Traveler Of The Multiverse Chapter 285

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 285 You'er

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After exiting from his 'closed door cultivation', Sora finally went ahead to where he sensed Mira's soul shard.

Up on his Colossal Ark, Sora looked down from the edge of his ship. His eyes calmly looking down to the person who held Mira's soul shard.

Sora's eyes slightly widened at the appearance of Mira's soul shard holder before returning to normal. He gave a light smile before appreciating the beauty of the holder of the soul shard.

Sora was currently located in the Brahma Monarch God Realm, looking down onto the Brahma Emperor Capital City.

The person in his line of sight?

Qianye Ying'er.

Also known as the Brahma Monarch Goddess.

Qianye Ying'er's reputation as a supreme beauty is well known throughout the Realm of the Gods as 'Goddess'. The Dragon Queen and Goddess are the two most peerless beauties that no one else can compare to. It is said that these two possess three-fifths of the beauty of the entire Primal Chaos Realm.

She had an especially slender build and a head full of luminous long, gold-colored hair. Half of it spilled over her shoulders and the rest hung all the way down to her buttocks. She seemed to be dressed in a special layer of soft, golden leather that tightly clung to her body. Every outline her clothes drew on her body was perfect to the point of being stifling. Her bottom and bosom were tall and swelled, her waist as delicate as a willow. No matter where one's eyes touched, no matter which inch was seen, it was so alluring that it would cause one's soul to go limp.

Her lips are tender and seem as though they are cherry blossom petals glittering in the light. The slight curve of those lips was not the gentle kind of beautiful, but somewhat cold. Her exquisite chin resembled carved jade. Her neck is dreamily white and seems to be covered in a powder made of snow. Nobody would dare believe that there would be such flawless jadelike skin existing in this world.

Sora, who had spent millions of years with many beautiful women, hardly cared for looks anymore. As long as they looked decent, Sora was glad to have them by his side. What he cared about more, was the love and their exquisitely shaped bodies that can make a man erect with just a small look.

Of course, it was still refreshing to have a heavenly beauty by his side.

'Her beauty is out of this world,' said Sora with a light smirk. 'She's worthy of carrying Mira's soul shard.'

Now, all Sora had to do was find a way to get the girl to follow him. Just a small glance at the girl and he could tell that she would be difficult to bring over to his side. He could also just send Mira down by herself and let her refine the soul.

It should only last for a month, so it wouldn't be too bad for that to happen.

Sora sighed and walked over to Mu Yurou who was practicing off to the side.

Like usual, he instructed her in a couple of moves and directed her onto the correct path. He looked at Su Ling'er and trained her as well in a couple of powerful Profound Arts which will produce powerful results as she grew older.

Sora also fed her some fruits from his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

There were some fruits which granted her some benefits such as a 10% overall improvement in every aspect. Whether it be her cultivation speed, strength, her abilities, everything was given a 10% increase, including her beauty and lifespan.

Sora trained her with a smile and even patted her head using his Saintly Hands, using a special technique to increase her talent and aptitude. If he continues like this on Su Ling'er, he will eventually make her into something far beyond a heaven-defying genius.

"Little Su," called out Sora.

"Yes, big brother?"

Su Ling'er looked up at Sora as she ate one of the fruits Sora had prepared for her, her eyes wide.

"Keep up the good work. You will become someone amazing in the future. I can guarantee that for you," said Sora as he patted Su Ling'er's head one last time before heading to the kitchen and making food for everyone.

'Should I just send you down Mira?'

Sora found that almost every method to use on the young girl Qianye Ying'er took too long to execute. Unlike a couple years ago when he would casually take some time to actually try and conquer the woman with some tricks, Sora felt it was too much work currently. Even with all the free time in his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and training with glee in the first floor of his Pagoda of Sins, Sora still felt rather unhappy and unsatisfied.

He wanted to have some actual fun in real fights, especially those to the death. He has his wives to satisfy most of his s.e.x.u.a.l urges, but he has no outlets for his battle urges.

Sora looked off into the distance as he sat on his chair with a deep look.

said Mira with a tone of pride in her voice.

'Haha, good luck then. You will be there for a month. I will pick you up after.' Sora watched as Mira exited his Zenith Sage Crown and dived down into Qianye Ying'er.

said Mira with a seductive tone in her voice.

"You know it."

Sora looked at Mira possess Qianye Ying'er for a couple of minutes before turning around and leaving.

"We just got here," mentioned Mu Yurou as she felt nothing from the people below.

"We will return in a month. What I need from this place is not yet ready," said Sora before grinning and heading back to Blue Pole Star.

His eyes were focused on a certain mountain before giving a small smile.

'I wouldn't have found the other few of Mira's soul shards if I hadn't become owner of Against The Gods,' thought Sora.

Mythical Abode Mountain.

Sora was heading to a place there where the holder of Mira's soul shard rests.

