Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 258

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 258 Colossal Advancements

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Sora was sitting outside his house perched upon his floating island. He looked at all the carriages created by his sect and other modes of transportation.

commented Mira.

"Indeed. I love watching the bustling people, the calm atmosphere, and the many beauties filling my view. I couldn't wish for nothing better," said Sora as he smiled lightly.

huffed Mira before lightly tightening herself on Sora's head.

"Be gentle," said Sora as he rubbed the crown.

said Mira with a flurried voice.

"Hou? Did I just-"

said Mira as she stopped tightening around Sora's head and instead went quiet.

"Very well then," said Sora with a light chuckle.

Sora continued looking at all the people before feeling Ophis sit beside him and rest her head on his shoulder. Snow also came by, but just stood behind Sora.

"Boring," she said lightly.

"Don't worry little dragon, I will create an artifact to travel around in," said Sora with a light smile. 'I was going to create this object either way.'

Sora stood up and brought out a piece of wood from the World Tree that was pitch black. He brought out a piece of Mythril Essence, Star Steel Essence, and Diamond Essence before slowly melting them down and giving them a shape. As the artifact was being formed, Sora lifted an arm and a formation formed around the artifact and many inscriptions slowly fell upon the artifact.

'Hum. hum. This artifact is almost complete,' thought Sora as a miniature boat was created from the three items, formation, and the inscriptions. He grabbed it and quickly dropped 4 drops of blood essence before it flashed in many colors, showing it's completion.

[Colossal Ark]

Sora lifted Colossal Ark with a smile before tossing it into the air and watched as the small ship artifact grew in size instantly. With it's sheer size casting a shadow over 4 mountains with ease, Sora nodded with a smile at the size of the ship.

Many houses and towers were set on the ship and it even had more space within the Colossal Arc. Anything a sect could possibly need was inside the Colossal Arc.

With the Colossal Ark activated, Sora felt a link established between itself and him. He could now do whatever he wished with the boat. Whether it be change it's size, speed, looks, anything would be possible as long as the necessary stuff is on the Colossal Ark.

'This should be no problem to go out on a cruise with the family,' thought Sora with a light smile.

"Better," muttered Ophis as she help onto Sora's arm with a happy look on her face.

"Lets get on the ship," said Sora before getting Ophis into a princess carry and jumping onto the Colossal Ark. He sent Snow a look before bringing her up as well.

After Sora got on the ship with Snow and Ophis, he felt the Colossal Ark move. It sent out ripples through the air as if it were truly traveling through the water.

"You sure you want to come with us girls?" asked Sora.

He turned around and looked at a house not far from him. Not long after asking, three figures emerged from the house.

Cang Yue, Jasmine, and Emily, were all standing there looking at Sora nervously. Emily kept a smile on her face as she sent Sora the 'I'm 'hungry' daddy!' look.

Cang Yue was really nervous and a little scared. She had been dragged by Emily over onto the boat. Her gentle personality just didn't mix well with Emily's direct and rough actions. It's surprising how they had both ended up becoming friends.

Jasmine. Jasmine was just being Jasmine.

She bowed to Sora in respect before lightly smiling and looking over the Colossal Ark to see the sect that they were leaving.

'This would be more relaxing if there was Immortal Music here...' thought Jasmine as she thought about her past.

Sora told Jasmine directly into her mind.


Sora smiled and waved his finger in the air before beautiful music emanated from each corner of the Colossal Ark softly. Loud enough to enjoy it's sound, and low enough to maintain a lengthy chat with someone.

The gentle sound of the instruments being played resounded in the ears of everyone. Soothing their souls and giving a peace of mind.

'I guess we will have to travel to many different realms now,' thought Sora as he remembered the records he read, about all the versions of Ancestral Goddess being in the higher realms.

"Jasmine, called out Sora as he sat at the head of the ship, having the breeze brush against his face.

"Yes, master?" Jasmine walked over to Sora and stood behind him.

"Absorb the Evil God blood. It will help you greatly," said Sora.

"But master I will lose all my cultivation," said Jasmine with a small voice.

Sora looked at Jasmine with a smile and said, "No need to worry about that my cute disciple. I have the perfect way to help you with that."

Smiling, Sora waved his hand and a crystal appeared in his hand. Seeing the crystal in Sora's hands, Jasmine tilted her head curiously. Not long after, Jasmine's face went pale as she realized her cultivation was gone.

"No need to worry," said Sora. "Your cultivation had become this crystal here. Absorb the Evil God blood and you should be able to then absorb this crystal of yours."

Jasmine finally calmed down at Sora's words. She closed her eyes and readied herself. She brought out the Evil God blood and put it in front of her chest.

"Master" said quietly Jasmine.

"Don't worry, I'm here Jasmine," said Sora soothingly.

