Traveler Of The Multiverse Chapter 275

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"That's very extensive" thought Sora as he looked at his long status.

Scratching the back of his head, Sora looked off into the distance and sighed. Before heading back to Mu Yurou and Yun Che, Sora decided to play around with his newly gained Geno Armor.

When it was summoned, the robe appeared on him, granting a huge boost in strength and a connection to nature around him.

Thinking about his defense, the robe turned back to the previous armor, lowering his strength and giving him a huge boost in defense instead.

asked Mira as she stirred from her sleep.

Since Mira had nothing to do but remain inside the Zenith Sage Crown and talk with Sora. She slept often inside the crown since she didn't have what to talk about most of the time. One of the times she spent sleeping for a whole week, which was during the time when Sora visited his sect.

"It's a powerful thing I had created through the use of a Profound Art," Sora explained in simple terms that Mira could understand.

she asked with a curious tone.

Sora lifted his arms and looked at the armor before slowly explaining what he had just found out.

"Well, this thing is called Geno Armor. It has two modes, Standby and Active.

In it's Standby mode, it's in this state, as an armor that passively increases my strengths and defenses all-roundedly. The active mode on the other hand increases my strength and speed dramatically while lowering my defense by not much."

asked Mira, clearly interested in the Geno Armor.

"Hmm it makes a clear connection between me and nature. It's a weird yet oddly satisfying feeling. I haven't looked too far into it's abilities but I will be able to unlock more as the Geno Armor grows stronger."

Sora nodded and dispelled the Geno armor. He was about to head back just after dispelling his armor but he stopped in his tracks and felt his strength once more. Sora waved his arm a bit before finding out that his body had also grown stronger.

He gave a small smile before heading back to the house.

Arriving back at the place Sora left Mu Yurou and Yun Che, he found them both outside the house enjoying some food. Yun Che was laughing and enjoying the presence of his mother.

Mu Yurou was also smiling, her eyes contained a satisfied and relieved as she gazed at her own 'son'.

"Mother, I have the perfect man in mind to grant you grandchildren," said Yun Che with a blush as he hid his face in embarrassment.

"Oh my~. My daughter already has someone in mind? How nice,"whispered Mu Yurou as she looked at Yun Che happily.

Yun Che's blushes deepened and said, "It's a good brother that had been nice to me while I was a cripple. He's kind hearted and is very big."

"Ah, you naughty child," said Mu Yurou with a blush.

"AH! No mom! Not big like that." Yun Che waved her hands and shook her head hurriedly in embarrassment. "He has a big body, that's all I meant."

"Forgive this mother of yours for thinking something so indecent," said Mu Yurou as she shifted her gaze to a side and caught a glimpse of Sora next to her. "Ah! I-it's not what you think! I don't think like that..."

Mu Yurou feared Sora would get the wrong impression of her and quickly tried to explain stuff to Sora who was only chuckling at her actions.

"Haha, it's okay if you think indecent. I don't mind it at all," said Sora with a wave of his hand.

"Guh I it's not like that!" yelled Mu Yurou with a blush before running away in embarrassment.

Sora chuckled as he looked at her run away. He shook his head and sat down before eating some food with Yun Che.

Whilst eating, Sora noticed Yun Che's blushing face and couldn't help but almost choke on his food.

"What?" asked Sora.

"You're so smooth with mother," complimented Yun Che as he thought about his mother's happy face.

Looking at Yun Che with a smirk, Sora finished his cup of liquor before saying, "Tell what you want kid. I'll tell you a secret to get to the heart of a soft hearted man like your friend Xia Yuanba."

"Really?" asked Yun Che in shock as her eyes lit up.

"Yeah," nodded Sora.

With his Dao of L.u.s.t, Sora had come to comprehend what women usually want from a man as he spent his time with them. Gradually, Sora came to notice that each woman has a different goal set in mind for a man. If they complete that goal they subconsciously created, then that man will gain a key to her heart.

Men were similar, some were more simple than others, but it was all the same.

Finding out what kind of person Xia Yuanba was into was as easy as saying one for Sora. He'd grown used to this lifestyle and he could be said to have almost become one with the Dao of L.u.s.t.

"Xia Yuanba is a kind hearted man and very soft. He's also a big man, so you can notice right away that this Xia Yuanba would be into being pushed around. If you build a steady relationship like this, he would eventually fall for you.

If you notice him blushing everytime you're around, that's the time when you have to 'force' him into doing the deep with you. A timid man like him would naturally enjoy such an experience," said Sora with a knowing smile as he down another glass of wine.

"Wow! How do you know so much?" asked Yun Che with surprise.

Sora thought for a second before saying, "It all comes down to my experience in handling women. It also comes down from the stories some women love to share. They would talk in great detail about how their partners are like, both in body and nature. You could also say I understand fetishes fairly well."

