Traveler Of The Multiverse Chapter 288

Volume 5: Atg: On The Road To Godhood Chapter 288 A New Realm

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Sora traveled from place to place picking up the people that held Mira's soul shard in just two weeks. He had picked up the sister of You'er and a woman who was acquainted to this sister.

Hong'er and Shen Xi had joined Sora on his travel to gather the other soul shards. Hong'er decided to follow You'er and Shen Xi followed because of her friend Hong'er.

Hong'er is a petite little girl. She had long hair that reached all the way to her lower back and was bright red; ruby-like sparkling red hair instead of fiery red. A face that seemed like it was carved from jade. Within its perfection, there was an immaturity that only a child would possess. A cute, exquisite nose that pointed upwards and watery tender lips, and below her similarly red eyelashes were eyes that anyone would believe to be a pair of star-like eyes if she opened them.

Shen Xi was a Dragon Queen, although only in name. Her long hair reached her waist, it had not been combed or tied up in any way, it merely splayed out over her shoulders and across her back, releasing a soft and gentle l.u.s.ter. There was no other light, and there was nothing he could think of saying either. It was as if all of the beautiful colors and words, and even the most beautiful illusions were mere pale shadows in front of that celestial mien.

Whilst travelling around with the two new additions to his ship, Sora had taken notice of You'er never speaking. Compared to Hong'er who would talk a lot and spend a lot of time sleeping.

Sora looked at them and decided to inspect if they were alright. That's when he noticed that their souls were in half and incomplete, yet the strangest thing to him was that they were complete if together. Without thinking much, Sora helped fix that problem and fixed their souls, allowing You'er to be able to fully speak.

Shen Xi also brought along another woman with her named He Ling, she was an exceptional beauty just like the others. The young girl's figure was willowy and delicate, and she was dressed in light green robes. Even her hair was a bright shade of emerald green and it seemed as if her entire body was drenched in faint green shadows.

After grabbing those three women, Sora headed off to get back Mira. He grabbed her and when he was about to make his leave, he heard Mira mention helping the girl Qianye Ying'er.

tSora helped out the girl after some planning, which took a month.

Once the help was over, the Qianye Ying'er followed him and he left with everyone back to the Illusory Demon Realm.

Once back, Sora established a branch sect there. He grabbed the women he left there, Mu Xuanyin, Mu Bingyun, Xia QIngyue, Emily, Cang Yue, and the Chu sisters.

After grabbing them, Sora took the Demon Empress with him to explore the rest of the Against The Gods world for 5 years.

During those years, Sora had set up many branch sects in the other continents and even in the Realm of the Gods.

He traveled from realm to realm, visiting many different people and gathering more women as he left branch sects around the entire world of Against the Gods.

In that time, Sora had revived Jasmine's mother and brother. He took in Jasmine and her mother into his harem whilst throwing Yun Che at Jasmine's brother who had developed a fear of women because of what Qianye Ying'er did to him.

As he traveled around with many women, he caught the attention of a so-called 'Moon God Emperor'. After some investigation, Sora found that Xia Qingyue's mother was married to that man.

Sora visited the man so that Xia Qingyue and the mother could have some talk and spend time together. Yet when Sora remained there for a couple of days, Sora was informed that the "Moon God Emperor" was trying to pull some moves on his wives.

In retaliation, Sora cucked him of Xia Qingyue's mother, Yue Wugou, and of his 371 concubines. Without a shred of mercy, Sora had s.e.x with all of them and he let them stay with him.

Sora spent 10 more years having fun with all of his wives and his friends. Yet no matter how much fun he had, the stress he had kept on rising. Without truly being satisfied, Sora was feeling tired and began looking for worlds where he could possibly have fun with Emily.

Although he didn't have much help since Emily didn't watch much stuff besides read some cultivation novels.

Mira had retrieved all of her soul shards besides one. She didn't know where it was, she couldn't feel it anywhere inside the Primal Chaos Dimension.

Yet in those 15 years, she finally felt something and made Sora go to where it was she felt the signal. Arriving at the location, Sora found a beautiful woman with black hair and similar features to Mira.

After some talking with the woman who had immense hate for the God race, which was gone already, Sora found that she was the mother of You'er and Hong'er.

Her name is Jie Yuan and she was one of the original parts of Mira. She was also married to the Evil God, Ni Xuan.

Sora invited her to join them so that she can spend more time with both her daughters that were originally just one person.

Like this, Sora spent his days with his wives, friends, and family.

He enjoyed every single minute and second of it.

He cultivated and continued to practice his martial arts until one day he was ready to make the jump onto the next realm of cultivation. The one that leads him onto the path to ruling over everything, one of supremacy.


Exiting his Colossal Ark which was traveling through space at the moment, Sora floated into space. He got into a lotus position, gathering more and more energy.

The space around him cracked and the void called for him.

More and more energy condensed into Sora's numerous dantians and profound veins. His Qi and blood started to flow violently as they condensed more and more.

