Traveler Of The Multiverse Chapter 283

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 283 Young Master Pill

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Knock knock

Sitting up from the bed, Sora walked over to the door and saw Su Ling'er standing there in front of him.

"Hey Little Su, what are you doing here?" Sora looked at the adorable little girl and asked.

"Big brother Sora! Papa told me that you shouldn't leave this room. That mean people will be coming by later and that you should shut your door tightly!" Su Ling'er said.

"Really?" asked Sora with a subtle smile.

"Yes, papa said that you should use this time to rest up," said Su Ling'er. Ling'er was about to turn around to leave, but paused and said, "Big brother, can we play later when you're not tired? And can you tell me stories about your adventures too!"

"Haha, okay. I will tell you all types of stories," said Sora as he scratched his chin and looked at Su Ling'er leave.

After Su Ling'er left, Sora took the time to advance his Myriad Intent to the next stage. A portion of Sora's Myriad Intent Qi started to gather and began to compress once more.

Slowly, the Myriad Qi started to get thicker and thicker. Whilst it was getting thicker, Sora was speaking an ancient and celestial language that made the surroundings distort itself and many runes covered the Myriad Qi that got thicker and smaller.

Sora sat down with his back straight and a refined face, his lips moving at unknown speeds as the words were barely inaudible. Words left his mouth in a solid form as they embedded themselves onto the floor and on his body.

When the words touched his body, Sora's flesh and bones absorbed the words greedily. They flowed with a mysterious power as if they contained the secrets of existence.

Who do we exist?

Why does the universe continue to expand infinitely?

Where does the energy and mass come from to create more worlds stars energy?

Where do black holes lead and distort space?

Why do Karen's get so triggered?

It was as if the answers to everything was answered in the ancient and divine language that Sora spoke.

Slowly, Sora stopped cultivating and opened his eyes. Many different feelings and intents exploded out from Sora at the same type.





















Sora's eyes revealed many different things as his gaze swept past everything.

Like Sora's being had merged with the Myriad Intent, allowing his bones and flesh to become one it. Slowly, his soul and Primal Chaos Qi were starting to change slowly as his Myriad Qi revolved around them and began changing them.

Although it was minute changes to the soul and Primal Chaos Qi, with time, it will eventually mix together beautifully.

When Sora was about to continue compressing his Myriad Qi, Sora heard some laughs and angry rebukes from time to time.

Sighing, Sora stood up and walked out of his room.

"Where are you going big brother?!" asked Su Ling'er with worry. It was like she was his guard to prevent him from going into the Conference Hall of Grandwake Clan.

"Of course I'm going to help your father," said Sora as he walked with Su Ling'er next to him.

He had a calm smile on his face and his arms behind his back. With an ethereal air surrounding him, Sora walked on without a care in the world with a tinge of arrogance.

"But papa doesn't want you to get hurt!" Su Ling'er said with some worry.

Sora turned to look at Su Ling'er and placed a hand gently on her head, "Do you believe I will get hurt?"

"... No." Looking at Sora, Su Ling'er didn't really think Sora would get hurt from the others. She didn't know why, but she felt that Sora just wouldn't get hurt by anything.

"Then, why don't you come with me. I will protect you," said Sora as he outstretched his hand to the little girl.

"Okay!" sweetly smiled Su Ling'er before taking Sora's hand and being picked up. Sora sat her on his shoulder before heading on inside to the Conference Hall where Su Hengshan and his enemies were.

As Sora walked into the conference room, he heard laughs of ridicule from inside.

"Very well! If there is anyone under twenty in my Grandwake Clan that can defeat Haoyu and prove that his natural talents aren't the greatest, then I'll immediately slap my ass and leave. I'll never mention a word regarding the clan's treasure ever again and I'll apologize to the Clan Master for my inappropriate behaviors today But, what if no one can defeat Haoyu?"

"Then please Hengshan, give the key to the clan's treasure to Haoyu. I believe none of the elders and the members of the clan present here want to see this matter be dragged out or bickered over." an old man said very slowly.

Sora smirked at the words of the two people from the inside. It was an obvious ploy to get Su Hengshan to hand over their precious treasure using strength in an unassuming way.

Shaking his head, Sora entered the scene. With a loud voice, he said, "Did someone not give this senile man his white jacket? He's obviously gone crazy trying to doom his clan just for a temporary benefit. His brain must have turned to shit as he grew older."

Su Wangji, the old man, shook in anger after hearing Sora's words. His anger overflowed and he angrily spat out, "Who dares?!"

"See? Can't even recognize the one that talks badly about him," continued Sora as he looked at the old man with a look of ridicule.

"Who is this young man?" frowned Su Hengyue, Su Hengshan's brother and enemy.

"Little Brother Sora! Ling'er! What are you both doing here?" asked Su Hengshan in worry and shock.

"It seems this young man is a guest of yours brother. You should hold him back and kick him out from here," spat Su Hengyue as he glared at Sora.

Sora ignored the words of Su Hengyu and turned to Su Hengshan, "Don't worry senior, I came after knowing that you needed help to deal with these 'family members' of yours. And don't worry about Little Su, I will protect her with my life."

Su Hengshan looked at Sora with a bit of surprise before somehow having confidence that Sora could easily deal with something like this. He stood back and let Sora do his thing.

