Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 259

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 259 Shocked Princess

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"Is that a ship in the sky?"

"Since when did stuff like that exist?!"

"Keep your guard up everyone, this may be an enemy attack!"

Feng Qianhui looked up at the black wood ship up in the sky that was as big, if not bigger, as three mountains. She bit her lower lip and turned to her side.

"Gong Yuxian! Call the fairies, Chu Yuechan, and Murong Qianxue, quick! We need to be ready, should this possible enemy attack us," warned Feng Qianhui as she quickly urged the woman next to her. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/ascending-to-supremacy_15051603305607105/shocked-princess_50973313513617868 for visiting.

"On it!" said Gong Yuxian before flying off elegantly to get the people Feng Qianhui called for.

Feng Qianhui looked at the flying ship with worry in her eyes. She gripped the sword in her hand tightly before hearing some steps behind her.

"Grand Palace Mistress!" yelled all nine women behind her as they took a knee. Gong Yuxian made it back to Feng Qianhui's side and waited.

"All of you, get ready and keep your weapons close to you. Be prepared for any possible attack," said Feng Qianhui. "We will try to welcome in the guests and see what they may be here for."

Minutes passed and Feng Qianhui finally saw some movement from the wooden ship as it slowly began to shrink down in size. As it shrank down in size, it slowly approached them.

"Don't lose focus..." said Gong Yuxian as her eyes focused on the shrinking ship.

The closer and smaller the boat became, the more nervous the women got. They kept their guards up and hoped nothing bad jumped out of the ship and attacked them. Even if something came out to attack them, they would fight back with all their strength.

"Feng Qianhui," came a voice from the shrinking ship.

Feng Qianhui's worries vanished with the sound of that voice and was instantly made into one with a smile. She let down her guard and straightened her back before having everyone else relax. Only two other women understood why Feng Qianhui had so quickly calmed down and even made everyone else calm down as well.

'Sora!' collectively thought Feng Qianhui and the Chu sisters.

Once the ship was as small as a small average boat, Sora jumped off with Ophis on his shoulders and Snow in his embrace. Cang Yue, Jasmine, and an excited Emily followed behind Sora.

"What a nice welcoming party," teased Sora.

"Haha! You jest! Come! It's so nice to have you visit," giggled Feng Qianhui before guiding Sora and his group.

"What's. happening?" asked Gong Yuxian as she turned to look at the people Feng Qianhui had her call over.

The Chu sisters walked forward and followed Sora and Feng Qianhui after leaving some parting words.

"He's the new powerful ally we have made. The Founder of Heavenly Crystal Palace, and the man behind the anomaly of the Wasteland turning into a Celestial Paradise in all of Blue Wind Empire."

Sora walked side by side with Feng Qianhui. Ophis remained perched upon his shoulder, and Snow now walked behind him alongside his disciples.

"What brings you to this small sect... Sora," asked Feng Qianhui, still feeling it is improper saying Sora's name.

'Amazing!' thought Cang Yue as she looked at everything happening before her eyes. She's the princess of the Blue Wind Empire, but even she wouldn't get to meet the Grand Palace Mistress of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace. It's amazing enough that she got to be Sora's disciple.

Cang Yue turned to look at Jasmine and Emily, whom she believes both are normal typical humans of the Blue Wind Empire. She believed them to be in shock at the fact that Sora knew people like one of the Seven Fairies, #1 beauty of Blue Wind Empire, and Feng Qianhui, the Grand Palace Mistress of Frozen Cloud Immortal palace.

Yet when she laid eyes on Emily and Jasmine, she was the one who was shocked at seeing their expressions. Emily had a face full of excitement and Jasmine was even worse, having a deadpan face as if she was meeting someone beneath her.

Who would've thought that Cang Yue was ultimately the most normal one.

Feng Qianhui looked at Sora from the corner of her eyes whilst leading him straight to a large table with many chairs surrounding it. Ordered by herself earlier with a thought transmission talisman earlier once she saw Sora's face.

"Please, have a seat," offered Feng Qianhui.

"We came here to ask Chu Yueli to come travel with me and help your sect flourish by having more allies and even more resources," said Sora as he took a seat right beside Feng Qianhui and Chu Yuechan. "As well as bring over the tea leaves I had promised you last time."

"That's wonderful news," said Feng Qianhui as her eyes lit up at Sora's words.

"Me?" asked Chu Yueli after hearing that she will be going with Sora.

"Yes, you," said Sora with a smile.


"Because your sister and Feng Qianhui will need to do their work here. Rather than take them from the sect, should it need them soon, I wouldn't want to be the reason for it's fall. That, and you are the only person I know from this sect," said Sora as he looked into Chu Yueli's slightly sad eyes at hearing Sora's explanation.

'So he only chose me because he only knows me from everyone else in the sect,' thought Chu Yueli disappointedly.

Sora knew what she was thinking but he turned to Chu Yuechan and said, "You wouldn't mind me taking your sister from you and Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace, right?"

Chu Yuechan looked at Sora for a second before turning to look at her sister and asking, "Do you want to go with Sora?"

"... Yes," nodded Chu Yueli.

"You heard her," said Chu Yuechan as she looked back at Sora.

"Good! I will make your time worthwhile," said Sora as he gave Chu Yueli a thumbs up.

Sora turned back to face Feng Qianhui and said, "Well, it's time to give you your tea leaves."

He waved his hand and a storage ring appeared before Feng Qianhui.

