Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 264

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 264 A Sagely U Turn

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"That's a powerful elixir," said the Ice Phoenix as she looked at the elixir in Sora's hand.

'Powerful? Not even close. I made a True Immortal Elixir that grants a person life immortality with no side effects. As long as the person isn't killed, they would live on forever. Diseases and the like would be nonexistent to them. Their blood would even have healing properties on normal people.

Now, for actual immortality that focuses on the body, life, and soul, that's called God's Immortal Elixir, though I have no need for it since I have the Sea of Youth from the World Tree,' thought Sora as he looked at the elixir in his hand.

He wouldn't give someone he had just met any of the other two elixir's he had made, since he doesn't know how they would treat him afterwards. Especially when one receives God's Immortality.

Although Sora has a poison that could even 'kill' someone like that. Even the World Tree made a counter to the Sea of Youth by making the Sea of Elders.

Sora handed the Immortal Elixir over to the Ice Phoenix and watched as she downed it in one go. He felt her life force quickly shoot up and her eyes seemed to be filled with boundless light. She slowly stood up from the Cold Vein she was on and walked over to Sora, ignoring the fact that she was still n.a.k.e.d.

She walked over to Sora slowly, swaying her h.i.p.s from side to side and her gaze never leaving Sora.

Sora looked at her with curiosity as she walked up to him.


Sora had his lips sealed by the Ice Phoenix's cold and smooth lips, giving him a short kiss. She looked at him in the eyes and said, "A kiss as thank you. I have nothing else to offer to someone of your caliber."

"..." Quietly looking at the Ice Phoenix, Sora watched as she slowly floated up to the surface of the lake they were in. Before leaving, Sora gazed at the Cold Vein and quickly took it before replacing it with a simple rune he made himself.

He gave the Cold Vein over to the Phoenix in his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and hoped that it would grow stronger by refining the Cold Vein.

After doing that, he followed the Ice Phoenix up and soon, they were both outside the lake and up on the surface. There before him, stood a beautiful woman.

She has long hair that stretches all the way to her waist and it has a special kind of icy color. It isn't pure white but a l.u.s.trous white that is freckled with icy crystals and gleaming with a bit of light blue. Her hair is dazzlingly beautiful beneath the sunlight. Her beautiful face, slightly slanted crescent brows, misty eyes, and gentle light pink colored lips could bewitch the soul and contained an indescribable charm.

Her figure is alluring to the extreme. A snow colored ribbon is tied around her willow-thin waist and the snow robes covering her chest looks so round and full it is as if something would burst out of its trappings at any moment. The buttocks beneath her slim waist are also rounder and firmer. Her entire body was dripping with a kind of allure and charm that ate away at both bones and souls.

'She must have been alerted by the barrier surrounding the lake...'

The woman saw Sora and froze for a couple of seconds before unsheathing her sword and pointing it straight at Sora.

Just as the woman was about to attack Sora, the Ice Phoenix appeared in front of him swiftly and made a chill go into the surroundings.

The woman saw the Ice Phoenix appear before her and quickly stopped her blade before looking at the Ice Phoenix with shock.

"!!! Ice Phoenix Goddess?!"

The woman held her blade and quickly sheathed it before going down on one knee and lowering her head. The Ice Phoenix looked at the woman for a second before turning her head and looking at Sora.

Sora sighed and walked forward before asking, "Who are you?"

"Mu Xuanyin," the woman wasn't sure whether she should answer the man or not, but she did so anyways.

"Stand up," said Sora.

Mu Xuanyin shook a bit before slowly standing up. She looked at Sora before moving her gaze over to the Ice Phoenix who was still n.a.k.e.d and standing right beside Sora.

"My name is Sora.

I will be taking the Ice Phoenix with me," said Sora with a light smile before making his way slowly over to his Colossal Ark. 'Her body seems to be housing another soul, a strand of one at that...'


Sora stopped and turned to look at Mu Xuanyin. He looked at the Ice Phoenix before returning his gaze to Mu Xuanyin.

"I will go with you and the Ice Phoenix Goddess," said Mu Xuanyin with a light bow of her head.

"Suit yourself," said Sora before continuing his walk over to the Colossal Ark.

The women had already explored the area a bit and had gone back to the Colossal Ark for some warm food. When they saw Sora appear, they were about to serve him some food before noticing a n.a.k.e.d beauty following behind him and another who looked tense.

'Is he kidnapping them?' thought Cang Yue and Xia Qingyue simultaneously.

Emily on the other hand was jumping with joy at being able to see the beautiful Ice Phoenix and Mu Xuanyin.

'Now daddy needs to follow the strand inside Mu Xuanyin to find Chi Wuyao! KYA! I can't wait,'giggled Emily as she quickly fetched a robe for the Ice Phoenix.

"Here. Insert your Profound Energy into this wooden slip and you will be sent to a room. Do it once again and you will appear in this area. It saves you from the trouble of walking alot in this huge ship. However, if you so please to walk, be my guest.

There are many areas in the ship you will find to your liking, other areas may be too 'vulgar' for you. There will also be items and materials you are free to take," said Sora as he handed a wooden slip to both the Ice Phoenix and Mu Xuanyin.

