Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 267

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 267 Where Life And Death Reside

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"You're a very powerful person," said the Rose Maiden as she stood in front of Sora.

"Haha, you exaggerate," said Sora calmly. 'I'm pretty sure there are people who are stronger than me, that's why I am training like hell on the first floor...'

He was on his way over to heal the man and his children before being stopped by Rose Maiden who came to congratulate him. Sora had already gone through all ten people he had to fight, even if most of them only used some moves to get pointers from him, like Rose Maiden.

"I would like to personally reward you with something. It was thanks to you that I had won a bet after all," said Rose Maiden with a small smile.

"Haha, very well then. I will go heal the three people and then meet the Demon Empress. Should we meet again, I will take you up on that reward of yours."

Sora walked away and left the Rose Maiden behind watching his back as he left.

'That man he's indeed very powerful,' thought Rose Maiden as she clenched her fist. 'I'll be sure to get a reward fit for him. I should also have Nine Swords hold up to his side of the bet.' Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=15051603305607105)/where-life-and-death-reside_%!d(string=51523646748935258) for visiting.


After healing the man and his children with great speed, the announcer appeared next to Sora and congratulated him for completing both objectives.

"Amazing! To see your amazing skills in a fight against ten masters and even beat them easily and then your medical skills which would even put you high enough in the physician/doctor ranking!

With these skills at your disposal, you have been granted audience with the Demon Empress. Now, go on!"

Sora nodded to the man and then went on to the Demon Imperial Palace. The guards at the front of the gates opened up the doors and proceeded to let Sora inside to the Palace. Once inside, the doors were closed and Sora went further in.

'This is a pretty amazing Palace, maybe I should renovate my Wooden Palace. After being in that palace for almost 3 thousand years, it slowly began to lose it's l.u.s.ter it once had.'

"So you must be the one who completed both challenges with flying colors," said a little girl sitting upon a throne.

'She looks so young...' thought Sora as he looked at the Demon Empress.


"Good, I will allow you to serve me and keep me protected whilst I do some important business," said Huan Caiyi as she looked at Sora.

"I am willing," said Sora as he looked right at her. 'This way I can get closer to her I could even help her with the problem Emily said the Demon Empress had.'

Huan Caiyi looked at Sora's masked face and couldn't help but be annoyed at how the man before her was hiding his face.

"It's common courtesy to reveal one's face whilst talking with me," coldly said Huan Caiyi.

"Humhum, I apologize," said Sora with a light chuckle as he put his hand over his mask and revealed his face.


Huan Caiyi froze in place as she looked at Sora's face, she looked away and waved her hand.

"Put it back on..."

Sora put back on the mask and smirked, 'What a cute Little Demon Empress.'

'How could his face make my heart beat so quickly He didn't use any charming technique, I would have known if that was true.' Huan Caiyi maintained her gaze away from Sora as she tried to wrap her head around what had just transpired.

She sighed and told Sora, "You will stay here for a couple of days before we head out together to where I need to go."

"I shall accept the Demon Empress' hospitality," nodded Sora.

"Maids! Take this man to a room to rest for the coming days," said Huan Caiyi.

After Sora was led away, Huan Caiyi thought to herself, 'It won't be long until I completely get the Golden Crow's inheritance. I might even manage to find what is keeping me tense. Is it a possible betrayal? But from who...'


"This is your room," said the maid as she opened the door and showed Sora the inside of the room.

"Wonderful," said Sora as he walked in. He turned around to thank the maids but found that all three maids had entered the room, closed the door, and dropped their clothes onto the floor.

"Would you like for us to provide you 'services'?" asked the three maids blushed as they showed their bodies to him.

Sora remained quiet as he looked at the three maids, 'They're v.i.r.g.i.ns...'

"Why are you doing this," said Sora as he walked up to the three maids.

"We..." the maids blushed and lowered their heads.

One of them raised their head and said, "We want to feel your powerful body ram us and make love to us. We fell in love with your body as soon as we laid our eyes upon it!"

'Reminds me of Yuzu and Karin,' thought Sora as he looked at the three maids.

Sora smirked and went up to them before hugging them and carrying them to the only bed in his room.

Getting busy with the three maids and making them m.o.a.n loudly, letting those outside his room listen to the steamy s.e.x he is having with the maids.

More maids passed by the door doing their work and couldn't help but listen in to the m.o.a.ns and the sound of bodies rubbing and hitting against each other. The slurping noises and the yells for more inside the room greatly excited all the maids before they walked into the room.

With the brief times the door is open for a new maid to enter the room, many more maids are attracted to the sounds and join in.

Sora's room was slowly filled with maids laying on the floor n.a.k.e.d and filled with juices. Their legs spread apart as a white thick liquid leaked out their holes.

"Things escalated so quickly."

