Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 269

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 269 Rebirth

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Sora stayed back as he watched Yun Canghai cut down the warriors attacking him. He didn't bat an eye at them as he headed over to the place where the Heavenly Sword Villa Master is.

"Ling Tianni!" yelled Yun Canghai as he darted fast through the air.

The nearby warriors trembled in fear as they watched Yun Canghai fly over to where their Sect Leader was.

"Isn't the Sect Leader's name Ling Yuefeng? I guess in that time, Ling Tianni would eventually no longer be sect leader," said Sora out loud before bringing out his Zanpakuto and flying on it like if it was a surfboard.

'I should probably save Xuanyuan Yufeng soon, I wouldn't want her to miss some 'tea' time. Her children as well, I want them to become good friends with my children, seeing as we might become family.'

Sora chuckled as he headed on over to where Yun Canghai is at.

"Where's Ling Tianni?!" asked the enraged Yun Canghai as he held Ling Yuefeng by the neck.

"Guh.. gu..."

Ling Yuefeng struggled within Yun Canghai's grasp and was trying to free himself.

"Where is he?" Yun Canghai turned to the people below him and asked them as he began to squeeze harder on Ling Yuefeng's neck.

"I guh k-know!" said Ling Yuefeng with a struggling voice.

"You..." Yun Canghai looked at Ling Yuefeng with a look of interest as he noticed that Ling Yuefeng looked fairly similar to Ling Tiani, the man who had him locked away for 100 years. Missing all the time he could have spent with his family and the 10 people he had brought would have still been alive.

Anger filled Yun Canghai, but he relented and threw Ling Yuefeng down to the ground.

"Agh!" yelled in pain Ling Yuefeng as he crashed into the ground.

Yun Canghai smiled and caressed his beard as he looked closely at Ling Yuefeng, "Call your father here."

"Y-yes!" said Ling Yuefeng as he quickly brought out a sound transmission talisman.

"I-I just called him can I leave now?" asked Ling Yuefeng with a trembling voice.

Yun Canghai frowned and looked at Ling Yuefeng with an angered look, "You want to leave and not look for revenge for the men I have killed? The men who protect you?"

Yun Canghai raised the sword in his hands into the air before slicing down and sending Ling Yuefeng's leg flying into the air.


Ling Yuefeng yelled in pain as he watched his leg fly in the air. His eyes wide in fear and his calm and refined aura had dissipated into thin air as he feared for his life.

"AGH! You damn-!"

Ling Yuefeng's screams were cut short

"Ah it pains me to do this," quietly said Yun Canghai as he removed his sword from Ling Yuefeng's neck and let the head fall down.

Yun Canghai sat in front of Ling Yuefeng's corpse and decided to wait for Ling Tianni to appear before him.

"It doesn't look like Xuanyuan Yufeng and her children are here."

Sora stood high above Heavenly Sword Villa as he looked down in search of Xuanyuan Yufeng and her children.

'Maybe they're at my sect at this time,' thought Sora as he looked off into the direction his sect is at.

Sora didn't have to worry about the woman and her children any more besides making sure there weren't any more casualties. Just the people that oppose Yun Canghai, Ling Yuefeng, and Ling Tianni are enough casualties for this dispute between them.

Any more and Yun Canghai will bring attention over to himself. There could be untold dangers coming to him, or to the Illusory Demon Realm. Anything could happen in this big world of Against The Gods.


As Sora looked over to his sect, he felt the presence of a man appear frantically. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=15051603305607105)/rebirth_%!d(string=51567434208966791) for visiting.

"That must be Ling Tianni," muttered Sora as he watched the man head over to where Yun Canghai was.

"Ling Tianni you had doomed me for 100 years here underneath your sect. Doomed to die of old age and rot away here. Mighty Heavenly Sword Region had killed my family and friends," slowly said Yun Canghai as he approached Ling Canghai.

"The Mighty Heavenly Sword Region forced me to do it!" pleaded Ling Tianni as he teared up in front of Yun Canghai.

"Lies! I saw you laugh at me as I was locked away! After your death, I will head back to the Demon Empress and then head on over to the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region and get rid of them!" roared Yun Canghai as he swung the sword in his hands at Ling Tianni.

"Should we head back to the Illusory Demon Realm now?" asked Sora as he looked down at Yun Canghai crying.

"Sniff yes," muttered the sentimental old man.


Minutes later, Sora and Yun Canghai had appeared back in the Illusory Demon Realm.

Both headed on back to the Demon Imperial City and met with the Demon Empress before presenting Yun Canghai to the Demon Empress.

"I have brought the man and the Demon Emperor's Seal," said Sora before turning to leave, intending to meet up with Xu Xin.

"Where will you head to now?" asked Huan Caiyi as she looked at Sora from her throne.

"To bed!"

Sora left, leaving an old man crying as he looked at the Demon Empress sitting on the throne where the Demon Emperor once sat upon.

"Father?" asked a hoarse voice behind Huan Caiyi's throne.

Yun Canghai who had been locked away for 100 years had finally heard the voice of his family once more. His tears stopped falling down his face and his eyes widened from surprise. He stood up and looked at the pale man struggling to walk to him with a cane in one hand.

"Son!" exclaimed loudly Yun Canghai as he looked at his son Yun Qinghong.

