Traveler Of The Multiverse Chapter 277

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 277 Martial Hall

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In a valley where lightning rained constantly, a man and a young woman were talking as they walked.

"Never mention what happened..."

"Why? Don't you remember all those times you asked me to pin you down and-"

"STOP! Don't continue"

"Awh, look at you blush."


Sora continued to tease Huan Caiyi as they headed out of the sacred grounds. Huan Caiyi had already taken in the drops of Golden Crow bloodline and even took some time to study and practice the Golden Crow's Record of the Burning World.

Heading out of the sacred grounds, Sora and Huan Caiyi found Duke Ming and Duke Huai standing before them with arrogant looks on their faces.

Huan Caiyi looked at them coldly before smirking, "Looks like the rebellious children are here to receive a spanking."

"Save your words-"

Duke Huai wasn't allowed to continue as he was slapped away by Huan Caiyi's small hand. He shot away 10 meters before finally stopping after leaving a bloody trail. With wide eyes, Duke Ming turned to look at his dead son.

"You!" Duke Ming turned to look at Huan Caiyi with rage and shock.

His son had just been killed in front of him, yet he couldn't believe that he didn't even manage to see how the Little Demon Empress had done it at all. She moved too fast for him to fully see how she executed the move.

"This bracelet of yours is doing well, honey~."

Huan Caiyi shot a flirtatious glance at Sora as she slowly walked over to Duke Ming who was surrounded by the Golden Crow's flames.

"It's made specially for you," said Sora as he spread his hands.

Without the bracelet on, Huan Caiyi wouldn't be much of a challenge against Duke Ming who was a 10 rank Sovereign Profound Realm expert. She was only a 9th rank even after absorbing 12 drops of the Golden Crow's bloodline thanks to Sora's yang essence. With that amount of strength, she wouldn't even last a single hit from Duke Ming.

"Now, I will deal with you," said Huan Caiyi in a cold voice that sent shivers down Duke Ming's back. His eyes darted over to Huan Caiyi, he thought about running away but the Golden Crow's flames were burning him even when he wasn't touching them.

Huan Caiyi quickly started beating Duke Ming and even crippled him.

She made short work of the man before she let him lay uncomfortably on the floor. She grabbed him by the hair and with blood on her face, she turned to Sora and smiled.

"Let's go home, my Emperor."


Sora and Huan Caiyi arrived back at the Demon Imperial Palace where Mu Yurou and the Yun Family were waiting for them.

"Is that..."

"Yes, it's Dog Ming," coldly spoke Huan Caiyi as she threw the barely breathing Duke Ming onto the floor.

The Yun Family members and maids surrounded Duke Ming like if he was an animal at the Zoo, pointing fingers at him and even making comments about his looks.

"The Empress did a real nice job to this traitor."

"I'm black my arm isn't bent that way."

"That's his leg, the thing over there is his arm."

"What? No way!"

"You're both fools, those two are his legs. Over there are his arms."

"Oh god! The Empress is more cruel than I thought."

"A well deserved punishment, I wouldn't be surprised if the Empress even continued to torture him."

Huan Caiyi walked away and headed straight to her room and left everyone alone.

"What happened to her?" asked Mu Yurou after seeing Huan Caiyi leave.

"She's tired from working for almost 2 months and a whole week of not sleeping."

Huan Caiyi and Sora both had no sleep throughout the two months. Sora hardly needed any sleep, but for a woman like Huan Caiyi who is wasting a lot of stamina from having s.e.x with Sora, she needed at least a whole month of sleep. It was even surprising how she even managed to kill Duke Huai with one hit and make quick work of Duke Ming.

"The Empress is hard working," complimented Mu Yurou with respect.

Sora looked at Mu Yurou with a smile as he thought to himself, 'If you knew what that hard work was, what would you actually say?'

"I will be gone for a while," said Sora as he scratched the back of his head. 'It's time for me to get ready to leave. I still need to do some stuff before heading out on a 'vacation' where I can enjoy myself.'

"What? You can't leave!" Mu Yurou turned to look at Sora with surprise before holding onto the hem of his shirt with wide eyes.

"Why don't you come along with me, then?" asked Sora as he held her hand gently.

Mu Yurou looked at Sora's eyes before nodding.

"I will join you then. What about the Empress, now that you will be the Demon Emperor, isn't there something that you should be doing for her?"

Sora smiled and said, "There's not much for me to do for her. I will leave her a note after she wakes up from her month long sleep."

"Month long sleep?!" Mu Yurou's eyes widened in shock at Sora's words before turning to look at Huan Caiyi's room door.

"She really outdid herself this time," said Sora with a sly smirk.

"I see..."

Sora smiled and headed outside of the Demon Imperial Palace. He pulled out his Colossal Ark before getting on it with Mu Yurou.

'This woman is still so innocent. Makes me not want to corrupt her,' thought Sora as he pat Mu Yurou's head.

Sora didn't pick up the women he came with yet as he had some stuff to do without them. For instance, finally gathering Mira's souls and allowing her to regain her memories.

With Mu Yurou on board, Sora headed straight for his sect once more to find if Mira told the truth about feeling something there.

said Mira.

