Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 5 Chapter 271

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 271 The Sect

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"So you're telling me that I just randomly appeared like this and that the Zanpakuto is gone since it no long heeds your calls?"

Sonzai looked at Sora questionably. He grabbed his small skull head in panic and crouched on the ground.

"This is the worst day of my life" cried Sonzai.

"Shut up. You're already dead," said Sora before picking up Sonzai by the collar of his armor.

Hanging from Sora's hand, Sonzai looked at Sora in the eyes and said, "You said that you feel a different energy within you now?"

"Yeah. Similar to Qi, but different." Sora placed Sonzai on the ground and scratched his chin.

"Hmm this is weird. My body also feels different than before. Back then, I was more like a hologram, but now I feel alive!"

"Still dead."

"Quiet!" yelled Sonzai kicking Sora with his tiny feet.

"Heh," lightly chuckled Sora before moving his leg and making Sonzai tumble back.

"Ahh!!! This is bullying!" Sonzai yelled as he fell on his back, and like a turtle, he struggled to get back on his feet.

Sora looked at him for a moment before helping him up with a serious look.

"Anything else that feels different?"

Sonzai sat on the ground and held onto the pendant on his neck before breaking it and making the little sword turn into a larger one that fits his size.

"Just this," said Sonzai before swinging the sword with his tiny armored hand.

"Can it still morph into different weapons?"

"Yes. The only difference is that the sword no longer carries power. Like flames and stuff like that. It's now an ordinary sword that's extremely sharp and durable," coughed Sonzai as he let go of the sword, making it turn back into a pendant around his neck.


Sora stared at Sonzai for a while longer before saying, "Let's enter the battle training grounds. That way we can get a feel for your power and find any new abilities or skills."

"Okay. Better than just waiting this out for later," said Sonzai before standing up and walking next to Sora.

Sora walked a couple of feet in a certain direction before sitting down on the floor and activating the first floors training feature.

Choosing the terrain, Sora and Sonzai appeared in a big white cubed room.

Sora nodded to Sonzai before making some enemies spawn in front of them with weapons in their hands.

"Go on. Let me see what abilities you have," said Sora before kicking Sonzai forward.

"I'll kill you next time you kick me," said Sonzai before walking forward and bringing out the sword.

"I would kill you too if you weren't dead already!" yelled Sora with a smirk. "And leave the sword alone, fight without it. We need to figure out the level of your strength before you can use the sword."


Sonzai let the sword turn back into a pendant before running forward and attacking the nearest enemy with a punch.


Sonzai's tiny fist landed squarely on the enemy's chest, making a small clanking sound as metals clashed against each other.


Roared the enemy in anger as he slapped Sonzai away into the wall. Bouncing on the wall, Sonzai fell on the ground and looked up with anger in his glowing orbs.

"How strong did you make these assholes!"

"... They're normal people with expert mastery in martial arts. They're the weakest of the weak, besides average men with no training in martial arts," said Sora as he looked at Sonzai with a weird look.

"Are you sure you are an Existence Executioner like you said you were when I met you?"

"Gah! Shut up! You made me weak like this. Watch as I use my strongest technique and get rid of everyone in the room," growled Sonzai as he stood up and placed his hands in front of him.

He pointed his palms towards the men and began trying to gather energy as he closed his eyes. Sonzai focused his entire self into gathering energy to perform his technique.

Sora who was just looking at Sonzai like an idiot felt the mysterious energy from before traveling over to Sonzai through the mark that's at the bottom of the nape of his neck.

With surprise in his eyes, Sora focused closely as to what Sonzai was about to do.

"Look closely, asshole. This is a top-grade technique!"

"Death Dragon's Laser!"


Sonzai stood there blankly as nothing came from his hands.

"Haha! You really messed that up," laughed Sora as he watched Sonzai be overrun by the 10 average men.

"Ah! Shut up you motherf.u.c.ker!!"

"You can't say that, I haven't f.u.c.k.i.e.d your mother yet," said Sora with a shake of his head. "Rather than that, it seems like your defense is pretty high if you can withstand all those hits."

"I don't feel anything from these guys. Not even a feeling of tickle or when an ant crawls on your skin and you can feel it." Sonzai just laid there as he was bombarded with kicks and punches to his body.

"You have no skin or any type of way to feel anything to begin with," stated Sora.

"I don't know how it works. I can clearly feel the ground and the punch you gave me earlier. But these guys, they don't make me feel anything at all."

Sora remained quiet as looked at Sonzai being beaten as he thought of some stuff. So far nothing had happened that seemed helpful to finding Sonzai's strengths at all. The only thing that had appeared was the mysterious energy moving over to Sonzai.

'Hmm.. that mysterious energy...' Sora focused on the mysterious energy and moved it over to Sonzai's mark. As soon as the energy touched the mark, Sonzai began to experience some changes, most notably, his size.

Growing bigger by the second, Sonzai was eventually bigger than the average men by a whole foot. He stood up and looked at the men below him with a smile before hitting one of them and sending him flying through the room before dying the wall red.

