well Jasmine, you can head on back to what you were doing," said Sora as he patted Jasmine's head.

"Okay Master!" said Jasmine as she left, but not before giving Snow one last look.

"Good. Let us head into my room Snow. We need to begin your training earnestly," energetically said Sora.

"Very well then, take me with you," said Snow, sticking close to Sora.


Sora didn't say a word as he continued smiling and took Snow's hand by surprise. He walked forward, leading Snow along the way to the training room, Sora's room.

"We will train here," said Sora with squinted eyes.

Snow looked around before looking at Sora with a small blush, "What will I train in?"

"For now, I will teach you persistence."

Sora took a step forward and made various items appear before him.

A butt plug

A rope

A chastity belt

A small remote control vibrator


Neck to Wrist Restraints

A leash

A ball gag..

And Blindfolds

"What are those items??" asked Snow as she picked up the vibrator with curiosity.

"Items that I will use on you to test your persistence," said Sora as he took the item from her with his energy, not daring to hold that thing in his hands.

Snow looked at everything for a minute before taking a deep breath and letting it all out.

"Okay I'm ready," she said, giving Sora a serious look.

"That's what I like to hear," said Sora as he gave a light slap to Snow's back. "Now. I will need you to wear this blindfold. I will also need to put this neck to wrist restraints."

"Put them on me," she said with full confidence.

"Very well then," said Sora with a light smile. "Put your hands behind your back, I will put the restraints first and later the blindfold."

Sora picked up the restraints as Snow placed her hands behind her back and over her well rounded behind. Her face revealed her utmost confidence that she could persevere through whatever she needed to be persistent to.

Looking at Snow, Sora couldn't but admire her skin. Soft and white unblemished by anything.

He put the restraints on her wrists slowly before placing the one on her neck tight.

"Mm.." groaned Snow in discomfort.

Sora only gave a light smile before running his hands on her arms, fully taking on the feeling of the softness of her skin. He gave it a light kiss as Snow kept her gaze on Sora's actions. He beamed her a smile before taking out the blindfold and placing it on her.

"Now, you will need to be persistent," said Sora in a low voice. He whispered into Snow's ear, making her feel strange and hot inside as Sora's enchanting and hot voice made it into her ears. His warm breath softly caressing her ears and making her feel weird as her senses focused on Sora's touch and presence.

"Mm..." nodded Snow.

Sora smiled and grabbed the ball gag before putting it on Snow. He had her mouth opened and Sora snapped the ball gag into place before taking a step back as he watched her drool slowly escape her mouth.

With a smirk, Sora made her dress vanish in an instant, leaving her completely n.a.k.e.d with only a crown to cover her head.

Despite being n.a.k.e.d, Snow felt nothing wrong with being n.a.k.e.d thanks to Sora controlling the temperature of the room and making her body believe she had clothes on.

"Now, onto the next portion of the persistence test," Sora said in a loud voice.

"Mm," nodded Snow. She moved around a bit with difficulty before managing to stand up on her two snow white legs.

Sora nodded in appreciation as he gazed upon Snow's beautiful and n.a.k.e.d body. Her curves were stunning, her pink were alluring on that white porcelain skin of hers, the unblemished soft skin, her slim waist, round butt, perky b.r.e.a.s.ts that moved elegantly on her body, her wonderful jade-like feet that just seemed perfect for dancing on the sand

Sora began walking around Snow, looking at everything about her. The only thing that could possibly come to mind as he looked at the Elf Queen, was the word Perfect.

He walked in front of her and noticed that her cave was even free of grass. He smiled and walked over to stand behind Snow.

Sora grabbed the butt plug and gave it a small twirl on his finger like if it were a basketball.

"Don't be scared about what I am about to do, Elf Queen," said Sora as he took a knee behind the Elf Queen.

"M," hummed Snow, okaying Sora's next movement.

"Good," smiled Sora before placing his hands on Snow's peachy round butt.

"Mm!" jumped Snow by accident.

Sora shook his head with a smile before spreading Snow's buttcheeks, revealing a perfect pink hole that twitched. Sora put his finger over the hole and touched it a bit before slowly slipping his finger in.

"Mmmm..." m.o.a.ned Snow as she felt Sora's finger slide into her ass slowly.

