Traveler Of The Multiverse Chapter 278

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 278 An Amazing Nirvana

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Shaolin Kung Fu.

It was the first book he noticed that was in Mu Yurou's hands. It was a yellow book and it was a strong and disciplined martial art. It wouldn't fit Mu Yurou much, but the book on her other hand fixed that and it even was the slight opposite of Shaolin Kung Fu.

Shaolin Kung Fu training is 'forceful', making it way different to the other martial art on her hand.

Taichi, the book on her other hand, training is a 'graceful' process, something different from Shaolin Kung Fu.

However, their fundamentality is similar. That being training the mind, spirit, and body.

"Hmm nice choices. Since they don't necessarily complement each other too well, it will take you years to have them harmonize with each other. You might even need to add in your own moves and refine it so that it fits well."

Sora nodded to both techniques and led her back over to the Colossal Ark, where he will be waiting for Xiao Lingxi.


Mu Yurou nodded and followed Sora to the Colossal Ark.

"I will be guiding you through both martial art books before Xiao Lingxi comes back," said Sora as he cleaned out an area for him and Mu Yurou to train on.

Mu Yurou looked at Sora eagerly and awaited the demonstration he was about to show her. She brought out both books and looked at them eagerly as Sora demonstrated each technique in the book.

With an excited look on her face, Mu Yurou saw Sora complete all the Shaolin Kung Fu moves and ingrained them to her heart. She watched him switch over to Taichi and watched on with awe as he showed her each move.

After a couple of minutes, Mu Yurou noticed Sora finishing the final movement shown in the Taichi book. She was about to go up to him and ask him something about a way of connecting both techniques before seeing that he was continuing.

She watched him move faster and faster, his speed rising as he continued executing move after move of every martial arts he knew. His hand began moving like a sword, slicing and piercing, then it moved onto a palm, sending out powerful and soft palm strikes into the air.

Legs kicks that can puncture anything as well as a leg move where his leg moves like a sword and could cut through anything. His figure blurred until he eventually looked like he was just standing still.

Many fists, kicks, palms, legs every single type of attack appeared around him in the form of a blur.

It happened so fast, yet Mu Yurou could see everything as if it was clear. She couldn't remember anything even if she tried to remember.


Mu Yurou put a hand over her mouth as she heard Sora's attacks and strikes resemble explosions as his explosive power erupted.


His strikes were like the sound of an exploding sun.

Powerful and full of vigor.

After a couple of minutes, Sora stopped and stood still as his eyes went white.

Mu Yurou saw the look in his eyes and just sat down. She looked at Sora with a slight shocked look, seeing his white eyes and everything about him just disappear.

If she weren't looking right at Sora, she would have believed that Sora wasn't even there. His life force, aura, presence it all disappeared.

It was like Sora stepped into a realm no man had ever stepped into.


Sora coughed up blood and sat down before revealing a sly grin.

'I've finally up and done it,' thought Sora as he tried regraining some lost Qi. His Nature Qi had gone up many grades and it now passively provided him 70% increase in all his abilities, even a 70% chance of breaking through bottlenecks and even entering enlightenments.

Even the Yin-Yang Image, which had never changed ever since he got it, up and rose by tens of levels. The Yin-Yang symbol in his Sea of Consciousness grew in size by many times and it grew more and more solid.

Sora was within his Sea of Consciousness at the time of his enlightenment, watching the growth of the Yin-Yang symbol. It grew to an enormous size, almost to the size of a small mountain. Yet what surprised Sora whilst watching it's growth, was a small golden fish appearing on the image.

The more the Yin-Yang image grew, the more the golden fish grew in size as well. It grew bigger and bigger until a gate appeared over the Yin-Yang Image. On the head of the gate, Dragon was carved into it in Chinese characters.

The carp grew golden and bright before it made multiple attempts to jump over the gate. It didn't manage to jump over the Dragon Gate until it was at it's biggest and brightest.

It jumped over the gate and became a long Golden Dragon with bright gold scales and long white whiskers.

The spiritual energy the Yin-Yang image released was thick and pure, it's quantity increased by 20-fold.

His strength and natural regeneration improved by many folds as well. It now nourished his body and boosted his vitality and resilience by 30 times.

It was truly an unexpected accomplishment he had just by intending to teach Mu Yurou.

However, what Sora was talking about wasn't those three things.

It was about the Taichi and all the other martial arts he had always practiced.

He entered a state of enlightenment where the Taichi he had practiced was destroyed and rebuilt with the help of all the martial arts he knows of.

With the state of enlightenment, existence was introduced to a new and vastly superior martial art that was extremely powerful.

Nirvanic Taichi.

Nirvanic Taichi was still taichi at it's core, but with all the moves of all the martial arts he knows. Whether they be armed or unarmed, the moves were thrown to Taichi and refined into it during his enlightenment.

Nirvanic Taichi was now like the encyclopedia of every martial art in existence. Every palm strike, punch, kick, sword move, staff move it was all in Nirvanic Taichi.

