Traveler Of The Multiverse Chapter 282

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 282 Weird Lemon Man

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When Sora was about to arrive at Grandwake Clan, shouts could be heard from the distance.

"Ling'er! Ling'er!"

A hasty and worried voice reached the ears of young Su Ling'er and she quickly turned her head to the direction she heard the voice.

"Papa! It's papa!"

Su Ling'er and Sora saw a disheveled man appear in their line of vision, although appearing frantic, the man carried around a calm aura.

Sora put Su Ling'er down and watched as she ran to him with a happy face.

"Ling'er! You're okay! Thank god Did anyone try to kidnap you? Are you injured?" The man quickly got down on his knees and hugged the girl with a worried voice.

"I'm okay brother, big brother here protected me," Su Ling'er said with a lighthearted voice.

It was only then that Su Hengshan took notice of Sora's presence and said, "Little brother! This Su is eternally grateful for saving his daughter."

"Haha, you're too polite. This one just saw someone in distress and knew instantly that I needed to help," said Sora with a light chuckle.

Su Hengshan smiled and said, "Little brother, I see that you are traveling alone. Would you like to come with me to our Grandwake Clan? It will allow this Su to properly give my gratitude to you."

Looking at Su Hengshan and then at Su Ling'er, Sora said, "You're indeed right, I am traveling alone. I currently have nowhere to go, so I gratefully accept your hospitality."

"Really?! Great!" Su Hengshan gave a warm laugh before saying, "This one's name is Su Hengshan. May I know your name, little brother?"

"This one is called Sora."

"That name must not be a very common name. I have never heard of it," said Su Hengshan with a look of curiosity as he decided to look for records on the name Sora when he returns to the clan.

"Big brother Sora, you can't leave until you receive hospitality from me," said Su Ling'er as she ran over to Sora and took his hand with a grin.

"I wouldn't dare to leave my new friend," said Sora as he walked alongside Su Hengshan and Su Ling'er to their clan.

On the way to the Grandwake Clan, Sora asked Su Hengshan some simple questions and soon realized that Su Ling'er and Su Hengshan were ambushed by people of their clan.

With a shake of his head, Sora couldn't believe such a thing is so common in these cultivation worlds. He looked up to the sky and felt glad he wasn't raised in a world like this.

Eventually, Sora and the rest arrive at Grandwake Clan and Sora is introduced to Su Haoran, Su Hengshan's son. A man who unluckily caught Sora's ire as he felt Su Haoran's intentions towards any beautiful women he may meet.

Su Hengshan quickly left with Su Ling'er for a meeting, leaving Sora behind with Su Haoran.

"Follow me over here," said the man without a trace of respect. Since he felt no profound strength from Sora, he believed he was just an average man that his father had brought home. So he just took him to Dragon Perching Pavillion and left without a word.

Sora was smiling strangely as he sat on the bed within his. Both his eyes had Yin-Yang symbols on them as he looked over to where Su Haoran was. Even with many stuff blocking his sight, Sora could see Su Haoran as if he was standing right before him.

With a light chuckle, the Yin-yang symbols in his eyes quickly rotated and then stopped. The symbols disappeared and Sora couldn't help himself from laughing.

Far away, Su Haoran was casually walking in an empty corridor. As he walked forward, he suddenly felt like messing with some woman.

"My clothes feel light," said Su Haoran as he headed to the maid chambers like he would usually do to relieve his 'stress'.

Walking into the room, Su Haoran glanced at some maids and quickly walked up to one before wrapping his hand over her shoulder and groping her b.r.e.a.s.t.

"We are heading into the next room and having fun," said Su Haoran as he gave a nasty grin to the woman.

"Hmph!" The woman quickly elbowed Su Haoran and left, but not before throwing a comment that confused Su Haoran.

"If you want to do it, do it with someone with the same preferences as you!"

Su Haoran felt hurt by the woman's elbow and couldn't believe what he was feeling. He was at the 4th rank of the Spirit Profound Realm, something like a punch from a maid shouldn't hurt him.


Spitting in anger, Su Haoran walked out of the maid chambers yelling, "Guards, grab that woman! I need to have some fun tonight!"

Su Paman, a guard who was stationed by the maid chambers.

He was doing his work like always, walking around the maid chambers to make sure nothing bad happens to the maids. He would occasionally have some fun with a maid who was on a break, but there wasn't any maid today passing by.

Su Paman didn't mind it much however, he had a girl he was interested in lately. A woman who had average looks, she had stolen his heart the first time he laid eyes on her.

Her name is Lo-is Lang.

She was an amazing woman, always searching for rumors around the Grandwake Clan to spread amongst the maids in the maid chamber.

Su Paman hardly cared for any other maid and only wanted to see Lo-is Lang in his bed at night.

Just as he was heading to the maid chambers where Lo-is Lang was supposed to be that day, Su Paman found her nowhere. Instead, he found a strange woman walking around the maid chamber, shouting nonsense.

"Guards! Why aren't you helping me with the women tonight?"

