Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 255

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 255 First Day After Life Gave You Lemons

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"I love persistent women," said Sora as he ran his finger from Snow's hip, up to her chest. His eyes flicked and he flicked the clothespin.

"Mgh!" m.o.a.ned Snow.

"Your voice is also very seductive"

Sora placed his hand on Snow's neck and held her by it as he pulled her over to himself. He gave her a small kiss on the neck before letting go of her and picking up the rope that was off to the side.

He gave Snow a quick look before focusing his attention to the door of his room.

"You know Snow this rope in my hand goes for naughty women" Sora laid the rope on the floor and watched as it slithered on the floor like a snake.

Slowly, the rope slithered over to Snow and wrapped itself around her body in a seductive way. The rope didn't stop there however.

Sora looked on with amus.e.m.e.nt as the rope shot itself over to the door and grabbed someone behind the door.

"Ahh!" yelled the caught woman in shock.

"Here comes another," said Sora as the rope pulled in the figure.

"Master! What's going on?!" asked Jasmine with a red face as she twisted on the rope. Her small hand was in her dress and between her legs.

A wet trail followed her as her juices leaked and she was pulled over right next to Snow.

'This girl is really.' Sora looked at Jasmine for a small moment before shaking his head with a smile. 'She's a cute one.'

He took slow steps over to Snow and Jasmine before standing before them with a small and gentle smile. Sora bent over and looked at Jasmine in the face.

"My young disciple, there are consequences that come with peaking at others. Especially when you're touching yourself," said Sora He put his hand on Jasmine's cheek and stood back up before getting close to Snow.

"Master mh.. Can you let me go?" asked Jasmine in a small voice. She twisted her small body in discomfort and delight.

Her face was red and her chest was heaving up and down as she took many breaths. Her hazy eyes staring at Sora.

Sora saw this and couldn't help but shake his head and say, "You need to go through a little punishment first, or else you will do this once more."

"I won't master." said Jasmine with a blushing look.

"I can't just let you go," said Sora. "How about this, I give you a 10 minute punishment and then you're free to go."

"O-okay. I can do that..." said Jasmine in a low voice.

"Good," said Sora. He looked at her for a moment before hearing Snow's muffled noises and then smiling, "Well, you have to wait now. I will be with you in a moment as I take care of the Vice Sect Master."


Sora gave Jasmine a small smile before humming a happy tune as he moved over to Snow. Jasmine saw Sora ignoring her, and she couldn't help but pout with a blush on her face.

"How are you Snow?" asked Sora as he gave a little tug at the rope where her b.r.e.a.s.ts rested upon, making them jiggle up.

"MH!" Snow hummed in a happy way as she chirped up and straightened her back after hearing Sora's voice.

"Good," said Sora as he pulled on a certain part of the rope, having it pull into Snow's butt, rubbing on her pink little hole and pushing on the chastity belt.

Snow felt the rope digging into her butt and on the chastity belt and squirmed, "Mhhh! Mgh!"

"Very nice movements," said Sora as he made Snow stand up and bend over.



A clear and crisp sound of a slap resounded within the room as a red handprint appeared on Snow's white and bubbly butt. A beautiful, yet painful, red color on Snow's beautiful white skin.

Sora slapped the other cheek with a smile, leaving another handprint on her white skin. He nodded in appreciation and said , "We won't need this anymore."

Sora removed the ball gag on Snow's mouth and even let her catch her breath. He gave Snow a full on tongue to tongue action as he sealed his lips on her's. He moved his tongue along with her pink tongue, wrestling and cuddling each other.

After a few seconds of kissing, Sora lightly bit onto Snow's bottom lip before joking, "You're a very messy woman."

Sora lightly chuckled before making a tissue appear and used it to clean the saliva off of Snow's mouth and chin. The drool which had come out her mouth due to the ball gag.

He lightly caressed her face before giving her another kiss and pulling on the rope once more.

"Ouuhh!" she m.o.a.ned out loud as the rope pushed in deeper the butt plug she had in herself. "It's going in deeper!"

Snow revealed a happy face as she felt herself feel pleasure. It was such a new experience that she didn't know what else to feel but happiness and pleasure.

"That's good," said Sora before he removed the chastity belt, letting the vibrator she had to fall off.

"Hum hum," he chuckled as he made the chastity belt and the vibrator disappear.

He walked up to the orgasming Snow, who had her hands behind her back. With a restraint on her neck and her hands, a bitty plug, and the blindfold, there wasn't much Snow could do besides stand there- look pretty- and orgasm from pure pleasure.

Sora extended his hand and made a dildo appear in his hands as he lubed it up quickly with Snow's on juices.

He smirked and placed it right before her entrance.

"I won't be able to do much with this since you're a v.i.r.g.i.n and I need to take it myself, but I know what to do," said Sora before rubbing the outside of her hole with the dildo.

He slowly inserted it into her and stopped before pulling it out and slowly moving it back in.

"MM.. What is that?" asked Snow as she tried moving her h.i.p.s to get the dildo further within herself.

"Something that is part of your test." smiled Sora before putting it in deeper within her and stopping right before her h.y.m.e.n.

"Go deeper~!" she m.o.a.ned as she tried lowering her h.i.p.s onto the dildo in Sora's hands.

