Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 257

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 257 Evil God Legacy

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"You two did a great job," Sora praised Emily and Cang Yue for a job well done before handing them both a bag of red crystals in the form of pills. "These blood crystals will help advance your cultivation with no drawbrack and instead make your foundation stronger and stable."

Sora had already sent the new disciples away to shower and retrieve their new clothes from Senjumaru. He also sent away Snow so that he could talk with Emily and Cang Yue for a bit.

Emily and Cang Yue accepted the bags with gratitude. They held the bags with smiles before looking up to Sora and thanking him.

"Take these talismans as well. There are 50 shield talismans here, 25 for each of you." Sora handed the talismans over to the girls before nodding.

"Thank you, master!" thanked both girls.

"How was it out there," asked Sora as he sat down in front of them. "To travel around the place with no protection or whatsoever."

"It's the only way to possibly grow stronger and become more used to the world," said Jasmine with a wide smile.

"I guess that's one way to put it," chuckled Sora. "Everyone should always have something they wish to attain. Whether it be a treasure, a title, or even an attainment in your preferred professions.

If you want to become an Immortal Cook, an Immortal Swordsman everything is possible as long as you have an idea of what you wish for."

"What about you master?" asked Cang Yue out of curiosity after hearing Sora speak.

"Hmm..." Sora thought about it for a bit before chuckling and shaking his head. "I follow a very broad path. Even the heavens wouldn't know what my path may be. You might even say I follow a path of Infinity, where I can travel upon it, meet, and become infinite possibilities as long as my will persists."

"..." Cang Yue gulped in astonishment and gently smiled. "That's an amazing path Master."

"Not at all," said Sora. He looked up at the sky and smiled. "The truly amazing paths are those that follow ONE thing. I'm a greedy and l.u.s.tful man, so it greatly affects my path. Allowing me to take many paths, no matter how troublesome or annoying it may be. However, one thing will remain true..."

"What is that thing?" asked Emily, intrigued by Sora's words.

"That, you will have to find out," said Sora as he chuckled and walked away from the two girls and walked over to his floating island.

"The Sect Master is amazing," whispered Cang Yue as she looked at Sora's disappearing back.

'Daddy really is amazing. I'm sure his mommies would be happy,' thought Emily with a warm smile. Her dad had always been someone she had looked up to, even after many hundreds of years. He will alway be the star that will shine down for her. Even when the sun is out, his star would be brighter and still lead her forward.


Sora sat inside his room in a lotus position as he checked the inside of his Gate of Babylon.

'Its about time I finally check all the many different legacies I have. I might be able to find something worth my time,' thought Sora as he passed through many different bloodlines, profound arts, profound skills, and items.

Eventually, Sora arrived at two final legacies.

Evil God Legacy.

Ancestral Goddess Legacy.

"This Evil God Legacy sounds very good, and this profound art of the Ancestral Goddess Legacy fits my Void/Nothingness Law, allowing me to cultivate my understandings further for every other law," thought Sora as he took the World-Defying Heaven Manual and the Evil God Blood.

Although the World-Defying Heaven Manual's main job wasn't to cultivate understanding, it was just one of the benefits Sora found intriguing. He didn't care about becoming a 'true god' as the World-Defying Heaven Manual specified.

His many different cultivation techniques already far surpassed this single World-Defying Heaven Manual. It's effects had already been seeming already included into his cultivation technique from another technique he had added into it.

Sora smiled and put it to the side before grabbing the drop of Evil God blood. He smirked and before absorbing the blood, he removed his cultivation.

In just a few seconds, his whole cultivation was gone and made into a crystal filled with pure energy. Sora held the Evil God blood on his hand read it's description.

[Ancestral Goddess Bloodline (Incomplete) 1/14]

[Gives immunity and full control over all elements. There are six main elemental immunities that require the use of seed catalysts that hold this elemental immunity.

Fire Seed. Earth Seed. Water Seed. Wind Seed. Darkness Seed. Lightning Seed.

Many more different effects will be accomplished with the completion of the Ancestral Goddess Bloodline.]

Sora smiled and brought the Evil God blood to his chest and let it be absorbed by his body. As soon as the blood was in his body and it was changing his meridians, dantian, profound veins and profound entrances, Sora grabbed his cultivation crystal and began absorbing it.

'This will truly be a great way to become stronger,' thought Sora.

As he refined his cultivation crystal and the Evil God blood, Sora felt a lingering consciousness on the drop of blood. Which was weird considering how it came from his Gate of Babylon.

Sora was quick on acting and quickly brought out the consciousness from the drop of blood. However, instead of there being the Evil God's consciousness coming out, it was only a hazy cloud in the shape of a being.

It hovered before Sora and a beautiful woman's voice came from the cloud, "Who are you? Who am I?"