Snow was shocked about the new experience she was receiving today. She had never felt anything exit or enter any part of her body besides her mouth. Whenever she ate food, everything was instantly absorbed into her body. Nothing was left behind, so her backdoor was never used in her entire life.

Her body quivered slightly as Sora's finger moved around her hole until it finally came out of her.

"Hmm Hm hm.. Hm.." panted Snow.

Her body felt like its heat was rising and she felt like she could do nothing about it. It was a new experience, and she wasn't sure if she was afraid of it or happy.

She felt her legs shake and ready to give out at any moment.

"Are you ready to give up?"

Sora's voice made her stop shaking as she quickly tried to maintain her composure. She went as far as to bending over slightly, revealing her back door.

'Such a perfect hole she has,' thought Sora as he brought out lube.

'What is he going to do ne- EEEKK!!'

"MMMM!!" jumped Snow in fright from the cold liquid falling on her pink hole.

Sora smirked and held her by the h.i.p.s. He continued dropping the lub on her creamy white skin, letting it slide down every curve of her well rounded ass.

"Ready for the next step?" asked Sora as he brought the butt plug over and sliding it into her pink hole.

"MGGH!" groaned Snow in pain as she felt her ass spreading.

Sora chuckled and moved the butt plug as he slid it into her pink hole.

"MMGH! MGH! Mmm..." Snow's groans of pain slowly started to morph into m.o.a.ns of pleasure. She stuck out her butt more and wiggle it lightly, making the butt plug still in Sora's grasp move inside her. It stretched her hole slowly and it made her legs feel weak and wet with a white cream slowly seeping out of her slit.

Sora let go of the butt plug and smirked, "You survived the first test. Onto the next one then."

He walked over to the four remaining items before picking up the vibrator and the chastity belt. Sora smiled and walked over back to Snow.

He knelt on the ground and had the Snow slide into the chastity belt, but before he locked it into place, Sora placed the vibrator in her wet cave and locked the chastity belt.

'Not much of a chastity belt now,' thought Sora as he looked at Snow squirm.

'What is this?!' she thought.

Snow rubbed both her legs together as she felt the vibrator in her move around.

"Haha," chuckled Sora as he brought out the remote to the vibrator, and with an obscured smile, he brought up the vibrator to the max instantly.


As soon as the vibrator was brought to its maximum, Snow instantly yelled out in pleasure as she felt the small object within her p.u.s.s.y shake violently. Each time it hit the walls of her cave, juices came out of her slimy cave, oozing in between the chastity belt and her skin.

Sora brought the vibrator to a low level, letting Snow 'relax' from her sudden pleasure.

Snow felt turned on she didn't know what to do with herself currently. All she knew was that she felt like sticking something within herself and achieving something, something that will bring her immense happiness.

What is that happiness, she asked herself when she was squirming with the vibrating object within her.

'How do I bring out that happiness?!!'

Snow instantly began rubbing her legs together more furiously, trying to make herself feel pleasure.

"Haha. I guess I need to help you," said Sora before bringing up the level of the vibrator once more.

Snow began to shake in pleasure as more drool escaped her mouth and juices leaked out her p.u.s.s.y like a river.

As Snow twisted and squirmed in pleasure from just one object vibrating within her, Sora picked up the clothespins and smiled evily.


Sora had opened one and let it go, making an audible snap resound within the room amongst Snow's m.o.a.ns, the vibrators sound, and an uneasy breathing outside Sora's room.

Sora held two clothespins in each hand, he walked in front of Snow and teased her beautiful pink with the cold clothespins.

"MMMGH!" continued m.o.a.ning Snow loudly.

"You are really lewd..." muttered Sora as he let one clothespin snap onto one of Snow's

"Mgh!" yelled out Snow in pain.

"Oo must have hurt," said Sora teasingly as he groped the b.r.e.a.s.t that had the clothespin on it.


Sora betn over to her b.r.e.a.s.t and gave it a light kiss before licking it and giving it a small bite. "I'm sorry," he said after seeing Snow wince in pain.


He looked at his work on Snow's b.r.e.a.s.t with a smile as he looked at the visible red bite marks on her white skin.

"Hmhm..." hummed happily Sora before snapping the last clothespin on her other n.i.p.p.l.e.

"MPhh. Mm Mmmmm..." she m.o.a.ned.