With those words, all of Jasmine's worries were washed away before she absorbed the Evil God blood. As soon as the blood entered her body, she was filled with cold sweat and pain as every inch of her body shook.

Her eyebrows furrowed as she continued to let the Evil God blood reform all her profound veins.

Hours later, Jasmine opened her eyes with difficulty. The first thing she saw was a kind smile, one that gave her much warmth and made her feel safe. Her head was softly caressed and Jasmine whispered, "I'm in good hands now brother. My master is a wonderful man."

Right after saying that, Jasmine fell unconscious and a peaceful smile remained on her face.

"Such a nice girl," said Sora with a gentle smile as he continued caressing her head. 'You're truly innocent in this dog eat dog world. Even with those blood stained hands, you remain completely pure in my eyes my young and cute disciple.'

Sora gave Jasmine's forehead a kiss before placing a hand on her head and unblocking all her profound entrances. After that, he placed a small formation beneath her before leaving her crystal on her.

He watched as the crystal was slowly absorbed into her small body at a rapid pace. Her cultivation rose quickly and at a steady rate.

Sora nodded as he watched Jasmine regain her cultivation. He walked away, letting her peacefully continue working.

As Sora walked away, he thought about helping Jasmine out in getting the seeds.

'I should subtly go around the areas the seeds are at. Let her get used to her skills. Maybe in the end, I could get her a treasure or an artifact Talking about treasures and artifacts...' Sora paused and looked within his Pagoda and into the third floor.

Where his future powerful weapon was finally the size of a single dust particle.

Sora gave it a deep look as he fell into thought.

After a second or two, Sora extended his hand to the side and grabbed the Evil God seeds. The seeds which can grant immunity and total control.

They had already been recreated long ago, ever since Sora had used them on himself. He held the seeds in his hands for just a couple of seconds before tossing them to the tiny speck of dust.


As soon as the seeds made contact with the dust particle, they were sucked out from thin air. They entered the weapon and it tripled the size of the dust particle.

"It worked," commented Sora as he willed the dust particle into his hand. He looked at it with interest before summoning up all the blood, marrow, souls, and origin energy of all the different legacies before placing them into the dust particle weapon.

The same thing happened to the legacies as it did with the seeds. Except this time, it grew to the size of a baseball.

Sora looked at the ball of dirt, confused.

He had added so much stuff that had contributed to it's upbringing, yet it also seems to have reverted into it's initial state. Sora remained quiet for a bit before leaving a soul imprint on the weapon.

As soon as that imprint from his soul was absorbed into the weapon, Sora was kicked out of the 4th floor. He was fl.u.s.tered for a second before feeling his connection to the weapon grow stronger by the second.

Sora looked at the stairs leading to the fourth floor for a couple of seconds before leaving his pagoda.

'It will be a while before my weapon finishes it's development,' thought Sora as he looked at Jasmine who was cultivating in the formation he made.

He walked away and passed Emily, Cang Yue, Snow, and Ophis.

Sora went into his personal cabin and sat down in a lotus position before placing a formation around himself. After doing that, Sora began refining his Ancestral God Bloodline.


Three days later, Sora opened his eyes to a cute ball of black hair moving up and down on his crotch as slurping sounds echoed within his small personal cabin. Sora emotionlessly looked at the heading bobbing up and down before shaking his head with a smile.

"Silly girl," said Sora as he looked at the woman slurping on him.


The woman made a pop noise as she sucking on the rod whilst letting it out of her mouth, "I was thirsty daddy!"

Sora shook his head even more and just said, "Continue."

"Thank you daddy!" yelled Emily as she slurped energetically on Sora's rod.

"Hmm..." hummed Sora softly as he checked on the location of the ship. He made sure they didn't stay off course and they were on the correct path onwards to Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace.

He checked his inner map and nodded before saying, 'Looks like we're only a day away, and to think we had just left three days ago. We're even going at a slow speed...'

Sora smiled as he thought about his Colossal Ark and how glad he is to have made it. It only gave him more chances to train and even to be more lazy and not have to use his other forms. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/ascending-to-supremacy_15051603305607105/colossal-advancements_50945781699503628 for visiting.

While he and his group will only take four days to get to Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, Feng Qianhui, Chu Yuechan, and Chu Yueli had to take a whole month and a half to get back. Once Sora gets there, it wouldn't have been 2 weeks since Feng Qianhui and the rest had arrived back.

'Maybe I can take this chance to see Xia Qingyue before I take Chu Yueli with me to travel,' thought Sora as he rubbed his chin.

He didn't try thinking about taking Chu Yuechan or Feng Qianhui due to the problem that one needs to run the sect whilst both have to protect it. Sora even doubts that they would let him leave a Defensive Array to protect their sect whilst he takes them. He could even leave ChiChi or one of his other more commanding wives to take over.

Maybe even Venelana.