Every move now held the essence of Taichi within it.

Taichi was always a gentle martial art, yet after it's rebirth, it had gained a brutal side to it as well. Like Yin and Yang, Nirvanic Taichi had completely embodied the Yin-Yang essence.

It's strength was unparalleled and every attack could either be used with a yin or a yang force. The same with choosing whether an attack could be gentle or brutal.

Sora had finally up and done it.

He had truly now mastered every single martial art, and as long as he continues practicing Nirvanic Taichi, he will now only be growing stronger.

Nature Qi and Yin-Yang Image's growth was all the indirect outcome of Sora's newly created technique and him entering Enlightenment.

Nirvanic Taichi is truly the best martial art he has ever created. It even includes many different types of footwork techniques that adds variety to his movement when attacking an enemy. The only reason why this footwork technique would work for someone like him, is because he had mastered each footwork individually before trying to practice the Nirvanic Taichi footwork.

'AaAh this will truly help me throughout my whole life,' thought Sora as his body finally recovered.

He had received damage from the enlightenment because he felt an outside force helping him out. That outside force did indeed help him out, but he was still too weak for the energy to not leave a backlash.

He closed his eyes and smiled as he recognized that feeling being The System.

"It's amazing that you had entered enlightenment!" said Mu Yurou as she got close to Sora. "I had never seen anyone enter enlightenment like that before."

Sora smiled and quickly healed back from the backlash thanks to the Void Imperfection Physique, the spiritual energy, and the Yin-Yang Golden Dragon.

"Do you think something similar could happen to me?" asked Mu Yurou as she sat down and calmed down. Her worry for Sora vanished as she saw his golden blood be brought back to his body and his pale face becoming normal once more.

Nodding, Sora said, "You will. It just takes time, and believe it or not this is my first time entering enlightenment."

'In this life. Still almost 200 millions years and this is the first enlightenment of my second life.'

Mu Yurou gasped and her pretty eyes widened in surprise.

"Hello senior. I have packed everything already," said Xiao Lingxi after getting on the Colossal Ark.

"Good," said Sora as he watched Mira jump out the Zenith Sage Crown and grab onto Xiao Lingxi.

Xiao Lingxi didn't notice Mira nor did she feel her as Mira forced herself into Xiao Lingxi's body.

"Where do I go-"

Xiao Lingxi's head dropped down as Mira got into her body and made Xiao Lingxi's soul enter a slumber.

"A body such a feeling..." said Mira, now in Xiao Lingxi's body.

Mu Yurou turned her head in confus.e.m.e.nt about Xiao Lingxi's words.

Sora noticed that and quickly said, "Take this wooden slip, pour your profound energy into it and you will be taken to your room."

"Okay~," said Mira as she took the wooden slip and gave Sora a wink before vanishing.

Mu Yurou looked to where Mira was just at before mentioning, "She seemed to change so quickly. Just earlier in the sect, she was acting so nice and innocent, but just now she was clearly acting flirtatious with you."

"It truly is weird," said Sora helplessly as he thought about reprimanding Mira.

"You don't think she will pull a move on you, do you?" asked Mu Yurou with slight worry.

Sora smiled and shook his head, "I can't let a disciple do so to me. Only I can pull a move on them."

"I see," Mu Yurou sighed in relief before pausing and looking at Sora only to see that he had disappeared.

'Did he just...'


"So how long will it take you to take that other part of you?" asked Sora as he looked at Mira who was in a revealing nightgown, showing off Xiao Lingxi's curves and slender legs.

"It will take me two months at most," said Mira with a finger on her red lips.

"Two months? Will this happen every time you try to take your soul shards back?" asked Sora with a serious look.

Sora could easily wait just two months if it was only for the soul inside Xiao Lingxi, but if there were more people like Xiao Lingxi, it would truly be annoying. He wanted to get the souls quickly so that he could leave this world and head on to his well deserved vacation packed with action.

"No. It's only taking this long because I, myself, am a small soul shard. As I keep getting more and more, it will naturally take less and less time to get the other soul shards. Plus, I'm pretty sure there are only 5 more soul shards inside the body of someone." Mira had 'as a matter of fact' face as she stood up and waved her finger around.

Sora sighed in relief at what Mira said, if it was only five more and it took less each time, then it is all well. He smiled and said, "Then what about the remaining 2 parts of your soul?"

"They are wandering aimlessly in space, trying to find a suitable vessel for them to enter and continue living," said Mira with a slight sad face.

'This is weird. Seeing Mira express such faces when I am used to just hearing her voice,' thought Sora before rubbing his forehead and smiling.

"Should be easy to grab those souls, but it will take time," said Sora as he thought about a method that can search for those two remaining lonesome souls.

"Great! In the meantime, I will want you to devour me," said Mira as she threw herself onto the bed behind her.

Sora smirked and approached her. He put his hand on her cheek and rubbed her red lips with his thumb before making her crave a kiss.

He pulled back and gave a teasing smile, "Get your own body first and we can have fun."