Traveler Of The Multiverse Chapter 291

Volume 6: Slice Of Life: Enjoying Life In The Path To Reigning Supreme. Chapter 291 I'm.. Sorry?

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After getting the money from the cannon fodder, Sora headed to the nearest clothing store he could find. Since with the reformation of his entire body, Sora lost the ability to use any of his mystical abilities.

He could only use his martial arts, enter his Pagoda, his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, and also his Heavenly Paradise.

Yet he couldn't summon his mystical powers in his time of weakness. Luckily he still had all the other stuff like pills and elixirs. Sadly no clothes since he didn't have a need for them since he could just summon them with Dream energy.

Arriving at the nearest clothing store, Sora grabbed some black pants, a white t-shirt, underwear, socks, and a pair of white slip-on skate shoes.

Sora put his robe inside his Sea of Consciousness before putting on his new clothes.

With just 50 dollars remaining, Sora went ahead and bought some food and snacks, wasting the rest of it away.

After eating the food, Sora stretched every inch of his body before running off into the distance. He ran over into an empty field, devoid of life forms in all directions. Sora even carefully checked the area for footprints before smiling and pulling up a technique within his mind.

Nirvanic Taichi Art.

As the name implied, it's from his Nirvanic Taichi martial art.

Since his Nirvanic Taichi was the encyclopedia for every martial art in existence, as long as Sora practiced it in certain ways, his body would benefit greatly from it.

It's like his flesh and bones would go through nirvana, growing stronger the more Sora practices Nirvanic Taichi Art. His bones and flesh being tempered to the maximum in every aspect, increasing his speed, strength, and toughness, to abnormal degrees.

It's the best tempering art he had in stock. It would greatly increase his strength as long as he was practicing the technique diligently.

By the time night had approached, he had entered the Elementary Stage, which was the place any person could reach in just a couple weeks of training. The strength of someone in the elementary stage of Elementary stage, would have the same strengths as an olympic athlete.

After reaching the Elementary Stage, Sora felt all his muscles which were trembling from just the simple workout quickly cool down.

He was faster, stronger, more stamina, and his body was harder too.

Feeling his strength exploding from every single muscle strand in his body, Sora walked around some areas in Tokyo before appearing in front of Tokyo Dome.

Looking around the area, Sora smirked.

'Just like animals can recognize their own kind, martial artists can also recognize their own,' thought Sora as he walked forward to the area filled with martial artists. It wasn't long before he entered an Underground Arena.

Yells echoed in the Underground Arena as two men fought in the arena. Their fists landed against each other, one losing teeth as the other smirked and continued pummeling the man.

Smiling, Sora walked forward and on to the area where he could enter the fighting ring whenever he chose to.

'This place is poorly guarded, I got so far in and no one said a word,' thought Sora as he looked around. Usually when there are Underground Arena's like this, they would take numerous precautions to keep people from finding the Underground Arena besides some special means.

Sora walked around before finding an area where one could enter to fight. Heading over to that area, Sora was stopped by a muscular man standing in front of the door.

"Halt! Who goes there!"

Pausing, Sora looked at the man for his weird way of stopping him before just ignoring and saying, "I'm looking to fight here."

"You? You're so small and young. Once you pass this door, there's no going back until you concede or knocked out," said the muscular man.

"I can handle myself, don't worry young'n," said Sora as he stroked his chin.

The muscular man frowned but shook his head before letting Sora pass by. Just as Sora was passing by the door, the man stopped him and asked, "What should we call you, and what's your specialty?"

"Just call me Hebi. Specialty? I have none," said Sora as he continued on forward without looking back.

"Serpent?" the man watched Sora leave before relaying the news to the announcer.

Sora walked over to the area where he could see two people fighting against each other. In just a few minutes, one man was down.


With the strike of a gong resounding within the underground arena, the young man that won walked out of the arena. With a serious face, the young boy gave Sora a glance before giving a small smile.



Everyone in the stadiums went crazy after the young boy defeated the other man within just a couple of moves.

Sora looked at Baki with a small smile as he found someone with exceptional talent walking away.

'Should I make him my disciple?' thought Sora before being called up to fight.

"Next! Is a contender that is new here. Has no specialty! Welcome in Serpent!"

Sora walked into the arena with a simple smile as everyone in the stands looked at Sora with surprise. His young looks shocked many and his handsome looks captivated many women in the audience.

The announcer paid no mind to anyone nor Sora, he continued on and looked at the paper in his hand.

"Next we have Tsuki Gee.. gee gee-ju?"

"It's Moon Giju! You do this everytime I come over here," frowned a red haired man as he walked into the arena. He glared at the announcer before looking over to Sora with a surprised look before being followed by an annoyed one.

"Who invited the kid? He doesn't know a single thing at all," commented Moon Giju as he gave Sora a short glance.

"Let the brutality begin!" yelled the announcer before running away.

Moon Giju is a tall and somewhat slim man. He wears the typical judge uniform of a black suit, black pants with a white shirt and black tie. He has bright red hair that are in large wide spikes. He has a scar across his left eye.

