Traveler Of The Multiverse Chapter 280

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 280 A Half Lemon Bath

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"Sure, I'll help you scrub off your impurities," said Sora as he gave of a saint's smile.

Feng Xue'er's eyes lit up and she stood up happily before heading off to draw up some warm water for her bath. She couldn't wait to spend some time with Sora in the bath,

Mira and Mu Yurou who were off to the side didn't notice what had occurred between Sora and Feng Xue'er.

Mira was too busy thinking about some stuff that had come up as she remembered some stuff from her newly unlocked memories. With only a bit left of refining the remaining soul shard, Mira was soon going to exit Xiao Lingxi's body.

Mu Yurou was absorbing the knowledge she had come to understand about the Shaolin Kung Fu. She didn't have time to pay attention to the stuff in her surroundings as she put her attention to the breakthrough in her Shaolin Kung Fu.

She got up from the table and walked outside of the house before practicing her Shaolin Kung Fu.

Sora smiled and calmly walked over to the bath where Feng Xue'er was waiting for him.

Entering the bath, the first thing Sora noticed, was the n.a.k.e.d woman standing next to a tub full of hot water. She looked over to Sora and smiled brightly, waving at him in excitement.

"Grandfather, hurry up and undress!" Feng Xue'er walked over to Sora and removed his robe with an innocent smile.

Sora shook his head and made a towel appear on his waist before Feng Xue'er could completely remove his robe.

Feng Xue'er removed Sora's robe and was about to smile in victory at having Sora read for bathing. She looked at the towel around Sora's waist and paused, "Grandfather, you need to remove that too!"

Pouting, Feng Xue'er grabbed the corner of the towel and remove it before Sora grabbed her hand and said, "You wouldn't want to do that, my dear granddaughter."

Sora pushed Feng Xue'er over to a side where he sat down and poured water on himself. Pausing, Sora turned to Feng Xue'er and gestured to his side.

Sitting down next to Sora, Feng Xue'er smiled happily as she poured water on herself. She grabbed a nearby soap and rubbed it over her body, making her skin soapy. After rubbing some soap on herself, she turned to look at Sora and said, "Grandfather, can you wash my back?"

"Okay," said Sora as he stood up and placed himself behind Feng Xue'er.

Sora grabbed the soap in Feng Xue'er's hands and decided to use his Saintly Hands on her. After lathering up his hands with soap, he placed his hands on Feng Xue'er's beautiful skin and slowly let his hands glide.

His fingers touched all the right places, relaxing every muscle of Feng Xue'er and made her feel better. He even increased her talent this way as gave her a massage whilst washing her back.

"Ah~..." m.o.a.ned Feng Xue'er as she felt Sora's big and strong hand making her back feel good. With a flushed face, she turned to look at Sora and said, "Grandpa I I feel weird."

Sora looked at Feng Xue'er and showed some concern for her as he asked, "You feel weird?"

"Yes Grandfather."

Feng Xue'er leaned back onto Sora and spread open her legs, revealing that dazzling cave of her's. It's juices mixed well with the water as they leaked out of the glistening cave.

Putting a hand on her abdomen, Feng Xue'er looked up at Sora in the eyes with a flushed face, "I feel weird here,"

"Right here?" asked Sora as he placed his hand on her abdomen and moved his hand a bit, massaging that area in specific.

"Mm ye-yes, Grandfather," mumbled Feng Xue'er as she bit her lip.

'Ah, what a cute granddaughter,' thought Sora happily as he gave a small smile.

Feng Xue'er twisted and writhed under Sora's hand as he massaged her abdomen. Pleasure was introduced to her body and it made Feng Xue'er feel happy and tingly down in her special spot. Her eyes gazed at Sora, with an innocent look in her eyes.

'Is he performing an amazing massage technique on me?' thought Feng Xue'er as her tingly area got more tingly and her eyes widened.

"Stop! Grandfather, stop!" m.o.a.ned Feng Xue'er as she tried moving her hands over to her glistening cave.

"Ah~" she m.o.a.ned as she failed to stop the orgasm she had.

Her eyes turned watery as she looked at Sora with an embarrassed look.

"I apologize grandfather, I peed..." muttered Feng Xue'er as she gave a small pout and lowered her head in embarrassment.

Sora looked at Feng Xue'er and gave her a gentle look, "That wasn't pee my dear granddaughter."

"It wasn't?" Feng Xue'er wiped her teary eyes and looked at Sora with a hopeful look.

"No. What you just let out through your special place was a Yin Dew that nourishes men," said Sora as he was about to stand up and head back to his seat before being held by the wrist.

Turning his head to look at a bashful Feng Xue'er, Sora looked at her twiddle her thumbs together like a shy girl. She looked up at Sora with her big and round eyes, filled with boundless innocence.

"You can have my Yin Dew, Grandfather."

Feng Xue'er spread her legs open and showed her glistening cave to Sora as she looked right at Sora with embarrassment.

Not saying a single word more, Sora obliged to what Feng Xue'er said and got down. He put his face near Feng Xue'er's cave and placed his hands around it, using his Saintly Hands.

"Ah~... Gra-grandfather, that makes me feel hot," hotly m.o.a.ned Xue'er as she looked at Sora with a flushed face.

"You will feel relaxed a bit. I am massaging you right now to make sure you rest well tonight," said Sora as his fingers danced along the side of the edge of her cave.

