Traveler Of The Multiverse Chapter 276

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 276 Little Lemon Empress

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'The Golden Crow is gone, but the connection to her should work fine.'

Sora looked at the small Golden Crow Profound Formation. He looked at the Little Demon Empress lift up the Demon Emperor's Seal. The Formation glowed and a small Golden Crow appeared.


As soon as the Golden Crow appeared, a woman's laugh echoed in the room. The Golden Crow's head twitched to the right and it's beady eye looked right at Huan Caiyi.

"Looks like the previous Demon Emperor had no males in his family," chuckled the small Golden Crow.

Sora paid no attention to the conversation between Huan Caiyi and the Golden Crow. He knew how the conversation was going to be heading. The Golden Crow would mention some useless stuff before realizing that Huan Caiyi came prepared with a male.

Sora would have walked off already and explored as the Golden Crow and Huan Caiyi spoke, but the little girl held on tight to his hand.

mentioned Mira as she woke from another slumber.

'You should stay awake if you want to regain your memories,' mentioned Sora with a in a light urging tone.

softly spoke Mira.


Mira sounded completely sad, if she had a body, she would have even been sniffling.

Sora smiled and said, 'Then I will make you remember me. If you want to leave, I'll even tie a leash on you.'

yelled Mira with a slight happy tone at hearing Sora's words.

'We'll get through it, I promise.'

"Hm fine. You both may head in now," said the Golden Crow with a slight intrigued tone.

After being sent into a closed space, Little Demon Empress spun around and pushed Sora to the ground. With a crimson face, she spread Sora's robes at the legs, revealing his limp big member.

With a loud gulp, Huan Caiyi slipped her small mouth over the c.o.c.k and licked the head of the thing. She closed her eyes as she tried enjoying her 'meal' and savoring the taste of Sora's abnormally delicious pre-c.u.m.

In just seconds, Huan Caiyi had to pop Sora's c.o.c.k out of her small mouth because of it's sheer size.

The thing couldn't fit well in her mouth in it's awakened state and Huan Caiyi could hardly indulge herself in the taste like was doing before. She grabbed the thing by the base and placed her mouth on the head, giving it small kisses. Her tongue slid elegantly over the place the Yang essence will spill out to nourish her.

In just under an hour, Sora had released his load into the petite woman's mouth. Her cheeks puffed up and some white liquid trickled down the corners of her lips. Her big round eyes looked at Sora innocently as she swallowed his entire load.

Unconsciously, Huan Caiyi opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, revealing the empty inside of her mouth. With a certain allurance to the sight of her saliva connecting the top of her mouth and the bottom and the bit of saliva sliding down her tongue, Sora felt his member wanting more.

Huan Caiyi was just trying to enjoy the taste of Sora's dew before being lightly slapped by Sora's c.o.c.k that was twitching. Her eyes widened and she looked at Sora with a small smile.

Standing up, Huan Caiyi spread her legs and bent her knees, lowering her wet hole onto Sora's member. Her face was flushed and she was biting her lips as she felt Sora's big member kiss her entrance.

"Mgh why, just why are you so big," complained Huan Caiyi as her legs began shaking.

Sora didn't answer and only gave a smirk before laying his hands on her smooth thighs and pressing her down.


Huan Caiyi yelled in pain as Sora's c.o.c.k spread her small hole and took her v.i.r.g.i.nity.

"You'll be fine in just a second," said Sora before he moved a certain way and pressed on her pressure point that will make her experience double the pleasure she feels.

"Huh? Wait no..." cried Huan Caiyi as she quickly began to be overwhelmed from the pleasure she was feeling.

Not giving Huan Caiyi time to get used to his size or the pleasure, Sora began moving differently once again.

"Ah! Ah!"

Her cute and quiet m.o.a.ns rang in the empty space as her small bubbly butt bounced up and down on Sora's crotch. The squelching sounds of Huan Caiyi's juices echoed more loudly than her voice and the sound of their skin slapping against each other was only heightened further.

"Ugh..." groaned Sora as he felt the Little Demon Empress' hole tighten on his large member.

"Ah!" yelled out Huan Caiyi in surprise as she felt her insides be filled up by hot and creamy liquid.

She was lifted up in the air and Sora stood up as he continued to carry her.

Facing Huan Caiyi away from himself, Sora held the underside of her legs and carried her. He positioned his member at her entrance and slowly lowered her onto his twitching member.

"Ahn slower..." m.o.a.ned Huan Caiyi as she dropped her head back and rested it on Sora's shoulder. Her right hand caressed Sora's cheek as she turned slightly and gave him a kiss.

Sora kissed the little woman back before sliding his member inside her and making her yelp in pain as his member slid into her asshole instead.

Her toes quickly curled up in pain and pleasure and her eyes rolled back. Her muscles twitched as her asshole wrapped itself around Sora's c.o.c.k hungrily, slowly swallowing him more.

Lowering Huan Caiyi more, Sora planted a kiss on her neck before completely thrusting all the way in. Her legs jumped in the air and body shook as her juices were released from her dripping cave.

"More give me more."

Huan Caiyi called out weakly to Sora as he laid her down on the floor.

