Traveler Of The Multiverse Chapter 290

Volume 6: Slice Of Life: Enjoying Life In The Path To Reigning Supreme. Chapter 290 Fight In The Alley

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Opening his eyes, the young boy looked around the room of where he was in with confus.e.m.e.nt written all over his face.

'Where am I?'

He was lying down on a couch inside the living room of someone. He sat up straight and noticed a picture of a young man with some people on a table next to the couch.

'Am I in that man's house?'

The young boy rubbed the back of his head in pain before flinching at his body also hurting.

'Damn I shouldn't be hurt like this...' thought the young boy before widening his eyes as he looked at the reflection on the picture before him.

'Is that me?'

Sora put his hand on his face as he looked at himself in alarm. He had gotten young and worst of all, he's feeling pain and is in the house of someone unknown.


[Name: Sora

Cultivation Base: Heavenly Rebirth Realm (Nonexistent Consolidating)

Experience Points: 3,000,000,010 / 7,000,000,000

Physical Body State: Heavenly Rebirth Realm (Weakened State Consolidating Fused with Primal Chaos Qi, 10 Laws, and Soul)

Physical Body Experience Points: 3,000,000,010 / 7,000,000,000

Potential: Unlimited

Bloodlines: Primeval Emperor, Immemorial Phoen-...]

Sora focused on the nonexistent part of his cultivation base before focusing on his physical body state which says weakened.

He groaned as he did a quick check up on his body.

'Dantians- fine meridians- fine Profound veins and entrances- fine Qi- nonexistent Bloodlines- there, but in a sealed-like state All 12 Physiques- similar to the bloodlines since they require powerful blood to use and Qi Spiritual energy- still there Nature Qi- also still there Body-... as strong as an average 15 year old boy.'

Many black lines appeared on his face as he realized that his cultivation was basically gone. He checked back up on the system and realized that he will regain his power in just 5 years.

After making a thorough check on his body, Sora realized that it was the effect of the process into entering the next realm. The realm of Heavenly Rebirth, where one's body goes through a phase akin to Nirvana.

Once gone through this phase, one would reach a realm of strength beyond what one imagined before.

'Where one truly breaks free from the shackles of the universe and is allowed to go onto the next dimension after exiting the Heavenly Rebirth Realm,' commented Sora as he moved his body around.

He will only be in a weakened state for five years before regaining his lost power and even more. It's one of those states every cultivator needs to go through after entering the Heavenly Rebirth Realm.

Although usually the time it would take is just a few days, the strongest people had to wait a few weeks. Sora having to wait 5 years just proves how monstrous his strength was and how much he will be receiving in the end.

'Looks like I'm beginning to enter the big leagues,' thought Sora as he clenched his hand.

Before doing anything else, Sora checked his Sea of Consciousness before heaving a sigh of relief as his stuff was still there. The Yin-Yang Image and the Yin-Yang Dragon were still there, shining brightly inside his Sea of Consciousness.

This time however, the spiritual energy it released was different than usual, even the glow the Yin-Yang Image gave off was different as well. The Yin-Yang Dragon was also completely golden in color as it gave off a beautiful golden glow that radiated a celestial aura.

The spiritual energy, which was usually blue, was now golden and milky as it spread throughout Sora's body and enhanced every aspect of the Yin-Yang Image by ten times. The Yin-Yang Image was stronger as well, with it's golden glow that gave off a gentle yet domineering feeling.

His Pagoda of Sins was safely there as well, yet it had turned completely golden because of his blood, Qi, and even soul. It was as if it was upgraded.

'Maybe I should also change it's name,' thought Sora before checking his inner body.

He looked at his Heavenly Paradise with a smile as he realized that it was thousands of times bigger than the last time he checked. His eyes widened in pleasant surprise before checking if everyone was okay.

After making sure that everyone was okay, Sora got up from the couch and walked around the room. His body still hurting for some reason.

Since his body is in a weakened state, his spiritual energy is working hard on speeding up the process. The reason why the system said five years and not 1,000 years, though this was unknown to Sora who is still suffering the effects of a complete rebirth.

His body slowly healed as if he was just a normal person with double the healing speed than average.

'Even the strength of my martial arts dropped since I no longer have Qi or my bodily strength to empower them. Only the strength of my weak 15 year old body could bring out half of my martial arts strength. I'm still stronger than the average trained martial artist however. Against an expert, I would lose both of my arms before defeating an expert.

A master? I can't even defeat his finger. No matter how much experience I have, I can't defeat one if I have no strength. Sure I can possibly defeat a master through assassinations with a 50% chance of survivability. And maybe I can take one of their arms or eyes through sneak attacks,' thought Sora as he rubbed his chin.

He looked out the window of the living room and out into the neighborhood outside.

'This would serve as the perfect time to temper my body and raise my mortal strength!'

Sora smirked and walked back to the couch with a wide smile on his face.

"I see you're awake," commented a man as he entered the living room. He looked at Sora with a look of interest before sitting down right in front of him.

