Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 268

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 268 A Tiger

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"You want me to help you retrieve a Seal?"

Sora looked at the little girl in front of him with a weird look. He was only told he was going to protect her, but now she's even asking him to help her get something back. He wanted to refuse, but his fatherly side of himself after seeing her sad aura, which resembled one of a crying little girl, wanted to help her.

Sighing, Sora scratched the back of his head and decided to ask Huan Caiyi how the Seal looks like.

"The Demon Emperor's Seal looks like a small jade seal with a three-legged fiery bird carved at the top. The seal glowed with a fiery red hot aura. The last time it was seen was at the hands of the previous patriarch of the Yun Family, Yun Canghai.

If he's still alive, bring him back here. If you find his corpse instead, bring him here as well.

Once that's over, we will head over to the place I need to go to." Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=15051603305607105)/a-tiger_%!d(string=51556312642804303) for visiting.

Sora quickly drew a little portrait of the Demon Emperor's Seal before rolling it up and putting it away in his robe. He looked up to the little girl, Huan Caiyi before asking.

"If he has it, do you think he will hand it over nicely?"

"Tell him that seven of the Twelve Guardian Families are rebelling and I can't do anything about it due to having no evidence," coldly spoke Huan Ciayi as she remembered about the current movements of Duke Ming, the mastermind behind the rebellion, and Duke Huai.

"Very well then, I will make sure to bring the Demon Emperor's Seal. I will also bring back Yun Canghai, even if he's dead."

"Tell him that Duke Ming is behind the death of the Demon Emperor and Little Demon Emperor, and address me as Little Demon Empress in front of him, maybe then he might recognise who I am or have an inkling as to who I may be.

The Demon Emperor was killed by Duke Ming, and not long after his death, Little Demon Emperor took the throne. At Little Demon Emperor's wedding, he was killed.

Make sure to tell Yun Canghai all of that," said the Little Demon Empress with a slight sad look in those eyes of hers.

Sora nodded and turned around to leave the place with Xu Xin following behind him. He thought about the sad look in Huan Caiyi's eyes before sighing.

"Xu Xin, stay here and keep my bed warm. I will come back tomorrow," said Sora as he gave Xu Xin a small glance.

"Okay Master. Safe travels," said Xu Xin as she waved Sora goodbye with a small smile.

Sora saw her smile and smirked a bit before pulling her in close. He lifted his mask a bit and gave her a kiss she won't forget for the rest of the day.

"Can we trust him?"

"Yes. I don't know why, but I can entrust this entire Illusory Demon Realm onto that man's shoulders." Huan Caiyi looked off to the exit as she envisioned Sora's face in her mind. 'Guh!'

The man hidden behind Huan Caiyi's throne came out surprised and almost yelled, "You just met him yesterday! How could you say you can entrust the entire Illusory Demon Realm to him?"

"Be quiet, Yun Qinghong. I know what I'm doing is risky," said Huan Caiyi as she looked over to Yun Qinghong.

"... I shall look over the Demon Empress' actions then..." said Yun Qinghong with an understanding look.

"I will allow you to choose some people to head on out with me when I make my way to complete my bloodline. Then you would be able to keep a close eye on that man outside of the sacred grounds as I head in, if you wish." Huan Caiyi looked at Yun Qinghong before sighing and closing her eyes.



Sora had left the Demon Imperial City and made his way over to an empty area, void of people.

"Now that I am away from prying eyes, let us try this new formation I've been working on," said Sora as he brought out the drawing he made earlier.

He grabbed some nearby rocks and set them in a circle before lifting up two of his fingers together and began making the formation. The rocks began to float and the drawing of the Demon Emperor's Seal began to float in mid-air before it disappeared.

In it's place was a portal leading to where that Demon Emperor's Seal could be.

Without worrying for anything, Sora jumped through the portal.

When Sora jumped through the portal, he found an old man sitting on the ground with chains around his arms and legs. His hair and beard was white and his eyes held a sort of deranged and angry look. His clothes was old and tattered.

"You must be Yun Canghai," said Sora as he sat in front of the old man.

"Hmph who are you?" asked Yun Canghai as he looked to where the portal used to be at.

Sora looked at the old man for a bit before saying, "I came here on behalf of a request of your Little Demon Empress."

"The Little Demon Empress? What did she say?" asked Yun Canghai with a bit of eagerness.

"She is asking for your return and for the Demon Emperor's Seal. Seven of the Twelve Guardian Families are rebelling and are going to bring to ruin the Illusory Demon Realm if this goes on," said Sora.

"What?!" Yun Canghai stood up from his spot in anger after hearing about what's going on with the Illusory Demon Realm.

"The man behind the death of the Demon Emperor was Duke Ming. Duke Ming had also sent Little Demon Emperor to his death not long after he himself had taken the thrown," said Sora as he gave Yun Cangha a deep look.

"That bastard Duke Ming!" growled Yun Canghai before coughing up a bit of blood. "Damn...'

Yun Canghai grunted and wiped the blood from the corner of his lips before looking over to Sora.