His fingers never touched her hole directly, only sliding and massaging along the side of her cave. It was like a figure skater performing on ice very beautifully as they brought joy and amazement to many on the stands.

Feng Xue'er's hands grasped onto Sora's hair as her back arched forward and her legs shook. Her toes curled up in pleasure as she quickly yelled, "Grandfather! My Yin Dew! It's coming, quickly take in my Yin Dew!"

Sora's eyes lit up and he quickly placed his mouth over her cave and let his tongue slowly touch the sides of her cave before diving in.


Her h.i.p.s buckled and her legs raised to the air as her juices exploded into Sora's mouth. Sora's tongue constantly licked the inside of her walls as he took in her sweet nectar before removing his mouth and smiling at Feng Xue'er.

"That was delicious Xue'er. Grandfather needs to take this Yin Dew in now. Come, let us get in the tub of water."

Sora carried Feng Xue'er and felt her b.o.o.b.s rub against his chest as he entered into the large tub of hot water. Sitting down with her on his lap, Sora relaxed his body and let his head rest on the tub.

"Ah~" m.o.a.ned Feng Xue'er as she enjoyed the feeling of being in the hot water.

Her legs had gone limp from the amazing feeling of both the orgasm and the massage. She snuggled into Sora's arms as she muttered to him.

"Grandfather, can you give me massages more often? That way you can take my Yin Dew more often."

Feng Xue'er eyes shined with more innocence than before as she looked at Sora with a bright face. Her round and plump behind rubbed against Sora's legs and her b.r.e.a.s.t looked beautiful soaked in water.

Sora smiled and nodded, "Whenever you want Xue'er. Grandfather will give you as many massages as you want, but I won't be coming here too often. This grandfather has business to take care of far away from here."

With a sad look in her eyes, Feng Xue'er pouted in disappointment at Sora's words as she lowered her head. However, her sadness didn't last long until she was bubbly once more and offered to go along with him to his businesses.

"I can take care of myself! No need to worry about me at all grandfather. I know the World Ode of the Phoenix very well," said Feng Xue'er with a rather proud look as her b.r.e.a.s.ts rose up from the water.

Chuckling, Sora said, "Very well then, you can come along. You just need to leave your dad a letter or you can even go visit him."

"I'll leave a letter! He's busy with my brothers. I wouldn't like to trouble him at all," said Feng Xue'er as she grabbed Sora's arm.

"Will I really fall asleep and rest well, Grandfather?" asked Feng Xue'er as she wore a bunny pajama Sora had gotten her.

"You will. You might even dream of fairies," said Sora.

Gently rubbing her head, Sora watched as Feng Xue'er fell asleep.

After she fell asleep, Sora left her in her room and headed out.

Sora looked at Mira sitting blankly at the table where they were just eating. With a shake of his head, Sora walked over to her before slowly nudging her shoulder.

"Hey, you alright," asked Sora as he looked at Mira.

"..." Mira's blank look slowly disappeared as she recognized Sora instantly. Her eyes turned watery before she hugged Sora tightly and began crying a little in his arms.

She held on tight to Sora, crying onto him.

Sora looked at her and realized what must have happened. He got down on one knee and hugged her back, letting her cry on his shoulder.

After Mira cried for a couple of minutes, Sora let her rest a bit before finally talking about what had happened to her.

"I forgot about you..." sniffled Mira. Her eyes never left Sora, her hand held tight onto his hand like if Sora would disappear at any moment.

"No. You didn't forget about me," said Sora as he placed his hand on her cheek.

"I did. All I saw was endless darkness and I didn't know anything. I couldn't think about anything, and I didn't have anyone to talk to," muttered Mira as he hand held tighter onto Sora.

Shaking his head, Sora said, "That was you regaining the memories of your split soul. You must have refined the soul shard that contained the memories of your countless years in solitude and infancy."

Mira, the Ancestral Goddess, is a being given birth by the Primal Chaos. She shared it's life, she was the consciousness of the Primal Chaos.

In that case, before she formed consciousness, she WAS Primal Chaos.

Spending many a millennium alone and with no form of thought, maybe even an eon or more. Such a thought is depressing, being there, yet not being able to think or know of your own existence. Stuck in a form where you might be thinking, yet you aren't aware of it until it just happens.

Mira had gone through that.

The endless memories of nothing but solitude and quietness.

"Was it really just memories?" asked Mira as she wiped her tears away and let go of Sora. She wrapped her arms around herself with a scared and depressed face. Remembering the feeling of not thinking and experiencing nothing but darkness.

"I was alone I had no one..."

Sora looked at Mira with a gentle look. He hugged her once again and held her tight in his arms.

"Everything will be okay," said Sora as his eyes blankly looked forward.

"How are you so sure?" she shakily asked.

"I know because I am here now, and you are no longer alone. As long as you have me by your side, you will no longer experience that ever again. I will be by your side forever," said Sora as he gave Mira a kiss on the cheek.

"Why didn't you give me a kiss on the lips?" pointed Mira as she wiped her tears away.

"Huh? Like I would do that for you. You need to get your own body," said Sora as he let go of Mira and gave her a weird look. He turned around and walked away slowly with his hands behind his back.

Mira pouted, "Is this how you treat someone who you will be with forever..."

Sora smiled and walked away, after clearly hearing her 'thank you' that she muttered under her breath.

'I will make all women happy. Who cares about their past, they will all be brought under my care. Giving them eternal happiness with just a single finger.'