Traveler Of The Multiverse Chapter 279

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 279 Grandpa's Food

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"Good. You're doing very well in that stance," said Sora as he watched Mu Yurou in a Shaolin Kung Fu stance.

Mu Yurou's curves were being well shown in that stance of her's. Her round butt looked more plump and her long legs looked very seductive.

"How about me!" yelled Mira as she had her legs spread apart and her butt raised in the air after bending over.

"Terrible, no martial art has that type of stance," said Sora as he shook his head in displeasure. 'That's a lie of course. There's a martial art out there that focuses on distracting an opponent by incorporating s.e.x.u.a.l poses into their fighting style. A truly s.e.xy style.'

"Wait a minute..." whispered Sora as he dropped to his knees in sudden revelation. 'I should teach my daughters and wives that martial art!'


Seeing Sora drop to his knees so suddenly, Mira's eyes widened in worry as she dashed over next to Sora. She got down next to him and grabbed his shoulder.

"Are you okay? Was I too s.e.xy for you just now? Are you on the ground like this because your manhood is raging right now?"

Mira kept on asking dumb questions as he hand slid from Sora's shoulder down to his thigh and over to his crotch.

"Ah? My you're so big..." m.o.a.ned Mira as she kept her eyes closed and slowly moved her hand up and down.

"Why are you doing that to my leg?" asked Mu Yurou as she stood over Sora in worry.

"What the when wait what??"

Standing up, Sora gave a wide smile as he took a mental note of what he had just thought of. He directed his ship over to the Divine Phoenix Empire since it was the closest out of six locations he will be heading out to.

Back when he visited the Divine Phoenix Empire to let the Phoenix set it's other half straight, Sora had noticed a beauty. He made sure to keep her in mind as he went to do some stuff before heading back to the woman.

"I believe she was called 'The Number One Beauty of Profound Sky Continent'," said Sora as he rubbed his chin in interest.

"Are you talking about the only princess of the Divine Phoenix Empire?" asked Mu Yurou with squinted eyes at the words of Sora's.

"Indeed. That girl is a true beauty, although I know some women that are more beautiful than her," said Sora as he nodded sagely.

"I see I will head to my room." Mu Yurou lowered her head as a dark shadow loomed over her face. Her feet heavy as she walked to her room slowly.

Sora looked at Mu Yurou and smiled, he knew what the girl was thinking, but he couldn't do anything about it. He had to let her get through this stage without his help.

"Will it really be fine to meet her?" asked Mira as she lay on the ground, trying to peak at Sora's manhood under his robe.

"It will be fine. I met her briefly whilst talking with that damn pesky flaming bird. I even left her a gift, so it would be fine to meet her again," said Sora as he moved away from the perverted Mira.


Sora shook his head at Mira's actions and could hardly think that such a woman is the Ancestral Goddess.

'Being lonely for many years had made her horny I see she's very thirsty,' thought Sora as he scratched his cheek as he looked forward to seeing Feng Xue'er, the number one beauty of Profound Sky Continent.

After a month-long trip, Sora had arrived to Phoenix Perching Valley.

The Colossal Ark had been shrunk down and entered the valley without anyone noticing anything. Not even a Sovereign Profound expert could see the Colossal Ark ever if they knew about it.

"This is the location," said Sora as he jumped down from the boat, followed by Mira and Yu Murou.

"Where will she be?" asked Mira as she looked around with a curious gaze.

Sora didn't reply but snapped his fingers, causing some clouds to form above Phoenix Perching Valley. The clouds turned dark and snow began falling upon the land at a slow and beautiful pace.

It nicely coated the land in snow, covering every tree and every part of Phoenix Perching Valley.

Not long after forming the clouds and having snow fall from them, a shriek could be heard in the distance followed by a constant yell of joy. The yell got louder and louder as it approached Sora and the rest.

"SORAA!! You're back!" yelled a girl that was as beautiful as a fairy that not even words can describe, snowy creamy skin, beautiful eyes that seemed to billow like blue ripples, condensed inside her dreamy, illusory pupils becoming a illusory, poetic, fairy-like dream.

She looked to only be around fifteen or sixteen, her beautiful dreamy, liquid eyes were young.

She ran to Sora with her arms spread out open before jumping into his embrace like seeing a loved one for the first time in over 5 years.

Mira and Mu Yurou's complexions darkened at the sight of Feng Xue'er jumping into Sora's arms and hugging him. Their eyes had a fire burning within them as they gave a dark smile and ran up to Sora before holding his arms.

'Meeting briefly? I must have been a fool to believe him,' scoffed Mira as she looked up at Sora.

"Xue'er, how have you been behaving," said Sora as he lifted up the young girl.

"I have been behaving well Grandpa Sora!" said Feng Xue'er as she hugged Sora tightly.

When Sora had first met Feng Xue'er, he had talked with her for a short while. They spoke about common stuff, mentioning the day, what their name is, and contemplating what they will do in the future.

Somewhere along those lines, Feng Xue'er asked Sora how old he was. Seeing how the girl was innocent and naive, Sora couldn't force himself to lie to her, so he only gave a brief description by saying, "I am old enough to be the grandpa of the world."

Of course, his true age was nearing 420,969,015 years.