"Father," cried out happily Yun Qinghong as he hugged the man he had missed for 100 years.

A touching reunion between a father and son was cut short by Huan Caiyi's fake coughs.

She eyed them both with a small sad look before saying, "You both may continue this at another time but I have some business that needs to be taken care of first.

Yun Canghai, are you willing to hand over the Demon Emperor's Seal?"


Bringing out a small jade seal with a three-legged fiery bird carved at the top, Yun Canghai presented it to the Demon Empress, Huan Caiyi.

"Good! Now we can prepare for our trip to the Sacred Grounds," said Huan Caiyi before standing up from her seat without a change in expression. "With this, I can complete my bloodline and we can get rid of the rebellion and have our revenge on that waste of air Wentian!"

"Little Demon Empress!" called out Yun Canghai before Huan Caiyi left.

"What?" she asked as she turned around to face Yun Canghai.

"We may not be able to do any of this until you marry..." said Yun Canghai.

He struggled to get the words out since there was something that the Demon Emperor told him when he was given the Demon Emperor's Seal. It wasn't something of much importance since it wasn't usually done, but destiny was cruel and it had managed to give Little Demon Empress the short stick.

Yun Canghai looked up at Huan Caiyi and noticed her angered eyes before continuing.

"The Demon Emperor mentioned something as he handed me his seal. He warned me that if a woman wished to obtain the complete bloodline of the Golden Crow, she would need the Yang essence of a male who has the bloodline of a Fire Attribute Divine Beast."

Yun Canghai slowly lowered his voice as he got to the end of what he was saying before looking up to the Demon Empress who had a shocked face.

Not only did Huan Ciayi need to give up her v.i.r.g.i.nity to another and even take a man's Yang Essence in order to retrieve the complete bloodline of the Golden Crow, the man needed to have the bloodline of a fire attribute Divine Beast.

Huan Caiyi had a blank face after hearing what Yun Canghai needed to say.

"I have the bloodline of a fire attribute Divine Beast," said Sora as he entered the hall.

Yun Canghai, Yun Qinghong, and Huan Caiyi turned to look at Sora with shock after hearing his words.

"I don't mind helping out."

Huan Caiyi looked at Sora with a blush as she bit her lip before saying, "I will think about it."

With that, Huan Caiyi turned around and ran away, leaving Yun Qinghong and Yun Canghai alone.

Sora looked at Yun Canghai and Yun Qinghong before walking up to them. Taking a closer look at the pale Yun Qinghong, Sora smiled a bit before saying.

"You're easy to fix, why haven't you been healed yet?"

"What?!" Yun Qinghong was confused.

He looked at Sora for a bit before turning to look at his father Yun Canghai. He'd been to some of the best doctors and none of them could heal him nor his wife. Now, they were only knocking on death's door with just some time remaining.

"Is what you say true master?" asked Yun Canghai with hope in his eyes.

"Indeed," said Sora with a small smile. "Just take this pill and you will be fine in two days."

"You mean I will be completely fine after just two days?" asked Yun Canghai as he looked at the pill in his hand.

The pill was golden in color and it had veins on it, as if it were alive. It warmed him up as he held it in his hands. He felt as if he was already feeling better just by holding onto the pill. Such a miraculous pill was just handed over to him as if it was mere rubbish to the man before him.

"Thank you Peerless Master! I don't mean to be greedy, but do you have another pill I can give to my wife?" asked Yun Qinghong with hope as he held on tightly to the pill in his quivering hands.

"Haha, you're lucky I made too many of these before," chuckled Sora as he tossed another pill to Yun Qinghong without a care in the world.

"Thank you!!" yelled out happily Yun Qinghong before he began stumbling out of the room on the cane he was holding onto.

Tears streamed down Yun Qinghong's face as he could finally get his wife to get up off the bed without fear of her harming herself. Maybe after they heal up, they can head on out and look for their son, who they left off with someone Yun Qinghong knew of.

It seemed like the world wanted to apologize to what had happened to him for his years of torment under the pain and suffering he had to endure over the years.

"What was the name of that Heaven-Defying Pill?" asked Yun Canghai with a shaky voice. He stood up from where he was and looked at Yun Qinghong's back with a smile.

"It's the Rebirth Pill," said Sora as he glanced at Yun Canghai.

The Rebirth Pill which Sora had given Yun Canghai was a pill Sora had personally made in the previous world when he was studying many herbs, pills, ointments, elixirs, potions, etc.

Sora tried his hand at creating many elixirs, potions, ointments, pills, pellets, tea, food, and even some medicinal candy. He made 100 of each item he knew of, now he has many stuff inside his storage floor that the entire floor has a nice medicinal smell to it.

Not to mention the herbs that were in the Gate of Babylon and the ones that are harvested from the Myriad Mountains and Rivers Painting. Sora was just glad that the storage floor has an infinite space or else he would have to be throwing away all of the purest vegetation seen in the universe.

'I can't have that happen,' sighed Sora as he shook his head.

"What does a Rebirth Pill do?" asked Yun Canghai, who had never heard of it before.

"It allows the body to go through a rebirth. It fixes every broken bone, meridian, mind, soul, consciousness, nails, eyes, spirit it even has a nice feature of allowing the consumer to breakthrough to the next 3 ranks and unblock all the meridians and profound veins."

"Holy mother of-!"