How To Make The Ice Prince Fall Book 1 Chapter 105

Volume 1 Chapter 105 Lord Orvet

One hour before

A cute girl in a bunny-bodysuit and white ears set on her head slipped out of Lord Orvet's bedroom. Her n.a.k.e.d legs showed light red stripes on the backside. She seemed to know the hallway quite well for she strode confidently through the darkness of the beginning night.

After indulging in pleasure for half a day, Lord Orvet fell asleep before the sun had fully set. Another p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e slept beside him.

The little bunny passed two guards before reaching the backdoor. Both of them were already used to seeing girls in unusual clothing wander in this direction, so they only eyed her curves lecherously before continuing their patrol.

Though there existed a 'Lady Orvet', she was the lady of the house in name only. After marriage, Lord Orvet treated her like a better housekeeper, making her wonder if she was too ugly or too fat for him. Lately, she wasn't even allowed to leave the house anymore.

The bunny opened the backdoor. On the ground laid two passed-out guards. Unsurprised, she stepped over them and left the door wide open. After she wore the beige winter coat she had dr.a.p.ed over her arm, she waved with two fingers as if waving goodbye to her client.

As soon as the clacking of her heels vanished in the next alley, a team of five black-clothed men slipped through the backdoor. The following events were so rapid that they took hardly more than two minutes. The team sneaked inside, knocked out the guards, gave Lord Orvet a whiff if sleeping pulver added to his normal sleep and dragged him outside into a carriage. Since it wasn't so late at night yet, there were still a bunch of carriages on the road which they used to hide their track. Besides, Lord Orvet's white hair had already turned into a catchy red before they left through the backdoor, his fat body stuffed in white monk's robes.


"He will wake up soon, so Christine should have the information in a few hours", Sam finished his recount. "She can be so convincing that even I doubt I could resist for long."

"That's why she's my torture master", Nathaniel mumbled. Christine was just too good in her job, creepy without even trying. "After she has it, get him hypnotized and sedated and send him back. We can't let everybody search for him for too long."

"Of course." Sam paused, then he suggested: "Maybe you should look for Lady Katherine, Milord? She looked quite upset."

"How much did you see?" Even Nathaniel was unable to find his butler if Sam didn't want to. Compared to other people though, time had made him better at feeling his presence. Maybe he was too confused before because he hadn't noticed when Sam entered the scene.

"I was too late to disrupt her... action, if you mean that." Sam was a bit embarrassed, partly because Katherine was showing affection so openly and partly because he missed the chance to stop her.

Nathaniel lowered his head, his high cheekbones gaining a pink hue nobody could see in the dark. "No matter."

Actually, he felt a bit uncomfortable that his and Katherine's special moment had been watched, but it couldn't be helped now anyway. His hands gripped the railing tightly. Special moment, how laughable. It could have been her death-sentence. Maybe he should search for her just to assure that there were no repercussions.

He dismissed Sam with a small gesture. Just when he stepped through the balcony door inside, something yellow crashed against his legs.

"Ow!" The yellow thing exclaimed as it fell on the floor, butt-first. On second look, Nathaniel recognized a little girl in a fluffy dress that let her resemble happy sunshine. Before he could react, she scrambled to her feet with a terrified look on her face and hid behind his legs. The feeling of tiny hands clutching the back of his legs was so unfamiliar that he didn't know what to do.

"Help me!", the little girl whispered when suddenly, a couple turned the corner.

"Where is she?", the woman asked frantically. "How can such a small girl be so fast? You should have watched her better!"

"There!" The man had discovered the bright dress peeking out besides Nathaniel's legs. He rushed over and stretched out his hand to grab the girl. However, his wrist as caught in a steel grip before he could even touch the rim of her clothes. He yelped and fell to his knees as Nathaniel twisted his arm forcefully. "Bastard!"

"What are you doing? This is our daughter!", the woman called as she followed as fast as possible with her layered dress.

Buried in the hollow of Nathaniel's knee, the little girl shook her head furiously and her grip got even tighter. She was trembling. Nathaniel's face hardened, his red eyes gleaming dangerously. The woman halted in her step as the gentleman before her seemed to have turned into an awoken devil in a second. He looked like he would kill them for making the girl cry. The man on the ground gasped in pain as the enemy's grip nearly crushed his wrist.

One single gasp made the woman lose her resolution. Mind me, she was not a fighter and the demon in front wasn't willing to believe her lie. She stumbled over her words. "I... We...L-let's go!"

Without thinking about her comrade that couldn't simply escape from the grip, the woman turned and run back where she came from.

"Wait!", the man screamed, but it ended in a whimper when he tried to get up and his arm was mercilessly twisted so he fell on his knees again. "Let me go, you bastard!"

The commotion had already attracted a few curious guests. Nathaniel searched in the crowd for the General's face and instructed: "Lock this man up. I need to have a word with him afterwards."

Though the General didn't know what was going on, he trusted the person he knew from the battlefield and instantly called for his subordinates to follow the order.

When the man left his grasp, Nathaniel turned his head to the little girl behind him. She was still clutching his leg so tightly that he feared she would stumble if he moved. "Are you hurt, little one?"

The girl shook her head, rubbing snot over his trousers. He didn't mind. The trousers could be washed, but the girl's anxiety wouldn't go away so easily.

"What's your name?"

Her voice was barely a whisper. "Roxie."

Nathaniel had no experience with kids, but even he could tell that the girl was afraid to let go. Unexpectedly, she seemed to think of him as her save haven. Which was quite strange, given that he was frightening enough for her pursuers to willingly flee. However, if she continued to hang on his legs, going to find her parents would prove to be difficult.

Unsure of what to do, he patted her red curly hair like he would by a frightened horse. "You're save now. They are gone."

Surprisingly, the girl let go, but just when Nathaniel thought that she realized she'd clutched on to the wrong person - another monster - she stretched out her arms. "Up!"

He stared at her as if one would at an unknown species. Did this girl really want to -

"Up!", she demanded again, her voice shaking, and face already warped to a pout that was close to crying if he rejected her again.

With a sigh, he knelt down and looked her in the eyes. "You must promise me to absolutely not touch my head or neck. Else I will let you fall, okay?"

The girl's eyes widened in shock that even expelled the tears. "Let Roxie fall?"

"If you touch my skin, yes." Nathaniel could hear the woman in the crowd whisper how he could be so harsh to the little girl, telling her he'd let her fall. He ignored it. Roxie also didn't pay attention to it, biting her lip in ponder.

Finally, she stretched out her hands again. "Up!"

A smile spread on his face that let the woman in the crowd sigh in admiration. Their former irritation drowned in the sweetness of the picture of a handsome man lifting up a little angel girl. The contrast of her colorful dress to his black suit only made it more lovely. For a second, all single ladies wished it to be their husband lifting to their little daughter like she was a fragile treasure. Even the little angel was stunned by the handsome face.

So, when Nathaniel suggested to look for her parents, she shamelessly shook her head and pointed at his face. "Daddy!"