"Don't worry you will get all the Yang essence you want," whispered Sora with a sly smile as he made handcuffs appear in his hands.

He used them on her feet before raising her behind in the air and spreading her arms to the side. Sora held tight onto her wrists and slowly reintroduced his member to her tight hole called p.u.s.s.y.

"Ah! Yes! MORE, give me more Yang essence!" yelled Huan Caiyi with hazy, heart pupiled eyes.

Sora continued to pound the little woman in d.o.g.g.ystyle for a couple of days, releasing his load within her 20 times. He turned her over for the missionary and removed the handcuffs on her legs before moving them to her hands and putting a blindfold on her.

"More, thrust your c.o.c.k within me more!" m.o.a.ned out Huan Caiyi as her juices spilled out for the 200th time.

Smiling, Sora put on a condom before thrusting inside the stretched out hole of Huan Caiyi's. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=15051603305607105)/little-lemon-empress_%!d(string=51712328688787129) for visiting.

'This poor girl,' thought Sora with a wry smile. 'I might have broken her.'

Sliding his c.o.c.k into Huan Caiyi and feeling her wrap tightly around his whole, Sora began to move. After a couple of thrusts, Sora pulled out and plunged his member deep within her asshole before blowing his load.

Pulling out, Sora removed the condom and said, "My little demon come over here."

Sora called out in a sweet voice and almost instantly, Huan Caiyi got up slowly before walking to him. Since he was standing and his member was still hard, by the time she got close to him, she felt his member poke her stomach.

Without saying a word, she got down on her knees and wrapped her slender fingers around Sora's c.o.c.k with a smile. Her small pink tongue came out of her mouth and licked Sora like a lollipop.

She put her mouth over the head and sucked before kissing the head multiple times.

"Open wide," said Sora as he ran his fingers through Huan Caiyi's hair.

"Ahh~" Huan Caiyi opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out seductively.

Not long after, Sora dumped the juices of the condom in Huan Caiyi's mouth. She swallowed without closing her mouth as more and more c.u.m dripped into her mouth. Her tongue danced elegantly in the white rain that was entirely delicious to her.

She happily swallowed and tasted the white liquid that made her w.o.m.b yearn for it as well.

Huan Caiyi finished swallowing the load in just 10 seconds, yet she wished for more as she continued licking and kissing Sora's c.o.c.k. Her tongue slid on the head and licked the small hole on the head with a happy look on her face.

She leaned in forward and moved the c.o.c.k to the side before lightly slapping her face with the member. It was a really alluring sight and feeling as Sora saw his c.o.c.k being bigger than Huan Caiyi's face.

She put her face under Sora's c.o.c.k and licked from the balls all the way to the head, sniffing her way up. Huan Caiyi was completely intoxicated on Sora. Whether it be his taste, smell, technique, or even loving touch.

Although completely losing herself to the pleasure, she had retained enough consciousness to notice the love Sora gives her and the loving caresses he does on her. She noticed that when she falls asleep or is really tired, she would be cuddled and left to rest.

Huan Caiyi felt completely infatuated with Sora.

Her expression was 80% l.u.s.t and the rest was all love for Sora as she indulged in the debauchery with him.

"Give me more," she m.o.a.ned as she sucked on Sora's tip.

Huan Caiyi made a loud sucking sound as she popped Sora out of her mouth, then leaned back to present her b.r.e.a.s.ts for him to go on.

Sora grabbed onto Caiyi's shoulders and it only took a couple of strokes before he spilled his white liquid on her pretty jade face. Her mouth was wide open as some landed within her mouth, the rest hitting her hair, cheeks, and neck,

Pulling back, Sora watched as Huan Caiyi licked the c.u.m that was next to her lips. She used her fingers to wipe the rest of the c.u.m and sucked on her fingers to get it all. It wasn't long until she was back to jerking Sora off.

Her hand slid between her legs and she rubbed herself after leaving the c.o.c.k in her mouth.

"So tasty " she said, muffled by Sora's massive size.


She popped Sora's c.o.c.k out of her mouth once more before laying on her back and spreading her legs wide. Her p.u.s.s.y was dripping wet and her fingers were spreading her bottom lips open. With a blindfold still on her face, she failed to notice Sora moved over her face instead of her hole.

He sat on Huan Caiyi's chest before placing his c.o.c.k over her mouth.

She couldn't use her hands or move her head at all as she was pinned down by a simple technique. Sora started moving slowly, allowing his d.i.c.k to move into her mouth and down her throat.

Sora was just using a simple s.e.x.u.a.l technique that allows his c.o.c.k to enter any hole, despite size on both sides. This technique also brought no side effects or even harm any of the two sides at all.

Allowing Sora to f.u.c.k Huan Caiyi's mouth freely without harming her or himself, which is nearly impossible.

This technique could also be used to f.u.c.k, but Sora wasn't into that type of kinky stuff.

"MGH!" whimpered Huan Caiyi in pleasure as she felt hot liquid sliding down her throat.

Sora pulled out and let her have a breather as he rested his c.o.c.k on her face.

Continuing to f.u.c.k Huan Caiyi for a month and 3 weeks, Sora had Huan Caiyi the necessary Yang Essence, and even more than required.