In just one single slap, Sonzai had killed a man easily with his current strength.

Sora frowned on the other hand as he saw this happen. He raised the strength of the men and watched as Sonzai kept killing them.

The more Sonzai killed, the more Sora increased their strength.

After a while, Sonzai was on even ground with a fairly strong man with expert martial art experience.

Nodding at what was happening, Sora made the man go away before looking at the big Sonzai turn small again.

"Huh? What happened, why am I small again!" Sonzai kicked around frustratedly as his looked at his tiny hands again.

"I ran out of energy," said Sora truthfully. Since he had just received, or unlocked, the mysterious energy today, Sora didn't have a large amount of the energy.


"Anyways, I figured some nice things just now. You're still relatively weak. You're currently as strong as a full-grown Rhino. Your big version is more of a 'Battle Mode' version too since it needs my energy to run it.

But there is still one thing that seems to puzzle me," said Sora as he looked at the once again chibi Sonzai.

"And that is?"


Sora pointed to Sonzai's crown and continued talking, "Don't you feel anything? Like authority, or an ability?"

"I don't feel anything. Try sending me energy again, a small amount this time," said Sonzai as he placed a hand on the golden bone crown.

Sora transferred some energy to Sonzai and watched as he focused on the crown. The crown began glowing in a yellow light as Sonzai interred the energy into it through his head. As soon as the glow touched the floor, Sora and Sonzai watched in amazement as skeletons popped up from the floor.

The only thing is

"F.u.c.k! Why are they small like me?!" yelled Sonzai in anger as he looked at the chibi skeletons lined up in front of him.

"Maybe it's just because you aren't big," said Sora as he looked at the skeleton. "Alright, let's leave this place. There isn't much left to check besides the sword, so we will come back here tomorrow."

"So what will happen to me?" asked Sonzai.

"No idea. You'll either remain like this, or you can still go back into my mind like before," said Sora. "Let me try something."

Sora stood still and focused on removing any energy from Sonzai's mark before seeing him disappear into the mark the next second.

'Oh? Sonzai, you there?' asked Sora after seeing Sonzai disappear.

Sora waited for a couple of seconds but couldn't hear Sonzai's response at all, making him smile wide. For millions of years, ever since Sora had received Sonzai, he would not shut up and would always be talking no matter the occasion.

'Some peace and quiet.'


Sora exited the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and visited Huan Caiyi to ask her about the day of departure. After a short conversation, Sora found out that the trip won't take place until 3 months later. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=15051603305607105)/the-sect_%!d(string=51620809646592054) for visiting.

Sighing, Sora was thinking about staying until then, but decided to visit his sect instead. He left Xu Xin in his room to warm his bed as he headed out to his Heavenly Crystal Palace, where many beauties resided.

"How's everything going here Kusu?" asked Sora as he entered Kusu's training mountain.

Kusu saw Sora and ran to hug him, "It's going very well here. All the disciples rose in strength very quickly. The average strength here at the sect is now the Sky Profound Realm. A month more and the average will change to Emperor Profound Realm."

"Wow, that's pretty strong," said Sora as he looked at all the training disciples.

"Are they practicing martial arts and not just the Profound Skills and Profound Arts?"

Kusu nodded and said, "Yeah, they are all adapting very well to all the different martial arts. Especially Boxing and Muay Thai."

"That's pretty astounding," said Sora as he saw a nearby disciple practicing her kicks.

"There's even a very special disciple that was recently recruited into the sect," said Kusu as she looked over to a certain direction where a girl was practicing Karate on a tree.

'It's that one girl...'

Sora looked at the girl and recognized her instantly after seeing her face. She was the girl that was with Yun Che most of the time.

'I believe they called her Little Aunt? I never heard her name...'

"I will go talk to her, wait for me here Kusu," said Sora before walking over to the lonesome Xiao Lingzhi.

'There he goes again~,' said Kusu as she looked at Sora's back with a warm smile. She turned around and walked away to help other disciples and give them some pointers.

"You are.. Little Aunt, right?" said Sora as he approached Xiao Lingzhi.

"You Are you that mysterious man that appeared in Yun Che's expulsion from the clan?" said Xiao Lingzhi with a rather sad tone.

"You remember me? That gives me a small smile," said Sora before looking at the woman with interest. "Why have you come to this sect?"

"I've heard of rumors about this place being strong and having no requirements to join. The only requirement being a woman."

"Indeed," said Sora with a nod.

"I also came to this place because it's a place where I can grow strong and practice powerful techniques in peace. Which I will use to protect someone important to me," Xiao Lingzhi blushed as she told Sora what she would be doing in the future.

"Very nice," said Sora with a smile. "I look forward to seeing you here more often Little Aunt."

"Ah, yes!" she said before cupping her hands and returning to practice. She didn't even execute the first move before stopping and turning to where Sora was and saying.

"Ah! My name is..."

She looked at the empty space before her with confused eyes and looked around with shock. She didn't see Sora anywhere and couldn't wrap her head around such a thing like that.

'Was he only a figment of my imagination? Could I even imagine someone more handsome than my Yun Che...'