Traveler Of The Multiverse Chapter 286

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 286 Master And Disciple

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After taking care of You'er for a couple of days, Sora noticed how she had fallen in love with his cooking. She practically asked him to make her food whenever she spotted him doing nothing. She would look at him with her big cute eyes of her's until he agrees to make her food.

Sora would just shake his head with a small smile before making food for the little girl. He enjoyed seeing her smile after she would eat some of his food.

Whilst taking care of her, Sora set his sights on another area that contained another aura that is similar to the one on You'er. Sora looked at the little girl and pat her head before heading onto the location he felt whilst making her and Su Ling'er food.

He trained Su Ling'er after he noticed the lack of motivation and drive to learn from You'er. He didn't mind as not everyone was suited for something even if they were geniuses or once in a million talents.

Sora trained Su Ling'er for the next few days, improving her potentials, and made her use all of her strength efficiently.

Besides his children, Jasmine and Su Ling'er were the only ones he had trained throughout both his lives. It's not that he never wanted to teach, it was just that everyone was scared to be trained by him.

In his past life, when he hit the age of thirty and only had three wives and 4 children, he had opened up a dojo where people were free to come and be trained by him.

Sadly, Sora had to close after being open for five years since no one had ever enrolled into his dojo.

Many had come by, but they never remained after feeling Sora's murderous aura and terrifying look in his eyes. By this age of his, he still hadn't learnt how to keep in his aura and emotions.

He couldn't even go out to buy food without cops being called. The first time it happened, the cops were so scared that they gave Sora warning shots. Luckily, one of Sora's wives was nearby and helped calm the cops down.

His wives were already used to his murderous aura of his and they didn't even find it bothersome. In fact, they were glad because his murderous aura would linger on them and bad people would stay clear of them.

It wasn't until Sora turned forty that he managed to hold in his aura and emotions. By then, he learnt to not only look like a normal person, but to mildly erase his presence. However, it was already too late by then since he didn't feel like reopening the dojo and felt like it was too much work to go through the hassle of going through doc.u.ments to reopen.

So he never had a disciple in his past life besides two of his children.

Now in this new life of his, he had never trained anyone, not even Goku. Since he looked at Goku like a brother, Sora wasn't willing to teach him anything since he wanted to see Goku rise in strength all by himself.

He only gave Goku some tips and occasionally some pointers.

Sora never had any siblings, he was a single child.

So when he encountered Goku and saw him like family, he decided to treat him like family. Since his father made him train every single day and search for his own masters instead of being trained by his own father, who was also a genius martial artist.

Sora never once went to learn under any martial arts master. All the martial arts he had learned was from sparring and fighting with the many different schools of martial arts. The only time he had trained under someone was with a woman who had exceptional strength for only being a woman older than him by 4 years.

The woman was the only person Sora had ever seen as a master and followed her closely for two years. He learnt everything he could from her and even sparred with her many times to refine the moves of every single martial art he had learned at the time.

Sadly, after their departure, his master was defeated by a gang of old master martial artists. After her defeat, some martial artists she had defeated in the past found this as the perfect moment for revenge. In the end, she was killed two days after her defeat since she received so much damage to her organs and had many bones broken.

It was already a month later at Sora's 18th birthday when he found out his master was killed.

With great anger and anguish, Sora spent the next two years training like mad. He sparred with many masters over the seas and even almost died at the hands of an exceptional young master martial artist.

It wasn't until he turned twenty that he returned to his home and fought against everyone that had led to the death of his master. He killed his way into their clans and into their dojos looking for the people responsible.

With a capable info broker, Sora found the location of most of the involved people. He killed them and those who attempted to stop him.

Sora had never felt such sadness and grief before in his life until the death of his master. The feelings he felt were so new that he didn't know how to control them. He raged on for a whole year before growing accustomed to his wild and brutal nature.

That nature remained by his side until he found two women who could handle his wild nature. Over the years, his nature mellowed out and it wasn't as brutal as before. By the time he turned 50, his wild and brutal nature was completely hidden away from the world with a calm and gentle nature and a smile.

By then, he was an angel and a demon.

Both became his true nature, like the sides of a coin.

It was this thinking that got Sora so invested into Yin and Yang. Good and bad. Gentle and mighty.

At this point, Sora began training in Taichi and mastered the way of the gentle force, the Yin Force. When he was going to train in the mighty force, Yang, by using blacksmithing as a way to quickly advance, Sora died of a heart attack because his body produced more and purer blood than his heart could handle.

