Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 260

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 260 Next Location

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A/N: Didn't upload yesterday since no ideas came to mind for this chapter. Though I should be able to easily write tomorrow if it flows like it did in the last few 700 words I had left.


"Sister? What are you doing here?"

Chu Yueli opened the door just as Chu Yuechan was heading out, finding her right beside the door.

"I" Chu Yuechan opened her mouth but didn't know what to say as she bit her lower lip.

"She came to wake me up," said Sora as he stood up and patted himself. "I get lost in cultivation when I go to sleep, so I had asked her yesterday to wake me up." Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/ascending-to-supremacy_15051603305607105/next-location_51018850099055751 for visiting.

He walked next to Chu Yuechan and gave Chu Yueli a small smile before saying, "Are you ready to head out with me to explore the world and meet new people?"

Chu Yueli looked at her sister for a brief second before facing Sora and smiling, "... Yes!"

"Good," said Sora as he rubbed his chin.

"Ahem, I will be leaving now. I have some stuff I need to be taking care of right now," lightly coughed Chu Yuechan to pull Sora's and Chu Yueli's attention. She gave a small nod before turning to look at Chu Yueli and asking, "Little sister, come with me, I need to tell you something."

Chu Yuechan left with Chu Yueli beside her. They closed the door to Sora's room before they left and talked along the way.

"That went well," said Sora before entering his Heavenly World.

He went into his Wooden Palace and went into the main hall after calling all his wives there. In just a few seconds, all of his wives were there in the main hall with curious faces.

"I have come here to present you all gifts," smiled Sora.

He took out his Pagoda of Sins and threw it out before having it expand. It covered a good chunk of the main hall.

Ripples spread across the Pagoda and rings began to fly out of the pagoda into the hands of all his wives.

"Each storage ring contains the bloodlines of all mythical beings, gods, and whatnot. You may choose to take one in, all of them, or none at all," said Sora as he looked into the eyes of all the beauties before him.

"These bloodlines will help you all grow stronger."

Sora watched as most of his wives smiled and put the rings on their ring fingers along with the other ring Sora had given them before.

"I love it," said Shirone as a blush covered her cute face.

"I would love it even more if you gave me ten more years alone with you~," purred Kuroka.

All his wives giggled and looked at Sora with hungry looks.

"Haha! You women really are too good!" laughed Sora before activating the Zenith Sage Crown.

An hour later, Sora was standing on top of his Colossal Ark. He looked down and waved goodbye to all the women who were seeing him off.

Chu Yueli was already on board and was waving goodbye to her sister who looked back at her with a very small smile.

The ship was sailing away and soon, they were far up in the sky already moving to their next location.

"Where are we heading to now?" asked Chu Yueli as she looked at the passing clouds with a happy look.

"We're heading over to the location of the Phoenix Legacy," Sora said.

"The Phoenix Legacy" murmured Chu Yueli.

"Is there anything there that we may need, Master?" asked Jasmine as she walked over to Sora and Chu Yueli.

"No, but Emily wants to go there and try out the trials," said Sora as he looked over his shoulder to Emily talking with Cang Yue.

Jasmine gave a wry smile as she shook her head a bit. 'This man is willing to go to the Phoenix's trial grounds just because his daughter wants to. Is there anything he wouldn't want to do?'

'I may as well go to get the Phoenix and make her become mine,' chuckled Sora as he thought about all the other legacies. 'It will be difficult to convince her to come with me, considering how her life's purpose is to hand the legacy over to those who pass her trial.'

Sora rubbed his chin and thought about what to do about that problem.

"So you mean, we are going to the Phoenix Trial Grounds?" asked Cang Yue with a surprised look. "So the Palace Master had relations with the Divine Phoenix Empire?"

"No, we're going to another Phoenix Trial Grounds," said Emily with a small smile. "Plus, those who control the other Phoenix trial grounds are bad people. Especially the Phoenix spirit in that trial grounds. It has become corrupted due to those people over there and this Phoenix over here has grown to dislike it and it's actions."

Cang Yue looked at Emily with shocked eyes before turning to look at Sora, whose back was to her.

'These people really are amazing. Just what is the background of that man to possibly know all this? Is he possibly some million year old man? Or maybe he is all-knowing.'

Cang Yue looked at Sora for a moment and watched as he turned his head to her and smiled. She blushed and looked away with her heart pounding fiercely, 'Then he must know why I joined him and the other stuff as well...'

"It sounds terrible. Is there no way to help the Phoenix Spirit?" asked Cang Yue with the blush still on her face.

"There is. The Palace Master will go and have a talk with the Phoenix while I do some trials and complete them. He will try to strike up a deal of some sort," said Emily. She scoffed inside whilst also looking over to her dad, 'Daddy only knows how to make women his, fight in bed, and martial arts.'

"It sounds like a good idea," said Cang Yue gently as the blush disappeared and she went back to her calm and gentle appearance.

"It is," said Ophis as she appeared right next to them with a lollipop in her mouth.