"I heard something earlier about this brother over here being the best-talent in the Grandwake clan. I was hoping to look for a duel, but it doesn't seem like he can even withstand a tickle from me." Sora looked over at a young man named Su Haoyu, Su Hengyue's son.

"You" Su Haoyu maintained a calm look on his face as anger bubbled from the inside of himself.

"Haoyu, find a way to dispose of this young man. I don't sense any profound strength, he's just lying through his teeth," sound transmitted Su Hengyue to Su Haoyu.

With an even larger smile, Su Haoyu walked up to Sora and stood face to face with him.

"You're courting death! See how this young master wipes that pride off of your face and make you embarrassed. No woman would like to sleep with you once they realize how weak you are compared to me," said Su Haoyu with a smirk as he looked up at Sora's face.


"This young man really knocked upon Death's door!"

"Let us watch on. This has gotten interesting!"

"The hell! This kid really is courting death."

Everyone thought Sora was just 17 because of his extremely young looks, some might even believe he was 16 if it wasn't for his height, handsome face, and mature aura. Ever since Sora had found out how to refine energy, body, soul, and anything, he had refined his energy and body to a point where he even looked younger.

If Sora sealed his cultivation, he would start aging once again. Fixing the problem of his age and only making him look more handsome loses his young features and gains a mature face.

Sora looked down at Su Haoyu and smirked, "Hou? You really don't live up to your title of best-talent in Grandwake Clan. You would be better off eating shit seeing as how you are always talking with it in your mouth."

"You" Su Haoyu frowned and took a step before. With a 'cling', he pulled out his sword and pointed it at Sora. "Pull out your weapon, let this young master teach you the meaning of courting death."

"You have no ability to teach, you would be luckier kissing your father's ass and getting whatever you want," said Sora as he put a hand behind his back and remained still with his back as straight as a spear.

Ling'er remained perched up on his shoulder, she looked at everything happening with a gentle smile. She couldn't feel scared no matter what she saw happen ever since she got on Sora's shoulder. She felt as if Sora's shoulder was the safest place to be in all of existence, she didn't feel threatened, she just felt warm inside.

"Don't say I didn't warn you," said Su Haoyu as he thrust his sword at Sora. Feeling his sword effortlessly go through Sora, Su Haoyu couldn't help smirking. "Seems like you were lying through your teeth."

"You really aren't a genius at all," came a voice from where he stabbed.

With eyes filled with shock, Su Haoyu lifted his head and saw Sora looking down at him with a smirk on his face.

'HOW?! I stabbed him! He moved to the left, I felt it!'

Sora smiled and didn't bother saying that he used his Myriad Intent to make Su Haoyu feel him moving left.

"Now it's my turn," said Sora before moving his hand and just using his finger to softly touch Su Haoyu's shoulder.

"Is that it?" asked Su Haoyu with scorn as he felt nothing from that.

"This match is as good as over," said Sora before turning around and going to stand next to Su Hengshan.

Su Haoyu looked at Sora with a smirk on his face as he stood up straight. Su Hengyue also smirked seeing as how Sora just backed off after Su Haoyu's attack and only lightly tapped Su Haoyu's shoulder.

"Well done in scaring the boy, Haoyu," said Su Hengyue as Su Haoyu walked back over to him.

With a wide smile on his face, Su Hengyue welcomed back his son next to him as he waited for anyone else to show up and fight.

Su Wangji smirked seeing as how Sora gave up the fight and said, "Now get rid of tha-"


A horrible shriek echoed in the Conference Hall, stopping Su Wangji from continuing any further. Everyone turned their eyes to see the source of the horrible shrieks and found Su Haoyu in the middle of it all.

The area where Sora had just lightly touched had sunken in and was continuously absorbing the rest of his body. Su Haoyu's body kept being pulled to the single point where Sora had just casually touched Haoyu's shoulder.

Su Haoyu was yelling in horror, tears streamed down his face as he felt immense pain from his skin, bones, and meat was all pulled to one point. He turned his eyes to his father who was sitting right before him.

"Father! Help me! It hurts it hurts father!! ARGHHHH!!"

With those last words coming from Su Haoyu's mouth, he was gone. In his place was a small black marble in his place.

"Haoyu..." weakly mumbled Su Hengyu as he looked at the black marble with tears in his eyes. It was like his soul had left his body as his hair rapidly turned white from grief and pain from seeing his own son in pain and disappearing right in front of his eyes before turning into just a black marble.

"Holy crap..."

"What type of move did the young man just use!"

"Scary! Too scary!"

"I can't sense his realm! Is he an expert at such a young age?"

"Impossible! There's just no way!"

Sora remained calm and had a carefree smile on his face. What he had just used was considered a demonic technique.

This technique is very useful, however it requires being in a higher realm of the target. You could also just use it on an injured or near-death being and turn them into a small pill/pellet. It could work on those stronger and on the same realm, but it would usually take hours for it to take effect.

The stronger they are, the longer it will take. One could also use the technique multiple times, allowing the speed to quickly improve.

Once in the history of the so-called 'Demonic Technique', it was considered a normal technique used to make profound beasts into pills/pellets instantly. Once they turn into pills/pellets, they can be eaten to refine their cultivation, their techniques and skills, along with their mastery in their techniques and skills.

However, one day, a person used this technique on a living person, turning them into a pill. Once rumors of this spread, it was labeled as a Demonic Technique and forbidden by the entire cultivation world.