Su Paman's eyebrows furrowed as he approached the woman who had her back to him. All he could see was how her robe was too big on her and it slid off her shoulder, revealing her elegant skin.

'Who is this woman? I have never seen her around here...' Su Paman knew all the faces of the women in the Grandwake Clan, especially the maids. There wasn't a single woman he didn't know, so seeing the woman before really got his curiosity.

He approached the woman with loud footsteps and got her to turn around. Su Paman was sure he could keep his cool whenever he ran into a woman, but when the woman before him turned around and revealed her exquisite face and her fair body proportions, Su Paman froze.

Awe overflowed from him, and he felt a burning sensation in his body, slowly making him want to f.u.c.k the woman. His eyes wandered over the woman's body without hiding his l.u.s.tful intentions of wanting to ravage her.

"Wh-why are you looking at me like that Paman," said the woman as she took a step back, revealing a long and slender leg through the robes.

That was when something snapped within Su Paman as mind went blank and his body was filled with unknown vigor as his member was raised and his clothes came off instantly. Without knowing why, Su Paman lost all sense of reasoning and quickly let his l.u.s.t rule him as he forcefully removed the robes from the woman.

"What are you doing Su Paman! I'm your master," cried the woman in horror as Su Paman quickly made the woman n.a.k.e.d in an instant.

"Bah! I only listen to my master Su Haoran," chuckled the l.u.s.t-crazed Su Paman.

"I AM Su Haoran!" cried the woman as her legs were forced apart.

"My master isn't no weak woman. He's a fourth rank Spirit Profound Realm practitioner!" yelled Su Paman as he placed his raging member at the weak woman's dry p.u.s.s.y.

Su Paman didn't care if the woman was wet or not, he quickly slammed his c.o.c.k deep within the woman, making her scream out in pain.

"AAAAAARRHHHHH!!!" yelled out the woman. 'How is this possible?! I'm a MAN!!! When the hell did I turn into a woman!!'

"Argh! So tight..." the man groaned as he blew his load inside the woman's bleeding p.u.s.s.y.

"What's with all the yelling?!"

A group of guards quickly ran over to where Su Paman and the woman were.


"Su Paman, what are you doing?!"

"Damn, so daring to do it out in the hallways."

Su Paman didn't seem to hear them as he continued moving his h.i.p.s, thrusting in and out of the woman who was wrapping tightly around his member. The woman was still screaming out in pain and horror as she was being r.a.p.ed by her guard.

Her face, which was covered by hair, was suddenly uncovered by Su Paman's desire to see her face as he plunged his c.o.c.k deep within her p.u.s.s.y. Su Paman's face was one filled with ecstasy as he blew his load once more.

He pulled out and fell on his back, resting from his recent activity.

"Wuuu..." cried the woman. She lifted her head and looked at the guards that were looking at her and yelled, "You damn bastards! Why didn't you help me at all?!"

"Ah? We thought you were to-"

The man didn't finish what he said before he suddenly got n.a.k.e.d and jumped at the woman along with many others that saw her face. Their members were raging and the woman was petrified from fear as she looked at all the men surrounding her with their c.o.c.ks right on her face.

"No please no more..." The woman cried out softly as she was quickly pushed around from c.o.c.k to c.o.c.k, pleasing all of them whether it be with her mouth, ass, p.u.s.s.y, or hands. Every single part of her body which could be used to feel pleasure, was used.

Her insides didn't remain unfilled either as they quickly filled up with white juices from all the guards.

An hour passed and the woman was still stuck with all the men toying with her.

She had a d.i.c.k in all three of her holes.

White juices covered her body and hair as her eyes held a dead look. She continued to scream, but not at the same level as before. Her voice was quiet, but the terror was still there every time she saw a d.i.c.k right right before her face.

The more guards ran to see what was the commotion, the larger the amount of men wanting to enter her rose.

She couldn't do anything about it, she was stuck with men pushing her around with no way to turn. Her asshole was forced open by a d.i.c.k and her mouth was stuff with many d.i.c.ks.

The woman had stopped screaming for help, knowing that she wouldn't be getting any soon.

She just had to await her death under the claws of the men holding her down as they filled her body with c.u.m.

"Hais that man must be having fun," said Sora as he remembered about Su Haoran as he laid on his bed comfortably. "That man had an aura that I disliked, so I definitely couldn't let him live however he wanted."

Sora thought back to the time he was asking Su Henghan questions about the Grandwake Clan and found out Su Hengshan was being targeted in his own clan. After some simple questions that were used to draw out valuable questions, Sora had come up with some possible culprits that wanted Su Hengshan out of the way and Su Ling'er kidnapped.

With Su Hengshan's son being one of them, all Sora needed to do was lay his eyes on him and he would know if they were the one or not.

Which is one of the reasons Sora had turned Su Haoran into a woman and sealed his fate as a woman who's face is so alluring that men lose their minds and start f.u.c.k.i.n.g.

Whatever he may be into from now on, will be up to himself.