"I'm Sora and I have no idea who you are," said Sora with a smile.


"We'll talk once I refine this cultivation crystal of mine," said Sora before quickly making use of his Void Law and absorbing the cultivation crystal in just a second.

Before focusing on the woman cloud, Sora grabbed the six seeds that are part of the Evil God Legacy, and absorbed them. Sora's cultivation quickly rose after absorbing the seeds and it didn't stop until he was at the peak of the Sovereign Profound Realm.

Sora nodded and lifted a single finger, allowing for fire, wind, water, lightning, darkness, and earth to appear around him floating in the air.

'Good,' said Sora before snapping his fingers and making the six different elements disappear.

He put his attention on the cloud before him and said, "I believe I might actually know who you are."

"Really?!" asked the cloud enthusiastically.

"Indeed. From where you came from (drop of Evil God blood), you were called Ancestral Goddess. So there's a small possibility that you are this 'Ancestral Goddess'," said Sora. He looked at the cloud for a couple of seconds and asked, "Do you not know anything at all?"

The cloud remained silent for a bit before speaking to Sora, "The only thing I remember is many elements floating around me. Two pair of hands controlling the many elements with ease, and that's all I could remember. Just controlling the elements and always being bathed in them."

"Hmm..." Sora looked at the cloud with a hand on his chin. He thought for a bit before smiling. 'This cloud is most likely the Ancestral Goddess. I've read the records of her existence not long ago.

She was born from the Primal Chaos, but her existence prevented life from being born. So after spending a short 10 million years doing many things, she decided to cease her being and spread life throughout the corners of Primal Chaos.

Before she 'died' however, she had sealed her memories into eight pieces which took on a form of life in the Primal Chaos.

So, going by that, the Ancestral Goddess must still be alive. She's residing within those 8 life forms that were birthed and there's a possibility to bring her back to life.'

Sora looked at the cloud and spread out hsi senses all over the Gate of Babylon, but after a long time of search, Sora found no other consciousness inside the space besides the cloud.

"Little Cloud, since there is no way to know you are truly know if you're the Ancestral Goddess, you will go by another name," said Sora. '100% sure this cloud is the Ancestral Goddess.'

"Little Cloud? Anything better than that name," said the cloud,

"Haha, it's only a way to address you right now as I think of a name for you," chuckled Sora as he listened to the beautiful and peaceful voice of the cloud.

"... fine. I'll allow it, fufu," giggled the cloud as it drifted closer to Sora. "So what will my name be Sora."

"Hmm Well your voice is truly beautiful and it sounds so peaceful. Your cloud appearance reminds me of a sea foam Camellia So, your fated name is Mira Tsubakihara," said Sora with a small grin. "Mira meaning beautiful and peace, and Tsubakihara meaning Camellia."

"It sounds beautiful," said the white cloud happily. It flew around Sora happily before stopping right before him. "What will I do now?"

"Hmm well I can't keep you here. I need you to regain more of your memories so that you may gain back your body if you so want to," said Sora as he looked at the cloud. He thought for a bit as he looked at the cloud before saying, "Since you're nothing but consciousness right now, there's no harm in having you become the spirit of my Zenith Sage Crown."

Sora removed the crown from his head and placed it in front of the cloud.

"It's up to you to choose, Mira," said Sora as he presented the crown.

"Will I still be able to talk to you? Being just born, I wouldn't want to remain quiet until I gain more of my memories," said Mira as she drifted closer to the Zenith Sage Crown slowly.

"Haha. Of course you'll still be able to talk to me. This crown goes right on my head, so I will be able to listen to you right in my head," said Sora as he placed a finger on the side of his head.

"Great!" yelled the cloud before jumping into the crown without a second thought.

Sora gave a gentle smile as he picked up the crown and placed it on his head.

asked Sora.

said Mira as he talked directly into Sora's mind.

said Sora before checking his Ancestral Goddess Bloodline.

[Ancestral God Bloodline 7/14 (Incomplete)]

'Looks like absorbing the Ancestral Goddess Bloodline made it change a bit. Now it's the Ancestral God Bloodline instead of Goddess. Looks like for the 7 remaining parts of the missing bloodline can be achieved through refining the bloodline.

It will be no problem. Just a year or two and I will have the complete Ancestral God Bloodline. Maybe even by then, the Ancestral Goddess will be complete and have her true form. I might even be able to make her mine,' through Sora with a smirk.

asked Mira with a cold voice, tightening the Zenith Sage Crown on Sora's head.

"Ah..." groaned Sora for a small second.

Sora found himself in cold sweat as Mire unloosened herself on Sora. Now he will have to deal with a cloud that would tighten on his head whenever thinks about her.

said Mira with a cold, yet warm voice.

'Wait till I get my hands on you and what happened to not know anything!'