"Inheritor?" asked the Ice Phoenix as she took the wooden slip from Sora's hand.

"She's right behind me," said Sora as he moved to the side and revealed Jasmine who was just behind him, hiding from the Ice Phoenix's view.


The Ice Phoenix looked at Jasmine for a bit before turning to look at Sora. Her eyebrows scrunched a little before a relieved look flashed through her face.

'It seems that I won't be needing to worry about anything anymore,' thought the Ice Phoenix as a relieved smile bloomed on her face.

"Your robe Miss!" said Emily as she handed over an elegant white silky robe with the image of a white phoenix on its back.

The Ice Phoenix took the robe and wore it, only to be surprised at how well it feels on her skin. She was also shocked at how natural it felt on her, like if it was part of her


"Go ahead and enjoy yourself on this vessel of mine," said Sora as he was going to leave.

"Senior!" called out Mu Xuanyin.

"Yes?" asked Sora as he turned to Mu Xuanyin with raised eyebrows.

"Is it possible for me to bring my younger sister?" she asked respectfully.

"Go ahead, the more the merrier," said Sora as he smiled and made the woman blush a little before she walked away.

'Hm the more the merrier, huh?'


"Where off to now daddy?" asked Emily as she sat on Sora's laps.

"Back to Blue Pole Star," quietly said Sora.

"Didn't we just come from there?" asked Emily as she rubbed her face on Sora's chest.

"Well I promised to bring the Chu sisters along with us, but I had forgotten at the critical moment to bring them with us," said Sora as he turned his head away from his daughter's gaze.

"Is it because you're close to breaking through in your Taichi Sutra," asked Emily as she rested her hand on Sora.

Sora looked at Emily and smiled, "Indeed. It is also because I'm preparing to make a large leap into the higher cultivation realms. Taking my time is nice and all, but I made no breakthrough in the passing months."

"I see," nodded Emily as she fell into deep thought.

"Either way, we will go back and pick them up to resume our adventure to the Realm of the Gods," laughed Sora as he made the Colossal Ark move faster.

"HAHA! Yes daddy! Get the beauties! Give me sisters! And let us all be one enormous and happy family!!"

After grabbing the Chu sister's and saying goodbye to the Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace once again, Sora entered his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

'It's been a while since I last payed attention to the Jade Bees and the Phoenix,' thought Sora as he entered his personal space.

'The Jade Bees, medicinal clam, medicinal turtle are the most amazing creatures in this space of mine. The Jade Bees provide me Spiritual Honey which can be used for many things, and lately they even produce Hell Spiritual Honey due to the Phoenix bloodline they had received from me.

The Phoenix even looked different from your average Phoenix too,' thought Sora as he moved over to the Cold Vein he had brought in from a couple of hours ago. He quickly moved to refine it and made it into ten small pills.

He put all ten pills into a jade bottle before throwing it up into the air. Not long after it was thrown into the air, a burning figure flashed through the sky and grabbed the bottle before flashing away.

'That Phoenix is really trying to get strong faster,' thought Sora as he walked around the realm.

Over the years, Sora had stopped gathering the gold scales of the Golden Scaled Fish since they had acc.u.mulated a lot. He also had the 7th floor to thank for making him no longer need to fetch for materials.

The 7th floor of Sora's Pagoda of Sins was made for creating materials and their essences. It's a floor of Greed.

One where everything Sora would want will be the fourth floor, where his infinite space and Gate of Babylon is also considered a floor of greed.

He won't need to worry about missing anything since he has those floors.

Should he ever need the leather of a Golden Cow that was devoured by an Acid Dragon, he will find it there. It houses all types of materials and their essences.

Sora walked around for a bit more around the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal before running into the stone pillar which had been inside the Realm since he got it. He thought back to the first time he ever got it and revealed a small and warm smile.

Rubbing the surface of the Stone Pillar, Sora thought, 'Oh how simple times were back then. I would love to experience something like that again. Training to become stronger... fighting enemies gathering beauties with my strength it was a very entertaining era.'

Sora smiled and walked area from the stone before releasing his zanpakuto and having it float before him.

"Why don't you come out already," said Sora softly as he gazed at the long sword with an annoyed look.

"Kakaka! Why are you annoyed?! I did nothing wrong!" yelled the skeleton samurai that jumped out of the Zanpakuto.

"You annoy me every time I want some peace and quiet. I am beginning to understand Genryusai's anger," said Sora as he sat down.

Sonzai looked at Sora with his glowing beady orbs used as eyes before scratching his skull, "How'd you know I can manifest now?"

"I know because you're my Zanpakuto, we're connected. Plus, you're starting to disappear from my Sea of Consciousness and a tattoo is appearing all over my back," said Sora as he looked at Sonzai with a bit of amus.e.m.e.nt.

"... I feel like this change is due to your pure spiritual energy that is nourishing me constantly," said Sonzai as he stood in front of Sora.

"Still, your change is completely unexpected. Your entire being is being remodeled," said Sora as he looked at Sonzai with interest. "Your armor is even gaining some l.u.s.ter to it and your strength is rising by itself."

Sonzai looked at his armor before looking up at Sora with shock, "I think I think I'm becoming a-"