Traveler Of The Multiverse Chapter 273

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 273 Breakthrough

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With only being a couple of minutes away from Yun Che's location, Sora had stood on top of the edge of his ship as he looked down. He narrowed his eyes and focused on where Yun Che is.

'I can't kill him but I can do something about him,' said Sora as he scratched his cheek. 'If I kill him now, in the future, Mu Yurou will find out about my abilities and what I have done.'

Sora had already thought ahead about what could possibly happen as he looked back as Mu Yurou who had her hands together in worry. He knew that if he had killed her son, in the near future, she would no longer wish to be associated with him.

Even if Yun Che's injuries weren't caused by him, Mu Yurou wouldn't forgive him for letting her son die. She would know that he had the power to save him using various means.

Whether using the Sea of Youth, Pills, ointments, pellets, Elixirs, Potions, Liquors, food, artifacts, magic, acupuncture, Immortal Techniques, Martial Techniques, medicine, or even just plain medical procedures like surgery and treatments.

There are numerous ways Sora could save Yun Che, there's no way Mu Yurou would ever forgive him for not saving her son in the future. Especially when she finds out about him making the Rebirth Pill, she would have found out even if he hadn't told her that a couple days ago.

"There he is," said Sora as the ship lowered itself from the air and became smaller.

"Where?!" asked Mu Yurou with worry.

"Let me help," said Sora before picking Mu Yurou into a princess carry once more and putting his ship into his Sea of Consciousness.

After getting on the ground, Sora placed Mu Yurou down before heading straight to where Yun Che was.

He laid on the bed with a weak and frail body. His arms were like twigs, capable of snapping at any moment from a single touch. He was deathly pale and his breathing was weak.

A long cut ran from Yun Che's left legs all the way up to his right eye, going over his poor manhood that was cut off. One of his arms was so badly damaged that it was difficult to recognize as an arm. The soles of his feet were bloodied and had some small rocks stuck inside them.

"Oh my poor Xiao'er..." said Mu Yurou with tears as she tried to reach out for Yun Che, only to be stopped by Sora.

"If you touch him, his life will shorten even more." said Sora as he had a serious look.

'This looked pretty bad...' he thought as looked closely at all the injuries on Yun Che's body. 'Nothing difficult I can heal.'

"Leave the room, I will heal him. The Rebirth Pill won't work on him since he is unconscious at the moment," said Sora as he looked at Yun Che with a serious look. 'I need her to leave so that I can change his interests.'

Mu Yurou was led out the room by the people who had been taking care of Yun Che for the past month. Sora sent out the rest of the people as well before pulling out his needles and performing a small acupuncture procedure. The cut that Yun Che had quickly healed under Sora's treatment and quickly only turned into just a scar.

The cut over Han Sen's junk was completely healed and left him with a member that can't even be used to go to the restroom.

Sora shook his head before placing needles around the area and making the minor gender switch.

"It's for the better."

Quickly removing the needles, Sora placed his hand on Yun Che's head and entered his memories, quickly looking through them. What Sora was planning to do was change his thoughts for every time he had thought about a woman being alluring into a man being alluring.

Especially that Xia Yuanba brother he has.

In the middle of making changes to Yun Che's way of thinking, he found the image of a beautiful young woman.

She was as quiet and charming as a hibiscus under the glowing moon. She was garbed in rough grey garments, but they were unable to tamp down her star-like and eye-catching beautiful disposition; it was as if they were raining on a mountain side. Her eyes were especially so. They were clearer than the purest of crystals, beautiful enough to make the rest of the world lose their color in comparison.

Sora smiled lightly, 'Since Yun Che will be into men from now on, I will take great care for you.'

After changing his memories, Sora made a small change on Yun Che's personality and preferences before moving onto healing the rest of his body.

Making use of his Primal Chaos Qi with Saintly Hands, Sora was able to quickly heal up Yun Che's destroyed arm and badly damaged feet. In just an hour, Yun Che looked to be as good as new.

Sora covered Yun Che up before calling Mu Yurou over.

"Is he going to be alright from now on?" asked Mu Yurou as she held Yun Che in her embrace.

"Yes, although I have to break in some possible terrible news for you..." said Sora with an embarrassed face.

"Wh-what is it?" asked Mu Yurou in worry as she held Yun Che tighter.

"Your son can no longer be a man," said Sora as he looked at Mu Yurou with a sad face. "His member was so badly cut that it could no longer be used to even go to the restroom. I had to make a quick judgement to save his life. So I had no choice but to perform a special technique that changed his privates into a woman's."

"..." Mu Yurou lowered her head and looked at Yun Che with a sad look.

"I I understand. Tell me, would it have caused him to die if left on him?" asked Mu Yurou.

"Indeed. It would even hurt his cultivation progress as he continued to gather energy. This change might even help him cultivate faster than before," said Sora as he rubbed his chin.