"Yea, can you tell me what had happened to me?" asked Sora as he remained calm.

"To be truthful, I hit you with my car," said Kayaba as he lowered his head in an apologetic way.

Sora closed his eyes and sighed before mumbling to himself, "So that's why my body hurt all over."


Bobbing his head from left to right, Sora thought about everything he had seen so far since he opened his eyes. He remembered what he saw out the window, the books, the writings on the books, the picture, the style of the room he took note of everything.

'I'm in Japan probably in a time that has made a lot of technological advances. The world must be Earth, but a different version of my Earth...' Sora opened his eyes and looked at the man before him. "Can you tell me the month and year?"

"It's June 2021," responded Kayaba as he looked at Sora with a confused face.

"June 2021..." Sora stood up and walked over to the door.

"Hey, wait! Hold on!" Kayaba stood up from his chair and walked over to Sora before placing his hand on Sora's shoulder.

Sora's eyes flashed as he grabbed ahold of Kayaba's wrist and twisted it, making Kayaba yelp in pain.

"Ah sorry, it was done by instinct," said Sora with an apologetic smile as he remembered the brief negative emotions Sora had felt.

"Ouch no worries," said Kayaba as he gave a nervous smile. He rubbed his wrist with a pained face before widening his eyes in surprise and a wide smile.

"Well then, I will be off. You don't have to worry about anything, I don't even know your name," said Sora before waving off to Kayaba and leaving through the front door.

Kayaba looked at Sora's disappearing shadow as he rubbed his wrist a bit more. A smile spread on his face as he realized the solution to all his problems.

'He must be the one I'm looking for!'


Exiting Kayaba's home, Sora walked around aimlessly.

Many people were pointing at him and looking at him funnily. Sure enough, a person walking around with a golden robe wouldn't look fashionable or amazing, instead he would like a dumbass or a weirdo.

Although many paid him compliments because he looked exceptionally well, many still threw weird looks his way since it was an unusual garment.

"Haha, look at this foreigner. He must be one of those who is an otaku," chuckled a man as he walked with two strong buddies of his. (A/N: If you all remember, Sora looks mexican because of his wishes from the first chapter. Although most of his mexican features are probably gone from his cultivation and impurities being cleansed away.)

He eyed Sora with a greedy look before turning to his friends, "Let's see if this wimp has any more and beat him for making fun of us thinking japan is all about anime and weebs."

"Haha! Nice plan Rin!"

"I like the way you think Aniki!"

Both men smiled and agreed to Rin's suggestion before walking in front of Sora and blocking his path.

"Ah.. excuse me..." said Sora with a calm and quiet voice as he looked up at the men with a smiling face.

"Hey little boy, mind coming with us for a second. We have some questions to ask you," said Rin as he made a thug pose.

"Sure," said Sora with an easy going smile.

"Great, come on boys," Rin turned around and led Sora to an alley with his two buddies.

Many people looked at Sora with pitiful gazes before walking away, hoping to not hear the young boy's screams for help.

"Give us your money!" said Rin as he turned to look at Sora with a threatening look.

"I have no money," said Sora with a shake of his head.

"Don't play with us!"

"He looks! This robe is of high quality. It might sell for a lot!"

"Majida?! (Really)" yelled Rin in shock. "Hey boy, give us your clothes and you won't get hurt."

Rin took out a pocket knife and pointed it right at Sora with a threatening glare.

"Hais are young men so dumb nowadays?"

Sora scratched his head in annoyance as he made a quick movement and slapped Rin's hand away. He made a step forward before hitting Rin in the stomach lightly before moving on to the two men who hadn't moved yet from shock.

Quickly dashing to the man closest to him, Sora jumped up and kneed the man under his jaw. After the knee hit, Sora lifted one leg and pressed it on the man's chest, using it as a platform to jump over to the other man.


Jumping into the air, Sora quickly launched a powerful kick to the man's face before landing on the ground and launching the most powerful jab he could to the man's solar plexus.


All three men fell like dominoes with Rin being the first one to touch the floor. Sora panted a bit before regaining his stamina in just a couple of seconds. He stretched a bit before moving over to each man and checking their pockets.

He grabbed their wallets and took their money before pocketing it into his robe. In total, he took 317 dollars from the three men. (A/N: I will use dollars instead of any other form of currency since it is the one I am most familiar with.)

Sora smiled and walked away. On the way out of the alley, he ran into an old man who was looking at him with shock in his eyes.

Sora just beamed a smile at the man and said, "Feel free to call the cops and tell them to take those men."

"Ah no I-I mean yes of course," said the man stuttering as he looked at Sora with a bit of fear. He unconsciously took a step back before falling on the ground and watching Sora leave.

Yamashita Kazuo stood up with wobbly legs as he turned to look at the three knocked out men with wide eyes. Amazement flashed through his eyes as the fear was completely washed away with Sora's absence.

"Ugh..." groaned one of the men.

"Hiii!" Kazuo jumped in fright before running away in fear of the men attacking him.