Sora looked at the n.a.k.e.d maids on the floor and on the bed. He waved his hand and wiped away all the smells and liquids in the room, quickly cleaning up everything.


"Mgh," m.o.a.ned a single maid as she sucked on Sora's c.o.c.k.

"You're the last one remaining. For a v.i.r.g.i.n, you surprisingly have a good amount of stamina," said Sora as he looked at one of the three maids who had brought him to the room.


The maid didn't say anything, she only looked up at Sora as her small mouth kept sucking and licking on the head.

"What's your name," curiously asked Sora.

"Xu Xin," said the maid in between slurps and kisses.

After spending time with all the maids and refining his Yin essence whilst with them, Sora went ahead and jumped into his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

Once inside Sora gathered many items inside the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal before bringing them over to the center.

"I will finally make the big leap in cultivation!"

Sora sat down with a smile as he put on a necklace that increased his cultivation speed and a ring before setting up an array around himself. As soon as the array was completed, Sora felt his cultivation speed increase by many folds.

Sora had placed many high grade spiritual stones next to himself before placing down a formation that concentrates the Qi in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal onto his spot.

In just a short amount of weeks, Sora had jumped across many ranks and realms before his cultivation had finally stopped right before the last Realm, Ancestral God Realm. If Sora went any further and went into this realm's last realm, Sora would be locked onto Against the Gods world.

Sora now made sure to reinforce his realm and consolidate it before continuing to gather many items he will be needing to continue his body cultivation next.

In the time that his Essence cultivation rose, Sora's soul cultivation reached the last level and his Dream Master also did as well.

Sora was completely overflowing with strength.

His Heavenly World and his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal had grown tremendously!

Sora will have to go into his Heavenly World and split it, making new worlds and expanding it.

Heavenly Universe may be the next step for his Heavenly World to continue growing.

"It shall be done," said Sora as he stood and removed the items, array, and formation before gathering more items for his body cultivation session.

After gathering the items, Sora jumped out of his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and went out to the courtyard of the Demon Imperial Palace. When he appeared back in his room, all the maids had left already, leaving behind only Xu Xin to help him get dressed.

Once that was over, Sora was followed by Xu Xin everywhere, which he didn't mind as much. He stood at the courtyard and picked up a stick that was resting beside the wall before practicing his martial arts like he always does. The first thing he does is seal his cultivation, bloodlines, physique, Body, and even his insane strength before continuing on to practicing his martial arts.

Doing this allowed him to get used to sealing the strengths of a person. Usually he would also seal his five senses and try to strengthen his other senses.

It was tremendous work to do, but it brought about immense benefits which he appreciated.

He would lose himself in the sensation of using his body in the most unorthodox way. With no sense of touch, sight, smell, hearing, and taste, he struggled the first few days, but with the ability to constantly evolve which he got from the human bloodline, he quickly got used to it.

'Maybe I should also seal my talent and evolve after all, those who are truly strong sometimes come from those with no talent,' thought Sora as he focused on the feeling of becoming the stick in his hand.

He swung the stick through the air, sometimes thrusting piercing slashing hacking hooking... hanging... pointing carrying and Iaido.

Each movement fast, yet slow strong, yet weak simple, yet complicated.

Sora had long since achieved the Back to Nature in all of his martial arts and integrated it into almost anything he did. He even went ahead and beyond the Saint realm and entered One with Heaven.

Yet, even after all that, he passed that realm even once more.

Each time one reaches a realm, their strength and the strength of the martial arts increase.

Sora was sure he was in the Heaven Realm there now only existed one more realm after Heaven.


'Is it possible to seal my experiences and enlightenments?' thought Sora as he mindlessly swung the stick in his hand.

A single slash of the stick in his hand could cut an entire mountain in half without the use of Qi or any other strength. With just the strength of a mortal man, Sora could part the sea with just a single slice of the stick in his hand.

THAT is what is amazing about martial arts.

The pure refined power one strike could cause. Add on the cultivation and many powerful items, skills, energy, bloodlines, etc. and you become a feared existence.

'But I'm not strong enough and I want to live peacefully with my family. And the only way to live peacefully, is to be the strongest.'

Sora slowly sliced down the stick in his hands as his eyes went white.

"My mistress wishes to meet with you," broke in Xu Xin's voice.

"I'll be on my way," said Sora as he gave the stick in his hand a brief look.

"She will be briefing you on what she will be wanting you to do as she does what she needs to do," said Xu Xin as she gave a small smile.

"Very well then, let us go meet her."

Sora planted the stick he held into the soft soil beneath his feet and left along with Xu Xin to meet the Demon Empress, Huan Caiyi.

After Sora and Xu Xin left, the stick that was planted on the ground sprouted a leaf.

Yet where life grows, another life ends.

Somewhere far, far in space, a planet was sliced in two.