Without explaining much to the girls, Sora jumped off the ship and right to a place that was filled with many purplish black flowers. Without caring much, Sora walked past the Netherworld Udambra Flowers without hurting a single petal of them.

Netherworld Udambra Flowers are known for being filled with Yin and evil. It only grows in dark and cold lands and it took an entire twenty-four years to only bloom once. The flower withers three days after blooming, thus one would have to wait twenty-four years later for it to bloom once more.

It is reputed to be the most terrifying flower in existence. Simply approaching the flower will cause one's body to be invaded by its powerful dark and sinister aura, damaging one's soul. At best, they would fall into a long-lasting coma. At worst, they would turn into the living dead.

Sora was able to walk pass by them without worries. Not just thanks to the spiritual energy that protects him and nourishes his body, but also to the Void Imperfection Physique. Even without both of those, his cultivation realm was so high that it ignored the effects of the flowers.

His laws and even his Primal Chaos Qi protects him from their effects too.


Sora looked behind himself and found a small girl standing behind him. She looked at him with wide eyes, surprised about how he is safely walking around like it's nothing and not being able to sense his cultivation.

Her galactic bright silver hair clung to her delicate body and hung all the way down. A long section of it dragged on the ice cold floor. The hair in front of her forehead danced even though there was no wind, complementing her white jade-like tender looks.

Her body was covered with a white glow and beneath the glow, it seemed as though she was not wearing any garments. Her delicate white legs, however, were not covered by the white glow and were completely exposed. Her tender feet that resembled ice lotuses hung in the air and each snow white toe of hers glistened as though she were carved from jade.

"You must be the one I'm looking for," mumbled Sora as he looked at the small girl.

The girl just tilted her head and looked at Sora with mild confus.e.m.e.nt in her eyes. Her indifferent expression didn't even phase Sora who could see the actual emotions of a person with help of his Taichi Sutra.

The small girl remained quiet as she stared at Sora.

Sora looked at the girl for a couple of seconds before revealing a bit of pity in his eyes.

'This poor girl spent a large portion of her lifetime alone...' thought Sora.

He got down on one knee and gave a bright smile, "Let leave this place."

The girl's eyes widened and she looked at Sora for a second before giving the tiniest of smiles. Despite the size of the smile, it was overflowing with happiness. The girl didn't even feel Sora was suspicious at all.

She felt Sora was a good man and could even entrust him with her life. It was an instinctual feeling that told her that she could trust the man before her. Throughout her life, she could only remember the purplish black flowers and her loneliness.

Sora placed his hand on the little girl's head and used his Dream Energy to form the girl's body. He then picked her up and jumped out of the place he was in before appearing at the Colossal Ark.

"Ah!" yelled Mu Yurou in surprise as Sora appeared right in front of her fist.

With her fist an inch away from Sora's face, Mu Yurou sighed in relief before pulling back. She looked at Sora with a happy pout before coming close to him with her hands behind her back.

"You surprised me there," said Mu Yurou with a calm and alluring look on her face.

Smirking, Sora leaned his face in close and said, "I'll surprise you in many different ways. Maybe even while dual-cultivating."

Sora walked away with a smirk as he led the girl with himself, leaving a blushing woman behind all alone.


The little girl looked at the woman before turning to look at Sora. She looked around at the Colossal Ark with interest as she was led by her small hand on a tour around the ship. She met another woman named Xiao Lingxi and a girl who looked her age named Su Ling'er.

Leading the girl to her own room, Sora let her feel herself at place. He summoned up a chair and sat on it before looking at the girl.

After a few seconds of silence, Sora began asking his questions.

"Do you have a name?"

The small girl responded with a blank look on her face, Sora noticed the look in her eyes however.


Sora didn't bother asking her for her age since he did a check on her when he made her a body. The girl was 10,340,012 years old, which surprised him since the girl was small and her mentality was still that of a small child. Even if her temperament and personality said otherwise, she was still a child at heart.

Besides appearing mature from the air surrounding her, Sora still viewed her as a child. Her appearance of a child had nothing to do with his judgement,

"Since you have no name, shall we come up with one?" asked Sora as he gave a kind and caring smile.

The girl's eyes flinched at Sora's words and she revealed a small amount of happiness. She gave a small nod of approval with that cute head of her's.

Sora smiled and approached the girl before making a whiteboard appear in his hands. He made a marker and with the girl by Sora's side, Sora began making suggestions based on what he saw before and after he found her.

With many being eliminated with a small blink of the girl's, her eyes froze on a name that she found a small liking to. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'er_51961497458364816 for visiting.

Sora smiled and turned the white board into a violet jade necklace with that name engraved upon the small violet jade stone. He turned the marker into a beautiful black string and pierced a whole in the small violet jade stone.

Wrapping the necklace around the girl's necklace, Sora noticed the girl's face practically glow as she formed a liking to the engraving on the violet jade stone necklace.

With clear and exquisite engravings, the violet jade stone pendant had a single name written on it.