"Can you get me out of here?" asked Yun Canghai.

Yun Canghai didn't have too much hope in Sora being able to take him out from where he was. His life was connected to the formation he was trapped in. The only way to get rid of the formation was for himself to die in order for it to stop working.

He was ambushed by the Heavenly Sword Villa when he was out searching for the Demon Emperor. The people he had brought along were killed and only he was 'spared' before being chained to Heaven's Might Soul Suppressing Formation.

Sora looked at the chains the man was carrying and then looked over to a sword not too far from them, which was connected to the chains. Smiling, Sora waved his fingers and the sword was brought over to them.

"How about you take the formation with you?" Sora smirked and snapped his fingers, making the chains a form of contract between Yun Canghai and the sword in his hands.

The chains turned into tattoos on Yun Canghai and the sword was more connected to Yun Canghai than before.

Not only was the suppressing effect of the formation connected to the sword was absorbed, it was also made into a battle effect skill. If Yun Canghai brought out the sword, he can activate the suppressing effect skill on his enemies, suppressing them for 10 minutes for 5 times a day.


Yun Canghai looked at Sora with a shocked face. He couldn't believe that the formation which had trapped him for almost 100 years was instantly rid of by the man before him. Not only that, the formation was given to him in the form of a sword that is now connected to him.

'Where did the Little Demon Empress get someone like this young man!'

The sword Sora carried was lodged into the ground in front of Yun Canghai. He smiled and stood up, "Grab the sword old man, your strength will slowly come back to you as you hold that sword."

"Can we stay here for a while longer?" asked Yun Canghai as he looked up to the ceiling of the place that had held him captive for almost 100 years.

"You're going to have revenge on this place after regaining your strength..." commented Sora as he looked at the man.

Sora didn't say anything else before sitting down once again and meditated to increase the amount of spiritual energy he has.

13 hours had gone by and Yun Canghai finally made some movements. He stood up and held the sword in his hands tight before heading out of this 'cell' of his.

"Where are we?" asked Sora as he walked behind Yun Canghai.

Yun Canghai glanced back at Sora and gave a small smile, "This is the first time I've met someone who doesn't know where they are when they have made their trip themselves personally. I thought you knew I was under Heavenly Sword Villa and that's how you had tracked me here."

"Heavenly Sword Villa My methods of searching for people and locating them are a bit more different compared as to who others do it," said Sora as he remembered about the Heavenly Sword Villa Master, Heavenly Sword Villa Master's wife, and Heavenly Sword Villa Master's children, all who had visited him.

'It would be a shame if the woman and her children died,' thought Sora as he made plans to save the women and her children. Sora wasn't planning on saving the Heavenly Sword Villa Master, considering how it was his own fault for colluding with Duke Ming to lock away Yun Canghai for almost 100 years, kill the people he came with, and kill the Demon Emperor.

It was all part of destiny

Sora watched as Yun Canghai's destiny changed before his eyes. The previous destiny of his had led to his death to help his grandson leave from the formation Yun Canghai was trapped in. Sora's involvement with Huan Ciayi had also caused the destiny of many people who are directly involved with her to be affected.

It's the most amazing way to see the natural course of a world to change it's specified course.

Stuff like these that go of course has Sora wondering whether there is something in the world which will try to set the world back on the right course. Like giving the original 'protagonist' of the universe a miracle to keep everything on the right path.

Sora shook his head at such nonsense.

If what he had thought was true, it should have long happened back in the past. It would have made things interesting for him, maybe then he would have a chance to enjoy the thrill of fighting once more besides indulging himself in the first floor of his Pagoda.

'Let us just focus on the current matter at hand.' thought Sora as he followed closely behind Yun Canghai who had a frown on his face.

The closer he got to the surface, the tighter Yun Canghai held onto the sword in his hands.

"Although the world is a dog eat dog world, let the children and women live. It's truly sad to see the corpses of children lay on the floor and it's even worse to see the corpses of women.

Spare the men who don't launch attacks on you as well, unless you recognize some that have attacked you," said Sora once he caught a glimpse of a door that leads them to the outside.

"... I shall respect your wishes since you have freed me from this place," stated Yun Canghai as he made a pause on the stairs.

He gathered his profound energy into his feet and his arms before dashing to the door and slicing through it with the Heaven's Punishment Sword.


Yun Canghai had finally laid eyes onto the clear blue sky after 100 years, He closed his eys and felt the breeze of the wind going against his face before being interrupted by the yells of the guards and people running over to their area.

It wasn't long before Sora and Yun Canghai were surrounded by many armed people.

"Ho~h? A sword formation?" Sora looked at the positioning of the swords wielders before paying attention to the spear wielders, broadsword wielders, and Hammer Wielders. He looked at all of them with interest before just simply shaking his head.

"They will still die, even if they know strong sword formations, spear formations, and some hammer formations," said Sora before turning to look at Yun Canghai. "After all, a wounded and vengefull tiger finally escaped from his cage."