Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 261

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 261 An Apple A Day

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"I came here to cut you a deal," said Sora as he smiled at the darkness.


"I know of your story. You were left behind here by the 'original' in hopes of giving the people of this planet to ascend into the higher plane. However, something went wrong as the other Phoenix Spirit was corrupted and everything 'turned for worse'.

I will help you fix what had happened, but you will have to join me in my adventures," said Sora as he extended his hand forward to the darkness.

"I'm afraid I can't go with you," said the Phoenix Spirit.

"Why not?" asked Sora as he kept his arm stretched out.

"Because I have a duty to pass down the legacy of the Phoenix," the Phoenix Spirit said. "I can't leave my duties behind just to do something about the other Phoenix Spirit."

"What if I told you that you can still give out your legacy while traveling with us. I have a method that will let you give out your legacy as you travel with us. You will be back to personally see who you're giving it to," said Sora as he smirked.


The Phoenix Spirit went quiet for a bit before responding with two eyes in the darkness opening.

"I shall accept this deal of yours then," said the Phoenix Spirit as it laid its beautiful eyes on Sora.

"Great," said Sora as he felt energy surround his hand and he understood that it was a shake of his hand.

"How will I go around with you. As far as I know, I can't leave too far of this Trial Ground since it's what is keeping me alive," said the Phoenix Spirit.

Sora rubbed his chin and said, "That's something I can easily fix."


"By giving you a body!"

"... What?!"

The Phoenix Spirit was shocked by what Sora had just told it. Since there was not a single ability in the world that can give someone a fully functional body besides locking them inside a puppet, mannequin, or an artifact.

"Yeah, I can easily make you an actual body that will shape itself to your 'human form'," said Sora as he gave a subtle nod.

'Amazing...' thought the Phoenix Spirit. 'Maybe he really can help me with the other Phoenix Spirit.'

"You just need to give me a miniscule portion of your soul and once drop of Phoenix blood. I will head out and get a drop of human blood to create you that human body. The soul portion and the Phoenix blood will help your body and soul bond together. If your body doesn't have them, then there is a chance the body will reject your soul and you will slowly die," said Sora as he walked out.

5 Minutes Later

Sora had gotten the drop of blood from his Heavenly World and spent a 'bit of time' with his wives before returning to the Phoenix Spirit, who had the drop of blood and the small portion of its soul ready. Sora took them without wasting much time and quickly began refining the three materials before chanting some verses from the Sacred Scripture.

He even said a bit from the Art of Eternal Life excerpt in the Sacred Scripture. He read it sometimes in his time off, to grasp the feeling of True Immortality and Eternal Life. Something which is greatly helping one of his avatars inside his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal in cultivating the Eternal Physique.

Sora used it to grant a pseudo immortality to the body, to let it live on for many millions of years.

'Hmm I'm more than 10 million years old by now, I should probably make my wives live on even longer. My vitality is through the roof will my different powerful bloodlines, me refining their essences, which only made them more powerful and grant me more life, then there's my body cultivation technique that gives me more life forces, which even occasionally spills and makes everything around me filled with life

Not to mention cultivation which only enhances all those aspects and multiplies my lifespan. Also, I can't forget that I have four different types of cultivation; my Heavenly World, body, essence, and even soul.'

Sora thought about his lifespan and the 'miniscule' lifespan his wives have compared to him. He looked at the forming blank body in front of him with a worried look as he thought about the possibility of a future where he will have outlived all his wives.

A point where he may be left all alone, to live on for eternity. Living in debauchery as his wives slowly die because of no Immortality given to them.

'I need to find a way to grant them all immortality. The World Tree's Sea of Youth will be of great use to me for my wives.

It still surprises me how the Fountain of Youth grew in size so quickly and grew from a fountain, to a puddle, to a pond, then a lake, and finally a Sea. So much will be enough for my wives and my future children,' thought Sora with a smile.

He looked up into the darkness where the Phoenix Spirit is. He smiled and said, "You can enter the body now."

"Why doesn't it have any features of hair?" asked the Phoenix Spirit with a dubious voice.

"Like I said earlier, this body will shape to your 'human' form," said Sora. "As soon as you enter the body, it will gain features, hair, color, vitality, and even assets."

".... Hrngh..."

The Phoenix Spirit turned into a flash of red-orange light as it dove right into the blank body.


The body quickly took in the Phoenix Spirit and began to radiate light, lighting the entire cave.

The blank body rose into the air as scarlet burning hair burst forth from the scalp and scarlet eyebrows formed over two developing eyes. A nose slowly budded into life and a mouth was elegantly shaped.

Sora watched with fascination as the Phoenix's body was being made.

The curves were being shaped, the assets were getting filled, and the burning sensation of life force emanated out of the body before him.

'This is amazing. I can't wait to see the transformation process of other legacy holders,' thought Sora as he looked at Phoenix descend down onto the ground before him.

She opened her eyes slowly as fire dr.a.p.ed itself over her n.a.k.e.d body and became clothes for her. It hugged her body nice and tight in a red color.

"You're really beautiful," said Sora, unconsciously saying that out of habit.