"Uh uh uuuh," denied Sora as he pulled it out from within her. "Are you just going to give up like this?"

Sora held the dildo within his hand before turning to look at poor Jasmine. She was looking at him teasing and 'training' Snow with a red face. Her eyes were hazy and her arm was moving slightly beneath her red dress as a red hue encroached upon her face.

Smiling, Sora walked over to Jasmine and said, "O' disciple of mine. This master of yours has come looking for a favor."

It was only then that Jasmine snapped out of her horny mode and looked at Sora with a look of embarrassment. "Y-yes master! What is it?!"

"I need you to clean this thing with your mouth," said Sora as he brought out the dildo and put it in front of her face.

"Ye-yes master!" said Jasmine before bringing her face close to the dildo with a red face. She stared at the thing for a minute before sticking out her wet tongue.

Slowly, Jasmine brought up her tongue to the base of the dilldo and up to the head before continuing to lick the sides of the dildo. She licked and kissed the head of the dildo before placing her head over the dildo and taking in all of Snow's elf juice.

"Very nice," said Sora before patting Jasmine's head and taking back the dildo.

He walked back over to Snow and placed the dildo in her mouth before bringing his hand over to her slimy wet cave that dropped its juices onto the floor.

"Gug! HMM! Guh!" Snow groaned and m.o.a.ned as the dildo entered her mouth and Sora's finger's danced at her cave's entrance.

Sora rubbed Snow's beautiful p.u.s.s.y lips and teased her clit, making her m.o.a.n and her juices spill out like a faucet. He rubbed the clit a bit more before having her orgasm.

Her back buckled and her knees bent as they gave out from the pure pleasure she had received in Sora's hands.

"Gug! Haaah! More! Give me more God Sora," said Snow as she moved her body over to when she thought Sora was, only to bump into Jasmine instead and drop her onto the ground.

Snow moved on Jasmine for a bit since she didn't know that it wasn't Sora, but Jasmine. She wiggled on Jasmine for a bit before she smelled Jasmine and heard her light m.o.a.ns.

"You're not God Sora..." muttered Snow before turning her head. "Where are you God?"

"Right here," said Sora as he brought up Snow by the rope.

"Ah!" m.o.a.ned Snow as she felt the rope tighten on her body. "Rougher!"

"I see you like this," said Sora as he stood her up and slapped her butt.


"AH~!" she m.o.a.ned once again.

"C'mon, stand up Jasmine," said Sora before grabbing ahold of Jasmine's small delicate hand and having her sit up.

He looked at Jasmine for a bit before smiling and snapping his fingers.

After snapping his fingers, the red dress Jasmine had reappeared off to the side neatly folded. The rope even tightened itself on Jasmine as the clothing covering her disappeared. The rope tightened itself on Jasmine's porcelain like skin, leaving red marks like on Snow.

Jasmine had a red face as he n.a.k.e.d figure revealed her masturbating with a hand between her legs and two fingers deep within her snatch. Her juice dripped onto the floor and the rope tightened around her chest, perfectly cupping her petite chest and erect reddish-pink

"Ah~.... NO!" m.o.a.ned Jasmine as she only fingered herself harder as Sora looked at her. She felt great pleasure as she found herself 'caught' masturbating.

Her eyes focused on Sora's face that was looking right at her.

His face was perfect, his eyes were like space and perfect. Everything about him seemed perfect and even more. He had a certain charm and aura around himself that instantly drew anyone in, whether it be men or women.

Although Sora dislikes using his charm aura created by his max charm.

His beauty held it's own sense of mystery and charm that most could not understand. Even without his charming aura, Sora's handsome face still pulled in the attention of many beauties around the entire universe.

Even gods pale in comparison to him, something he could say with confidence thanks to Athena, Hestia, Tyche, and the other goddesses. Even the boob goddess agrees.

"You're such an adorable little thing," said Sora as he held Jasmine's hair in his hands. "Like a small strawberry that is still ripening."

Sora made another dildo appear as he tunred Jasmine over.

"Your punishment begins now!"

Sora lubed the dildo with Jasmine's p.u.s.s.y juice as he slid it around her little snatch with careful movements.

"Mgh! It feels good and strange, master..." m.o.a.ned Jasmine as she had her eyes half-closed whilst indulging herself in the pleasure.

Sora only smiled at her words and placed the dildo on her little hole in her ass. He twirled the dildo on her anus as Jasmine began to move in a bit of fear.

"Master? That's the wrong hole-!" Before Jasmine could say any more, Sora stuck the dildo within her, widening her anus.


She yelled out in pain as Sora twisted and moved the dildo within her ass.

"It will feel better soon," said Sora before giving Jasmine a small slap on her butt cheek, as well as a small kiss and bite.

"Yes master," groaned Jasmine as she withstood the temporary pain that quickly turned into pleasure.

In just a minute, Jasmine was already screaming in pleasure as she felt the dildo go in and out of her.

After ten minutes, Jasmine had orgasmed 14 times.

Sora stopped and let her rest as he made everything disappear. The rope the blindfold the butt plug the clothespins. Sora even gave back the two women their clothes back before giving Snow a small look.

"So how was your first day of training?"