Without a word, Feng Qianhui grabbed the ring and put it away without bothering to check it's contents. This action of hers made Sora smile gently as he noticed that the woman had her trust on him.

"We will get you your 1,000 disciples soon," said Feng Qianhui with a sweet smile.

"No rush," said Sora. "I only came by to drop off the tea leaves and take Chu Yueli with me."

"Would you like to stay the night?" politely asked Feng Qianhui.

'!!! Now she's offering him to stay over the night?! How shocking!' Cang Yue was shocked even more at the stuff she was hearing whilst being here with Sora. She couldn't believe her ears! 'What's next?! Offer to warm the bed for him?!

I might as well do it myself if everyone will be doing it!!'

"Haha, I might have to take your offer," chuckled Sora as he glanced at Chu Yueli a bit.

"How wonderful," said Feng Qianhui with a small smile.

Sora talked with Feng Qianhui and the rest for a while longer before being led by Chu Yuechan to their rooms. They left the other girls in their own rooms before Chu Yuechan and Sora were all alone.

"This will be your room," said Chu Yuechan as she walked into a room and gestured to her surroundings.

Sora smiled and entered the room. He walked over to the bed and lightly touched it before nodding. Once he looked up from the bed, he noticed Chu Yuechan closing the door and locking it.

She turned her back to Sora and slowly removed the robe covering her body, letting it slide of her beautiful white shoulders.

The robe slid down her body and revealed her n.a.k.e.d slime back. Her beautiful round mounds one calls b.r.e.a.s.ts could be glimpsed at from behind. Their softness and silky smooth texture was evident in it's beautiful shape and color.

Sora watched as Chu Yuechan removed her robe and revealed her n.a.k.e.d body. Her beautiful round butt and her long and slender legs.

'Truly a #1 beauty,' remarked Sora as he looked at Chu Yuechan with an appreciating gaze.

Chu Yuechan turned around and slowly walked over to Sora with a serious and an unwilling look on her face. However unwilling she may be, she walked over to Sora confidently and pushed him onto the bed before sitting on his laps and forcefully taking his lips.


'With this I should be able to keep my sister away from this man,' thought Chu Yuechan.

Earlier, when they were at the table, she had noticed Sora's gaze on Chu Yueli many times. She was worried about her sister and the rules the sect has against relationsh.i.p.s with men.

With this action of hers, she hopes her sister would not be foolish enough to follow upon her footsteps.

"Mgh," groaned Chu Yuechan as she tried not to get intoxicated on Sora's taste.

As she kissed Sora forcefully, she felt his hand on her b.r.e.a.s.ts.

'With this, my plan will go accordingly,' thought sadly Chu Yuechan as her desire to 'devour' Sora slowly filled her.



Chu Yuechan was pushed onto the floor by Sora. She looked up at him with a confused look, once she looked at him, she noticed his eyes filled with anger.

Sora stood up and walked over to Chu Yuechan before giving her a slap right on her cheek.


Feeling the tingling pain rise upon her left cheek, Chu Yuechan had unconsciously lifted her hand and rubbed her cheek as she looked at Sora with a confused and shocked look.

"Don't ever do that again," said Sora as he looked right down at her. "I hate being manipulated."

Sora crouched down and rubbed her other cheek as his gaze turned gentle, "Instead of coming onto me, go to your sister and just tell her to remember the rules. Not everything needs to be solved like this. Only more problems will arise."

He grabbed a blanket and dr.a.p.ed it on Chu Yuechan before lifting her up and laying her on his bed.


"Shh go to sleep. You may do whatever you may wish tomorrow, but today let your emotions rest," said Sora as he laid down besides the covered Chu Yuechan and caressed her.

'Not my style to take advantage of a girl who's like this,' thought Sora as he looked at Chu Yuechan on his bed. He looked at her sad and 'obligated'-self with a small and understanding smile.

"...." Chu Yuechan looked Sora in the eyes. All she could see in those eyes of his was gentle and kind intent instead of the usual vulgar eyes many give her as they bare their eyes on her body. She closed her eyes slowly and turned around, turning her back to him.

Sora smiled and pulled her into a hug before cuddling her with a small smile as he too went to sleep.

Chu Yuechan blushed a bit as she thought about her sister. She closed her eyes after feeling sad, yet Sora's soft unconscious cuddles could only warm her and make her feel happy. It was then that Chu Yuechan was going to apologize to Sora in the morning before going to her sister and wishing her luck on her journey.

The next day, Chu Yuechan woke up to seeing a beautiful sleeping face right before her eyes. She looked at every part of the face before her eyes, her face inching closer to the face.


Chu Yuechan gave Sora a kiss on the lips, not knowing that an action like that would wake him up instantly.

Sora opened his eyes a bit slowly before locking eyes onto Chu Yuechan's. She closed her eyes and stood up from the bed and got off.

"Good morning Sora," she said calmly as she walked over to the door.

Sora turned over and looked at Chu Yuechan with a smirk, "That's a very nice way to wake up a guest."

"..." Chu Yuechan ignored Sora and continued walking to the door.

"Just so you know, I wasn't talking about the kiss. It was the beautiful view you have given me," said Sora as he admired Chu Yuechan's n.a.k.e.d body.


Chu Yuechan quickly understood what Sora meant before turning to look at him with a fierce blush on her face and grabbing her clothes. She looked at Sora for a minute before putting on her clothes.