It was all from spending so much time inside his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, and since he had spent so much time with his wives, and his children, his mentality hardly changed because of how down to earth his wives are. Especially with how modern his children are. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-food_51781549317744241 for visiting.

Ever since Sora had said that, Feng Xue'er had called Sora grandpa no matter how many times he asked her not to.

'Ah I got a grandchild that's not even blood related,' thought Sora as he looked at the innocent light in the young girl's eyes.

Sora smiled, "That's a good grandchild. Go and play with the snow. I will head over to your house and make some food for you."

"Okay!" said Feng Xue'er before walking away happily, performing small dance steps as she walked over the snow with her pretty small feet.

"You're the Divine Phoenix Empire's only princess' grandfather?" Mu Yurou let go of Sora's arm before looking up at him with shock.

"Haha, not at all. She just came to know me like that," said Sora as he revealed a soft face.

Mu Yurou gave a small relieved smile and looked up at Sora with a smile before holding his arm again.

"How about you become my grandfather too," smirked Mira before rubbing herself on Sora.

said Sora as he gave Mira a light slap on her behind.

"Mgh..." groaned Mira as she let go of Sora and stomped away.

Mu Yurou clung harder to Sora and smiled at him, "Let's make some food for your granddaughter."

Chuckling a bit at what Mu Yurou said, Sora nodded and went to Feng Xue'er's house. He grabbed all the spices he needed and took out four Golden Scaled Fishes from his pond in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

Since the Golden Scaled Fishes were reared by Sora and they had lived in a rich Qi and spiritual environment, the Golden Scaled Fishes were very beneficial to them. Once eaten, they will increase the realm of one of their Martial Arts, Techniques, Profound Skills, or even Profound Arts at a 10% chance of probability.

There's also the chance of being able to break through and a chance for the body to be randomly cleansed of all impurities within the body.

It even increases the strength by 20% for 2 days.

There are many ingredients like this that exist around the world, some of which Sora hasn't tried yet.

'Should I buy some animals and breed them,' thought Sora as he imagined some beef that had been filled with rich Qi and spiritual energy, making it taste heavenly. Even just getting some chicken would be enough for him, eating fish the majority of the time had gotten rather boring for Sora.

He had eaten fish for so long, that it no longer mattered to him if it was delicious or not. He just wanted something other than fish.

Along with his skills, the food will only end up tasting even better. He even managed to find a method and some techniques to completely change the taste of food, despite what they really are. Sora could easily make broccoli taste like meat or even candy.

Using these methods and techniques, Sora uses them to enhance the taste of his food to an amazing level. A level so good, that if a normal person were to eat such a thing, they will enter heaven and meet their loved ones for a week before returning.

Sora and Mu Yurou had fun together preparing food.

They cut all the vegetables, they added in the spices, and made some ultraly delicious fish soup. He made some side dishes that brought out the taste of the food before finally finishing and calling in Feng Xue'er and Mira.

"Food's ready, come and eat," yelled out Sora as he set everything on the table and left an open seat right next to him for Feng Xue'er.

Soon, a happy girl entered the room and walked over calmly and elegantly to the table. She sat down gently before giving Sora a happy look, "I hope I didn't make you wait too long Grandpa."

"This old man waited nothing, hurry and eat," chuckled Sora as he stroked his chin, getting back into the habit of when he was an old man.

Without another word, Feng Xue'er and the others began eating.

Their faces flushed from the heavenly taste of the fish soup and the side dishes. Their eyes rolled back as they sipped on the warm fish soup that warmed up their insides and made them feel good and happy.

Sora finished his food in a slow yet elegant manner as he felt his NIrvanic Taichi make a breakthrough and enter the Saint realm. Since all his martial arts had been condensed, refined, and fused into Taichi, Sora was pushed back a couple of realms.

Although with his wide expanse of experience and the first floor of his Pagoda, he could easily bring back up the realms.

Shaking giddily from the good food, Mu Yurou felt a breakthrough in her Shaolin Kung Fu. Now she seemed to understand more about it and even felt like she could perform the moves more smoothly than she did before.

Her Taichi didn't advance one bit, but it was slightly improved with the breakthrough she had in her Shaolin Kung Fu.

Mira on the other hand felt the soul shard nearing it's completion. With it near completion, she didn't need to put her entire focus on it anymore. So when she stopped focusing on it, her eyes widened and she turned to look at Feng Xue'er with wide eyes.

Giving one last sip to her Golden Scaled Fish soup and bite to her side dish, Feng Xue'er gave off a small glow as black goo seeped out from her pores.

With her impurities being pushed out her body, Feng Xue'er's skin began to get clearer and her hair turned more beautiful by the second. Her strength rose by some small increments and her skills had improved by a small realm.

"What's that smell," gently asked Feng Xue'er as she scrunched her little nose.

"It's you Xue'er. Your body was cleansed of it's impurities," said Sora as he looked at Feng Xue'er with an interesting look.

Feng Xue'er blinked her pretty eyes at Sora with confus.e.m.e.nt before looking at herself with a shocked look. Her face turned red from embarrassment as she shrunk a little in her seat, she peeked at Sora and her eyes brightened.

"Grandpa..." Feng Xue'er whispered as she leaned forward to talk with Sora, "Can you help me wash my body?"