"Hi Ophis," greeted Emily and Cang Yue.

"Hm," nodded Ophis.

A single day passed and they made it to the Phoenix Legacy in the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range.

The boat had already shrunk down enough and they were soon all off the boat and standing on the ground.

"Now, everyone We are invisible to the locals, so follow me and try not to do anything you're not supposed to," said Sora before walking straight through the Phoenix Clan.

'I wonder if dad needs one of these people to open the seal the Phoenix Clan set up at the Phoenix trial grounds,' thought Emily as she placed a finger on her chin. Her eyes trailed over to her dad's tall and strong figure before blushing a little. 'He doesn't need that, he's my daddy after all.'

'It's amazing how I am going to the Phoenix trial grounds,' thought Cang Yue as she walked past the Phoenix Clan with graceful and silent steps. 'I never would have imagined that there was a second one in the Blue Wind Empire.'

"Stay close, we're almost there," reported Snow as she walked behind Sora.

'I wonder what the trials consist of,' wondered Cang Yue as he curiosity only grew as she approached the Phoenix trial grounds.

Soon, Sora and the rest had arrived at the entrance of the Phoenix trial grounds. Sora had them all wait while he went to the seals to unlock them so that they may enter the trial grounds.

"I'll get them unlocked quickly, so no resting," said Sora as he walked to the first seal.

He looked at it for a second before lightly touching an area of it and watched as it vanished out of thin air. Sora knitted his eyebrows at the reaction of the seal before heading on to the next and last seal.

Just like the previous seal, Sora lightly touched it and watched as it crumbled once again.

'Hmm is it really that weak? I only took advantage of a single flaw, yet it collapsed on itself. Looks like the seals were pretty weak,' thought Sora as he looked where the two seals were before looking ahead.

said Mira.

'Hm? Why?' curiously asked Sora.

"Because I wanted to be of use to you," she said in a light voice as Sora somehow felt Mira pat his head and lightly caress him.

'How are you doing that?' he asked.

she responded with a perplexed voice.



"Okay let us continue inside."

Sora brought the women inside the cave and led them into the Phoenix trial grounds. Sora let Ophis, Chu Yueli, and Jasmine stand back as Cang Yue, Emily, and Snow enter the trial grounds with him.

"Okay, you three will enter the trial grounds first," said Sora, sending the three women in.

"Okay master," said Cang Yue as she left the trial grounds with Emily.

said Jasmine with a big smile as she waved to Sora.

'This girl...'

"I will see you later, God," said Snow before following behind Emily and Cang Yue.

'God what an unusual A.K.A.' thought Sora as he waited for a couple of minutes to pass before entering the

After a couple of minutes passed, Sora entered the trial grounds and entered into a pitch black darkness. He waited for a couple of minutes, yet heard nothing yet.

Just as he was about to say something to get the Phoenix Spirit talking, he heard her yell first.

"Who are you?!"

Sora remained calm and looked to where he heard the voice, "Who am I? Just your average love seeking god who seeks adventure and action as he conquers beauty.

Even if I am doing a terrible job at the action part.

My name is, Sora."

'Oh, and I am also your future man,' thought Sora with an inner smirk.

".... what kind of introduction is that?!" asked the Phoenix Spirit.

"You asked who I was, and I answered. Isn't that what you wanted?" asked Sora with a smile.

"Yes" softly spoke the Phoenix Spirit. "Why do I feel the essence of a Phoenix on you? Even if the essence is weak..."

"Essence of a Phoenix? Weak?" Sora's eyes changed as he heard the Phoenix's words about his superior Phoenix bloodline being called weak. His instinct as an Immemorial Phoenix woke from its slumber.

Sora's body revealed many cracks over the skin as powerful heat began emanating from his body and white fire surrounded him on the floor.


Sora's heat grew a bit more as they ground began melting and his presence only grew. His hair turned into white flames and his eyes began glowing white.

"!!!" The Phoenix Spirit instantly began to feel immense pressure form the person before her. She looked at him with eyes filled with shock, fear, and curiosity. 'His essence is weak! How is he overpowering me and making me feel fear?! Even if I am only but a fragment of the original phoenix, there's no way I would be so weak against someone of the lower realm!

Unless I am just too weak to know what level his Phoenix Essence really is at! After all, I have never seen flames that pure and strong!'

The flames and heat finally began to die down as Sora relaxed and stretched his wings. His hair returned to normal, the molten ground returned to how it was, and the pressure in the room disappeared as well.

"Ahem... " coughed Sora with a light embarrassed smile. "Excuse me, my temper wasn't too good."

Sora scratched his cheek and thought about how he felt deeply insulted after hearing the Phoenix's words when she failed to feel his superior bloodline.

"N-no this one is grateful about your presence. I have failed to see Mt. Tai," apologized the Phoenix Spirit.

Sora shook his head with a smile before saying, "I came here to offer you a business deal..."

'Why do I sound like a scammer?'

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