Mu Yurou looked up at Sora with a confused face before scrunching her pretty eyebrows, "But my son can't cultivate, I remember destroying his Profound Veins to save his life."

"It seems he had found a way to get a new set of Profound Veins," said Sora before waving his hand. "You can go ahead and check. They're even stronger than the average person's."

Mu Yurou listened to Sora and checked Yun Che's Profound Veins. A happy look covered her face as she realized that Sora told the truth.

"My son he won't be a waste..."

'Daughter,' thought Sora as he tried to stop himself from laughing at Yun Che's situation.

"Come, you and your son both need to rest. He should be waking up in two months," said Sora as he gently pulled the tired Mu Yurou from the bed and led her to a room they were given.

"Will he blame me for everything that has happened to him? I'm the reason my son can no longer give me children..." said Mu Yurou with a sad look on her face as tears began forming on the corner of her eyes.

Sora gave a weak smile and just caressed her head. He looked at her with kind eyes and said, "You don't need to worry about that. He can still have children, but as a woman. He has the ability to have babies like a woman does. So you will still get those grandchildren you want."

"I Thank you so much," cried Mu Yurou as she kept her head down.

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Two months passed by in the blink of an eye.

Sora kept making food for Mu Yurou and made company with her as she looked over her son. Sora comforted Mu Yurou as much as he could before Yun Che woke up and he could no longer be right next to her because of Yun Che.

As usual, Sora sat next to Mu Yurou and helped her maintain Yun Che clean after eating some food. Whilst cleaning Yun Che, Mu Yurou gasped and stood up in surprise.

"Who are you?" came a weak voice from Yun Che as he looked at Mu Yurou.

"My son..." cried Mu Yurou as she hugged Yun Che.

Yun Che looked at Mu Yurou weirdly and slowly said, "I don't now anyone name 'Maison'... !!!"

Yun Che's eyes widened as he looked at Mu Yurou in realization and hugged her back tightly.


Sora smiled and peeled Mu Yurou off Yun Che before throwing a pill into Yun Che's mouth.

"What was that?" asked Mu Yurou in curiosity.

"A Nutritional Pill. It will give him all the nutrients his body hasn't had in his entire life," said Sora as he looked at Yun Che grow a bit chubby and then lose that weight in an instant with smoke coming off his body.

In just seconds, Yun Che had grown chubby and had all that weight turned into muscle. His pale skin had regained it's natural color. He could even walk now without having to through therapy.

"Wow..." said Mu Yurou as she looked at Yun Che with wide eyes.

"That's an amazing pill you made there," said Yun Che as he looked at his body that was fragile a couple of seconds ago.

"Indeed," said Sora as he thought about the more powerful pills he has in his storage.

"Sora can you give me and my son a couple of seconds alone," said Mu Yurou with a weak smile.

Sora looked at Mu Yurou and knew what she was looking to do. He nodded and left the room to give them some alone time.

He scratched the back of his head and decided to continue working on his Taichi Sutra like always.

Sora walked over to an empty area filled with luscious plants and a beautiful creek in front of him. Submerging himself into the beautiful sounds of nature, Sora slowly started executing his Taichi moves and going through the cycles of his Taichi Sutra.

The Taichi Sutra began creating a weird energy that slowly spread itself into his cells. With his eyes closed, Sora felt his body excrete a white substance from his very cells. The white substance moved as if it had gained life, twisting and turning as it completely engulfed him.

It covered him from head to toe, encasing him in the white substance that his cells were excreting. If Sora remained still, he wouldn't be that different from a white statue.

The white substance eventually stopped and became an armor that fit itself onto him. Sora paid no heed to it and continued moving, slowly allowing the armor on himself to morph a bit more.

The white armor gained a Yin-Yang symbol on the chest and on the back was the chinese character for Taichi. If one focused well enough, they would see two distinct characters on the palms of Sora's armor.

On the left hand, the character death was painted in thick black strokes. On the right hand, the character for life was written in thick white strokes.

Sora's armor slowly changed color. The main body remained white, the left hand was white, the right hand black, the helmet was a beautiful black color and the legs were completely black.

With the armor's color being a beautiful matte color, Sora couldn't admire it until he felt his entire body explode with strength. He felt as if he had become one with nature as he stumbled back.

He stood back up straight and tried continuing Taichi like he had already been doing. But as he moved, the water in the creek, the trees' branches, and even the small grass moved along with Sora.

As he extended his arm forward, the trees extended their branches, the water moved gently, and the grass slowly moved forward.

Stopping right there, Sora felt like he was going through another breakthrough as the armor slowly morphed once again into a robe like the one he was wearing before.

It glistened under the light and it fitted itself onto his skin. The robe flowed naturally under the wind and made Sora stronger than before.

The robe was black and white, with a Taichi pendant around his neck, like how he got the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

Sora looked at his robe and smiled lightly as he felt his defense and strength increase by a large amount.