Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 256

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 256 Return

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After Sora had his fun with Jasmine and the Elf Queen, he sent them back to where they came from before heading out.

Two days passed before the miraculous artifact he was creating to save his many relationsh.i.p.s, came to fruition. It was a crown, one reminiscent of that of a certain Monkey King. A powerful artifact that can increase every ability and strength of his by 20%, even energy, and it also has another ability Sora had wished for in the artifact.

With all the runes, inscriptions, and even some words lining the inside of the crown filled with the Dao. Each letter contains a different Dao. The crown was made from mythril essence, jade essence, and even Star Steel Essence.

The outcome was a beautiful crown like the Monkey Kings, it was a wonderful solid crown. The three materials were mixed so well together that the colors of the three items often appeared on the surface of the crown.

The runes Sora had added onto the crown had faded into the crown and the inscriptions beautifully laid on the crown. With the inside of the crown having some words carved into it with the Dao intent filled within them, The intent was absorbed into the crown and it made it even stronger than before.

It was like an indestructible lava lamp in the form of a crown with the power of one hundred gods.

"Truly one of my best works," said Sora as he stood up and placed it on his head.

Sora instantly felt the growth of his strength, energies, and his mental abilities.

'This.. is the best thing I could ever need for my wives,' thought Sora as he removed the crown and laid it before him.

He stretched out his hand and placed it over the crown before letting ten drops of his Blood Essence fall into the crown.

Sora looked at the crown with fascination.

It began glowing as soon as the 10th blood essence dripped into it. It flashed a myriad of colors for 2 minutes before it died down.

Sora picked it up and wore the headband crown and walked into his Heavenly World with a wide smile.

The thing he had been wanting had finally come into fruition.

'If I still had my tail, I bet the people would believe I am Sun Wukong,' joked Sora.

He walked to the main hall and went over to a small stage in the middle of the whole main hall. He stood on top of it and spread out his energy, his way of calling his women and children over to him.

In just a couple of seconds, all of his family were standing around him with curious looks on their faces as they stared at the headband crown on his head.

"Haha! As you can all see, I am extremely happy because I finally created an artifact which can let me spend quality family time with all of you," said Sora as he spread out his hands.

All the women cheered in joy at Sora's words and his children also yelled in happiness, the older children were also psyched, but they didn't voice it out.

"Like I have tried with many of you with Tsukuyomi, in trying to spend our time together and relaxing in each others' company. However, it didn't work out in the end due to the annoying job of having to look at all of you individually. It was slow and tedious.

So, to fix that. I used my abilities in the best way that I could and made this headband crown I am wearing. It is known as the Zenith Sage Crown.

With his, all I need to do is activate it, and all those that are related to me by blood and those I have had s.e.x.u.a.l relations with, will all appear in a seperate space with me. In this separate space, we will spend over 10 years alone and together in just a very minute and tiny fraction of a second," said Sora as he looked at all of them with a smile. "We will all be separated, so I can spend quality time with just the two of us."

Everyone whispered with each other. Some began to gasp and others cheered joyfully at Sora's words.

"And so that I don't ignore you, I set a rule for myself to not train whilst I spend my time with each and every one of you," Sora mentioned.


"Way to go honey!"

"The bed will be restless for many weeks!"


"Did you just say the bed will be restless?"


Sora smiled at all of them and said, "Now. Let us go and spend our alone time together."

He gave a small smile before activating the skill in the Zenith Sage Crown. In an instant, everyone disappeared and reappeared before one whole second could pass.



Two months later.

Sora was on his floating island, looking down at the bustling sect. He looked on with a happy face as all his beautiful elf disciples went about their days. Training, reading, dancing, smithing, concocting pills, taking care of the herbs, traveling, and even hunting profound beasts.

In the two months, many other sects, both small and big, had come over to his Heavenly Crystal Palace. Most in the pursuit of his beautiful elves.

He used his Zenith Sage Crown many times to spend time with all his family. In just the span of two months, he has already spent more than 10 million years alive in those 2 months.

'Truly glad that aging no longer affects me thanks to all of my bloodlines,' thought Sora as he rubbed his face with a happy thought.

In those two months, Sora had also arrived into the First Rank Tyrant Profound Realm. It was pretty quick, considering how it only took him three months to reach it since he had broken through to the Emperor Profound Realm (Time spent with wives doesn't count).

"What are you looking at?" asked Ophis as she sat upon Sora's shoulder.

"At Emily and Cang Yue. Both of them are finally coming back, and with a lot of disciples to recruit as well. It's been so long since I had last seen Cang Yue, it's a good thing that I have a perfect mind," said Sora as he looked at Cang Yue approaching the Heavenly Crystal Palace.

