Traveler Of The Multiverse Chapter 284

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 284 Major Improvements

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While everyone else was still in fear about what just happened, Sora stepped forward.

"I would like to say that I will be taking Su Ling'er as my personal disciple. Whoever dares to harm Su Hengshan or bring about the downfall of Grandwake Clan, WILL bring about my rage."

Sora said with a small smile as he released a small portion of his killing intent on everyone in the surrounding besides everyone on Su Hengshan's side.

"Eeeek! A monster!"

"Su Hengshan! You've done it now! You've brought about the destruction of our clan now!" yelled Su Hengyue with tears on his face as he spat out at Su Hengshan under fear of Sora's killing intent.

"Hm? Shut up and get out of here with your son," said Sora as he glared at Su Hengyue. Drawing in his killing intent, Sora looked at Su Hengyue with a cold look.

"He's dead..." muttered Su Hengyue with a lost look. "You killed him you killed my son..."

Sora sighed and used his Mystic Eyes of Yin-Yang. He snapped his fingers and the black marble was turned back to a living and breathing Su Haoyu with a pale look and terrified eyes. He was crippled and had no cultivation. (A/N: Changed the name of the Mystic Eyes of Taichi to Mystic Eyes of Yin-Yang since it's not really taichi but Yin and Yang.)

"Now scram," said Sora as he waved his hand and sent away Su Hengyue who's eyes widened.

Without giving them a single moment to realize that Su Haoyu came back to life, Sora waved his hand and everyone was pushed out of the Conference Hall.

"S-senior..." stuttered Su Hengshan. After seeing Sora's display of power, he couldn't even believe he was treating a powerhouse like Sora so casually like any other guest. Now he was filled with fear in case he did something to displease the powerhouse.

"Wow! That was amazing, big brother!" yelled Su Ling'er as her eyes sparkled.

"Haha, glad to see that you enjoyed that," said Sora as he chuckled a little.

"Ling'er be careful with your words..." whispered Su Hengshan with a shaky voice.

"Calm down Hengshan," said Sora. "I meant what I said. Su Ling'er will be my personal disciple from now on. I will teach her to the best of my abilities so that she may be stronger."

Sora placed Su Ling'er on the ground and looked at Su Hengshan with a calm gaze, no arrogant or prideful aura surrounding him, only a gentle and serene aura.

"I will be taking Su Ling'er with me.

You will still be able to see Su Ling'er when ever you want with this mirror. You can also just partially enter the mirror to give your daughter a hug or a kiss. This way, Little Su won't be missing home too much."

"This thank you senior..." muttered Su Hengshan as he bowed his head to Sora in gratitude.

"Papa am I leaving you?" asked Su Ling'er as she looked at Su Hengshan with a sad look.

Sora placed his hand on Su Ling'er's head and said, "It will be alright Little Su."

Su Ling'er put her head down at Sora's words and said, "I will miss you papa."

"I will also miss you Ling'er." Su Hengshan got down on one knee and hugged Su Ling'er. "We will be alright, you see this mirror. I will be able to see you even when you're so far away."

Sora left Su Ling'er and Su Hengshan for the day, letting them talk and hang out one last time before he leaves with Su Ling'er.

Now with Su Ling'er in his arms, Sora nodded to Su Hengshan and got back on the Colossal Ark before leaving.

'Mira, you won't take the soul inside Su Ling'er until you take the soul parts from the others first. I can't have you corrupting the little girl's mind,' said Sora as he shook his head.

said Mira.

"Now, we have to head out to some places out in the Realm of the Gods."

Sora made the Colossal move at supersonic speeds before arriving at the Realm of the Gods in just seconds.

"Who shall we go see today..."

"See who?" asked Mu Yurou as she walked up to Sora.

"I have to see some people to retrieve something," Sora scratched his cheek.

Mu Yurou looked at Sora for a while before saying, "Are they women?"

"I'm not really too sure about that," said Sora as he looked up.


"Little Sora wouldn't lie. He's a nice little boy," said Xiao Lingxi as she appeared next to Mu Yurou. She looked at Sora with a warm smile.

Mu Yurou turned to look at Xiao Lingxi with a weird look. In the past two days she was with Xiao Lingxi alone, they had gotten quite close. She had realized then, that Xiao Lingxi was smitten with Sora, just like her

said Mira with a gentle voice.

Sora chuckled at Mira's words, 'Too bad they can't hear you.'

shyly said Mira.

"Hm I feel someone near..." said Sora as he looked off into the distance. 'It will be some time before we will run into them. I will do some other stuff in the meantime.'

Sora left the two women and Su Ling'er together before heading off into his own room. He sat down on the floor and continued to practice his Nirvanic Taichi and compress his Myriad Qi.

After doing that, Sora got to refining the last bit left of his Ancestral God Bloodline.

Hours passed and Sora finally finished refining the Ancestral God Bloodline.


Sora felt like the entire Against The Gods world was instantly connected to him. This feeling wasn't too new for him, it was almost the same feeling as his Heavenly Universe. It was as if he had become the owner of the universe Against the Gods.

Sitting down and looking inside himself, Sora noticed his Heavenly Universe growing even larger by hundreds of times. When he looked closer at his Heavenly Universe, Sora noticed his original Heavenly Universe above the newly added Against The Gods.