Phoenix's eyes widened a bit in surprise before giving a small smile, "Thank you Senior~."

Sora smiled and nodded before heading out, "Stay here and get used to your body. If you need me, just say my name. I will be just outside the cave."

"Ah yes. Thank you for the body senior!" said Phoenix as Sora left the cave, leaving her alone in it.

'This is simply amazing! This body feels like it had always been by my side,' thought Phoenix. She lifted her hand and looked at it better giving a small smile. 'No matter what senior asks, I will do my best to repay him as thanks for giving me a chance to deal with the corrupt Phoenix Spirit in the Divine Phoenix Empire.'

Sora had nothing to do besides make use of his Pagoda of Sins first floor and cultivating to pass the time as his daughter, Cang Yue, and Snow spent their time inside the Trial Grounds. He stayed back and just waited for his daughter and the rest to make it out. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/ascending-to-supremacy_15051603305607105/an-apple-a-day_51041956754683034 for visiting.

In between cultivating and training his martial prowess in the first floor of the Pagoda, Sora had given his Fiery Bird 20 drops of Phoenix blood to advance it's growth. It worked well as one would have thought.

It grew twice it's size, it's cultivation soared, now sitting at the peak of Divine Master Realm.

Sora even tested out a drop of Phoenix blood on the Jade Emperor Queen Bee, a demonic beast he got from the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Unlocked in the sixth layer of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

Besides having a bit of fire on it's wings and being faster, Sora didn't notice any other difference in the Jade Emperor Queen Bee.

He could only wait until it laid it's next batch of eggs, as well as possibly try it on some other types of beasts he can find and make companion beasts.

Two weeks later

The first to appear out of the Trial Grounds was of course, Sora's daughter, Emily.

She came out with a smile and burnt clothes, revealing parts of her gorgeous body that could make any man drool with ease. A slight twist of her waist and even Sora would have trouble holding back.

Which she used to her advantage as soon as she got out of the Trial Grounds.

She had dragged Sora over to his cabin before doing the deed for two days straight with Jasmine, Chu Yueli, and even Ophis, blushing madly throughout the two days. Before being joined by Ophis and extending it to two more days before Cang Yue finally stepped out as well.

Sora took care of some of her burns before bandaging her up and letting her rest. He wasn't going to make full use of all his medical skills, in case the girls become too reliant on him and his many skills.

The only thing Sora would want them to be reliant to was his skills in bed and his nice, long, and thick slab of meat.

Nothing special happened when Cang Yue came out of the Trial Grounds besides being stared down by Chu Yueli.

Chu Yueli was at a loss for words. Who would have thought that Sora would do the deed with his own daughter!


The M.O.A.NS!


Chu Yueli looked at Sora many times with a hot and complex gaze as she thought about what Sora did with his own daughter. He didn't even try to cover her voice, letting her m.o.a.ns ring throughout the Colossal Ark, allowing Ophis, Chu Yueli, and young Jasmine, to hear the beautiful notes Sora could play with simple movements on his daughter who screamed DADDY all night.

The poor girl couldn't even move after the four days spent with Sora. Two days with just Sora, and another two days with him and Ophis.

She couldn't compete with Ophis' seemingly infinite stamina as she spent most of the riding and sucking out the white juices from Sora, which also seemed limitless. Emily even compared her beloved daddy to a water hose which draws water from an entire universe filled with water.

'It makes sense that he has many children and even is very l.u.s.tful. He's practically always backed up,' thought Emily as she remained laying down on the bed with Cang Yue sitting beside her on a chair with an apple in hand.

"I didn't know you had it so rough in the ground trials," said Cang Yue with a perplexed look as she gazed at Emily's seemingly fine body.

Emily turned her head and nervously laughed at Cang Yue's words, 'One day, this will be you here and you will finally understand what I am going through.

Though I am very grateful for the gift daddy gave me.'

Emily rubbed her stomach for a bit before turning to look at Cang Yue with a small smile, "So it went well for you in the Trial Grounds?"

"Yeah, besides suffering some 'second degree burns', what the Palace Master called it, I am completely fine. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to enter three more times and come out completely well," gently smiled Cang Yue as she cut the apple and removed the skin.

"I didn't know you could joke," said Emily with a small teasing smirk.

"Guh..." Cang Yue turned to look away with a blush before eating some apple slices.

"Hm? Mm Mmm This is such a good apple," said Cang Yue before placing her hand on her cheek in delight.

"Oh, I see you've eaten one of my da- ahem- Palace Master's apples grown in his personal 'garden'." said Emily with a small crooked smile. 'I hate not being able to call daddy 'daddy'.'

Cang Yue nodded a bit and gave a sweet smile as she ate another apple, "So good!~"

Emily looked at Cang Yue eating the apple with a smirk.

A minute later, Cang Yue had eaten the whole apple before feeling her body heat up and feel some juices leak.


Cang Yue quickly stood up and ran away as she left some drops of sweet female next behind her.

'Haha daddy's apples are so good that once eaten completely, they cause an involuntary orgasm,' giggled Emily.

'An apple a day keeps daddy away. So I make sure to avoid apples!'