'Haha! I know it's true. She has a soul within her which I couldn't recognise yet it felt familiar.' Sora rubbed his nose as he and Mu Yurou headed to his Heavenly Crystal Palace.

chirpily said Mira.

Sora chuckled and didn't say anything more as they finally arrived at his sect after a week of travel. He helped Mu Yurou down and headed inside his sect which was filled with twice as many beauties than before.

Smiling at the many beauties passing by him, Sora continued on through his sect with high spirits. Soon enough, he was at the Training Mountain where Kusu works at.

"Is that exceptional student still here?"

"Of course. That woman is a real piece of work. Just a month ago she stepped into the Master realm in Boxing and Muay Thai," said Kusu with a trace of praise in her voice.

Sora raised his eyebrows and asked, "What did she do to receive that type of comment for you?"

"She she began saying the name of some man named Yun Che. She would repeat it sometimes whilst meditating and even training, her speed of improvement also became better as she thought about that man," said Kusu as she looked at Sora with stars in her eyes.

"Haha. What an interesting gal," said Sora before picking up Kusu and placing her on his shoulder.

"Indeed," nodded Kusu.

Mu Yurou who followed behind Sora didn't understand most of what Kusu and Sora were talking about. She had never heard of Boxing or Muay Thai, yet she knew the significance of being a master. Her eyebrows scrunched at the mention of the similar name of her daughter's name coming out of the mouth of the small blue girl.

Kusu led Sora to where Xiao Lingxi was currently training at.


The sound of fists ripping through the air with great speed and power was like lightning strikes. The strikes were quick and fierce, capable of breaking the arm of an unsuspecting man.

"Good!" exclaimed Sora as he saw Xiao Lingzi leave some dents on the tree in front of her.

Her small white hands were red from constantly punching the tree. The tree's leaves scattered around her, leaving the tree almost bald.

"Those are some real nice jabs," complimented Sora.

"Ah thank you mister," said Xiao Lingxi as she looked at Sora with surprise, clearly remembering him from his previous visit. 'He wasn't a figment of my imagination!'

"Say Little Aunt, let me give you some pointers," said Sora before walking up to her and asking her to get into her stance.

Xiao Lingxi got into a basic boxing stance before Sora corrected her in a couple of mistakes. He proceeded to ask her to show him some basic moves before continuing to correct her.

After correcting some of her moves, Sora asked her to join him in traveling around the Profound Sky Continent. He offered her a chance to fight against other exceptional people before telling her that she could grow strong enough to protect anyone she wants to protect.

"Can I really protect him if I grow stronger?" asked Xiao Lingxi as she looked at Sora with wide eyes.

"Yeah," said Sora after he squinted his eyes at the look in her eyes.

It was the look of a woman who would kill anyone who dared approach their man. Even just casually speaking to their man would be enough to call upon death.

Women like these were often called Yanderes, or so Sora heard his grandchildren say this when they watched their anime.

'I should fix this part of her's,' thought Sora as he looked at Xiao Lingxi with a worried look. Worried that the girl will end up doing some regrettable things far into the future.

"Great! I will gather some of my stuff," said Xiao Lingxi as she bowed and skipped away happily.

Sora asked Kusu as he looked at Xiao Lingxi's departing back.

Kusu nodded and said,

asked Sora with a wry smile.

"She's not a God of Destruction," said Kusu out loud with a blush on her face, clearly embarrassed about not bothering to help the young lass out.

said Sora as he gave Kusu a small kiss before setting her back down on the floor.

Kusu blushed once more and left with quick steps.

Looking at her leave, Sora took notice of the Martial Hall, where some martial art books were being held. He turned to look at Mu Yurou and smiled.

"Yurou, how about you follow me and get two martial arts for yourself," offered Sora as he led her to the Martial Hall.

They entered and Sora greeted some women before heading deep into the Martial Hall where the less practiced Martial Arts of Heavenly Crystal Palace were at. Usually, people tend to overlook great and powerful martial arts due to their appearance or even their description. So Sora knew that most left in the back were some strong martial arts.

"I can choose any?" asked Mu Yurou as she looked at the wide range of martial arts in the Martial Hall.

The many martial arts inside the Martial Hall were only a small percentage of martial arts Sora knew. The many martial arts Sora had included those that came from many different worlds and universes. It even included the many different versions of a single martial art. (A/N: Yes, different worlds include Non-Fiction and Fiction works of any person in existence that will or have existed.)

One for instance being, Shigure Soen Ryu. (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)

The Shigure Soen Ryu originated from one man. Like a family tree, the technique grew as it was passed down. It is a tradition for a generation to add a new form to the Shigure Soen. This is a sword style that varies, depending on who your master was. Thus, there could be many different variations of the Shigure Soen Ryu.

"Wow! The elusive Wing Chun is here!" exclaimed Mu Yurou as she looked at a book in a hidden corner.


Sora remained quiet as he watched Mu Yurou grab many books as she looked at them with happiness. She was like a child inside a toy store grabbing many toys despite knowing only a limited amount could be taken.

"I will take these!"

Mu Yurou presented Sora two martial art books after a long time of deciding between many.