Seeing this, Sora realized that he no longer needed to personally use his Heavenly World runes to travel from world to world. All he needed to do was make the universe his and have it sit in his Heavenly Universe as it's own realm like Against The Gods.

If he gathers worlds like this, his Heavenly Universe will need to become a Heavenly Paradise. Which was bound to happen now that he knew about making the universes his.

With a smile, Sora entered his Heavenly Universe and onto the World Tree Planet.

On the World Tree Planet, like the name says, is the planet where the World Tree resides. Since Sora's palace was struck by the Chaos lightning, making the wood the sapling of the world tree, Sora's palace will forever be stuck with the World Tree.

Appearing on the World Tree Planet, Sora didn't go to see his family, nor did he go to talk with the World Tree. Instead, Sora went to the Heavenly World Runes that connected to the other four worlds he had already traveled to before.

Dragon Ball.


Highschool DxD.

Tales of Demons and Gods.

Sora became the owner of each universe and let them rest within his Heavenly Paradise.

With the worlds connected like this, Sora's Heavenly Universe grew larger and larger from sharing the energies generated by the worlds. His Heavenly Universe now passively grew from the influx of energy from the universes.

Sora smiled as he witnessed his universe grow and the World Tree grow as well. However, the World Tree's growth had been slowing down as it's Essence grew purer and stronger instead.

Each leaf of the world tree was huge enough to let an entire Earth live on it. The World Tree passively generated water and animals, letting each leaf be cared for.

If pollution existed on the leaves, they would be instantly sucked into the leaves and turned into safe and pure energy. If the pollution is terrible, monsters are formed on that leaf.

Sora inhaled and exhaled after feeling the amount of energy his Heavenly Universe was receiving from the five newly added worlds.

Looking into his Heavenly Universe, Sora noticed how the Sacred Scripture he had was floating at the center of the entire universe, serving as the core of the World Tree Planet.

It released many ancient characters filled with the laws of Life and Death. The energy received from all five new worlds were siphoned through the Sacred Scripture and made into more space and energy for his Heavenly Universe.

Sora would have never guessed that his 10 ft. sq. land would one day become an entire Universe. He looked at the continuous and ever expanding universe of his with a proud look.

Planets and Stars were constantly made with hundreds of different life forms each coming to life on the planets.

"This is amazing" said Sora with a low voice as he looked at his Heavenly Universe. He turned his gaze to the other five worlds and noticed that they had begun to grow as well.

The difference between the growths of the 5 worlds and Sora's Heavenly Universe was staggering.

Before, the five worlds never grew anymore, the energy they created leaked and it could no longer be grabbed back. The escaped energy was stolen by other worlds, used for their own growths.

What Sora's Heavenly Universe had done, was take that energy and grow. It used a portion of that energy and sent it back to the worlds that provided it.

Sora's Heavenly Universe was a dependent Universe, it can't grow without the help of an outside source. The World Tree could provide massive amounts of energy for the Heavenly Universe to always be growing and strengthening itself, but it needed to reach maturity first.

So before the Heavenly Universe could become independent, it needed energy from the outside to grow and survive.

Looking at the growing Universe, Sora couldn't be any more proud.

Exiting his inner world, Sora felt refreshed and decided to do some more rounds of training in his Nirvanic Taichi and compressing his Myriad Qi.

said Mira after noticing Sora's happy mood.

"I just found that I no longer need to do something manually." Sora smiled and felt nice and free as he practiced through his Nirvanic Taich smoothly.

Mira stayed quiet for a moment before voicing out her thoughts,

"Of course not, my happiness would be even greater than now," Sora said truthfully as he did his Nirvanic Taichi more vigorously.

Since Nirvanic Taichi contained all the thousands, even millions, of different moves from every Martial Art in existence, Sora focused on practicing the basics. This would help him out on the long run, strengthening all his skills and his body itself. The more he practiced Nirvanic Taichi, the more strength he could pull from every piece of flesh in his body, maybe even his bones.

He already had absolute control over all of his muscles, skin, and even bones, if he were to also utilize them to their full potential, he would be an unstoppable force against those on his same strength level.

Training in the Nirvanic Taichi basics was like training in the Basic Sword Techniques. If he practiced the basics like the Basic Sword Techniques, he wouldn't need to practice thousands of different moves daily.

For footwork techniques, Sora could easily practice that since many of the footwork techniques were extremely similar. As long as he had a high understanding, experience, and realm in one footwork technique, it would be the same for him if he were to practice another footwork technique.

His work was made easier and he made quick and fast progress as he practiced day and night. Compressing Myriad Qi would take 2 hours before the Myriad Qi would be exhausted and he waited for more to acc.u.mulate.

Slowly, the days passed as Sora's Myriad Qi was turned into a core.

Instead of the usual core that is just solid and in a spherical shape, Sora took it a step further by compressing it to a point where it's a crystal pearl. Making his Myriad Intent Core extremely dense and full of Myriad Qi.

This worked in Sora's favor since the Myriad Core could not only be used to enhance attacks and have much more Myriad Qi, it also served to improve the production of Myriad Qi by a hundred fold.

He created Myriad Qi at a faster speed than before, allowing him to basically have an endless supply of Myriad Qi.