Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 270

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 270 A Little Thing

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Days passed after Sora had returned with Yun Canghai and the Little Demon Empress began deciding whether she should choose Sora as the Yang essence or not.

Yun Qinghong and his wife had recovered like Sora had mentioned and both had gone up 3 ranks. With their meridians and Profound Veins unblocked as well, they could now cultivate at a faster rate than before.

Yun Qinghong's wife also received a boost in beauty after eating the pill. Her skin turned clearer and her hair turned l.u.s.trous.

Sora cursed as he realized that the woman is very loyal to her husband. He looked at the woman with a bit of frustration, and as he looked at the woman, he noticed some familiar karma strings on the woman.

He took a closer look and saw where it lead him to.

Yun Che.

Sora squinted his eyes and checked to see how the two were acquainted before finding out that the woman is his mom. Only then did Sora give off a dark smirk and apologized to the father beforehand in his heart.

"So the mom of Dao of L.u.s.t's 'enemy' is right before me. Haha, now what should I do~."

Grabbing the string of karma that connected to Yun Che, Sora managed to grab Yun Che's destiny string and smiled as he brought out the full power of his Myriad God Emperor cultivation and made Yun Che have a terrible destiny rain down upon him.

Sora looked at the mother and just gave a light scoff as he knew that he would eventually have the chance to make a move on the woman. All he had to do from now on is get closer to the woman.

He will have to make some trips to get her to be his, but it isn't a hard job compared to what he would do just to have a one night stand with the wife of the CEO of a powerful company.

In this case, it's now a fairly easy job to do now thanks to his powers.

"Master Sora, the Demon Empress requests your presence," said Xu Xin as she stood behind Sora.

Smiling, Sora turned around and walked over to the throne room.

"Wait outside, maid."

After giving out the order, Huan Caiyi looked at Sora for a long time before finally opening her pretty little mouth.

"I shall take you into the Sacred Grounds with me," blushed the Little Demon Empress. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=15051603305607105)/a-little-thing_%!d(string=51593508418543952) for visiting.


"Okay?! I'm giving you my innocence, entrance into the Sacred Grounds, and the chance to see me undress, yet all you can say is 'Okay'?!"

Huan Caiyi had stood up from her throne in anger as she stomped over to where Sora was with a fierce blush on her face. A pout evident on her face and a couple of tears forming as she looked at Sora with embarrassment and anger.

She stopped in front of Sora and looked up at him, trying to see through his mask and peer into his eyes with her pouting anger.

"I said okay, because I'm happy," said Sora as he bent down to be face to face with Huan Caiyi. He lifted up a bit of his mask, only to reveal a small smile before he held her chin with his thumb and brought her in for a short and sweet kiss.

Sora stood up and walked away whilst Huan Caiyi remained standing where she was.

After the loud sound of the door closing echoed in the throne room, Huan Caiyi snapped out of her entrance state.

"Ahhh!" yelled Huan Caiyi like a little girl with a fierce blush. She lifted her head and cursed Sora after realizing he had long since left.

'How dare he kiss me and just leave! He took this Empress' first kiss and just left like that?!


Next time I will kiss him and just leave him all alone! This embarrassment won't be gone that easily.'

"Ugh! When will the trip to the Sacred Grounds come," groaned Sora as he laid in bed with Xu Xin asleep next to him.

A couple of days had already passed since Huan Caiyi had accepted Sora as her cultivation partner for the Golden Crow's inheritance.

Sora had spent a few days gathering some materials and vegetation and moving it to his storage. The growth of the immortal herbs, plants, trees, fruits, and many other stuff had all exponentially increased when he added special insects into the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting. Especially when he also released the Jade Emperor Bees into it, doubling the growth rate of everything within the painting.

Lucky for Sora, over the millions of years that passed within the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, ever since the Jade Emperor Bees appeared, they had multiplied like crazy and they could easily continue covering more of the painting, which was essentially infinite on the inside.

Sora went over to the seventh floor of his Pagoda of Sins and found a myriad different types of materials inside. The most notable being bones, minerals, crystals, metals, stones, woods, jewels, and sands. The less notable materials were stuff like furs, pelts, claws, teeth, silk, dusts, and hairs.

Everything in the floor had a purpose and they were all greatly needed for different types of stuff.

Sora looked at everything inside the floor and nodded before leaving the room and heading over to the 6th floor where his cultivation can be suppressed and help his cultivation speed increase.

He had already prepared everything for bringing up his Body cultivation up to the maximum realms of this world.

Only then could he continue on to the next realm with both his body and essence at the same level.

"With this trip, I should have completed all the requirements to go onto the next cultivation realm after my Body cultivation goes up."

If Sora does everything well this time around, he would be able to go onto the next cultivation realm. Although before he advances over to the next realm, he would bring up the Ancestor God bloodline to completion, which is currently sitting at 12/14.

A feeling of worry befalls Sora everytime he thinks of heading onto the next cultivation realm without completing the Ancestral God Bloodline. He has no idea where this feeling arises from, but he knows it might be from one of his powerful senses he had developed due to his evolving body.

It's like an Emotional Clairvoyance Sense.

