Traveler Of The Multiverse Chapter 289

Volume 6: Slice Of Life: Enjoying Life In The Path To Reigning Supreme. Chapter 289 Xtra: Le Moon Cuckgod Emperor

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Sora turned to look at Emily with wide eyes and anger building up inside of himself.

"I said he tried to invite me to his bed, daddy," mumbled Emily with a disgusted look. She held on tight to her father's arm and snuggled closer to his chest.

Sora frowned at Emily's words and hugged her tightly.

'Damn Moon man is trying to take my daughter? We'll just have to see about that...'


At a banquet being held by the Moon God Emperor, Yue Wuya, Sora was sitting at the other end of a long table with Yue Wuya at the other end.

"Let us have fun and drink some of my Tiger Bone Marrow Wine!" loudly said Sora as he brought out a bunch of ceramic jars where the wine was in.

Sora handed it to each person and personally handed the Moon God Emperor one too.

"Drink up! I spent over 1,000 years making this wine, they are the best of the best in my collection," said Sora. He sent over a sharp look to all the other women sitting at the other tables and the ones on his and Yue Wuya's table.

'He invited all the concubines over...'

Sora looked at the Moon God Emperor with a pitiful look.

The Moon God Emperor had brought his concubines over into the Dragon's Den. Only misfortune awaited him as they dragon licked his lips greedily and with l.u.s.t, eyeing each concubine and their unique beauty.

"Huahaha! Good wine!" yelled Yue Wuya with a flushed look on his face.

His sight blurred and his voice slurred under the strong wine.

Seeing this, Sora smiled and noticed it was time to act. Standing up, Sora walked over to the Moon God Emperor and whispered in his ears, "Come on friend. You need to rest. I know you're trying to impress your concubines, but you can't be drinking the wine like water."

Sora 'tried' lifting the Moon God Emperor to stop him from drinking more but met resistance.

"Hah! I can last longer," chuckled Yue Wuya with a drunk face as he drunk one more wine bottle.

With a cunning smile, Sora took a step back and watched as the Moon God Emperor passed out. Sora didn't do much besides picking up Yue Wuya and taking him to the guards outside the dining hall.

After sending Yue Wuya away just like that, Sora closed the doors to the dining hall and turned to look at the large number of women inside. He smirked and spread his arms, slowly letting out his special pleasure rising aphrodisiac into the room.

"The Moon God Emperor had retreated early for the day due to some business he had to deal with. He wished for us to continue on his behalf, so let's have some fun," said Sora as he raised his voice for everyone in the dining hall to hear his voice.

He walked over to the first concubine and sat next to. He grabbed some food and ate beside her whilst making some small talk.

"These are some fine dishes that are being served. Do you know who made them?"

"Yes. It was the Divine Chef Lin Sen."

"My, he makes amazing dishes that look very appealing like you," said Sora as he gave the concubine a small look.

"Oh my, such a flatterer," blushed the woman as she tried eating some food.

"Haha. Flattering isn't what I'm best at," implyingly mentioned Sora as he took a sip of his wine.

The concubine turned to look at Sora with wide eyes and an even bigger blush on her face. She looked up and down at Sora and asked, "What is it that you're best at?"

"I'm best at moving my h.i.p.s," mentioned Sora with closed eyes as he placed down the cup of wine.

"You..." the woman blushed even more fiercely and furrowed her eyebrows.

Sora turned to look at the woman and smirked, "The sword arts I practice require some nice movements of the h.i.p.s after all."


The concubine turned her face to the side as she covered her face with her hands. 'I'm so dirty! How could I think he was implying his h.i.p.s in s.e.x?!'

Sora smiled and when he noticed her hand inching to the wine bottle, Sora pretended to do the same whilst looking away.


Looking at Sora's hand touching her, the concubine turned to look at Sora with a small weird look.

"Ah, you go first. I was just going to get a refill," said Sora as he lifted his empty cup.

"Mgh..." m.o.a.ned a bit at the concubine as she looked at Sora's fingers around the cup.

She felt her body heat rising rapidly after their fingers touched. The concubine inched closer to Sora's body and tried to remain as close to Sora as possible. Feeling indescribable pleasure as she got closer to the man next to her.

Seeing up to there, Sora stood up and bade farewell to the woman.

'One down, 370 more to go.'

Sora went around the entire dining hall, making each woman desire him. Sometimes he would chat with just one of them, or with an entire table. He would play little games with them that would bring them closer to him.

Little games like Back Up and Musical Chairs.

Back Up is about people, back to back, trying to get back up together without using their hands. And Musical Chairs, that doesn't need an introduction.

Using games like these, Sora tried to encourage as much skin to skin contact. As well as letting them get closer to himself whilst sending sly and charming comments to the women.

In just two hours, Sora made all the women in the entire dining hall crave him. Which was where things finally got fun.

Sora began playing games that required removing articles of clothing. He lost most games on purpose, revealing his godly body to the women and making them lay eyes on 'THE' prize that was hidden behind some cloth.

After only being stripped to just cloth, Sora gave one sly smile as he began winning all the other rounds of the game. He made the women undress themselves instead.

Soon enough, half of the concubines were all n.a.k.e.d and all the concubines were blushing madly as they looked at Sora with frustrated looks.

One concubine could hardly keep it together anymore and yelled, "Let me see under that cloth already!"

After that one concubine's yell, all the other concubines began yelling and agreeing. Some even threw themselves at Sora, hopefully getting him to reveal his glorious member.