Sora calmly walked up to the man, his movements completely ordinary and his steps slow.

'We're at the same amount of strength. It surprises me to meet someone like this young man here,' thought Sora as he looked at Moon with interest.

"Hey kid, get out of here before you get hurt. You're lucky to have met me here before you met any of the others," said Moon Guji. He looked down on Sora and waved him off.

Sora just maintained his calm smile and said, "It's alright. I can handle myself in this place."

Lifting up his hand, Sora placed his palm on the Moon Guji's abdomen.

"Sorry about this," muttered Sora before lightly tapping the man with his Yang Force.

Once Moon Giju understood what was happening, it was already to dodge Sora's attack as he was launched back as he crashed into the wall behind him.



Silence rang throughout the entire arena as they looked shocked at what had just happened. From the point of view of the spectators, Sora had just lightly tapped Moon Giju on the stomach and he was just sent flying to the wall.

If that didn't look like bullshit, then I don't know what to tell you.

Sora drew back his hand and put them inside his pockets as he looked at Moon Giju.

'That was a strong recoil,' thought Sora as he felt his whole arm twitch from using the Yang Force.

Since the Yang Force empowered all attacks, Sora drew upon a certain amount of power from his whole body before launching it forward from a light tap on Moon Giju.

Sora's arm recovered in seconds and in time for the dust to clear away from where Moon Guji was launched to. Appearing stuck on the wall with some rubble on the floor, Moon Giju's eyes had gone white and blood dripped from his head.

Some people began booing and others began cheering after seeing the match end right away. However, Sora remained where he was standing as he looked at Moon Giju with squinting eyes.

Clack clack!

Rocks fell on the floor as Moon Giju regained consciousness. He removed his body from the wall and jumped from the hole before giving Sora a look of irritation.

Without saying anything, Moon got into a sword stance before dashing to Sora.

Looking at Moon's movements, Sora smiled before also dashing to Moon. His steps were rapid and heavy, Sora carried himself with powerful momentum as he gathered Yang Force from just simple steps and the wind hitting his face as he ran.

Once Sora and Moon met face to face, both wasted no time as they launched their attacks.

Moon's face was serious and filled with fury as he launched a side punch. Following his movements, Sora stomped on the ground, making it crack and shake. In just a split second, a powerful punch landed on Moon's chest.

Moon stopped as his face turned pale after feeling Sora's hand on his chest. His fist didn't even get 1 foot near Sora before he stopped. Sweat dripped down his face, mixing with his blood and dripping to the floor.

"It was fun," said Sora before lowering his fist and walking away.

Moon just gulped and didn't dare move until Sora had left the arena. Once Sora was gone, he dropped his arms and turned to look behind himself with wide eyes.

There behind him was a hole that looked to have been made from a fist. Surrounding the fist was cracks in a sort of web-like pattern.

'What a monster,' sighed Moon as he wiped his sweat and blood off his face. 'I should inform everyone about this monster. We might just get him into God of Highschool...'


Leaving the underground arena, Sora already felt bored as he scratched the back of his head.

What he had used on Moon just now was a regular punch filled with the Yin Force. He did zero damage to Moon, but the force behind the fist was still there. It phased through Moon thanks to the Yin force and it hit the wall instead.

If Sora had just let the punch hit Moon, it was almost guaranteed that Moon would be beddriden for at least 5 years until he completely heals.

Sora smiled and already felt better with his higher strength level already.

He didn't need to be worrying about anything for the time being. As long as he continues to work on his Nirvanic Taichi Art, he will be at his best all the time.

'Who knew fighting real people would still be fun,' thought Sora as he looked up to the sky with a bright smile. 'I might end up finding more interesting and fun stuff in this new world.' Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'m...-sorry_52034162919527431 for visiting.

Looking around, Sora sighed as he realized that he had nowhere to go since he was new in the world. He had no money, no place to stay, and nowhere to go.

He could just go into his Heavenly Universe, but there was nothing fun in that.

'Where will fate lead me to!'

Walking around Tokyo, Sora passed by the red light districts since they were the ones with the most appealing views. A little 'sightseeing' wouldn't do him any bad either.

Just as he was about to enter into the 8th red light district, Sora was stopped by a patrolling officer.

"Hey kid. Aren't you supposed to be at home. It's too late for you to be out here in the streets, especially here in this area." The patrolling officer turned to look at the giggling women and their flirtatious looks before feeling hot in the head.

He turned back to Sora after clearing his throat and said, "*Cough*, anyways, you aren't supposed to be out this late. You're coming with me down to the station."

Just as the patrolling officer was going to take Sora, a man wearing a white shirt with a necktie underneath and a long white lab coat on top stopped the patrolling officer.

"Ah no need to take him to the station. This is my nephew. I was walking around with him earlier to the convenience store, who would have known he would run over here. Kids these days." Kayaba sighed and turned to look at Sora with a look of anger. "Quickly apologize to the nice cop!"

"Ah yeah.. Um sorry?" Sora apologized, not understanding what had just happened, completely forgetting that he looked like a 15 year old.