How To Make The Ice Prince Fall Book 1 Chapter 48

Volume 1 Chapter 48 Grim Reaper

In the second the commander took to understand Nathaniel's words, the darkness in front and back, and also to the far sides where the army ended, suddenly raised like giant walls. No, not walls, but more like waves, continuously moving and impatiently waiting to break down and destroy.

When the commander saw the waves surrounding them like a giant cage, fear invaded his heart. Ever since he became a soldier he hadn't felt this helpless and small anymore. Like a tiny bird in a cage. In fact, he might never have felt this helpless in his whole life! He couldn't accept this!

With an angry roar he stormed forwards, towards this shamelessly overpowered enemy. He wanted to at least bring him down with him! If he had to die, if his army had to die, they would at least die fighting!

And so he thew a command to all those whimpering and praying cowards behind him: "Attack! All forces attack the enemy!"

Some of them stirred, some of them followed him courageously and some kept on begging a demon without mercy. It made no difference.

Nathaniel raised his arms. For a second, he stayed in this position. The last chance. Did he really have to kill them all? Maybe he didn't. Maybe he could let them off and they would go back in fear. But over time, who knew if they would still be cowering in fear or follow their kings commands once again?

To a king, half an army was only just that much. You would lose the same amount or more in a normal war. The king would wait a few months or years, collect soldiers, and then attack again.

Maybe Nathaniel would be there once again to kill them, or maybe they would invade the Icelands and kill the citizens. Either way, more people would die. Ambitious people were never satisfied. So, to ensure the Renat-kingdom would never attack again in this lifetime, he had to make them fear him just as much as these poor soldiers in front of him.

His heart as cold as ice, the eyes merciless holes of death, he slowly let his hands fall. With his white hair waving in an unknown breeze, his skin clear as crystal and dark black attire, he looked like a young god. A god of death.

When his hands sank, the waves of darkness broke all at the same time, rapidly rushing in. For a short moment, screams and prayers filled the air, drowning every other noise. Then, the waves clashed in the middle and suddenly an eerie silence replaced all noise. It was as if the whole world held it's breath.

But being silent didn't mean nothing was moving. Without any sound, the black masses started to swirl, slowly at first, then faster and faster. In the middle, they swirled upwards, like a tower out of black water forming. Only that this tower was as wide as a house, and getting higher and higher as if trying to reach for the clouds.

His eyes fixed on this dreadful tower, Nathaniel's expression was grave. Letting the darkness out to play was never difficult. Even though he had never let it grow to this state before - and hadn't been completely sure if it could - , it had been as easy as flipping a hand.

But he knew, the most difficult fight was just beginning. The darkness, like a living thing, had it's own will which grew stronger the more it was fed. It loved running wild, eating up everything, but it hated to be stopped. It didn't want to be controlled. It especially hated being reigned back in.

However, what would happen if it wasn't stopped? Looking at the gigantic tower drilling itself into the sky, Nathaniel knew that it wouldn't simply stay that way. As soon as he loosened the control, it would clash down like an apocalyptic plague, rushing over the land to bring death to every living being. He could feel that desire with every single pore of his body.

On his forehead, droplets of sweat formed, sliding down his handsome face slowly, till they dripped from his clenched jaw. Soon, the earth near his feet was drenched by sweat. Still, the darkness didn't want to follow his command and kept swirling upward, albeit slower.

You are my damn magic power, Nathaniel thought angrily. You should do what I want and not go around having your own will!

Sadly, the darkness didn't care about such things like propriety. It only cared about it's hunger. It had always been like this. In the end, the darkness just wanted to eat everything. Sometimes it was influenced by Nathaniel because it felt that it would die without him, but most of the times, especially when it just tasted something yummy again, it felt like hunger was worse than dying. And human flesh was it's favorite food. Getting so much of it, the darkness was crazy with bliss. Now it didn't want to go back no matter what. After all, there were still so many lives to devour out there. Its hunger was insatiable.

Suddenly, the darkness noticed something and tilted slightly in Nathaniel's direction. Naturally, Nathaniel knew what it was looking at. "He is not yours to take!"

The darkness couldn't see, but it could sense life energy and even distinguish them to some extent. One of the soldiers was still alive. It had been so excited when it was let loose that it didn't notice Nathaniel had manipulated it's path a bit. The commander was still alive and breathing. He was unconscious though, because when both his lower legs vanished in the flood, he fell down and hit his head. Luckily, Nathaniel had reacted fast enough to pull away the darkness from the place he fell on.

So, the commander was still alive, and the darkness felt kind of... annoyed by that. This tiny being dared to escape it's clutches! Of course it knew that the other tiny being was the cause of this. The tiny being that always wanted to control it and let it starve all the time. So, that tiny being didn't want the other being to be eaten?

Though Nathaniel was what kept it alive, the darkness had a deep grudge against him. The tiny being would always let it starve! And now, that it was finally big and mighty and out of the tiny beings control, the darkness felt that it had to get back at him. The tiny being wants to protect the other tiny being? Let's eat it! Eat it now!

When Nathaniel saw the darkness rapidly closing in on the commander, rage ignited in him. Then, an idea ignited in him.

"You dumb thing!", he muttered, and narrowed his eyes. "All you know is to eat! Come on then, eat all you want!"

Just before the darkness touched the commander, when it was already excited about winning against it's master, Nathaniel took two steps forward, right in the way of the darkness.

"Try eating me, you dumb thing!"

On contact with his body, the darkness got fl.u.s.tered. Though it couldn't eat it's master, the functions of it's masters body would greatly slow down or even stop upon contact. And when it met his heart, like right now, he might even die.

The darkness was moving to fast to stop right now. In panic, it tried everything to slow down, to not hit Nathaniel's heart. It didn't want to die!

Clouded in darkness, Nathaniel smirked. The moment of panic was enough. He used the fear of the darkness to get back control, and before it noticed what he did, started absorbing it. Nathaniel's body was the biggest nemesis of the darkness. In it, Nathaniel's control over the darkness was stronger, nearly unbreakable. He would press it together until the darkness felt it would die from squeezing. And part of it would do exactly that and turn into a lifeless poison, filling it's masters veins.

If the darkness had a mouth, it would cry out in fear and sorrow. No, not back into the cage! Not back to this lonely, starving life! It struggled desperately.

Nathaniel balled his hands to fists and endured the pain that was only felt by him wherever the darkness passed. From top to bottom, he felt like a vase slowly filling. First, his feet felt like burning and swelling up till he couldn't even move his toes. Soon after, his legs followed suit. Still, there was so much darkness left. The amount used today was too much. He knew it, still he kept pulling it in. If even a tiny bit escaped, it would be a catastrophe to the world.