"Hm? Do you remember our fourth day together alone in that separate space of yours then?" asked Ophis as she wrapped her arms around Sora's chest.

Sora lightly chuckled and said, "How could I forget that day. You milked me all day trying to get your 'delicious candy' juice."

Ophis blushed and tried hiding her face away from Sora as she softly nuzzled her head against him like a loving dragon.

"Haha, you're so cute Ophis!" Sora laughed and patted Ophis' hands before kissing her.


Jasmine had just finally managed to complete the whole set of moves in the skill manual he had passed on to her. The outcome was truly terrifying as she experienced herself having more control over 70% strands of muscle in her body. She could already exert more strength than before.

She even felt like she had gotten more fairer then she already was.

"My young disciple! It seems like you have finally achieved the status of being a practitioner in that skill I gave you," said Sora with a light smile as he stood up and walked over to Jasmine.

"Yes, Master!" Jasmine nodded with an excited smile.

"Good. You should now be able to deal with opponents 4 times stronger than you. Include all your other techniques you have learnt and the fact that they have also grown in strength thanks to the technique I passed down to you, then you are now able to fight against an opponent who is 8 times stronger than you," said Sora as he brought out an item from his Gate of Babylon.

He passed it over to Jasmine, who was completely shocked by the item she had received. When she held it in her hands, she felt the power the dagger held. It had vast energy within it, it's edge was extremely sharp, and it seemed to hold it's own consciousness as it wiggled within Jasmine's hand in comfort.

"This dagger was personally made by me many years ago," said Sora as he looked at the dagger with a smile. 'I made it almost 10,000 years ago within my Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Now it's beginning to form it's very own consciousness.'

"Thank you master!" thanked Jasmine as she put away the dagger and hugged Sora excitedly.

"Anything for my small disciple," said Sora with a light chuckle.

Jasmine blushed and let go of Sora as she remembered what happened the time she saw what Sora was doing with Snow.


She groaned a bit before letting go of Sora and running away with a blush on her face.

Sora laughed at what happened and focused back on Emily and Cang Yue who are both entering the Heavenly Crystal Palace at the moment. Their faces were both filled with shock as they walked over to the 3rd mountain, where Sora will be roping all the people they had brought into the sect.

Even Emily was caught in shock, despite spending time with her dad in the other world just by herself and him, he had never mentioned anything like this. Bringing over a small portion of the elves over to the sect and even training them there. Even her 'sisters', both actual and figuratively, were there, training all the students.

At least Emily recognized all of them and eventually found it fine, Cang Yue on the other hand was still shocked and she even feared for the future of the sect. They had only been gone for over 2 months and she returns to find many people in the sect and even some elders.

She believed Sora had just gone into the city and grabbed whoever was a woman and threw her into his sect. However, after a couple more seconds of studying everyone there, she had found that they had peculiar ears and of exceptional beauty.

Their hair was also unnatural beauty filled with the scent of nature. Blonde, brunette, black hair, green hair, red hair, blue hair

She looked into each one's potential and found that they all have exceptional potential to reach a very high level in their lives.

'What's going on...' she thought as she walked besides Emily.

As they walked forward towards the 3rd mountain, Emily and Cang Yue both saw an unfamiliar face walking towards them. A beautiful slim and perky woman with white skin, white hair, and silver eyes. She walked over to them elegantly as every disciple she had passed all bowed in respect towards her.

"Greetings young disciples. I am glad you have all come back from recruiting safely," said Snow as she stopped before Cang Yue and Emily. She looked at all the women behind the two girls with a smile as she gave subtle nods every now and then.

Cang Yue and Emily faced each other before bowing to the woman before them and saying, "Greetings, may we have the pleasure of knowing you senior?"

"I am Snow, the Vice-Sect Master," she said as she gave both Cang Yue and Emily small glances before turning around. "Let us go. The sect master is awaiting all of you."

'Seems like daddy is getting ready to leave and explore the world,' thought Emily with a small smile. 'Should I get him to spoil me?'

"Seems like you have both brought great people to the sect," said Sora as he looked at the women behind the two girls.

They were many women behind them.

Skinny, big, malnutritioned, weak, frail, crippled, dirty, mentally broken, women with children. Of all different types.

Sora didn't mind, but before he could just up and heal them, he sent them all to bathe, dress in new clothes, and get a cultivation technique. Those who couldn't cultivate would serve as servants for a period of 2 weeks.

After those two weeks are over, they will have gone through screening already. Only till then, would Sora heal the ones that wish to remain within the sect. He would fix those with broken minds, crippled, weak, frail no matter what, Sora would heal them.

All the techniques he had handed out makes those who practice it become jade beauties and always remain healthy. It's only a matter of time before they all become exceptionally beautiful and they join Sora's harem.