Traveler Of The Multiverse Chapter 281

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 281 Su Ling'er

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Leaving with Feng Xue'er, Sora headed off to the next place with Mira and Mu Yurou still digesting what they had gained when eating Golden Scaled Fish Soup.

"Grandfather, where will we be heading to?" asked Feng Xue'er as she looked at Sora with big eyes.

Sora scratched his cheek and said, "We're heading over to Azure Cloud Continent."

When Sora had seen Mira enter Xiao Lingxi's body to absorb the soul shard, he had sent a bit of his Heavenly Energy (Soul Cultivation) in with her to study the signature of her soul shard.

With what he had gained in the past few days, he found that one of Mira's soul shards were over in Azure Cloud Continent. Sora decided to head over to that continent.

By the time they arrive over to that continent, Mira would have already finished refining the soul shard within Xiao Lingxi's body.

Arriving right at the border of Azure Cloud Continent, Sora was sitting right in front of Mira who was refining the tiny bit of her soul remaining within Xiao Lingxi.

Sora stayed close by in case something unexpected happens when she absorbs the soul.

"Mh..." groaned Mira as she scrunched her nose before putting on a relieved face.

Seconds later, a golden cloud came out of Xiao Lingxi's mouth as she exhaled out. She fell back onto the bed and the golden cloud flowed into the Zenith Sage Crown.

said Mira after returning to the crown.

Nodding, Sora left the room and let Xiao Lingxi rest.

He decided to leave her for the time being as he went ahead to make food since it was very early in the morning. The only one awake was Mu Yurou who took advantage of the nice fresh air that accompanied the sun rise.

"You've gotten better this month," said Sora as he complimented Mu Yurou's speed.

"Thanks..." Mu Yurou gasped between moves.

"Complete two more moves before coming to eat," mentioned Sora as he entered the kitchen and whipped up a nice meal for everyone.

Sora finished cooking and found Xiao Lingxi at the door of the kitchen with a flushed face.

"Little Sora have you been well?" asked Xiao Lingxi with a gentle voice as she went up to Sora and hugged him tight.

Sora looked at Xiao Lingxi with a weird look before saying, "Go ahead and take these dishes to the table, Little Aunt."

"Okay," said Xiao Lingxi as she smiled and grabbed the dishes.

'Strange' noted Sora as he looked at Xiao Lingxi from afar.

He looked through all the knowledge he had to determine what could have happened to Xiao Lingxi to have her call him like that. He came up with a couple of reasons, but only one made sense.

Sora thought about how Mira had spent too much time in Xiao Lingxi's body. He was thinking that Mira's attitude towards him had rubbed off onto Xiao Lingxi's soul and changed some memories of Xiao Lingxi's.

However, it was already too late to do anything about it. Xiao Lingxi's soul was already affected by Mira's prolonged time in her body.

After eating food and having Xiao Lingxi call him Little Sora, they had arrived at their next location.

Above an area called Blackwood Stronghold, Sora looked down and squinted his eyes as he felt the presence of the soul shard and quickly found to whom it belonged. Sora jumped off from the Colossal Ark and let it roam around until he gets the person he is supposed to bring with himself.

Once his feet touched the ground, a small figure ran into him by accident.

Sora looked down and lifted up the little girl and smiled.

"Let go of me!" yelled the girl as she shed some tears in fear.

Hearing some rustling nearby, Sora put down the little girl, surprising her. Before the little girl can ask why she was put down, she was brought behind the man's back.

Some nearby bushes rustled and out came 3 men. They stared at the little girl with dark grins on their faces before looking at Sora.

"Hand over the girl if you don't want to be hurt," said the first man.

"..." Sora remained quiet and calmly looked at three men. The little girl behind him held his clothes tight in fear of the three men.

One of the men grew angry seeing as how Sora was ignoring his friend's command, "Hey you ass-"

Before the man could finish what he was going to say, his body went limp and he fell to the floor dead.

His companions looked at the dead body with shock before they brought out their weapons and pointed it at Sora.


Their weapons were cut at the handle and they watched as the main part of their weapons fell to the ground.


They looked at their sliced weapons with fear before turning to face each other. Their bodies shook and their faces turned pale. Slowly, their eyes shifted over to Sora and they noticed nothing in Sora's hands.

Both men questioned in their mind how their weapons had been cut off as they looked at Sora with fear.

"Ru! Run away!" yelled one of the men as he turned around and ran away.

The other man followed behind the man and they both quickly ran from Sora as they both knew that they couldn't ask for forgiveness. They managed to get pretty far after 5 minutes before suddenly being split in half cleanly as they both dropped to the floor dead with their blood and organs spilling from their sliced bodies.

Far away from them, was Sora holding the crying little girl in his arms, comforting her. His eyes were focused on the two men that had just died and he revealed a small smirk.

Sora killed the men with his recent breakthrough in his intents. Over the years, Sora had broken through from Myriad Intent, into Myriad Qi, to Myriad Qi Shape, and finally stepped into Myriad Intent Domain.