Thinking about his many wives, each with all their different fetishes. There was only 100 normal women within his harem that were into normal vanilla s.e.x. He shook his head as he remembered his wives even wanting him to become an M for a whole week. Sora had to take a whole month off from everything before training his wives.

Sora was shaken from his reverie after remembering how one of them wanted to peg him.

'That damned Hiyori needed a whole year of training,' cursed Sora before looking at Yun Che.

"Will it work on Yuanba?" doubted Yun Che as she put on a pitiful look.

"It will 100% work," grinned Sora before standing up and going after Mu Yurou.


Traveling back from Profound Sky Continent, Sora, Mu Yurou, and Yun Che, were all back at Illusory Demon Realm.

They had stayed at Profound Sky Continent for a week after Yun Che's recovery, allowing Sora to spend some more time with Mu Yurou.

"I see you're finally back," sternly spoke Huan Caiyi with a cold look.

"I went to help the Yun Family regain back it's Young Patriarch," said Sora with a light smile. 'I don't know if the Yun Family will release the information of Yun Che now being a woman, but I will keep it under wraps for now.'


Huan Caiyi had looked for Sora for a whole week before being notified of his departure with Mu Yurou to some unknown place. She looked for Sora for the hopes of spending some time with him and getting to know him before she had to give up her v.i.r.g.i.nity to the man.

Even when her intuition is telling her that Sora will be a good thing to her and her country, she wanted to at least get to know the young man before such a thing happens.

Frustrated at the fact that Sora had left without a word, Huan Caiyi had done nothing but wait for Sora with anger.

"From your looks, it seems you tried looking for me while I was gone," said Sora with a light smile.

Huan Caiyi narrowed her gaze and scoffed, "Like I would wait for a tool that will serve to make me stronger."

"Then what type of amazing tool must I be to enter the holy cave of the Little Demon Empress," smirked Sora as he gazed at Huan Caiyi.

"Shameless..." blushed Huan Caiyi after hearing Sora's words.

"Say Little Demon Empress, don't you feel hot?" asked Sora with a quiet voice.

"... No." Huan Caiyi looked back at Sora and frowned.

"Then I guess I need to warm your bed up," said Sora slyly.

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Unexpectedly hit by more of Sora's shameless lines, Huan Ciayi's face turned crimson red. She stood up from her throne and threw a hand in the air as she yelled, "Scram! Damn pervert!"

Sora chuckled and left the room before heading back to his room, finding the cute maid Xu Xin lying down on his bed n.a.k.e.d. Smiling wide, Sora closed the door to his room and countless maids poured in.

The room was filled with clapping sounds and the m.o.a.ns of all the maids like a musical, Sora being the whole orchestrator of such beautiful sounds that can even arouse a eunuch.

Time passed and it was finally time to enter the sacred grounds.

The families had remained quiet for the last week, unsure of what will be occurring for the oncoming day.

Sora traveled beside Huan Caiyi and kept a carefree look on his face, completely unseen by everyone because of the silver mask. He looked at all the Yun Family guards behind him with a sigh before looking at Huan Caiyi.

Huan Caiyi, who was staring at Sora the entire time, had to turn her head away from Sora in embarrassment. She covered her face with her small hands and tried hiding away from Sora.

"Join me," said Sora as he extended his hand over to the blushing Huan Caiyi.

Huan Caiyi glanced at Sora's hands before biting her lip and taking his hand.

"There." Sora smiled and looked forward before saying something that made Huan Caiyi want to take back her hand.

"Now we look like a couple going on their honeymoon."

"You have a thick face, don't you?" Huan Caiyi looked at Sora with a small blush as she sarcastically called Sora audacious.

"Not at all, I believe I have thin skin," joked Sora as he touched his face with his free hand.


Huan Caiyi couldn't help herself from turning away from Sora to keep herself from laughing.

"That's a beautiful expression you have there," unexpectedly said Sora, shocking Huan Caiyi.

Unsure about what to say, Huan Caiyi remained quiet and kept her head down. Sora saw this and didn't say anything more as he slid a hand behind her. He placed his hand on her waist and let her body stick close to his as they approached the Sacred Grounds.

Everything was going nicely and Sora was getting close to Huan Caiyi very well. He looked at her for a short while before smiling and holding her closer. Sora looked off to a certain direction and smirked.

'Hm. Looks like they will wait for Huan Caiyi to exit to make an appearance and attack her. Too bad for them that Yun Qinghong brought some good news to Huan Caiyi. Although I could end this now, I wouldn't want to take her pleasure of getting rid of you lot,' thought Sora as he looked at two men observing them from far away.

The two men being Duke Huai and Duke Ming.

'Their confidence is truly going to bring them down this time around.'

Sora scoffed and entered the Sacred Grounds with Huan Caiyi by his side.

"Are you ready?" Sora asked the small woman as they headed on deeper into the sacred grounds.

"..." Huan Caiyi kept a plain look as she maintained her gaze forward. She gave Sora a small and happy smile before holding his arm tighter.

'I'll take that as a yes.'