It was as if he was going to break through the limits of the human body. However, it was because his body was old and it couldn't handle the near limit break of the human body.

It made him self-destruct.

'So that's what happened...'

Sora laid down on the floor, at the head of the ship. He was thinking about his past since he had nothing better to do. He had already sent Su Ling'er and You'er to do their own thing before heading off on his own.

Xiao Lingzi and Mu Yurou were busy doing their own thing, would rarely come up to Sora and ask something of him.

He was just laying down and relaxing whilst thinking about the way he had just abruptly died from a heart attack in his past life. He waved it off as simple as his heart being too weak, which it was, but not for the reason he thought.

He never would have imagined that he would be breaking through the limits of the human body, yet it was his old age that stopped him from making the advancement, only ending in his death instead. With his new and wide knowledge about the human body, illnesses, and diseases, Sora was able to note that his death was not a natural one.

Rather, it was a death caused within his body.

His heart couldn't handle the new influx of powerful blood that would end up changing his body slowly. In the end, his heart wasn't cut out for the job and started choking on the blood.

In the end, his heart gave out and he had died from his old heart that couldn't pump the blood fast enough throughout his body.

'I was amazing even back then,' thought Sora as he rubbed his chin with little pride in his voice.

He rested his head on his hand and sighed.

'To think that my aspiration towards Yin and Yang started so early in my life.'

Sora looked within his Sea of Consciousness and looked at the Yin-Yang Image and the Yin-Yang Dragon within it. Yin-Yang was truly a powerful force and power.

If you mix them together in a certain way, you get Chaos. If you mix them differently once more, you create the five elements; Metal, Earth, Wood, Water, and Fire. From those five elements, a myriad things are made.

Yin-Yang is such a versatile thing that Sora had made use of in his entire new life. He even managed to make his Taichi even stronger and completely remake it his way. The only new problem that arose was his Taichi Sutra, which was affixed to the old Taichi he practiced.

He tried fixing it up multiple times and tried editing in his Nirvanic Taichi, yet the problems weren't fixed.

The only thing left he had to do was use Nirvanic Taichi as the base and then add in Dongxuan Sutra and eventually the Yang version. It would eventually lead to him growing stronger, but it wouldn't do much use now since Nirvanic Taichi Sutra is vastly different from Taichi Sutra.

'I need to fix this problem in the future,' through Sora as he summoned the Taichi geno armor for a couple of seconds.

Now that Sora had mastered the Yin and Yang Forces, he had been focusing on training the Inch Force, Wave Essence, Spinning Force, and the Conversion Force.

With the Inch Force, Sora would be able to deal an explosive amount of damage in just one inch. In the future, it will help him if he can't move his arms or fists too much, making him use as little space as possible.

With the wave essence, well that was already explained before. The more waves contained in a singles strike, the more lethal power is generated to one-shot an enemy.

For the spinning force, it still contained the essence of Yin and Yang Forces, but it was centered on the spinning and not the forces. If Sora could manage to completely master the spinning force, he would be a destructive force to be met with in the battlefield should he be found with a bow, staff, or even a spear if he added the Yin and Yang Forces on top.

The spinning force is truly a powerful principle where if a shield and a sword are made of the same material, the spear would be able to pierce through the shield if one had mastered the spinning force.

The conversion force a type of force that involves the use of the Yin and Yang Forces.

For this, Sora had been trying out a new set of moves for his Nirvanic Taichi.

Conversion force was the idea of converting strength to gentleness and gentleness to strength. A new way of fighting he had come up with after looking at the underlying principles of some martial arts and their moves.

If he used the conversion force in fights, he would be able to defeat any opponent as long as their strength isn't too high above him.

If they launch an attack on him, Sora would have options on what to do with the attack directed at him. Since converting strength to gentleness is rather a shield type of move, it would serve well for parrying, blocking, and redirecting an attack if the attacker is too strong.

He would essentially be able to null an attack just by simply touching their fists and expending some energy.

If he launched an attack to someone, he would be able to make a single tap contain terrifying power. None would be expecting such a slow and gentle move to contain a terrifying and mighty power.

With the conversion force, Sora can make his moves filled with power look weak, or make weak moves look powerful. He can even practice the Counter Force by converting the attackers strength gentle and using the force behind the attack to send it back their way.

'I should get to practicing these already,' thought Sora as he noticed that he was only a couple of days away from his next location. He smiled and summoned his Pagoda of Sins before entering the first floor instantly.