Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 266

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 266 Duel?

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Sora had left the women to their own devices, letting them explore by themselves and hopefully not cause any trouble.

He walked around keeping in mind what Emily had told him about the Little Demon Empress, Huan Caiyi.

Supposedly the Little Demon Empress is going to face a rebellion, depending on how fast or slow things progress now that he has affected the focus of Karma in this new world, Yun Che. Also known as Sora's enemy since he would have, and maybe still will, commit some atrocities on women.

His focus on the Dao of L.u.s.t had warned him or is even urging him to fight or even 'incapacitate' Yun Che.

All he has to do is do something to Yun Che and the Dao of L.u.s.t will submit to him and even help him on his road to growing stronger.

"Good sir, would you like to buy anything here," said an old man who was selling some stuff. In front of him were many things, even some extraordinary stuff.

Sora looked at some of the stuff the old man had before grabbing four black rocks and giving the old man some good stuff in return. He even gave him an amazing Liquor that will make him younger and powerful.

'Kind of reminds me of myself when I was younger,' thought Sora as he looked at the old man quickly pick up his stuff and run with the good haul he just got from Sora.


Sora held tight the necklace around his neck that was made from three drops of blood from his most powerful bloodlines. He held it tight and looked up at the sky before resuming his walk.

As he walked forward, Sora quickly made a mask with one of the four black rocks he got. A silver mask covered Sora's face perfectly and even hid his beauty well. With the other three rocks, Sora made a makeshift alchemy cauldron and placed some inscriptions on it before throwing it into his Sea of consciousness.

He walked around with the mask and drew no attention to himself thanks to a rune he had placed on the mask.

Sora walked through the large group of people in the city and scratched his chin as he thought about how he would get close to the Little Demon Empress.

"Step up! Step up!

Those who manage to defeat all 10 of our powerful warriors and can save this poor family will be awarded with great rewards. You might even get the chance to see the Demon Empress!"

At the center of the Demon Imperial City, a man was standing on top of a stage where there stood 10 people behind him with Tyrant Profound strength. Next to them was a family of three, the father had a missing arm and a nasty burn on his back that runs along his neck. The other two children had black dots all over their bodies and even bloated stomachs.

Sora looked at the children with squinted eyes before walking forward and suppressing his strength down to a rank 1 Tyrant Profound Realm practitioner.

"I will do it!" said Sora as he brought out his Zanpakuto, Sonzai.

He had it sheathed and placed on his waist. He walked with modest momentum as he stepped up the stairs and stepped on to the ring.

"Wonderful! We have our first contestant! A mysterious swordsman who has hidden his appearance. A Rank 1 Tyrant Profound Realm practitioner!

Who of these ten will be his first opponent?" asked the announcer as he turned to the ten people lined up.

"Haha, I shall knock down this greenhorn!" said a muscular man as he stomped his way over in front of Sora. A wide smile on his face and bulging veins on his arms.

"Pray that you survive my hits!"

The man squatted and without warning, he quickly launched a straight fist.

Mountain Crushing Fist!

"Wrong!" said Sora as he shook his head and took out his sword calmly. He lifted up his sword and lightly tapped the man's fist away with the long sword's blade.



The huge man jumped back and then ran forward to Sora using his shoulder to his Sora.

Earth Demon Bash!

"Also wrong!" said Sora as he thrusted forward with the long sword, seemingly piercing through the world.


A beautiful sound of a blade cutting through the air at astonishing speeds surprised many and entranced all swordsmen watching from below.

Sora's sword was pressing itself on the big man's shoulder, stopping him from moving any further.

The other nine people looked at the scene with wide and shocked eyes. To think that such a small person, and one 2 ranks lower than the big man could stop him. Even more so with a sharp sword like the one he has on his hand.

Instead of the sword going through the big man's flesh and bones, it completely stopped him in place, leaving him to just be stuck in place.

'What's going on?!'

"Let me show you how those abilities are properly executed. Pay close attention," said Sora before his sword flashed and it was back in it's sheath.

Sora squatted and his entire being seemed to have completely changed as he raised his arms to his sides. Then, with a slow, yet lightning fast, movement, Sora punched forward to the big man.


Mountain Crushing Fist!

The man saw Sora's first come straight at him, yet the beauty and simplicity of such a punch had frozen him in place.

Sora's fist seemed to multiply in size in front of the big man's eyes as it approached him with the sole intent of completely crushing a mountain down to dust with just... One. Single. Punch.


The punch, that looked normal in front of the eyes of all the people in the crowd, except those skilled in fist techniques, only saw Sora's fist stopping before the big man's face. The only got to see his fist blowing apart many things behind the big man and even causing a large turbulent wind blast that blew away all the clouds.

Those skilled in fist techniques saw the underlying intent in Sora's fist as he executed the Mountain Crushing Fist. They saw a giant standing before an even bigger mountain. The giant was in a horse stance, and his fists were to the sides of his chest before only a single fist flashed and the entire mountain disappeared.

In the mountain's place, all that was left, was a giant crater.


'Such powerful technique truly exists?!'

'Who is this young man!'

Sora smiled as he saw the big man fall under a trance after seeing Sora's attack. He flicked the big man's forehead, making him fall back.


Silence covered the area as they normal civilians continued thinking about what had just happened.