The transition from Intent to Qi was a smooth one since all it needed was to continue refining the intent until it was dense and pure. Once it turned dense, the next objective was to compress it and turn it into Qi.

Like how rain is made, once the Intent was compressed, droplets of Myriad Qi formed inside Sora's dantians, living with his Primal Chaos Qi.

From then on, Sora had to continue refining and compressing his intent to form Myriad Qi.

Once a sufficient amount of Qi was formed, it will slowly produce some more by itself as it takes in the intent and makes more Qi. After Qi is formed, one has the option to refine the Qi if they didn't refine the intent before making Qi.

The next stage was a simple one.

Just growing proficient in the use of the Intent Qi and learning how to shape it into weapons and infusing it into items with ease. If the control isn't done, all the Qi will not grow and will instead disperse into the surroundings and the amount will not rise.

This is where the Domain realm finally comes into play.

Domain is created in two different ways, using intent and using Qi.

With intent, the range isn't far and it isn't as powerful as it would be with Qi. One would also need more precise control with intent compared to Qi.

With Qi, the range is more bigger, control is more accurate than intent by many folds, and it is extremely powerful.

To create a domain, the Qi, or intent, needs to be dispersed into the surroundings. This is where Qi is turned back into 'mist', intent, as well as why intent has a shorter range.

Once the 'mist' is spread, one can freely control it with the control one gains from the Shape realm and launch attacks with the intent that was spread out. With the experience of turning intent into Qi, the spread out intent can quickly turn into Qi and launch powerful strikes and eliminate the enemy.

These stages are only just the beginning of Myriad Intent, stages Sora had just barely stepped into.


Hearing the little girl's cries, Sora was brought out from his head. He looked down and saw the girl digging her head into his chest as she continued to shake from fear. She cried and held tightly onto Sora.

Letting her cry, Sora comforted the little girl until she was finally done crying.

"What's your name?" asked Sora as he looked at the cute little face that was snow-white and refined and her pair of pupils that sparkled like the stars in the night sky. It could be expected that when she grew up, she would definitely be a beauty at a catastrophic level.

"Su Ling'er," she cried.

Sora's eyes slightly widened at the mention of her name, 'This is the girl that Yun Che had in his memories. It looks like this girl must have died and reincarnated.'

Looking at the little girl, Sora indeed found that the girl looks extremely similar to the one in Yun Che's memories.

"Well Little Su, I will take you back to your family," said Sora as he lifted the girl and carried her.

"Okay," mumbled Su Ling'er with a small blush.

Having been saved from her kidnappers, Su Ling'er immediately began liking Sora because of his act of kindness. She saw him in a holy glow, her eyes sparkling as she looked right at him, remembering how she was saved by him. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'er_51825246063350184 for visiting.

Su Ling'er guided Sora to where she lives and he took her there gladly with a smile on his face as he carried her on his shoulder. With a wide smile, Sora walked carefree with a young girl on his shoulder and a nice breeze on his face.

As he walked with her to the Grandwake Clan, Sora noticed Su Ling'er's hurt feet. Sora looked at Su Ling'er's face, which was filled with happiness, completely ignoring the pain.

With a shake of his head, he placed one of his hands on her feet and said, "Little Su, want to see something amazing?"

"Yes big brother!" said Su Ling'er as she looked right at Sora.

Sora gave out a hearty laugh as he listened to the way Su Ling'er called him. Compared to the innocent Feng Xue'er who called him Grandfather, Su Ling'er on the other hand called him big brother. Just hearing that, he feels a hundred times younger.

"Pay close attention," said Sora as he covered Su Ling'er's feet. He let his spiritual energy flow into her feet and heal her and used his Dream Energy to fix her shoes and even add a small drawing on them.

"Wow!" Su Ling'er's eyes widened in amazement as she looked at her shoes. She even wiggled her toes as she felt that her feet no longer hurt or felt tired. She looked at the little drawing of a childish dog on her nice shoes.

"Pretty amazing right?" Sora looked at Su Ling'er who looked at her shoes with amazement.

"Want to see something even better?" asked Sora as he looked at Su Ling'er with a smile.


"Close your eyes then," said Sora with a mysterious smile.


Su Ling'er closed her eyes and it wasn't even a second until Sora told her to open her eyes. Slowly opening her eyes, Su Ling'er noticed something different right away in front of her.

She was staring back at herself, and she was scared for a second before realizing that it was just a mirror. But before she could say anything about the mirror, she noticed the pretty dress she was wearing. She looked down and it was the same dress that she was wearing in the mirror.

With twinkling eyes, Su Ling'er looked at Sora and thanked him.

"This is an amazing dress," said Su Ling'er. "It feels very comfortable and warm!"

"Haha, that's good to hear Little Su," said Sora as he picked her back up and continued walking to the Grandwake Clan.