"Ladies ladies let's talk things through," muttered Sora as he kept being smothered by multiple b.r.e.a.s.ts.

Soon, the cloth keeping the women from seeing his c.o.c.k was finally eradicated and the concubines yelled out in happiness.

"So big! Is it naturally like this?!"

"The emperor can't compare!"

"It looks so beautiful!"

"It also tastes very delicious!"

Soon, the dining hall was filled with the shouts of the concubines trying to get a taste of Sora's c.o.c.k. They straddled his face, rubbing their v.a.g.i.n.a's on his face.

Each concubine in the room tried trying to feel some form of pleasure from Sora as they began rubbing themselves on Sora's arms, legs, and even tried using his fingers.

After feeling like enough time had lapsed, Sora moved the women and looked at all of them with a 'wild' look.

"Now you've done it! I'm all awake now," yelled Sora as he grabbed the nearest concubine before thrusting his veiny c.o.c.k into her slimy wet p.u.s.s.y.

His fingers danced along the edges of her p.u.s.s.y over to her clit. He pinched it as his h.i.p.s kept on going back and forth. Inducing the woman to leak all her juices on the floor. Sora released his s.e.m.e.n and filled the woman up before softly lying her to the side.




"Over here! Do me!"

Sora smiled and quickly did another woman, this time he stuck his c.o.c.k inside her asshole and his hand moved over to her b.r.e.a.s.ts. He fondled them and pinched her beautiful brown that leaked a little bit of milk.

Using his saintly hands, Sora made the woman c.u.m twice before c.u.m.m.i.n.g inside her.

All the concubines in the dining hall wanted a piece of Sora. Yelling loudly and flaring their parts at him, wanting him to thrust his c.o.c.k deep into them and leave his hot warm c.u.m in them.

Sora smiled and moved through the woman as quickly as they came to him. He banged women from many different races and bloodlines, making them c.u.m multiples times before c.u.m.m.i.n.g inside them. He set them off to the sides calmly before moving onto the next woman.

Whilst he f.u.c.k.i.e.d one woman, he was fingering two more woman that couldn't wait for more and joined. Sad to say that they couldn't hand Sora's fingers as they had to take rests after their legs gave up on them.

Sora was like a magician, with his magical hands gliding across a woman's body before hitting their soft and weak spots, making them m.o.a.n out in pleasure before c.u.m.m.i.n.g. Sora's flicked a single finger and a woman would fall before his feet with their face flushed and their bodies coated in his white liquid.

The m.o.a.ns of the concubines echoed within the dining hall, making those who had time to rest to stand back up and join once more.

Having fun whilst doing every concubine in the room, Sora and the concubines lost track of time as the sun began rising.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!"

M.o.a.ned the last standing concubine as she had her hands around the back of Sora's head. Her plump butt bounced up and down on Sora's laps. Her legs were lifted by Sora's hands as his h.i.p.s moved and made his c.o.c.k thrust in deeper into her gaping hole.

Splashing noises echoed within the large dining hall as the woman's juices dripped onto the floor and into the puddle beneath Sora's feet.





Every time Sora thrust his h.i.p.s forward and his c.o.c.k deep within the woman, her yelp of pleasure sounded like music to Sora.

With one more thrust, Sora's eyes flashed as he released his s.e.m.e.n within the woman and her p.u.s.s.y squeezed every single ounce of drop out of him.

It was only till then that the last concubine finally passed out from pleasure and laid down beside the other concubines.

With a proud smile, Sora sat down on the floor and noticed a concubine wake up and lay her eyes on his. His member was still proudly standing without showing a single sign of it being tired.

The concubine's eyes twinkled as she crawled over and slipped the c.o.c.k into her mouth.


Sora combed her hair with his hand as he enjoyed her blowjob. He closed his eyes and raised his head back, "Ah you're doing such a fine job."


From the entrance of the dining hall burst in Yue Wuya with a face full of anger. His eyes scanned through the entire place before falling onto Sora who was having his c.o.c.k sucked by one of the concubines.

"Oh. Hey Moon God Emperor! Thanks for letting me have fun with all these women you left for me," said Sora with a wide smile that said 'nothing's wrong'.

Yue Wuya coughed blood at Sora's words before lifting his finger weakly and pointing at Sora. His face pale and his eyes filled with rage and despair, "You bastard! To think that I treated you as a friend."

"Oh don't be bothered about it Wuya. It's how life works. You try to take something from me and I will take everything from you." Sora looked at Yue Wuya with smiling eyes as he gave a dark smirk. His words entered Yue Wuya and made him look at the whole world differently as if Sora had spoken an undeniable truth.

A truth that not even a Heaven and Earth could change.

"You damn bastard..." muttered Yue Wuya as he coughed up more blood from his extreme anger.

"Don't get so mad Wuya, I will take great care of them." Sora looked at Yue Wuya for a second before looking at the figure behind him. "How about you join me and your daughter, Yue Wugou?"

From behind Yue Wuya, stepped out a beautiful figure that was drop dead gorgeous. Her beautiful long legs carried her past Yue Wuya and next to Sora. Yue Wugou gave Yue Wuya a look of pity before embracing Sora's head and her b.r.e.a.s.ts on him.

"You you..." Yue Wuya held on to his test in pain as his face turned paler.

"Can't have you dying from this," said Sora as he tossed a pill into Yue Wuya's mouth before flashing away with all the concubines and Yue Wugou into Sora's Colossal Ark.