Only making him feel emotions instead of giving him brief glimpses of the future. A very useful ability nonetheless.

Sora sat on the 6th floor before putting the Spiritual Stones and Heavenly Stones around his body and all over the entire floor before preparing to make a massive jump into the Ancestral God Realm and then refining the realms, consolidating his foundation for future realms.


As Sora cultivated his body, he created many new cultivation techniques, both powerful and weak, all without flaws. He also cultivated his Yin essence to bring his Yin Body to the Dao of Yin Body.

'Art of Eternal Life.'

'Demon Rebirth Art.'

Sora began cultivating many other techniques as well as he realized that he had prepared too many Spiritual Stones and Heavenly Stones, which might bring up to the next cultivation Realm.

Art of Eternal Life came from the Sacred Scripture, which was said to give the practitioner Eternal Life. Something which Sora didn't need thanks to the World Tree's Sea of Youth.

The Demon Rebirth Art was a technique Sora had created from studying the Grand Reincarnation Art and the thousands of cultivation techniques he has, including all the Immortal Arts and Martial Techniques.

The Demon Rebirth Art was a powerful technique Sora had created that had ZERO combat prowess. Which means it is known to be powerful for other things it can do, something which Sora isn't ready to explain.

As Sora cultivated all techniques, Sonzai appeared behind Sora. The skeleton man was in a fetal position, curled up in the air above Sora. As time passed, the skeleton shrunk down with his armor and became small with a height of 15 centimeters (6 inches).

The Zanpakuto that contained Sonzai appeared above him and with it's sheath. The sword slowly dissolved and was absorbed by Sonzai.

A day passed and Sonzai now had a golden bone like crown on his head. His armor was freed of it's scratches and many imperfections as it was healed and gained a dark black look. A necklace formed on Sonzai's neck with the pendant being a tiny version of the Zanpakuto that was absorbed by Sonzai.

Days passed and Sora's Yin Body became a Dao of Yin Body, living harmoniously with his Dao of Yang Body.

Sora's shoulder length hair grew longer the higher his body cultivation rose.

A few more days passed and Sora's had completed the 'Demon Rebirth Art' and the 'Art of Eternal Life' with no complications.

Scrunching up his eyebrows from the hundredfold remaining Qi in his body, Sora stood up and appeared on the first floor in an instant. He quickly sat down and entered into the battle.

In order to not completely waste the Qi within his body, Sora began training in the millions of Immortal Arts and Martial Techniques he has.

Weeks passed by and Sora had finally exhausted all the excess Primal Chaos Qi that was present within his body. He had mastered millions, if not tens of millions of Immortal Arts and Martial Techniques.

He had practiced many different techniques, including fingers, hands, fists, legs, body, sword, and many more.

Since Sora had always seen himself as a jack of all trades, master of none, he had always sought out to practice everything that came his way whenever he had time. Especially now since he had so much Primal Chaos Qi within his body.

Thanks to the Violet Qi Cauldron Control Art, Sora had a higher capacity for energy within his body, especially now that he used it for his Qi inside his many dantians and Profound Veins. They are also dense and powerful from the special way Sora has the Qi organized inside his Dantians and Profound Veins. (Throwback to when I first introduced Violet Qi Cauldron Control Art for Sora's Ki in Dragon Ball, lol.)

Sora already had much more Qi than someone in his Realm would usually have because of his many dantians and his Profound Veins, even their slightly bigger than average size. Including the Violet Qi Cauldron Art, Sora has the Qi of at most 100 people within his dantians and Profound Veins.

The only downside to this much Qi is the time it would take to regain all of the lost Qi. There isn't much effect on the cultivation speed from the enormous amount of Qi, so there wasn't much worry in that department.

If it wasn't for the Violet Qi Cauldron Control Art, Sora wouldn't be as strong as he currently is. He also wouldn't have as much Qi as he does now without it.

Such a small technique he got from one of the first worlds he first appeared in this world traveling journey.

"Haha, the system really was looking out for me," chuckled Sora in reminiscence of The System.

Sora stretched his limbs and finally noticed the chibi Sonzai floating above his head and a burning feeling on the bottom of the nape of his neck. Sora focused his senses on it and saw a round pitch black skull 'tattooed'.

With many failed attempts at summoning his Zanpakuto in front of his, Sora finally looked up to the floating chibi Sonzai. He focused on the mark on his neck and managed to make Sonzai appear in front of him.

As Sora looked at Sonzai with interest at his changes and the different type of energy he was drawing from his, Sora took notice of the pendant on Sonzai.

'The Zanpakuto...'

Bringing up his hand, Sora brought it down on Sonzai and hit his head, making him crash into the ground with a thud. Sonzai didn't break into the ground since the entire Pagoda of Sins was made from strong material that won't break from a small hit like that.


"Ah! What's with the hit! Why didn't you just call for me like always?!" yelled Sonzai in irritation as he stood up and looked forward, expecting to see Sora face to face.

'The hell...'

Slowly raising his head, Sonzai's glowing orbs bounced out of his eye sockets in shock as he looked at the 'giant' Sora.

"When the hell did you get so big! Are you using your skill again ya' asshole?"