"He defeated Buffalo so quickly!"

"How will he fair against the other 9 masters?"

"He will also decimate them of course!"

"A-amazing!" said the announcer as he looked at Buffalo lie on the ground in enlightenment. "Who shall be next? Nine Swords, or will it be the cool beauty Rose Maiden?"

"I'll go," said a man who carried swords with him.

He walked up to Sora and muttered, "I won't go down as easily as Buffalo. Quickly pull out your weapon."

"If you can last a second more than the previous man, that'd be very good!" Sora chuckled as he got into place and watched the man in front of him pull out both his swords.

"It seems like the Blade Demon has stepped up to fight against this mysterious man," said the announcer. "Blade Demon has been famous the past couple of years, taking down numerous famous and powerful swordsmen. WIll he be able to fight against this masked man with his sword techniques? Or will he lose against this mysterious fellow?" Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=15051603305607105)/duel_%!d(string=51496831640716445) for visiting.

"Rose Maiden, do you think Blade Demon will lose?" asked a man standing next to a blonde beauty.

He carried with him a great sword and had a scar over his right eye. The man was naturally big and had huge muscles. His face looked fierce and he carried with himself a wild aura, contrary to his looks and aura, he's a calm and peaceful man.

Rose Maiden, a beautiful blonde woman with moderate b.r.e.a.s.ts but long legs. She carried no weapon besides a dagger in her sleeves. Her long beautiful legs hidden underneath that silky robe of hers that can beautifully wrap around a man's waist.

"..." Rose Maiden glared at Nine Swords before turning to look at Sora with a weird look.

"How about we make a bet then. Loser has to do what the winner wishes for a week." Nine Swords looked at Rose Maiden's seductive figure and eyed her beautiful mounds on her chest. Licking his lips lightly, he turned to look at the two people fighting on the platform.

"Hm alright then. I place my wager on the masked man winning," lightly said the Rose Maiden.

"I will go with Blade Demon," said Nine Swords with a calm smile.

'Why can't I hit this guy! I'm in a higher rank than him, this shouldn't be possible!'

Blade Demon looked at Sora with anger and confusion as his fists failed to reach Sora many times. Swinging at empty air gradually made him angrier as time went on. He tried smashing the floor to shake up Sora, but not even that would help him in hitting Sora.

'As long as I can hit him one time, it should be enough to take him down. Even if his skills are high, it's not like his body can withstand a hit from me,' thought Blade Demon as he tried moving even faster.

Sora deflected Blade Demon's attacks and effortlessly dodged his fast and heavy swings. Even after lowering his strength down to the 1st Rank of Tyrant Profound Realm, he was still an expert with his hundreds of thousands of years training and fighting against many types of enemies.

His experience and skill easily put him up some levels which no person could normally reach. Only the most fortunate and talented could reach.

Sora smirked and was about to launch an attack until Blade Demon turned his head and smirked before turning to face Sora.

"Your life will now come to an end," said Blade Demon as his veins began to bulge and pulsate. His face turned red and his eyes slowly turned bloodshot.

"What! Nine Swords, what have you done?! This is going too far," yelled Rose Maiden as she looked at Blade Demon grow bigger. She clenched her fists and looked at Nine Swords with a look of anger.

Nine Swords smirked and turned to look at Rose Maiden, "Don't tell me you plan on going back on your promise."

"There will be no promise if that man dies because of our bet," said Rose Maiden, clearly displeased by Nine Sword's scheme.

Briefly glancing to where Blade Demon looked toward, Sora saw Nine Swords who was smiling calmly. Sora could see his sinister and ugly aura behind him, quickly revealing his true nature. He even saw him sending looks to the beautiful woman standing beside him, Rose Maiden.

'Sigh~, the schemes of the young are truly the most simplest and brainless schemes.'

Shaking his head, Sora focused back on the fight before seeing a fist right in front of him. Sora quickly moved to the side at the last seconds and felt the Blade Demon's sword cut the air right beside his ear.

'What a close call,' thought Sora as he narrowly dodged the next sword. 'Haha, this is fun. I really need to pick an interesting world next.'

Micro Momentum!


The world began to quickly change around Sora.




'This is truly a broken ability,' thought Sora as he stood calmly in the use of his perfected technique, Micro Momentum. Fully making use of Ultra Instinct and even building upon it, making it stronger by making some minor changes to it.

'I should save Micro Momentum for life threatening situations in the future. Revealing my card too early will turn bad for me in the future...'

That being said, like Ultra Instinct, Micro Momentum also greatly drains the stamina. Though in a lower scale, but with a near limitless stamina like Sora's, this technique could be used indefinitely.

Sora felt like he had personally slowed down the world's time to a snail's pace as he calmly stood in front of Blade Demon's sword.

Bringing up his Zanpakuto slowly to the front of the sword, Sora smirked and stopped the use of Micro Momentum.


With the sound of both swords hitting against each other, Sora made use of his taichi and mastery of Yin-Yang before redirecting the force from the attack over to Blade Demon.

Slowly extending his palm and placing it on Blade Demon's stomach, Sora released the force he took and double it's attack power with Tidal Push (from The Strongest System).


The attack hit Blade Demon and sent him flying away after completely breaking most of his ribs. His body flew through the air before hitting a wall and becoming embedded in it head first.