The more energy Sora absorbed, the fast his Qi and Blood flowed. Soon, all his Qi condensed to one single point, smaller than the eye can see. His blood flowed so fast and his veins began to bulge around his body.

A large crack in space occurred right in front of him, sucking him deep into the place where all the different orbs or worlds are.

Once out there, Sora felt his soul rumble, his body tremble, and his Qi absorb everything around. Soon, the three of them started to merge together.


The Qi that was condensed to an incredibly small size violently exploded out before being absorbed into the soul. Once that process was over, the body began to shed it's flesh and the bones dissolved at a visible rate. All the blood in the body flowed into the soul, leaving the dying body.

In just a couple of seconds, nothing was left where Sora was besides a golden light where he was.

His soul remained, and inside the soul was the blood and the Primal Chaos Qi.

The soul began shaking in space, making the Qi and blood mix together before it began to infect the soul as well.

The golden blood only made the soul an even brighter golden color and the Qi enriched the glow and the power.

The more and more the soul shook, the more the Qi and blood fused with the soul perfectly.

Once the little golden light turned brighter, bigger, and more powerful, many powerful roars erupted from the light.

All of Sora's bloodlines exploded out and yelled out at the same time.

The shriek of the Immemorial Phoenix.

The roar of the Immemorial Dragon.

The loud and primal belch of the Primeval Emperor.

The rough yell of the Ancestral God.

The stomps of an Ancient Titan God.

The fear inducing screams of the Ancient Demon God.

The gentle singing of the Ancient Holy God.

And the blood curdling shriek of the Ancient Vampire God.

The powers of all the 8 bloodlines exploded out at the same time. The Primal Nirvana Flames of the Immemorial Phoenix, the darkness of the Ancient Demon God, the light of the Ancient Holy God...

All eight powers exploded out and covered the golden light, all of them working to reform Sora's body.

Although Sora's soul, body, and Qi had all fused into one, Sora still had his dantians, meridians, and his profound veins and entrances. Now, his body no longer had to focus on many different things to cultivate and it could just focus on one single thing.

In just a single second, Sora's body was brought back into the world. His body was n.a.k.e.d, yet it wasn't indecent.

It was like a celestial body that all would be afraid to lay a hand on. Sora's face was still as handsome as ever, every single detail on his body was like perfection. His body was similar to one sculpted by the greek gods.

One lined with muscle, yet slim and beautiful. His hair turned pitch black and his eyes also turned pitch black. So black one could clearly see their reflection in his eyes.

It was like the void had joined Sora's body after it was trying to call out to him. Not only was his whole body remade by his golden blood and the Primal Chaos Qi, but the Void law he had practiced had also helped reform his body.

After the reformation of his body, it was like he had turned into a fifteen year old. His new body looked very young.

The laws he had studied, Void/Nothingness, Infinity/Myriad, Yin, Yang, Time, Space, Sound, Gravity, Slaughter/Annihilation, and even Primal Chaos had all helped in reforming his body.

The laws strengthened his body and his cultivation. With each of them working together, they all strengthened each other and only became more powerful.

His whole body, soul, and essence had all turned into one. If he cultivated, they would all advance at the same pace.

Now, with Sora entering the next realm, his body stopped floating in space. His body was covered in his loose golden silk robe as he fell heavily towards one of the world orbs below him. It was as if his body was being attracted to that single world there.

Since he was in space, he should have been floating in space until he reawoke from his slumber.


Sora's body fell into the orb and disappeared into it.


'My name is Akihiko Kayaba, I am a man who will change the world.'

Walking out of Argus, the place where he works to create a game that will revolutionize the world. His ambitions and desire was unknown, even to himself.

He knew nothing of what he wished to accomplish. Yet he strived on, trying to create the best game he could possibly make with everything at his disposal.

Akihiko Kayaba walked over to his vehicle and entered it. He turned the car on before driving off to his house. His mind preoccupied by some new monsters that were coded in and already digitally drawn.

'On which floors should I place these creatures,' thought Akihiko Kayaba with a calm look on his face. He leaned on one of his arms on his door's window with his other hand on the steering wheel.

He squinted his eyes and just gave a light smirk, 'Floor 90 it is.'

Stopping at an intersection, Akihiko Kayaba frowned as he focused on another matter that Argus is having trouble with.


Pressing on the gas pedal, Akihiko Kayaba drove home. Just one block away from getting home and resting, he ran into a problem.



A body fell from nowhere and hit the top of his vehicle. In panic, Akihiko Kayaba stomped on the brakes and quickly got out of his car after placing it in park. With hurried steps and a look of horror on his face, he walked to the front of his car and found a body there.

"Oh no..." muttered Akihiko Kayaba as he looked at the body on the floor and the huge dent on the front of his car. Fear bubbled up inside him as he believed the young boy before him to be dead. 'My plans will be ruined at this rate!'

His fear was for his plan being shattered and not for the life of the young boy he hit with his car. Just as he was about to flee the scene with his car, he heard the young boy groan.